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Oreta Seiken to Teikan no Kenki v1 Covers

by Tsukasa Kawaguchi , Minato Yasaka (Artist)

Translated by Lortimer

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Hey everyone!

Please welcome our new team member, Lortimer, another new adventurer in the light novel translation scene.   He will be translating Oreta Seiken to Teikan no Kenki by Kawaguchi Tsukasa, the same author of Madan no Ou to Vanadis. Without further ado, here are the cover pages.


Oreta Seiken to Teikan no Kenki

The Broken Holy Sword and The Sword Princess of The Imperial Crown

Volume 1

By Kawaguchi Tsukasa

Illustration By Yasaka Minato





    Falshella D'Alphelt Parmia -

        A princess of the Kingdom of Parmia. She is 17 years old, and holds the esteemed title of “Sword Princess”. Since embarking on the field of battle at the age of 14, she has obtained the Holy Sword; and her enemies have come to fear her leadership and the consecutive victories she has enjoyed in her career. Conversely, she is seen by her compatriots as tantamount to a goddess of war. However, since soiling her reputation in other kingdoms, Prince Luceide has become her enemy, and the two have become bitter rivals.

Luceide La'hal Carvelle -

        The Prince of The Carvelle Kingdom. He is 17 years old. Due to his being a bastard, the announcement of his inheriting the throne was quite sudden, and also played a large role in the escalation of the war. Even as a member of the royal family, he is celebrated as a skilled fighter, and has enjoyed many victories with the armies of Carvelle. He has spent a time with Falshella as a child.

Constance Le Kanon Carvelle -

        She is Luceide's younger sister, born of the Queen and King. She is 15 years old. She strongly looks up to Luceide, and teases her brother quite often. The blood of the sorcerer-family Carvelle flows strongly in her veins, and as such, she is quite formidable with both offensive and healing magic.


Flames flared in the corner of Fal and Luceide's vision. Without bothering to avoid the attack, Fal swung her holy sword, and a burst rung through the air. The fireball had been split in two, scattering sparks about the room.  



NSFW Cover page relating to the text below :

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“Constance! Run!"

Fal screamed, readying her sword without even looking towards Constance. Normally she would have jumped directly into the horde of incoming demons, but her situation at the moment was a bit different. Fal wasn't wearing anything at all, and an imprudently exchanged blow could easily become a fatal wound.

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