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The Tutorial Is Too Hard 2

by gandara

Translated by Jaiki | Edited by Wongtao & Jk

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Tutorial Floor 60 (Part 1)

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"I-can't stand it anymore~ Ooh ooh ooh~"

Before being summoned to the Tutorial world, I was walking through the residential district on the 60th floor singing a song that I heard from a movie.

It seemed like a sweet and romantic song in the movie, but when I sang it it sounded more like an elegy.

Anyone listening would have told me to stop singing at once. Truth is i’m tone deaf and beat deaf as well.
But I didn't stop.

I'm the only one here anyway.

The empty streets and the empty buildings reminded of the movie starring Will Smith, 'I am Legend'.
Other than my footsteps and my song, no other sound could be heard.

A dreadful silence.
At least Will Smith had a bitch of a dog with him. So jealous.

It was a bad choice by me. In the end, it is my responsibility to bear.
From the beginning, no almost the beginning, I was alone.

It wasn't surprising that I was alone in the residential district on Floor 30 as well,
but back then I wasn't tormented by the feelings of gloom and loneliness.
Back then I was moving forward although it was hard to the point of almost dying.

But now that I've reached Floor 60, I can't go forward anymore.
It's complicated, but to quickly summarise

It is impossible to clear the floor from 61 onwards alone. No matter what path you take.
Similar to the game 'Portal’. Just like their coop mission, it's a stage impossible to progress alone.
I needed a partner.

I went to my favorite pub.

Of course there's no bartender or other customers.

I sat on my usual seat and ordered a drink.

[300 points are deducted.]

I grab onto the glass which appeared on the table and flicked a coin off my thumb.

"Here's a tip, mister."

The coin spun through the air, hit the ground and rolled off somewhere.

[81st round will begin shortly.]

[Remaining time : 10 minutes]


Every time a new round starts Players are forced into the Tutorial stage.
Only those who are in residential districts are excluded, which I'm currently at.

There is only one reason for me, who was safely tucked away in the residential district, to anticipate for the new round.

When the new round begins, new Players enter. Please, let there be someone who will become my companion...

"Community open."

I may as well look at the community to waste the remaining time.

The first thing I see is...

[Difficulty Hell, Forum (1/1)]

What this means is, in the 'Hell difficulty' there is one survivor, and one person who is browsing the forums.
I move my eyes and look at the other forums.
Although it's called Hell forum, it doesn't mean that only Players in Hell difficulty could use it. The forum is to talk about Hell difficulty and additionally show the population in the Hell difficulty.

[Difficulty Normal, Forum (42/86)]

So many. I'm jealous.

At that moment, a new post was made on the Hell forum.

[Lee Joon Suk, Floor 90 : Ho Jae-hyoung, sup. Are you waiting for a newbie?]

It's Lee Joon Suk, who is at Floor 90 in Hard difficulty. I usually stay in friendly terms with Hard Players. I became close with them as we shared our tips and how we raised our skill levels. The highest rankers of Hard difficulty could have information which can help me aswell.

Lee Joon Suk is someone who is currently grinding in the Tutorial world even though he has the opportunity to return to the real world once he advances through 10 more floors.

The Tutorial is made from Floor 1 to Floor 100 and Players who were able to reach Floor 100 are sent back to the real world.
And those Players who are strengthened through the Tutorial become 'The Awakened' and protect the earth from monsters.

How the Awakened grow is not through experience or training but through level ups like in a game and they can no longer become stronger the moment they leave the Tutorial.
They may become more experienced and efficient, but that's the limit.

The evolution of their skills and growth of their stats simply become impossible.

It is the reason why Lee Joon Suk was grinding in the Tutorial. To become stronger before leaving the Tutorial. To return to reality as the strongest.

Well he's a nice guy for having a chat with me and I'm thankful and jealous as well.

[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 60 : Yeah. Although I'm not sure if there will be one.]

I was a 1st round player. I came here without knowing anything. I didn't know where this was. Blindly choosing the Hell difficulty.

But the situation changed by the 15th round when a few people cleared Floor 100 and left the Tutorial.
Those who left the Tutorial told the world of its existence.

It was a good thing. Those that were still in the Tutorial were able to forward messages through the Players who cleared the 100th floor. Allowing them to tell their parents, their family and friends not to worry. Not to mention it gave them the hope of returning to real world if they could finish the tutorial.
Those in the real world gained information about the Tutorial which randomly kidnapped Players. Information like how to survive and what was dangerous.

That was the problem.

The dangers of the Hell difficulty was exposed.
Clear rate 0%, survival rate 0.01%.

