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The Death Mage that doesn't want a fourth time V1+2 Character Summary Page

by Densuke

Yoshi (Translator), theultimatebaka and Phinomenal (Editors)

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V1+2 Character Summary Page

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Note from the author:

This is an introduction of the major characters that appeared in volumes 1 and 2 and will be making an appearance in the next volume.

t has no relation to the story, so you can enjoy the third volume even without reading this, and it is quite lengthy. However, please take a look if you wish.







A Dhampir, nearly five years old. His name on Earth was Amamiya Hiroto, and in Origin his serial number was D-01.

He has learned to use magic of the death attribute, an attribute related to death that was undiscovered in Origin when he was reincarnated there.

He is a Dhampir born between a Subordinate Vampire who was born as a human, and a Dark Elf.

His appearance is that of a boy with white hair, crimson and purple heterochromatic eyes and skin as white as candle wax. Also, his ears are pointed, though this is difficult to notice as they are covered by his hair.

His expression doesn’t change and the tone of his voice stays flat unless he makes conscious effort to change these. His eyes are constantly lifeless, like those of a dead fish, making it difficult to tell where he is looking. As a result, it is also difficult to tell what he is thinking unless one is very familiar with him.

He possesses a cheat-like amount of Mana; he was born with 100,000,000 Mana and it now exceeds 200,000,000. But as the only magic he can use is no-attribute magic and death-attribute magic, he is under the strange assumption that he cannot make the best use of that Mana.

Because he suffered terrible treatment at the hands of his luxury-allergic uncle, he possesses a complex when it comes to luxuries. When he is told that something is owned by rich people, he desires it even if he does not need it. In addition, he has developed a mother-complex since coming to Lambda. As a result of the trauma caused by Darcia’s death, he feels an intense desire to kill those who attack women.

He yearns to have muscles, doesn’t care for monster girls or Undead girls and has a sinful personality that causes him to hold unforgettable grudges against people he resents until he resolves the grudge in a way that satisfies him. He tends to prioritize his emotions and makes decisions without paying any regard to the benefits or losses to himself.

He also has a soft personality.

Though he is not aware of it himself, he has gone insane; he doesn’t feel a shred of guilt or doubt when taking the lives of others. However, he does not particularly enjoy murder, either.

As he was not blessed when it came to friends and family on Earth or in Origin, he has deep feelings for those he has in this world and treasures their lives.

He learned various pieces of information including information regarding Japanese food from the spirits in Origin, but since that information is only things he heard from them, he has struggled to reproduce Japanese food.

His dream for the future is to become a muscular man that resembles a mass of male hormones. He wants to have a warm family, rich relationships with others and live an easy, luxurious life.

However, Darcia’s resurrection and his own vengeance must come first.




Amemiya Hiroto


The young man who was mistaken for the main character, appearing only in the prologue.

In Origin, he uses cheat-like abilities such as All-Attributes Affinity (excluding the time and death attributes) and Simultaneous Multi-cast Chant Revocation (Grants the abilities of both Chant Revocation and Multi-cast) and works internationally as the leader of those who reincarnated from Earth.

He only knows of Amamiya Hiroto as, “the student who was on that boat that has a similar name to me;” he is unaware that Rodcorte mistakenly gave him Amamiya Hiroto’s portions of cheat-like abilities and the other blessings, and that the Undead that he and his companions destroyed was Amamiya Hiroto.

Naruse Narumi mistook him for Amamiya Hiroto and thanked him. A misunderstanding was established and various things happened, leading to the two of them being in an intimate relationship.

Incidentally, Amemiya Hiroto is very handsome.






The god who rules over the circles of transmigration for Earth, Origin, Lambda and multiple other worlds. He is not worshipped in any world, but thoroughly maintains the transmigration systems for these worlds.

From his point of view, the people in his worlds are data flowing through his system, computer bits that need to be processed, while he sees the gods of each world as people who work for the same company but in branches of other districts.

Because of this, he generally views each world with indifference disguised as impartiality, but this story began when he tried to interfere with the worlds for the first time.

However, the gods of each world would summarize Rodcorte’s actions as ‘unnecessary’. For Alda, the god of law and fate in particular, the situation is as if he were the only remaining manager of the company trying his best to restructure it, only to have the nation certify personnel with unknown personal histories as being excellent and sending them over to him without contacting him for consultation or notification.

