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The Tutorial Is Too Hard 25

by gandara

Translated by Jaiki | Edited by Ryou

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Tutorial 2nd Floor (Part 6)

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Chapter 25 - <Tutorial Floor 2 (6)>

[Round 2, Day 19. 6:30]


‘It seems I'm not sleeping enough, yawning as soon as I wake up.’

I did a little stretching as I got off the bed.

‘Time to start another day.’

It was impossible to tell morning, noon and night apart in this world, but I had been living a routinely life, having planned time for sleep, meals and work times in my time schedule.

Not only did it help to use my time to the fullest, by repeating a certain action in a day, it made the Tutorial into a routine which helped to increase my focus.
Of course, this idea of mine doesn't include any professional advice, and I was merely mimicking the schedules given to me back when I was an active professional player.

Just before I retired, the team hired a physical coach, who looked after us by giving many advices including daily patterns.
It was to help me with my declining skills, but I always dealt with him harshly due to constantly being on the edge from stress.
I can't even remember his name.
It would’ve been nice if I stayed on his good side and learnt a few things from him.

After the brief stretching, I did a light jogging following the walls of the Waiting Room.

After the 30 minute jog, I had a simple breakfast.
You didn’t feel hunger in the Waiting Room, but this was also to create a daily routine.
Eating something also makes you feel better.

I opened the Community as I was eating the jerkies and the riceballs I bought using the points from the 1st floor.

There were a lot of funny stories that were being posted by the newcomers from the 2nd round.
All the stories about the real world in the past month.
It seemed so peaceful that it felt unrealistic.

How a certain idol group had come back,
how a new blockbuster superhero movie was amazing,
how the result of president election in America was unexpected,
how there was a hidden ruling power in the Blue House exposed.

(TN: Blue House is the building for Korea's president, equivalent to White House in America. There was a recent event where one of the president's aides had been running the country using the president as a puppet, and it's a reference to that.)

[Lee Hoi Chang, Floor 2: Hey, honestly that sounds like horseshit to me. We've been making jokes that Korea is like hell but, that's just too far don't you think?]

[Jung Jin Soo, Floor 2: Yea maybe this is just a prank made by all the new kids in 2nd Round?]

[Kim Kyoung Jin, Floor 1: I'm telling you, it's real.]

[Kim Sun Young, Floor 1: I know it sounds unbelievable... Ah, it sounds more like a lie when we try to explain it...]

The Community was not just updating the real world news from the newcomers, but also releasing new information found by the 1st Rounders as well.
Most of it was information gathered by asking one of the supervisors you can meet by clearing the Floor, like Kirikiri.

At first, nobody wanted to share their information, but the atmosphere had changed since then.
It seemed the leading clearers in Normal Difficulty have begun to compete against each other.
When you looked at it, it looked no different from watching a group of peacocks shaking their tails to show them off.
Perhaps because of this strange environment, many of the people took pride in their status, image and friendships in the Community.
Well it was all worth it for me, since I could easily gain new information.

But, not all information was useful.
There were a few trolls who just wanted attention, while others seemed like they were just posting their fantasies.
And I was designated as one of them as well.
Mainly due to the information I released about the Hell Difficulty at the start of Round 2.

And lastly, there was a son of a bitch who spread false information around.
Of course, the bastard's name was discredited, to prevent anyone from Round 2 to ever listening to him.

But not all the information was unreliable.
Lee Young Jin in normal difficulty had already reached Floor 6.
Dear god, Floor 6.
It means he climbed each floor in an average time of 7 days.
That's amazing speed.

Like Lee Young Jin, some of those who were trying to clear the Tutorial quickly had been releasing their newfound informations they gained from the Supervisors to the Community.
They even made surveys to vote for which questions to ask, as they prepared for the boss rooms.

Most of the useful information in the Community was from these leading adventurers.

The most important information of it all was about clearing the Tutorial and how to return to our world.
It was first found by someone in Easy Difficulty after reaching Floor 5.
They said you could return to the real world after clearing Floor 100 in the Tutorial.

But there were many who didn’t believe this information.
It would gain credibility if more adventurers asked the same question and received the same answer.

Anyway, this information was like a ray of hope to the many people in the Tutorial.
The same went for me.

