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The Tutorial Is Too Hard 161

by gandara

Translated by Boko | Edited by Pyrenose and Sebas Tian

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Tutorial 27th Floor (Waiting Room)

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[Kilimanshatu's Soul Sword]

Explanation: This is the soul sword found in the Kilimanshatu Dungeon. The materials used for this sword and the method its manufacturing are unknown, but this sword is capable of housing a soul. Based on the records found in the Kilimanshatu Dungeon, a certain king in an ancient kingdom placed his soul inside this sword and dreamt of eternal life.

A sword that can house a soul, you say.


Seeing as how Kiri Kiri is beaming and laughing, I can be absolutely sure.

She had recommended this sword because of Seregia.

So I can put her soul into this sword and travel together with her.

For now, that was enough of a reason for me to buy this sword.

However, I looked around meticulously in case they had any other long swords.

The item that Kiri Kiri had recommended and passed to me was peculiar in various ways.

It wasn't just because of its ability to infuse a soul within itself.

"What exactly is this sword made of? It doesn't seem like it's made of metal but rock."

I felt the blade with my fingers and was met with the rough texture of a rock.

It wasn't a sword made of a refined metal.

"You're right! It wasn't refined. Because of that, the edge is a little dull. I'm saying this just in case, but don't try to sharpen the blade yourself. Since it won't sharpen."

"Because it's too tough?"


"If that's the case, in exchange for having a blunt edge, it shouldn't break or chip."

Kiri Kiri kept nodding her head.

Due to its unusually strong density, it was a sword that even I couldn't sharpen.

I guess I should be relieved that they managed to mold it into the shape of a sword.

I touched the end of the sword.

The blade that should've been sharp was smooth.

Rather than a sword, it was closer to a thin yet sturdy club.

If it's a sword where slashing and stabbing are impossible, then I have to use it like a blunt weapon regardless of its shape.

"Heng. Look a little closer."

Just as Kiri Kiri said, I examined the sword on a closer level.

Its size and weight wasn't much different from the Thousand Arm's in its long sword form.

It was at a weight that would be difficult for normal people to lift, but this weight is just right for me.

Next I infused my mana into the sword.

And then I understood why Kiri Kiri had recommended this sword.

I only infused a small quantity of mana, but gleaming blue mana formed around the sword's edge.

The sword possessed an extremely high level of mana conductivity.

Certainly, if there had been a sword this specialized for mana, there wouldn't be any reason for me to try to sharpen the edge.

"I'll choose this."

The sale was finalized and I paid with my points.

A considerable amount of points were just spent in one go, but I thought that the sword was worth it.

"Good choice. It's the best sword amongst the ones you can buy, so you shouldn't have to swap it out for a while."


That's also how I feel as the one holding this sword in my hands.

It's different from the holy sword that can unleash magical effects, but this is plenty good enough.

I enveloped my sword with aura and closed my eyes.

"Eh? What are you trying to do?"

When I swung the holy sword on the 26th floor, the holy sword passed through space and slashed the distant rampart.

Without any resistance.

The blade drew a line in the sky and just like it had cut through the air, split apart the distant rampart.

I wonder how that was possible?

This wasn't as if the aura had instantly extended by several meters and slashed through the rampart.

It also wasn't as if the aura was shot over a long distance.

It's not the kind of skill that closes distances like Blink Strike.

The holy sword just cut through space and also just cut through the rampart in its path.

I threw the Thousand Arms that had broken into two pieces into the air.

The doppelganger Magician had said this.

Magic's inconvenient magic formulas, trigger words, hand seals and incantations were essentially all set-up for the same goal.

They unveiled and demonstrated the method to using and manipulating the miraculous tool known as magic.

I threw the Thousand Arms up into the air and it soon dropped to the ground in an arc.

I'm trying to better understand this natural phenomenon and also demonstrate the change that I desire.

For example, if it were a type of flying magic, it would explain the phenomenon of how the Thousand Arms drew a parabola in the air.

And in that incantation, the miraculous tool of mana would be put into it.