Who would enter, unless they were incredibly insane.
Afterwards, the number of newbies entering Hell plummeted.

[Lee Joon Suk, Floor 90 : Hyoung, if there is a newbie, what would you want from them?]

An interesting question.
All this time I was hoping for someone to just come, rather than what kind of person would come.

[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 60 : Well gender and age doesn't matter.]

They grow stronger when their level grows whether they are women or children.

[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 60 : But the most important factor is their mental strength.]

Those who enter Hell difficulty are nine times out of ten insane.

About half of them were people who should be in asylums. 'Patients' who couldn’t think normally.
Of course their survival rate was 0%.

The other half are delinquents and school kids with chuunibyou full of empty boasts.
Their survival rate was 0.01%.

On a side note among the 3 categories, I was the chuunibyou. Although I wasn't in school anymore. Shit.

Lastly are the misfortunate. For example, those who were summoned while riding a rollercoaster. Those who pressed Hell difficulty while they were waving their arms in the air.
Of course their survival rate was 0%.

Well if I were to rank them, it's Misfortunate > Chuunibyou > Delinquents > Insane.

[Lee Joon Suk, Floor 90 : I think the rank for delinquents is too low. Hmm... I don't get it. Hyoung, tell me why.]

I am kind therefore I gave an answer.

[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 60 : Hell mode is fair to all. There is only 1 way for newbies to survive. Listening to what I say. That's it. So the rankings reflect the rank of those who will listen to me.]

[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 60 : But that's not the most important factor. The most important factor is the Class.]

Class. The Class for RPGS.
Such as the warrior, mage, archer and priests.

Truth is Classes are only mentioned by the Players.
To be accurate it meant the weapon they chose when they entered the Tutorial. From this starting weapon, their play style changes.

They can change their weapon half way, but most follow the style of their original weapon.

[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 60 : Definitely a warrior. It has to be a shield warrior. You can't survive without a shield.]

[Jung Gi Joon, Floor 51 : But Ho Jae-hyoung doesn't use a shield.]

Jung Gi Joon. He is a Hard mode player just like Lee Joon Suk.

[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 60 : I did use it. Back then ... ]

Suddenly, the topic of the conversation became the tales of my adventures.
As I talked about my past, we came to my early days in the Tutorial.
The beginnings in the Hell difficulty.
Whether there were many who were curious or there were simply a lot of people browsing the Community due to the start of 81st round, a lot of people gathered at this forum.

Then, a new name posted on the forum.

[Jung Won Sik, Floor 33 : Even so, aren't you just a loser? There's no way you can clear Hell mode anyway. Why do you guys like him so much?]

I froze as soon as I read those words.

[Goo Dae Ho, Floor 53 : That retard lololol. He sure got balls for an Easy player lol.]

Easy mode. If it's Easy difficulty, it's likely he hasn't been in the Tutorial for long despite being on Floor 33. The clear speed for Easy difficulty is very fast.

I massage the tension on the back of my neck, and continued to write.

[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 60 : I remembered your name. I don't know how many years it will take, but when I'm out I'll find you first.]

These weren't empty threats. When I leave, I'll find him.
But he won't be first, unlike how I've written it.
There are  7 more I must visit before him.

The bastard Jung Won Sik didn't post anymore.

[Jung Gi Joon, Floor 51 : By the way hyoung, what's your level now?]

[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 60 : 251]

A series of comments explode after those words.

[Lee Joon Suk, Floor 90 : 251? Hyoung went over 200? Why's it so high?]

[Goo Dae Ho, Floor 53 : Level 251 kek lolololololol Are you human? lololololol.]

[Lee Won Ill, Floor 17 : Lolololol that guy before must be shitting his pants lolololol pissed off a level 251 lolol.]

Anyway this world is a tutorial. It's not a death game aimed at killing people.
Its aim is for Players to grow. It's just the person who chooses Hell is at fault. Fuck.

The system clearly said that danger increased along with difficulty. And that the growth rate and reward increased accordingly as well.

The system is true. That's it.

After reading the comments, my anger subsided a little.
I am petty and childish, I know.

And I always remember my grudges. I'll never forget.
I open the memo on System and write down the name Jung Won Sik.

[81st Round will begin.]

The system message that I had been waiting for finally popped. I quietly closed my eyes.
Please let there be a newbie...

I began to pray. Similar to praying for an item enchant to succeed in an RPG.

I can feel the heart pounding, probably from my desperation. Please... Please...
And with those desperate feelings, I slowly open my eyes.

[Difficulty Hell, forum (1/2)]

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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