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The Tutorial Is Too Hard 16

by gandara

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Tutorial floor 60 (Part 3)

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As usual I was humming to myself as I was walking through the empty residential district.
This was the good thing about being along.
There was no one to comment if I was tone deaf or couldn’t keep the beat. Hahahahahah.

I went to the outdoor café that I’ve been going to a lot recently.
I took a seat and ordered.

‘One caramel macchiato please.’

My points were deducted and a caramel macchiato appeared in front of my eyes.
Nice. Really nice.

I’m starting to taste the feeling of life these days.
Instead of feeling despair and powerless every day, it was filled with hope and excitement although I was alone and I couldn’t go any further.

This was all thanks to the newbie Lee Yeon Hee who entered the hell difficulty 30 days ago with the start of the 81st Attempt.

These days my time passes as I think of her day by day.
What can I do to help her grow stronger more efficiently?
Are there any other safer roads she can take?
What if she gets real unlucky and just dies?
I had daily thoughts of her with a certain worry and also an expectation.

I needed to help her even just a little to make sure that her growth was safe and efficient.
Hence, I gathered all the information I had seen on the Community chat and made a small guideline fit for her.

She was growing stronger by the minute, faster than anyone that had entered since the Tutorial's 1st Attempt. If we took a look at her growth rate, she’s probably growing stronger faster than I did when I was attempting this during the 1st attempt.

But of course, she has the information that I didn’t know back then, but this didn’t mean that she didn’t have much ability as me to get stronger.

Actually, she was overwhelmingly superior to me in that sense.
When I entered this place during the first attempt, I was a nobody with small muscle mass from atrophy of the muscles. I wasn't that fit either , at the best it was just subpar average.

She on the other hand was a professional archer.
On top of that, she was Korea's national representative, a qualification that is rumoured to be harder to get than the Olympic gold medal.

Basically her muscle mass, stamina, flexibility and reflexes were much more superior than mine.
Although archery itself is not a sport that requires large movements, if you get to the professional level, your basic training would be much more intense than a normal person.

On top of that, the concentration, ability to think, originality, ability to make decision, motivation to challenge, mind control etc… Her mental stat would be amazing.

Due to the large psychological impact of the sport, I heard that the archery national representatives have a special training to become numb to such distractions.
She would know highly of bio feedback and even thinking routines and active routines.
It may be hard to think of a programme like an actual professional, but she should have some experience so her ability to relate certain training programmes and apply them would be exceptional.

What was even better was that she had the determination and motivation to clear the Tutorial too.
Although she did disregard my aid in getting the tolerance skills and ability to tank hits to help aid with training, she takes into account most of the advice I give her. She’s using this to the best of her advantage by applying them to her own training practices and planning of growing to clear the Tutorial.

The best. Perfect.

This wasn’t something that could simply be done just by relying on superior specs.
The multiple sports players, fighters, and even special agents that were dragged into this tutorial world. How many of the gifted and talented have been killed here?
Even those so called ‘specialists’ couldn't ensure their survival in Hard difficulty.
Let's not bring in Hell difficulty here, where the difference is off the scales...
With no relation to the outcome, the fact that she cleared the 1st floor proved that she was smart and had promising talent.

Of course just clearing the 1st floor doesn’t assure your safety for what’s to come.
Even with all that said, clearing the 1st floor doesn't mean that you're prepared enough for what's to come.
A plenty number of people had died on floors higher than the first, nothing was to be taken for granted.

But I couldn't help it. I was excited about Lee Yeon Hee's arrival, maybe a little bit too excited. Clearing the 1st floor and the progress she was making to grow stronger was evident, it was plenty to keep my hopes up.

‘Five cookie gift sets.’

My points were deducted and 5 boxes of cookies wrapped in pink wrapping paper appeared.
This was perfect.

I took out the bag I had prepared in my inventory.

I put the cookie set in the bag and checked what was in the bag once again.

