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The Tutorial Is Too Hard 1

by gandara

Translated by Jaiki jk

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The Tutorial or This Tutorial ? :o


Life is a series of choices.

A phrase I once read in 3rd year of highschool.

Life truly is a series of choices.

But what the fuck am I supposed to do about it?

That phrase hasn't helped in any way for me to make better decisions on improving my life.

When I told that to my friend, my friend replied.

Your decisions can change the direction of your life. You will have always have the opportunity to make choices as long as you walk the path of the living. What this means is that you should stop suffering over your past mistakes, and live while looking forward.

Bullshit. The bastard dares to say such stupid things even when he knows my situation.

Because of one foolish choice, my life was ruined.

There were plenty of excuses.

I was drunk.

Which is why I could not think straight.

When a strange hologram message invited me to somewhere, I just snickered.

I always loved novels and cartoons. I've dreamt of those fantasy-like events happening to me.

So, I became audacious.

[Will you enter the Tutorial world?]

Without hesitation, I answered Yes.

I was an ex-pro gamer. Damn it. This was the biggest problem. Because of that stupid sense of pride and need to boast. Full of confidence, I couldn't tell between game and reality.

[Choose the Tutorial difficulty. Depending on the difficulty, the dangers of the Tutorial stages increase along with the growth rate and reward.]

The Tutorial's difficulty ranged between Easy, Normal, Hard and Hell.

Boldly, I chose the Hell difficulty.

Because of that stupid mistake, I'm still stuck here.

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