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Baby Princess Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 2

by Kimino Sakurako | Natsuki Mibu and Yuki Kiriga (Illustrations)

Translated by SoulSlayerAbad | Edited by Zakuran121

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High School is Beautiful

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‘Hmm, so you’re Youtarou-kun.’ A teacher stood in front of Youtarou, with one hand on her hip. She was of small stature, such that normally she would have to look up at Youtarou. Almost as if compensating for the fact, she wore equally high heels along with a small pearl-gray suit layered over a simple, rough white blouse that revealed cleavage.

‘There’s not much resemblance, is there?’ She brought her face closer to his with a jerk of her upper body. The collar button of her blouse followed suit, and with just that movement, a gap appeared in her blouse. From within peaked her breasts which looked like they could spill at any moment. The sight was like looking at two pale pink peaches.

Overwhelmed by her overpowering presence, Youtarou tensed up.

Not much resemblance? To what? Even the question that popped into his mind seemed so far away and unimportant. The staffroom was already empty, and the last remaining teacher picked up his attendance book and rushed out of the entrance behind Youtarou.

‘Hidaka-sensei, you might want to hurry up too, the bell has already rung.’ The teacher, who was wearing black glasses and had bed hair sticking out like a burdock said as he passed by them, casually shooting a glance towards Hidaka-sensei’s chest.

‘Um, I apologize for being late. Instead of coming to the staffroom, I mistakenly went to the classroom first…’ Youtarou said, trying his best to keep his gaze from wandering to the  teacher’s chest.

Hidaka-sensei smiled and innocently stuck out her tongue. ‘Oh, did I forget to tell you? Well, it doesn’t matter now. I feel bad, but since we’re out of time, let’s talk as we head to the class, all right?’ As she smiled, Youtarou noticed a small mole under her right eye. As if beckoning Youtarou to follow her, she turned and began walking. While she walked, she turned her upper body towards him, causing her dangerously short skirt to wrinkle and lift up.

‘Oh and also, a young student staring at the breasts of a woman teacher is natural, so it’s fine if you look, you know? Having these kinds of experiences in your school life is also a necessary “step” towards becoming an adult. And if you don’t look, then all the hard work I put into this dress would be wasted. Wouldn’t that be sad?’ Saying that, she lightly shook her bottom a few times.

Youtarou was so taken aback that he couldn’t say anything.

‘Being seen by one’s own colleagues like just now is flat out no good, but I want to help the few gentlemen that have chosen to come to this school make some memories. You see, that way their hungry gazes won’t be directed to  the female students, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone. Oh and also, did I mention that, unsurprisingly, our school has a strict prohibition on illicit sexual relations. So don’t go  having inappropriate thoughts towards your fellow female students. Even if I say that, I know it’s hard. Fufufu~. Well, instead, being dazzled by a big-breasted female teacher is wholly acceptable, you know? Ah, but your household is nothing but females, so maybe, you already developed a sort of immunity to such things…?’ Hidaka-sensei came to a halt, and turned around once more for a closer look  at Youtarou’s face. ‘Hmm, there’s really not much resemblance…’

Youtarou finally realized what those words meant, and was speechless.

What should I do? Maybe… Youtarou had no way of knowing how much this teacher knew about his circumstances. Hikaru’s mother said not to worry, that she would explain everything properly. And yet…

And then the realization dawned on Youtarou. Maybe, it had been a mistake to trust “Mama”. This was the same “Mama” that seemed like she had a screw loose. The same “Mama” that had suddenly welcomed an unknown stranger into her house just because one of her daughters had brought him there. “Mama” had 7 of her daughters attending Konohana Academy, and he had thought that she had said not to worry about the admission because she had strong connections within the school.

…Maybe, she told the school that I was her real son!? Youtarou was astonished. Of course, when applying to the school, you have to provide various documents to prove your identity and background and such. Youtarou had certainly provided them…to “Mama”. Youtarou frantically searched his memories.

