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Max Level Newbie 87

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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Escape (3)

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Unlike the usual, the summoning took place immediately.

As if the process understood Vulcan’s strong desire, the Greatest Battle God was selected without going through the selection window.


A sudden storm of wind engulfed the quiet Lava Field.

The storm like wind rushed from all sides and disrupted all mages’ visions, including Hellmout.

Unbelievably intense wind was making them, even the best of all super humans, unable to open their eyes properly.

Watching this mysterious phenomenon, Hellmout started to feel anxious.

‘What that bastard had shown us so far was already way beyond our wildest imaginations, yet… He still has something left to show!’

It was shock after shock.

As if being top-notch in lightning and fire magic were not enough, the man was also well-versed in swordsmanship.

On top of this, this guy had been belittling his subordinates with strange movement technique that could not be considered as magic. Now, when Hellmout thought this was finally the end of Vulcan, Vulcan brought out yet another card.

Hellmout recalled the look on Vulcan’s face when he shouted ‘Enlightened God Summon.’ Hellmout wondered if that’s how a man using the triumph card would look.

Anxiety kept on rushing up inside Hellmout. Unable to stand still, Hellmout swung his gigantic sword.


It was overwhelming. It felt like a mountain was falling from the sky.

It was violently tearing through the air. Incredible physical power, which felt like it could turn all into fine dust, was about to collide with the ground.


There was a being who stopped that gigantic sword.

There was a man, who was floating about one meter above the ground, who merely raised one of his hands to block Hellmout’s sword attack.

Hellmout forced himself to hide the shock on his face and carefully observed the new being who just appeared.

He was wearing Huayang hat and light brown colored traditional formal attire. He was a middle-aged man with long grown beard.

Incredible pressure could be felt from the combination of his strong eyebrows surging toward the sky and the proud look on his face.

However, because his body was semi-transparent, it also felt empty to look at him. It felt as if he was not really there. It felt strange to look at the man.

- Attacking so abruptly even without an introduction? It’s a terrible way to greet someone.

Yur Dong-bin, the Blade God, looked at Vulcan and asked,

- You, are you the one who called?

“… Yes.”

With his lips shaking, Vulcan looked at Yur Dong-bin, the Greatest Battle God, and answered.

He was the greatest warrior in the Enlightened World. Yur Dong-bin had no intention of hiding his true power, and that made him look even greater.

Although Yur Dong-bin was not Vulcan’s enemy, it took substantial amount of mental strength just to look at the man face to face.

[Yur Dong-bin, Blade God, the Greatest Battle God]


This was the first time for Vulcan to see someone with level 999 ever since he came to Act 2.

The man was equal to Filder. The atmosphere exuded by the absolute power was overwhelming Vulcan. He then suddenly came to his senses and said,

“Blade God, with your power, will you be able to defeat those eight mages?”

- …

Having heard Vulcan’s words, Yur Dong-bin looked around all of the mages in front of his eyes.

He was emotionless. His eyes looked like he was just looking at livestock that were about to be slaughtered at a slaughterhouse.

The mages of Bae Su Jin who were exposed to Yur Dong-bin’s gaze shook their bodies as if the blade of the grim reaper was hanging below their necks.

There was nothing they could do.

They could only wait for their fate like a frog in front of a snake.

Only Hellmout could resist Yur Dong-bin’s intensity to some extent. However, he was also feeling extremely overwhelmed nevertheless.

Like that, a moment passed. Yur Dong-bin turned his head toward Vulcan. Overwhelming voice could be heard from Yur Dong-bin.

- An Enlightened God’s obligation is to save people and lead them to the right path, not hurt them. However, there is the request from the Blue Wind, and also, those people’s hearts couldn’t be more poisonous. Therefore, from the perspective of destroying abominations, I shall punish them.

It was like a long speech. Yur Dong-bin turned his head.

Now, the Bae Su Jin’s mages were facing Yur Dong-bin’s gaze again and shriveled. Only Hellmout withstood his pressure and poured out harsh insults.

“Load of bullcrap! Who do you think you are! Huuuuaaaap!”

Hellmout shouted like a brave warrior.

The ground around him broke into pieces and got attached to the God’s Keeper’s body, sword and shield.

It was like clay pieces coming together. The God’s Keeper’s size increased, and its composition continued to compress into higher density material of sturdier nature.

Hellmout was using all of his might to operate mana. Watching this, Vulcan put up a serious look on his face.

‘It is ridiculous amount of mana… Much of it is being wasted, but still, the amount being invested itself is incredible!’

