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The Lazy Swordmaster 28

by Green Tea

Translated by MOYOYO | Edited by Serendipity & Jaiki(ntrly)

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Right Solia, Lower Solia (Part 2)

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Solia temple.
Using the powers imbued by the Goddess Irenetsa , they provide treatment to those who are sick and injured, as well as provide prophecies for disasters that have yet to come.

"Ho, quite the fancy place."

The first spot they had decided to tour was here.
Iris had received treatment from the priest of the Solia temple before, so it was both a tour and a visit to thank them at the same time.
Riley frowned as he stretched his neck and gazed at the high ceilings of the temple.

'Temples, huh...'

The Temple.
A place for those who borrowed the powers of the gods.
Riley was not fond of the place.

'It seems the atmosphere is the same as back then.'

Riley was remembering the temples he saw in his previous life.
For those who were new to temples and had never heard of them before, it would not matter to visit them... But for Riley who had all the memories of his previous life, temples reminded him more of bad than good memories.

'Does this temple have a gathering of those who serve and follow god, to the point of being zealous enough that they wouldn't hesitate in burning themselves as well?'

Although the names of the gods they served were different, what Riley was thinking was about correct.
This temple contained the priests and paladins who strived to fulfil their god's wishes.
It was also the place the priestess received god's words.

"...Huuh, it seems the sickness has gotten much better than before? This isn't such an easy sickness to recover from."
"Is that so?"

"Well it's a good thing anyway. Congratulations Lady Iris. It seems Irenetsa has given you her blessings.
"Thank you, Archbishop Libesura. By the way, is there anything that concerns you?"
""Well, the only concern is that our priestess has just reached puberty."
"Oh dear..."
"Hahaha... Well, your son was just a baby when I saw him last, but he has grown into a fine man it seems."

The Archbishop had once traveled to the Iphelleta mansion to treat Iris before.
As the eyes of Libesura met with Riley, Riley slowly turned and walked away.

"Young Master, where are you going?"
"It seems their talk is going to take a while. I just wanna have a look around."

As Riley began to walk, Ian made gestures to tell Sera that he was leaving, and followed Riley closely.

"It seems to be built well."
"There are countless priests who travel far and wide to visit the Solia temple. It's no wonder you would think so."

Ian agreed with Riley as he stroked his beard.
Within the Solia temple, from the floor to the pillars and the ceiling, there were beautiful decorations made by master artisans such that everything they looked at deserved great compliments and praise.


How long had they walked within the temple?
When Riley found the large statue within the inner gardens of the temple, he stopped and looked around the area.


The statue...
It seemed to be modeled around the Goddess Irenetsa, a statue of a woman with her eyes closed.
Riley looked deeply at the statue then averted his eyes downward.

"Who is that..."

Ian tilted his head when he found someone who was wearing a gown which resembled a white dress.
She seemed rather special compared to others, kneeling and praying unlike the other priests who simply milled around her.


It seemed she noticed them.
The person stopped her prayers and turned to look at Riley.


She stopped kneeling on both knees, stood up and sent her greetings with a slight bow.
She was a girl with a veil covering her face.

"...Ah, hello?"

Ian who was so absorbed by the aura she had stared blankly until he could quickly reply.


But Riley would simply glare at the girl as if he wasn't fond of her.

"Young Master? Where is your response?"

Ian looked between the veiled girl and Riley nervously.
The atmosphere appeared tense.
The priests and the paladins who were around were eyeing Ian and Riley, finding fault with their manners.

"Well, if she wants a reply tell her to show her face first."

Despite the looks he received Riley made his decision.
The stinging stares now became so sharp that they could almost cut..

"Y-Young Master... She seems to be of high standing in the temple."
"I'm an important son of an important family as well?"

The girl snickered at Ian and Riley's conversation.

"You are quite funny."

The girl, who looked at Riley with interest, greeted him and moved her hands to the veil.
The white cloth that hid her face was raised with a muffle, displaying her chin, then her nose, and finally her forehead.
It was a look befitting of an angel.


Ian held his breath.

"Priestess Pricia!"

Ian blushed as he lowered his face away from the beautiful girl.
It was to be courteous.

"Forgive me, I never realised."

She was a priestess.
Although she looked even younger than Riley, she was one of the most important members of the temple along with the Archbishop, Libesura.

"Young Master, where are your greetings. It’s the priestess! The priestess. The youngest priestess in Solia in history!"

Ian quickly gave his advice to Riley, who still stood frowning without a bow.
Solia's priestess, Pricia.
Just one look at her was enough to make any devout followers of Irenetsa shed tears of happiness.

"Does this place also have the shitty habit of praising the priestess too?"
"No, I was just talking to myself."

Riley closed his eyes.
The priestess.
Riley truly didn't like the beings called 'priestesses'.
Rather, he despised and hated them to his very core.

'You have been chosen by the holy sword.'

Receiving the words of the gods...
It was the priestess who made Riley grab onto the holy sword.

‘Take the blade.’

‘Defeat the demon lord. That is your path, which we will believe in.’

'We beg you. Hero.'


‘Why the hell did I accept back then.’

Remembering the past sent Riley's mood down even further.
It sent shivers down his spine.

"...Hello. Miss priestess."

He returned her greetings with a quick flick of his right hand and turned around with not a speck of hesitation.

"Y-Young Master? Where are you going? You need to leave a good impression on the priestess!"
"What impression? Just looking at her pisses me off."

Riley disagreed as he replied what he was thinking in return to Ian's whispers.
Ian dropped his jaw in astonishment.


It was the priestess.
The woman chosen by the gods.
Her beauty was enough to bedazzle anyone who saw her, but looking at her pissed him off?
Ian could not comprehend at all.

"Let's go back, Mother should be done with her conversation by now."
"...Excuse me!"

As Riley attempted to walk back to the path he came from, Pricia, who was looking blankly at Riley and Ian, called out to them.


Ian gasped at the sight of the priestess who was briskly walking towards them with her hands holding her skirt.
It was an act that made him feel like it was a sin to simply breath the same air as her.

"Excuse me."

As Pricia called out to Riley, he stopped and frowned in complete frustration, then slowly turned around.
By the time Riley was looking at her, his face had somewhat calmed down.
Just barely suppressing his anger was the best he could at this point.

"Are you..."

What's she trying to say?
Is it just like last time?
Riley held his silence, while his thoughts were that he was ready to go absolutely nuts if she were to ask anything like to take the sword and go kill the demon lord.

"...Are you impotent?"

The unexpected question left a frown on Riley's face.

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