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The World after the Fall 6

by Sing-Shong

Translated by Chochocobo | Edited by Yzrahc

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Episode 1. 10 Billion Thrusts (6)

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Jae Hwan did not answer. Seeing as how Jae Hwan did not answer, Beastrain felt joy in his heart. It was now that his favorite moments would come.
“To be frank, there is no real reason. It's just a coincidence that your world was chosen.”
It was a huge tragedy that simply happened by chance. Most Products would refuse to accept it. They would rant and rave, 'why was it that my race was the one to have such bad luck befall them?' or 'No! I must find out why!' Sin, fate, gods. They would attempt to find the cause of all this misfortune, trying to link anything that might have been the cause. But there was no reason. 
Everything was just a coincidence.
‘‘…… an accident?”
“That is correct. It just so happened that the Nightmare Tower found your world and started the game there. There is no cause or reason. Everything happens according to the flow, things just happen. It's the same as neither you nor I knowing why we were born in this world.”
Beastrain continued.
“It wouldn't be wrong for you to think that you're unlucky. A demon comes to your peaceful world and then puts down a Nightmare Tower and instigates a period of miserable deaths, I'd be very resentful.”
Jae Hwan did not reply.
“However, think about this. It's not like you would have lived forever if it weren't for my appearance. No sir. Some day, you'll be dead. Of course, it would be different for everyone with accidents or natural disasters and all that. Even if you live a lucky life and manage to steer clear of all that, you'd still die due to age. All things in this universe will eventually die, all beings of every race will eventually die. Regardless of your intentions, a tragic end is what awaits us all.”
Beastrain spoke with a momentous voice.
This moment was the climax.
This was the moment where he would witness the expression on the Product's face after having been exposed to the inevitable truth. It was going to be the face of a Product in despair, desperately seeking out an answer to why things happened the way they did. It was one of Beastrain's favorite scenes.
“If you see it from that perspective, then you might even think you had pretty good luck. This coincidence is an opportunity for you to leap into a new world. You'd be able to turn an inevitable worthless death into something of meaning. Instead of dying in some unknown world in an unknown《Deviation》without even learning about anything pertaining to the greater world, you could go to the Great Lands and accomplish many great achievements, letting your name…… ”
“I get it, stop with the useless chatter.”
“ …… Huh?"
Beastrain paused, unable to trust his ears.
“First of all, I don't care about all that stuff.”
“Then just what…….”
“It seems like you don't quite get it, so let me repeat.”
“Th,that's right.”
The initiative of the conversation suddenly changed.
“I don't care about the philosophical garbage you just spouted about coincidences and why you chose this world, no, I care about why one day you said to yourself 'Oh well, might as well just operate this Nightmare Tower'. What reward do you get for doing all this?”
“Th, that……."
Beastrain was taken aback. What reward would he get for all of this. Not only did Jae Hwan see past Beastrain's eloquent distraction, he went straight for the important questions without even moving an eyebrow.
“……That, I'm just something like a service volunteer. It's something that someone needs to do, so I volunteered. Ha ha.”
Jae Hwan narrowed his eyes in response to Beastrain's awkward laughter..
‘A service volunteer……’
Jae Hwan stared at the strange, dust-looking particles floating over the head of Beastrain. As the ability known as「Doubt」got stronger, Jae Hwan could carefully discern the different kind of particles. Some particles would quietly sit where they were, while others would actively move around. The particles orbiting around Beastrain were particularly noticeable. The particles would interact with Beastrain before making unique patterns. Afterwards, they would quickly leave the tower before disappearing. To Jae Hwan, the arrangement of particles resembled something like a string. It seemed like Beastrain was sharing a conversation with someone else in a distant place.
‘Sovereign……… your message… send……’
‘Product …… cultivating…… harvesting…… still …… ’
‘…… I'll never kill him…… ’
‘… Great… Land… you… will…… conversation……’
‘… I can't delay anymore… but… ’
Jae Hwan opened his mouth again.
“… Is that right. Let's go back to the original conversation.”
Cool sweat ran down Beastrain's back.
“You mentioned these 'Sovereigns' the other time.”
“That's right."
An inevitable topic became the focus. This was the first time he had ever had such a long conversation with a Product that hadn't even played through the actual game, so Beastrain was starting to get worried that his tongue might slip and accidentally mention Harvesting and Products. Beastrain swallowed his saliva.
“Who are those  guys? Are they kings?”
“Looking at them as though they were kings is close enough. The Sovereigns are the rulers of the《Great Lands》. Those who clear the Main Game and step into the《Great Lands》are usually sent invitations by the sovereigns.”
“ …… Invitation?”
Hearing Jae Hwan gain interest, Beastrain’s eyes started to glitter. There has never been a product that expressed disinterest in the sovereigns of the《Great Lands》. Your future was dependent on which sovereign you chose to serve.
‘Not even he can ignore it.’
Beastrain opened his mouth, laughing.
“Of course, not everyone is invited. Only the strong are invited. However, if you beat my tower, then it's guaranteed that you'll join the faction of a mighty sovereign.”
He was trying to feed his product's ego. That was the first step. However, there was no reply from Jae Hwan.
Beastrain continued to speak, his voice tinged with nervousness.
“If you listen to my words, I swear on my, the demon Beastrain's honor, that your future will be secure. In other words, if you, Jae Hwan-ssi, want to enter the faction of a mighty sovereign, then I will do everything I can to help you do so. To be fair, it'll only be relevant when you've finished through the Main Game.”
The end of Jae Hwan's lips twitched.
‘He sounds like an insurance salesman.’
After a long gap, Jae Hwan put forth a question.
“How can I guarantee that you're not lying?”
Thinking that he had a bite or something, Beastrain's lips slightly went up.
“What, it's ok if you don't believe. If you don't believe me after everything I've said, then there's not much more I can do.”
Jae Hwan nodded.
“I understand. We'll just do things your way.”
“Have you made up your mind?”
“After ten days. I'll leave after ten days.”
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