The cast speed was not very fast, so it would have been possible to attack Hellmout in the meantime. However, Vulcan didn’t have the ability to penetrate those heavy shield and armor.

Vulcan looked at Yur Dong-bin.

As if there was nothing to worry about, the look on Yur Dong-bin remained unchanged. He was just watching what Hellmout was doing.

Vulcan didn’t like what Yur Dong-bin was doing because it looked like he was yielding the opportunity for the pre-emptive strike.

It was not that Vulcan thought the amount of Vitality Marbles used to summon him was a waste.

A huge quantity of the marbles was required during the summoning and when the summoned god exerted great power. However, simply maintaining the summoned state didn’t take much.

Still, Vulcan just could not understand why Yur Dong-bin was standing idly and watching as if it was a fire across a river when it was the perfect time to attack no matter who looked at the situation.

‘Is Yur Dong-bin showing respect to the opponent because he is an Enlightened God? What’s he standing around for? He should attack now while there is a gap.’

In the end, while Vulcan was thinking this, the God’s Keeper appeared before him after growing significantly stronger. Looking at its proud and mighty appearance, Vulcan couldn’t help but to crumple his face.

Hellmout, full of confidence in his face, said,

“You waited until I finished casting the magic. Why?”

Unlike earlier, Hellmout looked leisurely now.

Yur Dong-bin responded as if it was nothing.

- It’s been a while since I came here. I was just curious how the underclassmen were doing.

“Oh, is that so? You think you have the qualification to judge?”

- Of course. You are not bad, but you brought out something beyond your abilities by overexerting, so you look very shabby. Also, you have all sorts of foul things pasted all over your body. The stench is so bad it is almost poking my nose.

After that, as if there really was horrible stench, Yur Dong-bin covered his nose.

That instantly spoiled Hellmout’s mood. However, Hellmout didn’t want to show Yur Dong-bin that he fell for the psychological trickery, so he responded as if he was just brushing it off.

“Is that so? You must be pretty highly ranked. If it smells that bad, then I shall make you go back to the Enlightened World.”


Surrounding Yur Dong-bin and Vulcan, gigantic walls appeared to their behind and the sides.

They were tall and thick pieces of land masses. They were even bigger than the walls that appeared earlier to stop Vulcan from escaping.

Now, watching Hellmout’s gigantic sword falling to the gap, Vulcan activated the Superheated Inferno.

He was trying to escape this by transforming to fire spirit to teleport and use the Land-Fold repeatedly.

‘Blocking it by full frontal measure is definitely impossible!’

Vulcan quickly cast the spirit form and quickly glanced at Yur Dong-bin.

If he attacked first instead of caring about paying respect, he could have handled this with greater ease.

Vulcan was even feeling slight resentment toward Yur Dong-bin.

However, in the end, Vulcan didn’t need to dodge Hellmout’s attack.



“… Khuuurrrrrk!”



“… What is this.”

Vulcan was currently in fire spirit form.

Vulcan was dumbfounded. Not even able to teleport, he just muttered.

He could not help it.

In front of his eyes, there were eight blades that pierced through the mages.

The blades were exuding intense blue light. The light was blindingly bright. There was nobody that would not be surprised after seeing the blades, at least in Act 2.

In particular, the blade had pierced through Hellmout, who was currently in God’s Keeper mode that proudly demonstrated its incredible armor integrity. The blades were incredible. It would not have been wrong to call them pillars of light.

‘… Looks like the Blue Wind was not making stuff up.’

Vulcan had to pay a price that far exceeded even that of the highest quality breath from the Blue Dragon, but the Blue Dragon said Vulcan will be able to witness an incredible sight that is beyond comparison.

Vulcan finally got to experience it for himself.

He felt the chill going through his entire body.

Yur Dong-bin’s move was not flashy at all. It looked extremely simple. However, it was surprisingly deadly and stealthy.

Vulcan thought avoiding this would be impossible.

- All right then.



Yur Dong-bin was up in the air, at about 10 meters above the ground. He was blocking Hellmout’s sword.

He dusted off his left hand in a large motion and tossed the gigantic sword to the distance. Yur Dong-bin said to Vulcan,

- I’ll get going now. That bastard over there is not quite dead yet, so you handle it as you wish.

“Ah, yes!”

- Say hello to the Blue Wind for me.


With that as the last words, Yur Dong-bin the Blade God got sucked into Kina Kina’s mouth and disappeared.

Unlike the flashy, dramatic entrance he made, his exit was humble.