The only one welcoming the new individuals is the goddess of life and love, Vida.






Vandalieu’s mother. She was a female Dark Elf adventurer. She met Valen by coincidence while she was completing a request and fell in love at first sight. Valen was also charmed by her, and the two of them wed. In other words, she has a soft personality.

She possessed D-class ability as an adventurer, using spiritual magic and archery as her weapons.

After she became a spirit, perhaps because she had been burned at the stake or perhaps simply as a policy for raising her child, she stopped Vandalieu from using fire for a while. However, other than that, Vandalieu is mostly free to do as he likes.

Darcia is under the influence of his Death-Attribute Charm, but as Vandalieu doesn’t disobey her, her personality is mostly as it was in life. In other words, she is also soft on her son.

At first, she tried to move onto the next world for her son’s sake, but now she has no desire of doing so and hints at Vandalieu from time to time to make her an Undead.




The Blue-flamed Sword, Heinz


In chapter 1, he was seventeen years old; he is now twenty-one years old as of chapter 51.

An adventurer of commoner background, he reached B-class status in his teenage years, holding a Title and serving as leader of the Five-colored Blades.

He has a strong sense of justice, believing that any wall can be overcome as long as he has strength and bonds with companions that he can trust.

However, at the end of chapter 2, he didn’t stoop so low as to participate in the torture of Darcia who was trying to protect her own child. As he watched Darcia being burned at the stake without letting out a single scream, he began to doubt Alda, the god of law and fate that he had believed to be an embodiment of justice up until then, and questioned what he should do.

He has now reached A-class status. He turned down Earl Palpapek’s offers and is now working in the Orbaume Kingdom.




Bormack Gordan


A High Priest of the Church of Alda, the god of law and fate, and a fanatic believer. A Vampire hunter who wields his war-club at the forefront of battle despite having aged considerably.

He has exterminated numerous Vampires, and possesses prowess in combat exceeding that of inferior B-class adventurers. Because of these achievements, the Cathedral of Alda in the Amid Empire has nominated him to become the Cardinal many times, but it is his principle to act where he is needed.

He believes that the extermination of not only Vampires but all of the new races created by the evil Vida will bring about a world full of Alda’s order, leading to salvation for all.

He learned of the main character’s survival when he was included in the extermination force sent into the Devil’s Nest forest. As the main character’s escape beyond the Boundary Mountain Range marks the second time he has failed to exterminate him, he considers this the greatest regret of his lifetime. He is praying to Alda for a third opportunity.




Bone Man


An Undead created when the spirits of rats that had died in the forest near Evbejia, where Vandalieu was born, were placed into a skeleton that was lying on the ground for some unknown reason. As he was just one of many pawns that Vandalieu used back then, he was simply named ‘Bone Man’.

He possesses a loyal personality, and though he is made of rats, he has such talent that he is able to wield a sword and shield and use a bow. Considerable talent for rats, anyway.

Vandalieu transplanted additional spirits into him in Talosheim, giving him the ability to have conversations like a normal person.

He considers himself to be Vandalieu’s First Knight, possessing a chivalrous sense that causes him to feel a fiery rivalry with Ammonites.

He is not good with cats, but Vandalieu has ordered him not to kill or harm them without reason, so he does not lay a hand on them.

As of the end of chapter 51, he is a Rank 5 Skeleton Baron. The bones making up his body are Earth Dragon bones reshaped to be like human bones, so he is harder than he appears.




Bone Chimera (Knochen)


A Rank 7 monster created when Bone Monkey, Bone Wolf, Bone Bear and Bone Bird – the other Undead made at the same time as Bone Man – were combined. His name, ‘Knochen’ – which means ‘bone’ in German – was given to him afterwards.

It is loyal to Vandalieu, and its favorite game is to have Vandalieu throw a frisbee for it to catch and then throw it back for him to go and fetch.






While alive, he served as a caretaker for horses and a coachman for a certain noble family. He has a very difficult past. He was dismissed from his position in the noble family and attacked by bandits during his journey to a new land. His daughters were violated before his very eyes and then all three of them were killed.

Vandalieu killed those responsible, and Sam swore loyalty to him as his new master.

