Novel Bastion Web Redesign

Just keeping it short and simple, there’s still a few things that still needs  tweaking on our side.  Please report any problems to our email or through our contact form. 

Here are the new site features, some may need you to register an account.

  • Dark mode on reading pages
  • Bookmarks
  • Reading History
  • Responsive novel search bar
  • Navigate through previous and next chapters with arrow keys on desktop.

Disqus will not be brought over. We’re liking the new comment system, just remember that you need to be logged in to your account to comment.

You may see some weird white spaces or questionable ad placements (we’re testing automatic placement instead of manual), give us some time to make the necessary adjustments. Anyhow, do white-list us on your ad-blocker, it is vital for site maintenance and costs. 


If the worse comes to worst, we’ll revert back to the old site. Consider this is an experimental site… a beta of sorts. Other than insertion of content and site structure, we are hoping the site will be stable enough to be permanently called our home.

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  2. Mikeystein

    First off, thank you for the translations!!!
    Here is my take on the new site though. The design looks nice, but my issue is the iPad compatiblity. Certain things like: the bookmark button just reloads the page without telling me if I even added it; if you scroll slightly quick, it causes the screen view to jump around haphazardly.; and the “Next” and “Prev” button glitches out if you click it more than a couple times in a row to look through the chapters, it instead does the opposite function; and lastly, the scroll through of chapters that’s above the “Next”and “Prev” button, doesn’t actually do anything, you can’t actually change the chapter through that, just see the titles.
    Not trying to be a bother, just trying to help troubleshoot the new site. I check for new updates daily, again, thank you.

  3. azariel

    It’s look good to me too, but there is a small thing that bother me.

    For exemple, on the chapter 111 from Death mage, there is no separation between the different narrators, so it make it a bit hard to understand some times.

    1. Nobody2

      I agree the way the text is Kaye’s out on the page could use some work to get back the relatively easy to understand style it had but other than that

  4. Asmordeus

    I also second what Panda1412 said. I like the redesigne but what i loved from the old site, is that the text was centered. If you bring that back this site looks really good to me.

    I also whitelisted you guys. You dont really have any adds that are distracting or annoying anyway.

  5. diabloaz

    Overall, the new design is pretty good but personally there are 2 points that I am not found of. First is that there are 2 large white borders on the left and right of the screen. It’s giving the impression that space is not used to it’s full potential. The other point might be more important, it’s about the security of creating an account. I really like the fact that it’s easy and it took me 5s to create an account, however, down the line, I am afrad that the site will be invaded by spamming bots. Maybe you could implement a captcha or that to be active, you have to click on a link on the email you submited to create an account?

    1. 2077

      As of right now, we have other means of bot-blocking at work in the background but, I agree, the registration could be something that could be improved. We’ll take another look and monitor this potential issue closely.

      We are evaluating options on the extra screen estate.

      Thank you for the feedback.

  6. Nobody2

    I would personally prefer if disquis was kept simply because as of right now all the old comments and conversations on every chapter are gone. I also think somethings a little off about word placement but I can’t really describe it so that’s no help.

    1. 2077

      It is unlikely that we’ll bring Disqus back. Losing those conversations we had on each chapter is a huge blow for us too. However, we are working on importing the Disqus comments over to this site. We’re just waiting on the backup data to be generated and then hopefully we can cleanly restore them here.

      Thank you for the feedback.

  7. Tau Dvore

    I did prefer the old central format and the password doesn’t have to be too long. And you also have to make sure that Doom-san knows about the switch to a new server. If he doesn’t know how will we get our sacred message from Van-sama?

  8. Darkhelios

    The banner “Hi,” is a little bit annoying. Too sensitive.
    Would it be possible to reduce its sensibility in order to trigger it only when needed?

    1. Darkhelios

      The banner “Hi, username avatar”. I guess symbols like > can’t appear in the comments.
      Also: Would it be possible to include an edit function for the comments?

    1. 2077

      While it may eliminate our needs on ads entirely and allow us to have a design purely on aesthetics and user experience, it is a rather contentious topic and perhaps best be avoided.

  9. Pablito

    The site seems to jump to and fro whenever I scroll, IDK if it’s because of the top banner that disappears whenever I scroll or because my computer just doesn’t like this site, other websites seem to be just fine

    1. 2077

      Hmm, I can’t seem to reproduce this. You could try updating your Browser or purging your Browser’s cache, if the issue persists, please email us with details on your device, browser version and pages that are affected.

    1. 2077

      Yikes. I’m closely following all feedback with the design switch-up, there have been some suggestions here and there. Will evaluate them and once I have the time, be implemented. Thanks for the whitelist.

  10. Panda1412

    I liked the text placement was on the old site, what i mean is how it was more centered in the middle and not to the side as much.
    Also can we not have ads every 5 lines like im getting its just a very distracting

    1. 2077

      My apologies for the inconvenience caused by the ad repetition. We’re adjusting the automatic ad placer right now and need some time to tweak and configure it.