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Max Level Newbie 90

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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The Final Piece (3)

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He almost didn’t notice the helm.

It was the item that didn’t drop despite Vulcan having tried over a hundred times to obtain it at the Lava Demon Cave.

It was no wonder why he was thinking ‘it couldn’t possibly drop this easily.’

However, the item definitely looked like a perfectly shaped helmet. On top of this, the sensation felt from it was on a whole another level from the rest of junk items. Having confirmed this, even Vulcan, who had experienced countless disappointments, could not help but to have high hopes.




Vulcan slowly picked up the helmet.

The options popped up in front of his eyes.


[Legendary-rate Armor (Set Item) – Devil Duke’s Helmet]

[Level Limit: 800Lv]

[Mastery Limit: Fire Mastery SS or above]


Defensive power +812

Fire Element Resistance +10%

Fire Element Type Skill’s Attack Power +5%


*The helmet said to had been worn by a great ancient demon when he invaded the humanity. It proudly demonstrates its tough defensive power and fire resistance. By the helmet alone, its performance is subpar to other armors of same rate, but the effect that the wearer could gain after collecting all five of the item set is incredibly superb.


“Is it the genuine article…”


Vulcan muttered without realizing.

He repeated checking the item’s name and options several times.

He was like a humble citizen who could not believe it even though he just won the lottery.

Vulcan wondered if he was dreaming. He was so unsure of it that he even tried slapping his own cheek.




It was a powerful slap which contained the power of Demi-god. Vulcan’s cheek felt like it was burning from the pain.

It had been a long time since Vulcan felt pain like this. However, instead of spoiling his mood, he was just feeling great.

The five armors of the Demon Duke set items.

Vulcan finally came to realize that he collected all of them.




Vulcan brought the helmet right in front of his eyes and observed it carefully.

It looked horrific as if it was made from beheading a real demon.

However, to Vulcan’s eyes, it couldn’t look lovelier.

He could not help himself.

It was an item that he had completely given up because it refused to drop despite his dogged struggle in attempt to get it for ten years. However, now, the item dropped like how someone just ran into a bag full of money while walking down the street.


‘Is this a sign that things will work out well from now on… Well, something like that?’


Vulcan had bright face. It never looked brighter since he arrived at Earth.

Afterwards, slowly, with quivering heart, he put on the Demon Duke’s helmet.

After a moment, a notification sound rang around Vulcan’s ears.




Listening to the pleasant sound, Vulcan slowly checked out the set items’ options.


[You collected all five of the Demon Duke set items!]

[The hidden effects of the set items are applied!]


Additional defensive power +1000

Additional fire element resistance +30%

Additional resistance of other elements +10%

Fire element type skill’s attack power +15%

Fire element type training’s efficiency +20%

Indestructible option applies when all of the Demon Duke’s set items are worn together.

You can use Baloc’s whip, a special skill.

You can use Disguise, a special skill


*Baloc’s whip – You can summon flame whip, the trademark weapon of duke demon Baloc. You can whip with it or throw it for damage.

*Disguise – You can disguise yourself as a demon. It’s perfect for when you want to hide your identity among demons.


They were incredible additional options.

Unable to shut his wide open mouth, Vulcan carefully read each option.

It was as good as wearing a Divine Legend rate item. The effect was that overwhelming. In fact, it was making Vulcan’s head spin.


‘To think that options more brilliant than the Strengthened Heavenly Lightning Blade would result…’


In particular, Vulcan was more surprised that new skills were added.

Honestly, he was not sure about what to do with the Disguise skill, and it looked useless.

However, the Baloc’s Whip was something that Vulcan had experienced for over hundred times. Vulcan clearly remembered the whip’s power.

The whip had enough power to withstand the Destructive Core, one of Vulcan’s main techniques. Moreover, it was fire element type weapon, the elemental that Vulcan was most confident about.

It was obvious why Vulcan was so overjoyed.


‘This is no different than obtaining a Legendary rate flame magic for free!’


Vulcan was smiling so big that his cheeks were soaring to the sky.

He was so happy that he thought he couldn’t have been this happy if he collected all of the set items at the Lava Demon Cave where he was grinding away.

The situation now was like finding an ultra-elixir at a cave that he barely found while being on the run from ill fortunes and hardship, and that was amplifying his sense of bliss.

However, this was not the end of it.

Going beyond throwing Vulcan in to the state of bliss, another notification sound came, which made Vulcan almost die from being too overjoyed.


[You have slayed countless high demons. As the proof of your endeavor, you have achieved the great exploit of obtaining all of the Demon Duke Set.]

[You have achieved a great exploit!]

[Your exploit points increased by a large margin.]

[Your exploit rank increased.]

[Your current rank: Legend]


“… Am I dreaming?”


Vulcan looked like he lost his mind. Vulcan muttered.

He had vacant look on his face. He looked like someone who won two lotteries on a row.

Still wearing the Demon Duke Set, he plummeted.

He slowly calmed his mind.




About five minutes passed.

Vulcan regained some grip on his mind and mumbled quietly,


“I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t come to Earth…”


It was not like he obtained enlightenment. It was not like he leveled up after hunting for several decades either.

He was merely sitting around his butt and doing nothing while waiting for the Cross Dimensional Teleportation’s cooling time to pass. Meanwhile, he just happened to have slayed a demon, yet his specs skyrocketed by the amount rivaling that of several decades of hard work.

Dumbfounded, Vulcan broke into hollow laughter.




Of course, the laughter was full of joy.

Vulcan quickly got up.

As much as his equipment specs and Demi-god exploit rank increased, so did his confidence.