It was just that, how long would it take for me to reach Floor 100, when it was so hard to even survive in this place.
Just thinking about it made me sad.
It was like I was walking in a pitch dark tunnel, with no sense of time, then hearing that there just might be an exit at the end of the tunnel.

And I better focused on the present, if I wanted to see that future.
I couldn’t forget about the danger to the present from distracting myself by the gains I would have in an uncertain future.

There was information about possible bonus rewards that could be gained by clearing multiple floors in a single round.
To summarise, a significant amount of points was given.
But, many have decided that it was better to focus on growing our stats rather than the bonus points.
The main strategy to focus on growth in the lower stages remained.


[Difficulty Hell, Forums (1/1)]

Not a single newcomer in Hell Difficulty had survived.
I had prayed for their survival, but it was for naught.
Considering how much thought and effort I had put in for their survival, I was surprisingly apathetic about it.

Was it because I felt the same thing in Round 1?
Or, did I know that surviving through those countless deadly traps was impossible in the first place?
It was not odd that an average person couldn’t survive in Hell Difficulty.
Infact, I was an outlier by reaching up to Floor 2.
If anyone else survived through the 1st floor, I would think that the gods had given their divine protection to them.

I didn't feel sadness, but I still felt bitter.
I quickly turned the Community off before I got depressed again.


‘Now, time to check the stats.’

After the description of Battle Focus's hidden active skill was unlocked, I had been checking on the Status routinely to check for any changes.
Personally, I had been wishing for a description of Wind Spirit's Blessing's status effects and the conditions to activate it.

[Lee Ho Jae (Human)]


Strength : 12
Dexterity : 32
Vitality : 18
Mana : 22

Skills : Battle Focus Lv.7 Willpower Lv.5 Awakening Lv.1 Night Vision Lv.2 Brighter Vision Lv.1 Charge Lv.2 Natural Regeneration Lv.2 Improved Senses Lv.4 Increased Field of Vision Lv.1 Tough Skin Lv.1 Basic Swordsmanship Lv.1 Cut Lv.1 Basic Shield Skill Lv.2 Wind Spirit's Blessing Lv.1 Pain Resistance Lv.11 Bleed Resistance Lv.4 Stun Resistance Lv.2 Pierce Resistance Lv.2 Poison Resistance Lv.4 Paralysis Resistance Lv.6 Heat Resistance Lv.4 Burn Resistance Lv.6 Cold Resistance Lv.4 Frostbite Resistance Lv.3

Misc : The God of Adventure pities you.

It showed all the effort I had put in until recently.
At first, all it had were strength, dexterity, vitality and mana, but it has gotten quite long now.

‘If there was one thing bothering me, it's that the god of adventure is still pitying me.’
‘It's been a few days since I almost died from a mistake, but they still feel sorry for me.’
‘What's their problem?’

(TN: Author's ambiguous about the gender of the gods, so I'm using gender neutral words.)

The most notable changes were Willpower's increase and gaining of Increased Field of Vision and Tough Skin.
How to use or improve the Willpower skill was still a mystery.
I thought I would find out its effect once its level increases.
Increased Field of Vision literally increased my field of vision.
It was not just seeing in a wider angle,
but closer to increasing the field of vision around the object I am focusing on.

Humans usually can't focus on everything they see.
From their large field of view, they apply their attention and decision making on a small area of focus, but just by having it larger, I can see and judge more than others.

It's what is often described as an athlete's ability to 'assess the field' or 'good eye' by others.

And, it was one of the abilities I had when I was a professional gamer too.
By having a skill on top of my natural ability, its effect would be tremendous.

Tough Skin literally made my skin tougher and stronger.
I gained it as I increased the Resistances for heat, frostbite and pierce.
It was not to the stage of not being cut by swords or pierced by arrows, but it felt tougher when I pinched it.
It felt more like cow leather rather than human skin.
It felt rather disgusting if I kept feeling it.

The last changes I should mention are my resistances.
In the last few days, I had been focusing on the growth of my resistances, resulting in their levels raising.
Although recently, this growth seemed to had stopped.

‘Now, my monitoring is complete, time to start my day.’

[Will you enter the Tutorial Stage?]

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