However, it felt like the sense of his huge existence was still lingering.

‘… He has something that cannot be overcome with simple increase in stats.’

With his entire body, Vulcan felt the majestic power of level 999. He was shocked by the terrifying power. On the other hand, Vulcan also thought the best thing he had done since he came to the Act 2 was making trades with the Blue Dragon.

‘Now that I think about it, does this mean the Blue Dragon or Mr. Filder have this kind of power? I better not get on their bad sides.’

Of course, that was not the most important thing at the moment.

Vulcan searched the rubbles of the God’s Keeper and found Hellmout.

His body was almost torn in half around the waist. Crumping his face in pain, Hellmout muttered,

“How could… Such power…”


“Shut up. I don’t have time.”

To take the time to diligently explain about the ability in verbose detail, the situation was not looking good. As a one last check, Vulcan brought out a return scroll and tore it.

[Return failed.]

[The magic energy is unstable. Long distance teleportation is not possible.]

‘As I thought, it is still not working. They must have done something.’

Vulcan cringed big time.

‘Of course, it could not be that they meddled with the return scroll magic in all of Act 2, which is a vast place. At best, they probably did it to the Lava Field and pathways nearby.’

However, even going that far was going to be incredibly dangerous for Vulcan.

Fighting the warriors or the five mages he met in the beginning were not bad.

However, any bigger forces…

Vulcan opened the inventory and checked the remaining Vitality Marbles.

Afterwards, with slightly angry face, he bit his lower lips.

‘… I heard that it will cost a lot, but to think it would be this much…’

There were only half of the Vitality Marbles left.

Of course, the power demonstrated was worth the price. However, he still thought it was too much.

At this rate, it was obvious that Yur Dong-bin’s summoning would expire before he could defeat all of the Bae Su Jin members.

Vulcan agonized over this.

The precious time that he didn’t have was ticking away. However, Vulcan also feared a terrible outcome should he tried to simply flee the area.

‘Should I try going back to the Lava Demon Cave?’

Vulcan shook his head.

Perhaps he could if he had plenty of food left. However, at the moment, going back inside the cave was no different from living numbered days.

‘If I knew this was going to happen, I should have bought 50 or 100 years worth of food!’

Regrets came in like tidal wave.

Of course, like most regrets, it was completely useless in helping Vulcan overcome the danger he was facing right now.

‘No. How would I have known that things would turn out this way.’

Vulcan cringed big time.

He agonized over it some more and thought about various ways to escape. In the end, he realized there was only one way. He carefully focused his mind.

‘By any chance… This should work at least, right? After all, it is a legendary rate skill.’

From top of Vulcan’s head, golden energy poured out.

It was as if paint was flowing. The energy slowly soaked Vulcan’s body. The mysterious energy completely surrounded Vulcan’s body after a minute and made his existence faint.

Having noticed the skill progressed this far, Vulcan, now with certainty, smiled.

‘Good. It is working. Is it because this is not magic?’

Vulcan didn’t know why it was working. He didn’t want to know in the first place.

He was just thankful that he could escape the danger without getting hurt, not even a hair.

Toward the end, Vulcan thought about Bae Su Jin and ground his teeth.

‘Just wait. I’ll see you around.’


It was like the sound of a fuse being disconnected. Vulcan completely disappeared.

With the Dimensional Cross Teleportation Technique completed, there was just the rubbles of the broken God’s Keeper taking up the space in shambles.

Rex Ruburo, the Commander of Bae Su Jin, and his subordinates arrived later and searched the Lava Field thoroughly. However, all they found was aftermath of the battle.

Like that, they wasted time for a long while. They had no choice but to go back while consoling their bitterness. They were also seriously concerned about Vulcan’s strength, which far surpassed their estimates.

‘Should we continue to chase this bastard, or… Could it be that this bastard is beyond us?’

Bae Su Jin was all excited and came after Vulcan only because they thought he was an easy prey, a bastard who just lost the newbie sticker and does not have any backings by anyone.

However, now that Bae Su Jin confirmed the aftermath of Hellmout and mages all slaughtered in a single battle by Vulcan, they could not help but to reconsider.

‘Uuu… Maybe we rattled up the wrong guy…’

Rex Ruburo anxiously spent the time worrying when the bee hive that he rattled will come back to haunt him.

Meanwhile, Vulcan, who was at Earth, had no idea about this.

He merely spent each day away. Vulcan only looked forward to the day he could go back to Act 2 and pay them back with vengeance.

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