The incantation that's filled with mana is based on the user's will and will activate in accordance with the structured magical formula.

This is the main foundation of basic magic.

In short, the important things are mana and intent.

Aura was also the same.

Following the magic circuits, mana would be transferred to the sword and would just flow into the blade itself.

Of course, just with that the sword should become a bit more durable.

The mana that coats the skin makes the body healthier and sturdier.

The muscles that are suffused with mana are also stronger and allow for faster movements.

However, that's all.

That mana must embody a swordsman's firm will in order to manifest aura for the first time.

Also, the next step was to give that manifested aura a special characteristic.

In order to give it a special characteristic, the first thing you need to do is imagine in your head what you want to manifest.

What would be the image most similar to the effect desired?

The Light Sword was friction.

Through friction, I would create an explosive light and heat.

That force in its entirety would be placed into the sword and I would transfer that energy in the direction I release it.

That was the foundation of the Light Sword.

If that's the case, what would be the key word for the technique that the holy sword had shown?

Amplification, leap, throw, illusion. There are probably a lot of possibilities.

I couldn't ask someone for the details nor could I learn about it, so I couldn't be sure.

The only thing I could do is use my senses to try to figure it out.

What I thought of was conveyed.

I cut the open space, and my will to cut traveled further and materialized in a distant area.

The Thousand Arms that I had thrown into the air started to fall to the ground.

I waited a little longer.

It was within a range that I could reach, my usual attack range.

No, it was closer than that.

The range that my will could reach was about the length of my arm.

I slowly lowered my soul sword that was over my head.


Like a petal softly falling in the wind.

I forlornly dropped my sword down.

I locked the whirling power into my grip and my sword, though I looked like I was at peace from the outside.

When the soul sword that had descended at a slow speed stopped in place, simultaneously...


The Thousand Arms that had been dropping on my left side seemed like it was hit by something and slightly rose up.

Would it really not work?


[TL Note: The author isn’t very clear about this, but he’s attempting to replicate the space slash that the holy sword had performed.]


I had attempted it because I felt like I could do it.

For some reason, it seems that I couldn't live up to my expectations; it just felt awkward.

"…If a swordsman that was training for that saw you, they wouldn't just let you go."

"Well, I failed though."

"Heng. They'd try to kill you."


* * * * * *


"Do you want to drink an elixir?"

"It won't help."

What did she say?

I was laying on the floor and stretched my exhausted body.

I pointlessly overdid it.

I'm really tired.

"Of course you are. How long has it been since I've told you not to overdo it and rest; then you go and do something crazy."

Kiri Kiri's voice was a little sharp.

What do you mean by something crazy?

"I'm in the middle of regretting it so stop nagging me."

Kiri Kiri, who was crouching over my head, slapped my forehead.

"If you keep going on like that, you'll really die."

"I'll die?"

"Yeah. Your body will explode and you'll die."

Are you serious?

"Are you serious?"

"I'm serious. Until now, you've grown in that manner and it's more strange that you haven't contracted any side effects. If you go on like this, your magic circuits may get blocked, or you'll have holes poked somewhere, or you'll get twisted around somewhere and you'll die. If that happens, you can't even treat it. Even if you're in the waiting room, it'll just prolong your life and if you go outside, there's a high possibility of instant death. Even if you don't die instantly, you'd die soon."

So it's like destroying myself.

"Yeah. Just like that."

I should be careful.

Just like there's a push to every pull , there's an equal and opposite reaction to my growth.

That's what I think.

If I train my muscles, muscular pain follows.

If I exercise, the time spent exercising as well as the muscular pain results in an increase in muscular mass.

The more I grow, the faster I grow, and as I develop further, that price will increase.

Also, if my body can't handle that price in its entirety, that excessive growth speed could become poisonous to me.

"Am I right?" I asked Kiri Kiri.

"Yeah," Kiri Kiri affirmed.

From now on, I should also focus on increasing my body's durability.

Rather than using self-injury to increase my resistance skills, my entire body itself has to become stronger.

