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Kuro no Maou 288

by Hishi Kage Dairi

Yoshi (Translator)

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Insane Demon Eyes (3)

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「 Take this! Evil Eater! 」

I summon the『Hungering Wolf Sword「Evil Eater」』 from the Shadow Gate to my left hand, replacing the prototype rifle.

TLN: Previously translated as『Hungry Wolf Sword「Evil Eater」』


I grasp the handle and forcibly pull it from the shadows, and position the wide fang-blade like a shield.

That was all I could withstand.

「Kuh! 」

My vision fills with blinding purple light, and I lose my senses for a moment.

But I don’t feel any abnormalities anywhere.

I can feel that my arms and legs are still responding.

「Thanks Vulcan, you saved me! 」

The Demon Eyes’ Crystallization Ray subsides.

There is no way that I can’t block an attack that uses magical energy as its source of power using the『Hungering Wolf Sword「Evil Eater」』, known to devour any magic.

It seems Vulcan pulled through and met my expectations.


Is he that angry that I didn’t turn into a crystal statue? As if Saeed had gone crazy – no, he’s already insane – he lets out a discontented shout.

「Sorry, but I’m going to end this now! 」

The three corpses clinging to my body had been completely bathed in the Demon Eyes’ ray of light, and are now transformed into pretty crystal statues.

As I step forward with my right foot, the statue of the handsome Elf crumbles into pieces, breaking its restraint.

With another step, the log-like arms of the Orc break, scattering fragments of pale purple crystals onto the ground.

With my third step, the top half of the woman clinging to my waist crumbles and falls.

Without even swinging the hatchet I’m still gripping in my right hand, I’ve easily broken free of the three restraints.

Now, there’s nothing stopping me.

Now, all there is to do is to cut down this pitiful, cursed noble.

「Here I go!」

In my right hand, the『Absolute Malice Hatchet「Neck Cutter」』; in my left, the『Hungering Wolf Sword「Evil Eater」』; wielding these two cursed blades, I run straight towards Saeed.

TLN: Previously translated as『Absolute Grudge Hatchet「Kubidan」』



Saeed’s screams and the screeching emitted by his halberd; these two sounds form a duet of discord.

The duet of this single cursed individual is not only unpleasant to the ears, but enough to kill a person.

「Take this! 」

I use the Evil Eater to block three attacks with the crystallization ray.

Even though it is not an attack I can physically touch, the fang that greedily hungers for mana completely devours the light, not allowing any through to me.

The Evil Eater’s defense is perfect, now the problem is –


Spilling fresh blood and organs from its torn flank, the Nameless Cyclops raises his halberd.

Magic that revives the dead has never existed in the past or present; that being the case, he revived them as Undead or is directly manipulating their corpses.

No, the ones whose heads I cut off cleanly aren’t moving at all... So it’s has to be Undead after all.

The secret probably lies in that eerie sound coming from the black naginata.

Well, I don’t know what is allowing that sound to raise the Undead, but either way, there seems to be no way to stop them but to cut off both of their arms.


With terrfying force as if he is intending to tackle me, the Cyclops approaches to attack me.

With that body size, it’s like the force of a truck is coming at me.

However, I have a dependable partner in my right hand; there’s nothing to be afraid of.


TLN: Literally, “black calm” – left untranslated for consistency with previous translations.


The martial attack of the『Absolute Malice Hatchet「Neck Cutter」』split him in two.

If you wanted to withstand this, you should have come prepared with armor as hard as Salamander scales.

I leave the corpse of the Cyclops, cleanly bisected from the head down, behind me as I finally close in on Saeed.


His attack is an unrefined, large swing without any of the martial arts of wielding a naginata; an attack that even an amateur could see.

However, the swinging power is clearly elevated above the effects of Berserk.

As if a dragon was swinging its tail, the naginata draws an arc towards me at high speed.

But if the attack is that easy to read, it’s also easy to block.

The Demon Eyes’ attacks have already stopped; at this close range if our blades meet I should win –

「GUOH?! 」

– Or so I thought.

I blocked one swing from the naginata with the Evil Eater, but it’s heavier than I imagined.

He forcibly pushes my body using his crescent blade.


Now Saeed is pursuing. With speed and momentum enough to make me question the laws of physics, he returns the blade of the naginata towards me.

「Whoa, that was close!」

I avoid it with a step backwards.

The black crescent blade cuts through the air and sinks deeply into the ground – not only that, it’s completely buried?! Damn, how sharp is that thing...

「Damn it, I need to one more push if I want to beat him!」

I put several meters’ distance between us, and Saeed leans forward and directs his sight at me to use his Demon Eyes again.

Even though I can block with the Evil Eater, this will never be over if I keep my distance.

Either way, there is no way to defeat him but to attack him directly at close range.

If I’m being pushed back by sheer strength, I have to increase my strength as well.

「Good thing I trained with Nell –」

I picture the black magical energy in my body as gasoline that I’m setting on fire.

That heat becomes my strength, and the more it burns, the more power flows to my arms.

Burn, more, more!

The original incantation that I created myself is simple and clear.

「Give me power – 『Force Boost』!」

Power is overflowing in both of my arms.

My two weapons, which already felt light to me in the first place, now feel even lighter.

Now I can cut through not just his body, but also that naginata which is definitely stronger than a normal blade.

This effect will only last about ten seconds, but in this situation, that’s plenty of time.



Just a step in front of me is a black storm weaved by the cursed weapons.

Hatchet, greatsword and naginata; sparks fly out from these three blades.

Saeed swings his weapon again with great physical strength, but now I can block his attack with just one weapon.

The insanely sharp point of the naginata makes contact with the body of the blade of my hatchet.

Now that I look at it from up close, it’s a huge blade, about the size of a scimitar.

But the thing I’m surprised at isn’t its size, but the fact that it’s vibrating to let out a high-pitched sound.

I notice this for the first time as our blades meet.

The secret behind the naginata’s sharpness was in this vibration.

If my weapon wasn’t a cursed weapon, its blade would have been split in two.

As I was once again admiring how sturdy cursed weapons are, I realised that I have a little room to work with.

I’ve already seen my opportunity to win.

Like I thought, unlike Joto, Saeed is unfamiliar with his weapon, so his only way to attack is to simply swing with his ridiculous strength.

Since I have used my blades and fought battles with them until now, I should win.

This time, it’s really the end.

「Dual Kuronagi.」

The first attack is with the 『Hungering Wolf Sword「Evil Eater」』in my left hand.

The fang-blade swings through the air like a hungry wolf moving to devour its prey.

What it caught was his wrist, and it cuts straight through it including the thick gauntlet covering it.


He doesn’t feel any pain with Berserk; his voice was probably a reaction to the intentions of the curse being cut off from his arm.

Either way, in the next moment, he won’t have a head to worry about these things with.

The second attack is with the 『Absolute Malice Hatchet「Neck Cutter」』in my right hand.

Of course, I’m aiming at the neck.

Saeed, who no longer has a weapon to block with, has no way of preventing this attack.

Those shining purple eyes glared at me with rage.

Before the flash of crystallization light could come, the blade of my hatchet passed through his neck.

「Aaah –」

Still faintly groaning, Saeed’s head fell to the ground.

 「... It’s over.」

As I spring back, the now-headless corpse sprays blood like a fountain around my feet and his head is dyed a crimson colour and it rolls around.

The head, covered in blood, still has an expression of deep hatred as it stares at me –


From the blood-covered Demon Eyes came a flash of light far brighter than any that had come before it.

Their line of sight is pointed directly at me.

You’ve got to be kidding me, he actually managed to attack?! Shit, I can’t dodge in time –


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