Yes, she had made various arrangements for him, both financial and for living together, in the form of the family rules. But, he recalled with relief that there had been no mention of her adopting Youtarou. Youtarou had been living with the Amatsuka family for four months now, but he still didn’t feel that kind of attachment. The status quo was that he had lost his only relative, lost a place to live, and was generally at a loss. When Hikaru had appeared as his savior and held out a helping hand…Youtarou reached out half out of desperation and half out of resignation. To be honest, he never thought that it would carry on this long. He had always been prepared to leave, and he did actually did leave once too. The fact that this had gone on this long was because that family…those sisters…were unbelievably kind, and impossibly warm hearted. He recalled the figures of the whole family. And at the same time, ironically, the memories of the fated day he had become a part of the Amatsuka family welled up. The words that Mama had said secretly to Youtarou so nobody else could hear them.

After the one-year period is over, if even one of the sisters says “NO” to living with you, this sibling life will end.

Such was his standing, and yet…

‘But you’ll find that having a different family name will work out pretty well for you, especially because you’ll be in the same class as Amatsuka Hikaru.’ Hidaka-sensei said in meaningful way, pulling Youtarou out of his thoughts.

‘What about Amatsuka Hikaru?’

‘You’ll find out soon enough. But still…’ She suddenly stretched up and patted Youtarou’s head. Due to her movements, a sweet, musky smelled reached Youtarou’s nose.

‘…You had it tough too, didn’t you? You did great! Even though you have such a cute face, you had to go through so many issues. I heard your circumstances from your mother. Your mother is also pretty admirable taking in an abandoned child, but being suddenly taken in by that forceful mother, and then finding out that the place you’re going to has 19 sisters…Anybody would be left with their jaw hanging open.’

Eeeeeeh? What’s this about an abandoned child!?

Hidaka-sensei’s eyes welled up with tears. ‘Ahhhhh! I want to give you a hug!’ She said while hugging her own body. ‘But, we’re in school. Forgive your teacher who can’t do that for you.’

She paused and just looked at Youtarou’s face.

Looks like she loves her acting. Youtarou thought.

‘Oh and, from now on, call me Ayako-sensei, okay? The only other advice I can give you right now is just this: while you’re at school, stay away from Amatsuka Hikaru!’ Saying that, she held up the attendance record in her hand, and put her hand on the classroom door. Before he had realized it, they were standing in front of the classroom door. As soon as she slid back the door–‘All, stand up!’ –he heard a cute, seiyuu-like voice that he thought he had heard somewhere.



‘Well, I guess we should have him introduce himself now. Please, go on.’ Ayako-sensei urged Youtarou. Standing behind the podium while facing the rest of the class made Youtarou feel a bit overwhelmed. He had heard that boys only formed up around 20% of the student body, but as far as he could see, there were only females in his class.

Where are the guys? Youtarou searched with his eyes, feeling a little bit dizzy. He searched and searched, and eventually, in the class of 45 people, he found all of one male student sitting at the very back of the row on the corridor side. He almost seemed like an afterthought.

His audience was getting restless. He felt like his movements were gathering attention. After a bout of silence, he managed to squeezed out some words.

‘Erm, this is my first time transferring schools, so I am a little nervous but…let’s all get along.’ He bowed with a quick bob of his head.


That’s not gonna be enough, is it? Wha-What else? ‘Unfortunately, I don’t have any particular skills that I am very proud of, so I don’t have much else to say in my introduction–’ He started to follow up.

‘Question!’ Suddenly a girl raised her hand. Suddenly there were cries of Kyaaa~ from everywhere and the whole classroom got excited.

Taken aback, Youtarou looked at Ayako-sensei. She just raised her hands, as if saying Do as you will.

‘Ah, pl-please go ahead.’

Unsure of what was going to happen next, Youtarou timidly motioned to the girl who had raised her hand.

‘What’s your favorite type of celebrity?’

He was taken aback again. ‘Ah, erm…my favorite celebrity is…’ He racked his brains hard, but nothing came to him. ‘ one…in particular.’