In that state, Vulcan thought about Bae Su Jin, the wretched cause that made him come to Earth.

Of course, he was not feeling thankful at all.

His head was merely filled with thoughts about how the fight from this point and on will be a little easier.


‘I have a month left… It’s not long.’


Vulcan thought about the day he will be returning to Act 2 as he repeated activating and disengaging the Thunder God Blade.

Picturing Rex Ruburo, the enemy he never even met, Vulcan sharpened the blade of vengeance.


* * *


“Well then, I’ll get going now.”


Vulcan said with quiet look on his face.

Unlike his casual get up he usually wore, he was wearing the dark red colored Demon Duke Set.

Instead of a human being, it looked like a wicked demon was standing there. However, there was no trace of fear among the faces of the people who surrounded Vulcan.

It was obvious.

The man standing in front of their eyes was the Savior and Brave Hero who rescued their world twice despite the fact that he was not even an Earthling.

There were all sorts of people around Vulcan.

Children with drools coming out of their nose, middle aged people who appeared to be couples, young girls that made Vulcan think about his own little sister, and even elderly people…

There were countless people gathered there to see him off. Having realized this, Vulcan felt something rushing up in his heart.

It was warm and soft like being embraced by parents.

It was an emotion that Vulcan had never felt through the decades of endless battle. It was making Vulcan’s face shake lightly.


‘I had been thinking I was living my life alone, yet…’


Vulcan fell to a continent where he didn’t know anyone.

When he thought he finally managed to come back to his home world, he had been fighting the tough fight again to resolve another calamity.

Vulcan had been walking the path filled with thorns. In the process, he had become very anxious.

He had been withstanding the heavy burden by his super human will power and his determination to save his family and his world. However, he was still a human being in the core.

It could not be helped that even Vulcan was feeling tired and lonely.

Because of this, the past one year of life at Earth was incredibly helpful for Vulcan’s emotional security.

It was like the power of hope and encouragement from countless people that surrounded Fantaero the Brave Hero when he demonstrated his power. The past one year was a period with deep meaning where Vulcan felt that he also had many people with him.


‘Although I am not a Brave Hero…’


The profession that Vulcan chose was Demi-god, not Brave Hero.

Because of this, Vulcan could not utilize the people’s encouragement as the power of the Brave Hero.

However, that was fine.

Knowing that the people of the lower dimension was cheering for him was enough.

Vulcan thought knowing that was going to be enough to make it easier for him to get through the journey to come.


“Hm Hm.”


There was a young man who approached Vulcan after doing some dry cough.

It was the man who was taking on the role of the president to lead the fraction of the South Korea’s population who survived.

He respectfully offered a handshake. Vulcan grabbed the man’s hand with a smile on his face.

The man said,


“We are sad to see you leave, but… It cannot be helped since you said there is something you have to do.”

“… Yes. It’s something that I must do.”


Going beyond just protecting the world, it was the only way that could turn back the calamity which already had occurred. Vulcan was talking about the wish.

To obtain the wish, Vulcan could not stay here and spend the time in peace anymore.


‘I rested for one year. That’s long enough. While I was at Act 2, except when I was traveling, I had never got to rest for over three days.’


The young man saw the determined look on Vulcan’s face. He was sad to see Vulcan leave, but he didn’t say any more words.

For the benefit of the country, and for the sake of the world, the young man wanted to have Vulcan tied down to Earth somehow. However, he intuitively realized that convincing Vulcan was not going to be possible.

After finishing the handshake, he took a step back and said one last thing.

He was saying it on behalf of the hearts of all people on Earth.


“Thank you for everything you have done for us through all this time.”

“… I am also grateful.”


Vulcan said with a faint smile.

The young man was not sure what Vulcan was thankful about.

From the perspective of the humanity, Vulcan was a being who only gave and received nothing. Vulcan was the same as the Savior and Brave Hero.

However, regardless of the reason behind Vulcan’s words, the young man could feel deep in his heart the sincerity of Vulcan’s words. The young man tilted the tip of his mouth to smiled back.

However, before he could show the smile, Vulcan had disappeared without trace.





“He disappeared!”

“Did he leave already?”


Vulcan disappeared as if he was never there in the first place.

Astonished, people muttered as they looked around.

The young man who represented the people was also shocked. He looked like he just saw a ghost as he looked everywhere. However, he couldn’t find Vulcan either.

Vulcan already had moved to a far place that the people could not see.


‘… I guess this will be the last time I’ll be seeing them.’


Although it only had been one year, Vulcan had grown fond of the people here. Because of that, instead of leaving without any words, Vulcan choose to have a send off with everyone. However, Vulcan was somehow embarrassed about using the Cross Dimensional Teleportation in front of them, so he moved to a different place.


‘Once I go back to Act 2, I’ll be fighting bloody battles again. I don’t want to teleport while being deep in sentimental mood…’


Vulcan looked at the people for a while longer and turned around. He flew to a desolate place, sat down and meditated to calm his mind.

His attitude, which had become quite relaxed over the year, was drawn tight again. He slowly shook off the remains of distracting emotions that were useless in combat.

Vulcan invested about an hour and completed the process. He opened his eyes and got up.

His eyes were gleaming with sharp definition.

Vulcan was exuding powerful intensity from his entire body.

With the Holy Power of Demi-god and the Demon Duke’s wicked energy combined, Vulcan was exuding inexplicable atmosphere. Vulcan slowly became saturated in golden light.


“… It’s a new beginning again.”


One year in Earth was five years in Asgard’s time.

That’s how long it took for Vulcan, the Brave Hero of Earth who possesses Demi-god’s power, to return to Asgard.

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