Blowing myself up when using the Light Sword technique alone, or my body not keeping up when I reach a new stage are situations that cannot happen.


[TL Note: New stage/level of strength, not necessarily a new tutorial stage.]


My body has already reached a level where it's difficult to see me as human, but there's still room for growth.

Let's try a variety of methods.

If I don't have any success with it, I'll just ask Kiri Kiri in the next stage for a more concrete method.

Now my planning is done.

Since it feels like I've rested as much as I need to, let's go to the waiting room already.

I dusted off my pants and stood up.

"Ah, about the next floor," Kiri Kiri said abruptly.

"Oh. The next floor. I forgot to listen to your tips about the next floor. Is there anything that I should keep in mind?"

"Yeah. You have to pick the right guide. That's it."

Considering how meager the tips were, it didn't seem like the next floor would be that difficult.

I felt unnecessarily dejected and walked atop the portal.

"Take care. You have to come back soon!"

Kiri Kiri scampered around and said goodbye.

I haven’t heard a goodbye in a long time.

When we were betting, she hadn't said anything about coming back soon.

"Yeah, I'll come back soon and buy you some cake."

I saw Kiri Kiri's beaming face as I was transported out of the waiting room.


* * * * * *


"How are you? Are you dizzy, Lady Seregia?" I asked Seregia.

To be precise, I asked Seregia who was inside my soul sword.

[I feel great, Warrior. Would you like to try it out with some moves right now?]

As Seregia suggested, I slowly swung my sword.

While I swung my sword, Seregia spoke softly and kept muttering the same thing repeatedly.

"What did you say?"

[I'm happy.]

"I'm sorry?"

[If I knew it would be like this, if I was born as a sword, I think I would've been happier.]

That's a little… Is that normal?

It seems that she likes the feeling of being a soul inside the sword.

[Maybe it's because I don't have to rely on my eyes, nose, or lips, but my peripheral vision has greatly expanded. I can also see both yours and the sword’s movements, Warrior. Really.]

That's a relief.

As I had thought, Seregia could just observe my movements when I'm fighting.

Sort of like a black box.

After the battle, using her observations, she should be able to give me more detailed and precise feedback.

It was unlike her, but Seregia spoke a bit quicker.

[I really like it!]

"… Is that so?"

[Warrior. From this point on, let's make our goal to reach the peak of swordsmanship. This sword that I'm in, if even for an instant I can reach the ultimate peak of swordsmanship, then even if I die, I'll have no regrets.]

But Lady Seregia, you're already dead.

[No, I've already died. Let me correct myself. After I'm reborn, I'll have no regrets even if I die again.]

She was so positive and bright that I couldn't get used to it.

"Lady Seregia. Do you really not feel regret or sadness? Still, you were born as a human and died once."

[I'm a little sad that I can't eat snacks anymore, but I feel like I'll be happier living as a sword. Since my goal from the beginning was to follow you and see that swordsmanship. Of course, if I had become a common soldier's sword, then I would've been far more anguished than I am now.]

Seregia looked like she was really enjoying this.

Like she said, it seemed that she enjoyed it more than being alive.

I could even tell from the way she was speaking.

The speed at which she spoke hastened and above all, she spoke more.

[I wonder if this sword can handle that technique that you displayed on the summit of the mountain? Also, will I be able to endure it? If I can, I wouldn't have to worry about my sight being burned away and I should be able to clearly see that process. Wow! I'm so happy!]

She's a completely different person… Her personality has changed.

Does everyone become like this when they become a sword spirit?

I took out my other sword with an ego from my inventory.

As soon as I took out the demonic sword that used the moniker of a holy sword, it started to whine.

[Warrior, Warrior, Warrior, Warrior. Oh, Warrior. Why did you do that?]

"What's with you again?"

[Please don't lock me up in there again, Warrior. Please. I beg of you. I love you, Warrior.]

"My inventory?"

[Yes! There's no notion of time in that damn subspace! Warrior, if you lock me up in there again, I may go crazy.]