He presently occupies a carriage, and is now an Undead known as a Blood Carriage. Perhaps because he was once an excellent coachman, he offers pleasant, comfortable rides that other Blood Carriages cannot compare to.

His main body is the carriage, but due to his high-level Spirit Form skill, he is able to produce a clone of himself that resembles his body when he was alive other than having pallid skin and crimson eyes. He is even capable of eating.

His hobbies include running over living creatures to kill them beneath his carriage wheels, but he is weak when it comes to Reversi. His record of consecutive losses against his daughters is growing longer and longer.






Sam’s daughter. A young woman who was burned alive after being violated by bandits alongside her sister.

She currently resides in a high-leg-leotard-shaped suit of armor that is a Magic Item; she is a Living Magic High-Leg Armor.

Until recently she was nothing but a suit of armor, but as she has acquired the Spirit Form skill, it is now possible to see her directly.

However, she has the appearance of mist shaped like a stick figure with no outline or features. She resembles the silhouettes depicting the criminal in mystery manga, where it is difficult to determine the criminal’s age or gender. Of course, she has no sex appeal or anything of the sort.

Unlike her younger sister, she has a firm personality. However, she chose a halberd as her weapon and seems to possess heroic qualities as well.

She has recently taken a liking to her Long-range Control skill, and works hard to train it.

She believes her sister is joking when she tries to tempt Vandalieu from time to time, including the perverse behavior she shows when she is refused.

Saria’s future dream is to become a slaughter-maid who can clean up both dirt in the mansion and the enemies of her master.






Saria’s younger sister. Like her sister, she is a maid girl who met a difficult end.

She presently resides in a bikini-shaped suit of armor that is a Magic Item; she is a Living Magic Bikini Armor.

Her Spirit Form appearance is like her sister’s.

She has a bright, playful personality, but she actually also has a dark side. She chose a glaive as her weapon for a simple reason; it looked strong.

She is half-serious when she tries to tempt her master, Vandalieu. The bandits that assaulted her were little more than ‘male’ beasts; she has taken a liking to Vandalieu because he is the exact opposite of them.

That is why she is aiming to increase her Spirit Form skill, but as she has forgotten what she looked like while she was alive, she secretly tells herself constantly, ‘I am beautiful, I am sexy,’ in an attempt to hypnotize herself to believe it.






The most senior of the Ghouls, currently two-hundred-and-ninety-three years old. However, due to Vandalieu having used Youth Transformation on her, her physical age is almost the same as her physical appearance. She has the appearance of a beautiful girl with a small build. She uses ‘washi’ to refer to herself and adds ‘no ja’ at the ends of her sentences, but perhaps due to the influence of her physical appearance, her mental age isn’t as high as her real age.

TLN*: I’ve mentioned this before, but ‘washi’ is a pronoun is typically used by elderly males. Similarly, the ‘no ja’ that Zadiris ends her sentences in is also typically used by elderly males.


She is a hardworking person, having become a Ghoul Mage through considerable effort despite not being able to undergo a Job-change and receive bonuses to her skills.

She met Vandalieu, who reversed her aging and solved the fertility problems that Ghouls faced as a race. Though she was forced to escape from her homeland, as a result she and the other Ghouls moved to a more comfortable place to live where they could have more substantial diets and baths. She was even able to undergo a Job-change and increase her Rank to become a Ghoul High Mage, so only good things came of it.

She is very pleased that she managed to see the face of her first grandchild.

She feels a great deal of gratitude to Vandalieu. She is training mages so that one can take her place in the next generation, in the hope of being able to follow Vandalieu to the Orbaume Kingdom as a tamed familiar once he becomes an adventurer to build up his achievements there.

She has recently taken a liking to the massage Golems that have been installed in the changing rooms of the bathhouses.






He was once supposed to become the young chief of the Ghouls; he is currently serving as the chief of the Ghoul warriors in Talosheim.

He is an established individual, very popular among groups of Ghoul women and respected by the young men. However, the Undead Titan women have also tried seducing him, and he has caused trouble for Vandalieu by asking for advice about various things.

He has a muscle-brained personality, but he has the flexibility to ask for advice from his more intelligent companions on things he doesn’t understand.

He considers himself to be Vandalieu’s older brother, and he has a rivalry with Borkus, who also considers himself to be Vandalieu’s older brother.

