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Max Level Newbie 119

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by Jane

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Go Devilman

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At first, he couldn’t remember the way to home.

His house that he had wanted to come back to earnestly was only the destination that didn’t lose its glow after many years.

Everywhere on the way was damaged and remained fragmented.

Good thing he remembered his home address correctly.

Asking a few people, he at last found the apartment that he had lived, ascended to the 21st floor by the elevator.


‘Too slow,’


Ascending floor by floor felt like 1 year in the Lava Demon cave.

He finally got out of the elevator and stared at the front door.

A very strange feeling.

As if he was standing in front of someone else’s house. He hesitated.


‘... I have never expected to feel like this,’


Vulcan trembled with an entirely different kind of anxiety than he had ever felt.

Although he was an experienced warrior, having chopped down many monsters, demons, and wicked mages like rice straw, he could feel ‘fear’.

He was concerned that he would feel awkward.

Like that, he stood still for some time.




However, he knew that he couldn’t keep on like this forever.

Vulcan slapped his face, then let out a sound, ‘ha’.

He felt a bit better as he released tensions in the torso.

With more solemn eyes than when he faced the boss monster in the Light inside the Darkness, he put his hand on the doorknob.




He couldn’t open the door as someone opened it before he tried.

Vulcan stared at the person.

With an apron around her waist and wet hands, the person poked her her head.

His mother, Lee Hye-won.

He shook off all those negative feelings as he looked at her.




Although he lived almost 300 years, he was just a 20-year old young man in Earth.

With tears running down his cheeks, he held onto her arms.

She was baffled by it.


“What’s wrong… Didn’t you say you were going to a school field trip 3 hours ago… Weren’t you wearing a duck-down parka? Why are you wearing… less in this freezing winter? Were you… robbed???”


Lee Hye-won patted Vucan, Kim Jae-hyuk’s back.

Vulcan kept crying without saying anything.

Lee Hye-won, who thought something bad had happened to her son, tried to take him into the house, holding his hand.

Then, she felt the very thick callus on his palm.

Hard like a stone, his hand startled her.


“Your hand… ???”


She let go of his hand and took one step back, away from him.

The son, who came into her sight, was a bit different than she had ever known.

Much more rugged, sturdy body.

By looking at the exposed arms, she could associate with the muscles under his clothes.


“Son, your body…?”


Her wordlessness explained her emotions.

Whether or not, Vulcan kept crying as if a faucet had sprung a leak.

Like that, he cried for quite some time in front of the door, holding onto her arms.




“Hey! I need to use that computer!”

“In a moment,”

“Nope, move over there!”


Vulcan’s younger sister, Kim Ha-young, her small hands pushed at Vulcan’s shoulders.

But she couldn’t push him out, who had ‘Godly Body’.

His body was as hard as a rock.

Kim Ha-young told him off in a high tone voice.


“Argh! What the hell are you doing…”

“Looking at my date of enlisting,”

“Ah… sorry,”

“Why sorry,”


Vulcan spoke in calm tones.

Kim Ha-young was dumbfounded by his nonchalant attitude.


“Why are you acting nonchalant?”

“Why not,”

“You are acting like going to a two nights, three days camp,”


*FYI - South Korea requires all of its male citizens to serve in the military for two years and draft dodging is a problem.


Two years felt like two days to Vulcan.

Vulcan, who had been battling for 100 years.


Just two years of military service was nothing to him.

After looking at the information related to the Air Force and the Marine Corps, he rose from his seat, nodding his head.


Vulcan laid on the bed beside the desk, his arms and legs splayed out.

Listening to a EXO’s song that his sister was playing on the computer, he closed his eyes and relished the comfort.

He was happy.

There were no words strong enough to express it.


It has been almost a year since Vulcan returned to Earth.

Having got used to South Korea, he became a normal college student.

Like other college students, he went to college, took classes, hung out with his friends and had a drink.

Because of the personality that changed somewhat, interpersonal relationship became narrower than before, but it did not matter.

Except he didn’t have a girlfriend, he was satisfied with his life now.


‘Ah… one more thing…’


Beside that, there was one more thing that irritated his nerves.

He frowned slightly and had the thought distracting him.


‘Devil’s army… When would they come? I think it’s about time…’


When he returned to Act 1 from Earth, he heard that the Devil had called out near Shinchon, about 1 year after he had left Earth.

The area was not far from where he lived.

Besides, he thought he could take of the 1st army easily.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that he was wrong about it.

He frowned a little deeper.


“Ah… I can’t go to the military then…’


Of course, regardless of where his troops was located, he could reach Seoul in a short time, but it could become very difficult if the Devil’s army invaded during group actions or night watches.

‘Damn, should I put off…’


He then let out a deep sigh as he hoped the Devil’s army  would come soon.

Kim Ha-young, who squinted at Vulcan.

When she met his eyes, she turned her head back to the monitor as if nothing had just happened.

Watching the boy group, Exo dancing, she thought to herself.


‘He must have done something to his skin and body…’


After giving a quick glance at Vulcan lying in the bed, she shook her head as if it didn’t makes, as if something didn’t add up.


Vulcan, who was her ordinary brother a year ago, became someone else.

Smoother skin.

Much nicer shape.


‘What the hell happened to him?’


Kim Ha-young turned her chair to the bed, then asked.




“How come you don’t have a girlfriend?”

“Not that I don’t have, but I can’t,”


Vulcan answered, with a sullen look.

Kim Ha-young continued, shaking her head.


“Isn’t it because you are always at home? It’s Halloween. Aren’t you going to Itaewon with your friends?”


“My friends are serving in the military. And there is nothing like staying at home for Halloween,”


Kim Ha-young clicked her tongue.

Vulcan was lying on the bed as a dead man, Kim Ha-young frowned slightly.


‘Nothing beats ordinary days…’ Vulcan said to himself.


As he was relishing the comfort of his bed, he could feel the dark, wicked power approaching.

He raised up himself.

A crisis more terrible than the catastrophe predicted by Nostradamus.

But he seemed impassive as he was fully aware of it.

Rather, a slight smile hovering over his lips.

Getting ready to go out, he said.


“I’m going out,”

“Where are you going? It’s late!”


“When will you be back?”

“Tomorrow morning, nah, I’m not sure,”


Vulcan hurried out of the apartment.

He had a quick look around to see if there were people and CCTVs, then wore the Demon Duke set.

There was nothing better than this to conceal his identity.




As he flew up swiftly into the sky, a big smile bloomed on Vulcan’s face.


‘I’m coming,’

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