A light leather armour set with no specifications required.
A finger tab and arm-guard for archers.
A necklace that amplified intelligence and protected the mental status.
Rings that had useful everyday skills.
A one-use warm lunchbox set and a variety of drinks.
Thin clothes and underwear to wear underneath the armour.
Basic toiletry and a high quality sleeping bag.
A mirror, perfume and cosmetics.
100 quotes to boost motivation and a poetry book that was good to read before going to sleep.
A rubiks cube and other mentally stimulating devices.

I made sure that I didn't send too many items that would protect her.
I didn't want to hinder her growth rate by giving her exceptional equipment from the start.
She has to grow as much as she could in the lower levels. Otherwise, it will be hard for her stay alive in the later floors.

Although there was the potential to clear the other floors with some of these overpowered items, it had its limits. Nothing was guaranteed in Hell difficulty.
There were more than just traps to threaten the players stuck in the Tutorial.
Horror, anxiety, loneliness, the list goes on.
The number of people that fell due to mental problems were numerous.
Due to this, I chose to gather equipment that would lessen the stress she was experiencing.

Would it be enough?
If it was a guy I would have even sent maybe a porn magazine.
I wasn’t too sure what to send to a girl.

Would it be ok to send her a vibrator?
As I was thinking of this, a message appeared.

[Park Jung Ah: Aren’t you going to say anything?]

Park Jung Ah.
One of the few girls I knew.
The leader of the JaGyeongDan which was a group who kept public order and law in this place.

[Lee Ho Jae: Hell difficulty 60th floor. No problems here. I mean, it would be weird if there were any problems. You know there’s only me in this place, why do I have to do this every week?]

I too was a member of JaGyeongDan.
Evidently, I didn't really do much.

[Park Jung Ah: Are you saying that it’s ok to be late every month just because you don’t want to do that?]

I mean, it wasn't a big deal.
I wanted to talk to her anyway.

I talked to her about the vibrator that I was about to send to the newbie and asked Park Jung Ah if it was ok.

[Park Jung Ah: Of course you can’t, you retard!]

It was pretty expensive.
It wasn’t something a newbie that just cleared the 1st floor could buy easily with their points.

[Park Jung Ah: It doesn’t matter if it is expensive you fuckwit.]

It’s important to relieve yourself from your sexual desires.
You can get positive results physically and mentally. Not only does it help you relieve stress, it can also help with depression.

What do I do?
Should I at least send her a glue stick?

[Park Jung Ad: You're a pervert I swear…]


I opened the Auction tab and listed the bag.

The opening bid was 77 points.
When you send a gift to a person through the Auction tab, the starting bid was always 77 points.

Although there were times where people who bid on items for 77 points just to disrupt this unofficial method of gifting, but it wasn’t too common.

There is a law passed down by the JaGyeongDan stating that disrupting the sending of gifts was illegal. If such an act were to be committed 3 times and the person does not apologise or compensate for it, the person goes on the Wanted List.

When you're on the Wanted List, you're liable to be arrested when steppnig into any JaGyeongDan territory.
And of course, it goes without saying that you get punished.

Due to the tutorial’s distinct characteristics, the punishments the JaGyeongDan performed were standardised.
With no relation to law, once an outlaw was captured, they get sent to a waiting room or a residential area for a JaGyeongDan representative to lay judgement.
Judgement could vary from imprisonment to the death penalty.

The judgement is strict and fair. Luckily,there hasn't been anyone in JaGyeongDan who has attempted to manipulate the laws to their advantage.

However, these were rules that were easy to use for one’s self gain. There were many times where people of the JaGyeongDan complained that these rules were too loose, however they have never been changed once.

The reason for this was to plant a seed of doubt into the minds of the people, hence preventing crime.
I agreed to this point.

During the time of the Tutorial's inception ,there were a lot of assault and rape victims.
Most of them were underage and elderly women.

But now, the elderly and women could grow through the Tutorial and become superhuman.
As you go up floor by floor, members of the JaGyeongDan could be seen stationed in waiting rooms. The number of members varied, from 3 to a maximum of 20 people. If it weren’t for this, then perhaps chaos and anarchy may have continued up to now.

As long as these responsible people are part of the JaGyeongDan, then the rules,laws and punishments were always enforced in a proper manner.


The bag was safely sent to Lee Yeon Hee through the auction tab.
Hopefully this bag will give her some help.

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