Incidentally, he had sexual relations with Zadiris in the past, and Basdia was born as a result. However, as he only knows Ghoul culture in which there is no marriage system, he believes, ‘the past is the past, now is now.’

He cares for Basdia more than he would for other women, but not enough for him to tell her that he is her father.

His favorite food in the past was human flesh, but now it is acorn cookies with plenty of honey poured on top.






Zadiris’s daughter. She is currently a Rank 5 Ghoul Amazoness.

Her physical appearance is that of a beautiful woman in her late twenties. She has a muscular, 190 cm-tall body while having abundant, feminine curves. There are red patterns running across her entire body like tattoos that Vandalieu thinks of as ‘cool’.

Due to the special characteristic of the Ghouls that causes their physical appearance to become fixed when they first become pregnant, she had been troubled by her infertility, but thanks to Vandalieu, she successfully became pregnant and gave birth.

Incidentally, the father of her child is unknown.

She has liked Vandalieu ever since she met him, and she has promised that he will be the father of her second child once he becomes an adult.

She likes men who are the strong type, and her personality leads to her pursuing strength herself.

The reason she brings up the topic of child-making with Vandalieu from time to time is actually because she feels a risk that if she doesn’t do that, he will start viewing her as an older-sister replacement rather than as a woman.






A Ghoul woman. Her physical appearance is that of a beautiful woman with short hair in her late teenage years or early twenties.

She was the reason Vandalieu became aware of the Ghouls’ fertility problems. She is the first among the Ghoul women to successfully give birth after receiving his death-attribute-magic treatment.

Her personality is like that of a bright onee-san, and as far as abilities go, she is an average Ghoul. But as other Ghouls have been improving their abilities, she is on the relatively low end in that regard. However, she is currently not paying any attention to that and devoting herself to raising her child.

She has recently been cooperating with the other mothers, taking care of her daughter Varde and training herself in magic for several hours every day.






Originally a human, she is an elderly arms smith who creates equipment using monster materials. She has walked a difficult path in life. She was sold by her family and became a slave. Feeling despair and being unable to see any future for herself as she worked as a prostitute, she killed one of her customers and ran away. She entered a Devil’s Nest to escape her pursuers, only to be captured by Ghouls and turned into one of them.

However, she is an indomitable, brave woman. After becoming a Ghoul, she used her smithing skills to produce equipment, used techniques she had learned as a prostitute to entice the men, taught her smithing skills to the women and rose to the top of her village to rule over it.

Though she holds a folding fan, has her hair in ringlet curls and speaks in an elegant tone in an attempt to appear elegant, she actually comes from a commoner background and and her actions only serve to make that apparent. She has a luxury complex second only to Vandalieu’s.

She has a strong ambition to improve her position in society; she sees herself as a king’s vassal for Vandalieu for some reason and devotes herself to trying to gain his favor. For this reason, she views Zadiris and Basdia as her rivals.

Hearing that Vandalieu destroyed the Subordinate Vampire who tried to kill her, she has become even more enthralled by him.

She has recently completed treatment with Youth Transformation, which reversed her physical age to her appearance of being less than twenty years old. She enjoys bathing in the bathhouses.

Incidentally, among all of the characters who have appeared up until chapter 51, she possesses a bust that competes for number 1 in size. Her competition is Basdia, and if Darcia is included as well, it becomes a three-way competition.

Ranked fourth are Eleanora and Memediga; fifth and below belong to Bilde, Kachia and others whose sizes are not outstanding, and Zadiris comes after them. Last are Rita and Saria (who have none).






A former D-class adventurer with a difficult past. She was captured alive by Bugogan and personally raped by him to bear his children.

After that, Vandalieu rescued her and she fell under the effects of his Death-Attribute Charm because she had lost the hope to live and desired death. In the end, she chose to become a Ghoul.

She became impatient when she realized she was not progressing as quickly as the other adventurers that were her companions and that impatience continued even after she became a Ghoul. However, this has been solved after Vandalieu gave her some advice. She has now become accustomed to her increased physical strength as a Ghoul, and is presently training in magic.






A Black Goblin born between a Goblin and one of the Ghouls who were held captive as breeders in the Orc village led by Bugogan. He was originally supposed to become a slave after birth, but Vandalieu interfered in various ways while he was in the womb and exposed him to death-attribute Mana. He and his companions were born with superior intelligence and a better personality than normal Goblins, so they were welcomed into the community.