Ehhhhh…voices of discontent were heard  through the class.

‘Then, about how tall are you?’ Another girl bounced up and asked.

‘My height is around…170cm, I guess.’ He scratched his head, relieved that it was a question he was able to answer.

You pass~! Came the resounding answer from the class.

If he’s 170cm in his first year, he can still grow a little bit, right? The girls were happily causing a ruckus.

‘Then what are your hobbies?’ Came a voice from another direction.

‘Hobbies? Let’s see, it’s kind of cliché, but reading books, watching movies, that kind of stuff.’

Yaaan~ What if he’s an otaku!?

Eh, it’s fine! If it’s just a little bit, that’s fine!

What would you do if he started talking about BL?

Uwah! Then would his partner be Junpei?

No, impossible! I would feel really bad for him~!!

Holding a hand to their mouths, laughing and lightly smacking each other on the shoulders, Youtarou was overwhelmed by these girls.  

‘Then, then, any sports you’re good at?’

‘I don’t play many sports…Ah, I was in the Kendo club at my last school.’

Kyaa~!! Isn’t that like, pretty good?

A true Japanese man? Like a samurai!?

I think I may go  cheer him on!

Ah! Getting ahead is prohibited, okay? There are just two guys in our class, after all…Ah, but Konohana still doesn’t have a male Kendo club, so I guess it’s impossible either way…It’s a shame.

It seemed like they were getting pretty excited. Hearing the voices of all those girls, he unconsciously became embarrassed.

I see. They don’t have a male Kendo club. So I can’t continue doing Kendo anymore. He thought.

He recalled the day they had met. He recalled the dignified figure of Hikaru in her kendo armor. She had been participating as a special case in the district selection team.

His eyes inadvertently began searching for Hikaru. There she is. She was sitting in the one of the back seats on the window side of the classroom. At first glance, she looked very bored, with her arms and legs crossed. But Youtarou felt a tinge of worry from her gaze while she looked at him.

‘Erm, I don’t know which club I’ll join yet, but I will decide after giving it some thought. If you have some club you’d want to recommend, please let me know. Again, nice to meet you all.’ Thinking that he’d finally somehow wrapped it at up, when…

‘Ah, you guys are too loud. Sensei, isn’t this enough? Let’s end this already.’ A voice from the back of the class called out.

Scary! Youtarou though and searched for the owner of the voice. Ah–

If he remembered correctly, it was the girl that had been standing besides Hikaru and had tried to drive Youtarou off like a stray dog when he had entered the class before.

Here they come, the fans. The whole class rapidly became quiet, and whispers spread among them all.


‘Well then, please do the rest of the interview by yourselves, later. Good for you You-chan, seems like you’re really popular.’ Hidaka-sensei lightly struck Youtarou’s shoulder.

Kyaaa~ Sensei, it’s not like that! Again, cheers arose from among the girls.

Youtarou suddenly remembered his embarrassment, and in a hurry to get out of the spotlight, began rushing between his classmate’s desks in order to reach the last seat on the corridor side of the classroom, where his only male ally was sitting.

But instead.


He didn’t know what had happened, but his knee made contact with the ground in an instant.

‘Uwawa~’ Youtarou’s toe had smacked into the leg of a table causing him to trip and fall down. Only one table had been out of place from the row, and as Youtarou instinctively looked at the owner of the misplaced, he was met with the icy gaze of cool-looking girl with a bob hairstyle.

‘Hah. What a klutz.’ It looked like it came from the girl that had complained about wrapping things up a while ago.

It felt as though a cold air had blown across the classroom as it was plunged into silence. At least, that’s what it felt like. Suddenly, Youtarou was struck by anxiety. Maybe he wasn’t  welcome here. At that moment, someone stood up in front of Youtarou, and extended a hand to him.

‘Are you quite alright? You didn’t get hurt anywhere, did you?’ He looked up to see who it was.