Are you like a Pikachu that doesn't want to go into a Pokeball?

Why don't you just threaten me?

It's become difficult.

I fundamentally store all my items inside my inventory.

However, if I can't put the holy sword into my inventory... that means I have to keep it with me all the time.

What's worse, I may have to carry around the soul sword that Seregia is in all the time.

"Is it that bad?"

[Yes! If you make a mistake I might be damaged, Warrior.]

I don't think it can be helped.

Even if I don't plan to use the holy sword, I can't just let the holy sword break.

There may be a time where there is an urgent need to use it.

Also, after I've reached a sufficiently high stage, I may start using the holy sword.

I took out the Thousand Arms from my inventory.

Between the two Thousand Arms, one of them was broken, but the other was still unscathed.

[Cough. Warrior. Please just throw away that crude toy! I'm a much better sword. Really. I was even blessed by the God of the Sky.]

It may have thought that I'd use the Thousand Arms instead of the holy sword, and the holy sword hastily responded.

[I-If you want to know how much strength I possess, Warrior. One moment. Please don't put me back into the inventory yet. I'll explain everything!]

You don't need to.

I asked Kiri Kiri and already got the explanation.


[The Holy Sword of the Sky, Ahoubuch]

Explanation: The God of the Sky, in order to punish the arrogant humans, gifted this divine item to them.


The sword would pull the surrounding people, including the owner into a bloody, desperate battle, with him at the center.

An owner who is exposed to its power for a long time would become extremely arrogant or they may exhibit perpetual bloodthirst.

Aside from the owner's will, there was a sword spirit called Ahoubuch dwelling inside of the blade.

Damage Prevention Magic is infused.

Hardness Reinforcement Magic is infused.

Sharpness Reinforcement Magic is infused.

Dispel Magic is infused.

Magic Shield Magic is infused.

Rapid Mana Recharge Magic is infused.

Magic Amplification Magic is infused.

Floating Magic is infused.

Flying Magic is infused.

Cleanliness Magic is infused.

The sword spirit can use the holy sword's magic at its own discretion.

The sword spirit is capable of casting all magics requiring less than three circles, including the stored magic.

The sword spirit can cast the holy spells of the cult of the sky god without any cost.

The sword spirit can manifest aura around the sword using its own will.

If the possessor is acknowledged by the God of the Sky, the sword can act as a conduit for him to receive the god's blessing.

I can only say that these specs are really crazy.

There was a tremendous amount of mana equipped to the holy sword itself, and the holy sword's performance that could handle that mana was even greater.

That's why even if there's a strange sword spirit within, I can't just thoughtlessly discard it.

I turned my Thousand Arms into the form of a sheath.

And I put the holy sword into that sheath.

The Thousand Arms matched the holy sword's length and width by adjusting its size.

"There, it's fine if I just carry you around like this, right?"

[Yes! Warrior!]

"In exchange, you have to promise me a few things. You cannot thoughtlessly use your power. If  you are to use your power, you need to get my permission beforehand. Also, for a while, your role won't be to cut down my enemies, but while in that sheath, it'll be fine to just talk about swordsmanship. And don't be so disappointed, too."

[Yes, I understand. Warrior.]

He certainly responds properly.

Well, that's that.

"I'm not a warrior anymore, so you don't have to call me a warrior anymore."

[I'm sorry? You weren't a Warrior?]


[Then what should I call you?]

"I wonder."

When I really think about it, there's no fitting name that comes up.

[Then… Master? Shall I call you master? Master?]

"… No. Don't."

Since he called me master with an old man's voice, it's kind of… you know.

Besides, I felt a certain freakish degree of cuteness in his voice, so I was even more disgusted.

Why is he mixing a nasally voice with a baritone voice?

[Yes. I won't do that.]

The mood became awkward.

I briefly turned my attention away from the holy sword and talked to Seregia, who was within the soul sword.

"Lady Seregia."


"Would you like to try saying master once?"

[I don't want to.]

Seregia instantly returned to her old manner of speaking and spoke coldly.

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