It has been around two years since he was born, but he has already become an adult and started living on his own. He has a good relationship with his mother, visiting her from time to time with meat that he has hunted.

He has been taught the basics of being a Scout* by the Undead Titan Zran. After hearing stories about ninjas from Vandalieu, he is currently training with the goal of becoming Lambda’s first ninja.

TLN*: There is furigana over this that says “a thief, so to speak”, but the dictionary meaning I get is “scout, patrol, spy” and I’m pretty sure I translated something else to “thief” before so I’m leaving this as is.


He is particularly good friends with the Anubises Zemedo and Memediga, and the Orcus Gorba.




Thomas Palpapek


An earl who served as the Mirg shield-nation’s marshal. He has connections to the faction of Vampires led by the Pure-breed Vampire Gubamon, who worships Hihiryushukaka, the Evil God of Joyful Life.

He is an abundantly talented individual in his mid-thirties. He believes that any methods should be used as long as they produce favorable results. His connection with the Vampires is but one of those methods.

He is resented by Vandalieu as he was indirectly involved in Darcia’s death, but the only information he has on Vandalieu is that he leads several hundred Ghouls and that he can see spirits. For this reason, Palpapek doesn’t see Vandalieu as a particularly great threat.

He is served by a former member of the Five-colored Blades, the Green Wind Spear Riley, who is also Vandalieu’s enemy.






A young man who was an apprentice priest warrior in the Church of Vida in Talosheim. After dying, he became a Lesser Lich with a mummy-like appearance, being made of only skin and bones. Because of this, he appears to be an elderly person at first glance.

However, back then, he was stronger physically than with magic, and not very much like a Lich.

Though he was not particularly religious in life, he became fanatically so after becoming an Undead upon receiving a prophecy. Through the power of religion, he became one of the key individuals among the Undead Titans.

He believes Vandalieu to be the Prophesized Holy Son and the second coming of the Vampires’ ancestor while making no attempt to certify these facts.

He has become a Rank 5 Lich as a result of Vandalieu’s training, and is continuing to become more and more of a fanatic.






An A-class adventurer bearing the Title of ‘Sword King’ in life, weakened upon becoming an Undead and currently a Rank 9 Zombie Hero.

He is a little over three meters tall, and has a characteristic appearance of being bald with one side of his face being only a skull.

He has a rough but helpful personality and eats and drinks a lot. He is the embodiment of a Titan man, and was idolized when he was alive. However, he had a daughter who apparently saw him as a simple doting parent.

Because he can now gain Experience Points simply by devouring the meat of creatures that he kills, he thinks, ‘Being a Zombie isn’t so bad.’

He competes with Vigaro for the position of being Vandalieu’s older brother. He feels no shame in frequently creating easy-to-understand schemes to try and make Vandalieu sit on Talosheim’s throne and marry the Second Princess Zandia of whom only a severed hand is left without the permission of Zandia herself.






The spirit of a fresh female corpse that Viscount Balchesse prepared in order for the life-attribute mage adventurer Luciliano to turn into a Live-Dead and scout the Orc village.

Her name and personal history are unknown. She herself has forgotten most of her previous life.

Thanks to Vandalieu, she was reborn as a half-Noble Orc. Though she has a face resembling the one she had in her previous life, she was born with golden hair and the ears and tail of a pig.

As of chapter 51, she is a year and a half old. But as Noble Orc blood runs in her veins, she is developing quickly and has reached the size of a three or four-year-old.

However, the size of her body has already surpassed that of Vandalieu who is almost five years old; if she continues at this pace, it can be expected that she will become over two meters tall.

But like Dhampirs, she is more like a person in nature, so there is no Rank on her Status.

She is emotionally attached to Vandalieu and has taken a liking to throwing him in the air.






A Noble-born Rank 8 Vampire Baroness, a beautiful woman around twenty years of age. She has a height of around 170cm, long red hair, a beautiful face that looks strict at first glance and a well-defined figure.

She had a difficult past. As a human, she was sold by her family around the time she became old enough to know what was going on in the world around her, and then was sold to the mines as nobody wanted to buy her due to the black skin she had at the time. There, she was taken in by Birkyne after he saw that she had an affinity for the time attribute, and as a result of surviving the cruel environment she was placed in with other children with similar backgrounds, she became a Noble-born Vampire.