‘Ah, you’re the one from before.’ She had soft, fluffy brown colored hair and kind, shining eyes. She was wearing the same bright-beige colored blazer uniform as Hikaru, and yet it somehow appeared more feminine. She was fair-skinned and had a kind smile which made her seem really easy to talk to. Standing in front of Youtarou, like a goddess of salvation, was the girl that had kindly told Youtarou the way to the staffroom.

‘It seems like you were able to reach the staffroom in time. I was really relieved.’

‘Un. With your help, somehow…Thank you very much.’ It wasn’t like he had to grab her hand to stand up or anything, but he would feel bad if he left her hanging, so he grabbed onto it. She smiled sweetly and held on tightly.  

‘I am really happy that you came to our class, we don’t have many male students. If you need help with anything, feel free to let me know.’ As she leaned in to talk to him, her hair fell forward and shadowed her face. It felt like she was telling him a secret, and made Youtarou’s heart flutter. From far away, a voice said ‘Maria, you move fast!’. As if to one-up whoever had said that, she pointed to a small badge fixed to her lapel with a safety pin.

‘I am on duty today after all!’

On duty, huh…His excitement subdued a little bit. Under the blue ‘On Duty’ badge was a name badge which had “Oohashi Maria” on it.. By that time, happy clamoring had once again enveloped the whole class.

‘So when it comes down to it, you prefer the cutesy type?’

‘Eh, I am more into the Ouji-sama type myself~’

‘But he looks easy to talk to, isn’t that a plus!?’

‘For now, I just want to eat lunch with him.’

‘Like I said, no getting ahead, okay? We barely have any guys, and if you stick to him too much, you might come off as annoying…’

‘And he seems to have been marked by the fans already, so it might be a bit rough for him…’

‘But, it seems like Maria-chan is already getting serious.’

‘Ehh!? Really? If Maria is our opponent than there is no way to win.’

‘Isn’t it surprising that he’s Maria’s type?’

‘I mean, if you’re as cute as Maria, you should aim higher, you know~? Leave the normal ones to us.’

The girls speaking unanimously weren’t even trying to speak quietly.  

Maybe I’m doing better than I thought? And what’s that about “fans?” Youtarou, simple as he was, had already recovered. Just then, the bell signaling the start of the class rang. Hidaka-sensei clapped her hands loudly.

‘All right, today is the long-awaited medical examination, please start getting ready everyone. I’m leaving the schedule for this class over here, so once someone comes to call you from the next class, don’t be late and hurry to your assigned area. Make sure you don’t leave anything out. Chest and abdominal sizes, as well as height are going to be taken in different places for boys and girls, so be careful about that. Do I make myself clear? I’m talking to you two boys at the back’

‘Yes~’ In a classroom that had been filled with the high pitched, excited voices of girls, suddenly a voice an octave lower echoed.   

Startled, Youtarou looked in the direction of the voice. There, the only male student was sitting in a seat on the corridor side of the calssroom, the same one Youtarou had glanced at during his introduction earlier.

Isn’t he a bit more petite than me? His hair was held up up with wax, and the necktie of his uniform was loose and drooped low. His eyes were just a little narrow, almost closed and he was staring at Youtarou with a huge smile on his face. If no one else, it seemed like he alone was 100% welcoming of Youtarou. Youtarou was a bit relieved. He was sure that in this unfamiliar environment, a friend of the same sex was going to be very important.

‘Oh, and you.’ Hidaka-sensei called out to Youtarou. ‘Ehehehe ♡ Sorry~ It seems like I was in such a hurry earlier that I forgot to bring your new health card.’

‘Ah, so should I go to the staffroom and–’

‘Ah, no, you have to go the infirmary– Oh wait, you don’t know the way.’

‘Oh, it’s all right, I’ll find it.’ Replied Youtarou, to which Hidaka-sensei replied with ‘You will? Then I’ll leave it to you.’

Even with the slight hint of worry on her face, she left the classroom in a rush.

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