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Baby Princess v1 c4

by Kimino Sakurako | Natsuki Mibu and Yuki Kiriga (Illustrations)

Translated by SoulSlayerAbad

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Good Morning our Class!

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It was the 4th of April.

The flowers of the Sakura trees had completely fallen down.

It has become pretty rare to see Sakura trees in full bloom on entrance ceremony days lately. I guess these are the effects of that global warming thing? Thinking such things, Youtarou looked up at the school gate.

Konohana Private School.

So, I have finally arrived. Oh man, this is pretty nerve-wracking after all.

A giant Sakura tree towered over the big gate, like it was testifying to the prestigious history of the school. As Youtarou was hesitating to enter…

“What are you doing hulking around the entrance blocking the path? You’re in the way!”

Feeling a slight impact on his behind, Youtarou staggered forward a little. It seemed a swung bag had hit him.

“Really now, you’re just zoning out. As would be expected from a servant. Really, don’t you think going to the same school as us is a little too much for you, or just a plain waste of time?” From behind came the rapid-fire voice of Tsurara.

Now that I think about it, the middle school was also on the same campus. Hurriedly getting out of the way, he became a little worried. So that means that everyone above the 7th daughter, namely Rikka, Tsurara, Hotaru, Hikaru, Haruka and Mizore, all six go to the same school…

Tsurara, who was in middle school, was wearing a dark blue sailor uniform that was different from the white sailor uniform that Rikka and Hotaru wore. She looked noble somehow.
Youtarou recalled that Tsurara had wanted to get into a special class for the most distinguished students in the same school. Her future dream was to become a scholar.

Passing by Youtarou, Tsurara laughed through her nose. “Now listen here you. Mama decided that you were to go to the same school as us, so that can’t be helped, but make sure that the fact that you are living with us doesn’t get found out. We 19 sisters are known throughout the whole school, so if your cover gets blown and everyone finds out that I’m living with servant like you, it’ll be really annoying for me!”

“I know that.” He replied. It’ll make my life harder too if that gets found out.

“I wonder. If you really get it then that’s fine. You do have a servant brain after all. Mama is also at fault. I wish she wouldn’t have put this servant in the same school as and gave the reason “It was just easier to take care of the paperwork for him because Rikka is also beginning middle school this year”. A servant should have more servant-like way of life…”

“If you dawdle around here, you’re going to be late to the special class that you worked so hard to get in. Or maybe you want the fact that we are all family to be discovered so soon?” Hikaru, who had appeared behind Tsurara poked her in the back.

“O-Ouch! Ah, it’s this time already! The special class was the in the annex at the far back, right? I’ve got to hurry! I’ll see you later, Hikaru Ane-sama! Servant, as for you…let’s see, you can get lost on the way home and don’t have to come back.” Even as she was hurrying forward, she kept looking back again and again.

“Tsurara-chan, you might want to hurry, or we are gonna leave you behind.” Being rushed by Rikka and Hotaru who had gone ahead, Tsurara waved her hand one last time and finally dashed off. “I’ll see you back at home, Mizore Ane-sama, Haruka Ane-sama, Hikaru Ane-sama!” She shouted as she ran off, emphasizing their names.   

“She’s not honest with herself at all.” Mizore, seeing her off, laughed.

“Well then Ouji-sama, even though we came this far together, I’m really sad that we have to part here. I’ll be going on then.”

“Ah, take care then.” Youtarou was caught off guard and replied frankly, and Haruka suddenly took his hand in her own. She held his hand in front of her chest and squeezed it firmly. Of course, that was little troublesome for Youtarou.

“Ahh, I’m really sad. If only I could be in the same class as Hikaru-chan and Ouji-sama…” She took his hand rubbed it against her cheek. “Oh, I know! It’s not too late! Haruka is not too confident in her studying abilities, and she can request the teacher to—”

“It’s not good to repeat grades in high school, you know.” Mizore said in a cool manner.

“Is that really the case?” Keeping his hand clasped in hers, she peeked at Youtarou’s face with upturned eyes. “Does Haruka’s Ouji-sama hate stupid girls?” She suddenly asked him.

Youtarou, who had entered into this former all-girls school as a male minority and thus did not even have to give an entrance test, remembered his own circumstances and winced a little. As he was pondering, Hikaru whispered to him from behind. “You idiot. It doesn’t matter how you feel, just tell her that you hate stupid girls for now.”

“Ah…y-yeah. Th-That’s right. Girls have to be smart right? That way it’ll help me too…Aha- Ahahaha…” Youtarou scratched his head in an exaggerated manner.

“Aw, is that so? Of course it is…Girls have to be smart… but not only that they have to be cute, and they have to be able to cook too…” Haruka, who felt dejected for a moment, began recovering as she mumbled to herself.

All damage was nulled by the time she spoke again.

“That’s a relief. Haruka also likes girls like that. It’s good to have at least one wife that’s older than you, right? Ufufu~. Well then, it’s too bad, but Haruka will be going first. I’ll study hard and become a good bride— I mean sister for you.” Along with Haruka who had completely regained her good mood, Mizore, muttering “What was that all about…” headed off in the direction of their respective classes.


“Now then, should we go too?” Hikaru breathed a sigh of relief. From today, Hikaru and Youtarou were going to be in the same class.
Classmates and also siblings.
And, in reality, completely unrelated.


“Today is the opening ceremony. And after that, we freshmen are gonna have our body measurements taken.” Hikaru said.  
“You, make sure not peek on the girls…okay?”


---Baby Princess Volume 1 END---

Author: Kimino Sakurako

Illustrated by: Natsuki Mibu and Yuki Kiriga

Translated and Edited by: SoulSlayerAbad

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