Not even ten years have passed since she became a Vampire, but even so, she is a talented individual who has acquired the unique skill Charming Demon Eyes, with ability surpassing Sercrent, who had been a Vampire for more than a century.

She has a calm, pragmatic personality, but she is essentially a coward.

She is under the influence of Death-Attribute Charm, and even acknowledges Vandalieu as the most fearsome existence in the world due to his ability to break souls. Believing that she could feel at ease being in his service, she changed sides.

Though she is not really aware of it herself, she is clingy and, contrary to what her appearance may suggest, has some masochistic tendencies. When Vandalieu tried to remove the piercing in her tongue that is a sign of her loyalty, she cried in protest.

Because of her skillset, she is more adept in covert movements than in direct combat.

Because she is a Noble-born Vampire that her Vampire parent Birkyne created hastily, she has not acquired some skills that she should possess already.






A Pure-breed Vampire who has lived for over a hundred thousand years. He turned his back on the goddess Vida and the Vampire ancestor who were defeated by Alda, the god of law and fate. He worships the Evil God of Joyful Life Hihiryushukaka, creates evil schemes and indulges in repulsive pleasures.

His appearance is that of an eloquent, pleasant young man and his behavior is elegant; he could pass for a young nobleman if he does not show his fangs. In fact, his normal behavior is much more decent than that of the other Pure-breed Vampires. He always shows his face at the meetings that occur once a year and often decides where they are held.

However, his true personality is one that desires to monopolize and rule over things, and he is so hot-tempered that if he becomes mad with rage, he can rampage haphazardly and be out of control for up to ten days straight.

His main hobby is torture, but the thing he enjoys the most is to discover and raise superior individuals and then gradually destroy them with his own hands. Several slave traders and orphanages are under his control without being aware of this.

He was outraged when Vandalieu stole his new favorite, Eleanora, but he has cleared his head after going on a rampage and now no longer holds any grudge towards him. He is now more concerned and curious about why the evil god would go as far as to personally send a Divine Message instructing the Vampires to kill the Dhampir.






One of the Pure-breed Vampires. Her appearance is that of a woman in her mid-twenties with a well-featured, beautiful face and an excessive amount of sex appeal, but her vulgar, violent behavior often gives off the impression that she is a prostitute from some run-down district.

Her personality is just as short-tempered and violent as her behavior would suggest. She is not incapable of being calm, but she does not hold back her emotions as long as she sees no need to do so. As a result, she disposes of her own subordinates most frequently among the three Pure-breed Vampires.

Due to the divine protection of the Evil God of Joyful Life, she is able to turn corpses into Undead and control them. She feels a sense of superiority from doing so, and it has already surpassed being a hobby, being more in the realms of being an addiction.

Her recent themes have been parent-and-child and families, so she is indulging in the wicked pastime of sewing the corpses of twins, brothers and sisters together to create a single Zombie.

She has recently been hit with a twisted inspiration and now desires to use the gray-brown skin of the Ghouls in her work.






One of the Pure-breed Vampires. His appearance is that of an old man who looks like a withered tree, featuring large, staring eyes and an abundant beard.

His personality is as eccentric as his appearance; he shows little interest in things outside of his own hobbies. Because of this, the management of his subordinates is sloppy and this is one of the reasons the Dhampir Vandalieu was able to survive.

He is the one who turned Vandalieu’s father, Valen, into a Subordinate Vampire, and used him as a convenient spy who could move around during the day. However, again due to the poor management of his subordinates, not only did he not notice the relationship between Valen and Darcia until they eloped, but he told the other subordinates who tried to warn him ‘not to interfere with his hobby’ and killed them with his bare hands without listening to them.

However, since he is completely indifferent towards his subordinates as long as they do not interfere with his hobby, those in his faction had the highest survival rate… until recently.

The hobby of his lifetime is to turn the corpses of heroes into Undead and collect them; he has stolen the corpses of some of Talosheim’s heroes, the ‘Saint’ Jeena and the ‘Tiny Genius’ Zandia, and turned them into Undead.

He is also thinking of turning Vandalieu into an Undead once he is killed.




Note from the author:

The ‘Green Wind Spear’ Riley appears frequently in the third volume, so please stay tuned for his appearance.


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