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The Death Mage that doesn't want a fourth time V5 Character Summary Page

by Densuke

Yoshi (Translator), Sebas Tian (Editor)

Martin L. ($100) Micheal H. ($45) Franco R. ($5) (A little extra due to length)
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V5 Character Summary Page

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Vandalieu – Dhampir (Dark Elf), 8 years old, male


The main character of this story. At the beginning of the volume, he is eight years of age, and at the end of the volume (excluding the side chapters), he is three months away from turning nine.

He has reached an age where he has gradually started feeling an interest in the opposite sex that he has been unable to feel until now because his body was too young; he thinks about various things, but it has not reached a point that it could be called sexual desire.

“I’m quite precocious, aren’t I?” he thinks in a carefree manner.

In trying to acquire rice, he proposed to Privel, disposed of one of the significant causes of his parents’ death and retrieved the Zombies of Zandia and Jeena, Talosheim’s heroes, as requested by Borkus and the others. He also exterminated the upper echelons of an influential resistance organization, and added an onee-type Vampire and Chezare’s younger brother to his subordinates. Too many events of all kinds occurred.

As a result of this series of adventures, the Orbaume Kingdom’s value in his mind has crashed. The admiration he felt towards it in his younger days (during the first volume) is on the verge of vanishing.

With Orbia and Kimberley joining his Ghosts, he has become able to use Dead Spirit Magic of the water and wind (lightning only) elements, and his methods of attacking have expanded.

Vandalieu has become more inhuman over the course of the fifth volume, but he himself isn’t very aware of it. He has become stronger, so he is able to do more things. That is all he feels.




Pauvina – Half-Noble Orc, 5 years old, female


A half-Noble Orc girl who turned five during the fifth volume. She is around two and a half meters tall, and if her size is ignored, she appears to be around the same age as Vandalieu.

Her Club Technique skill has reached level 4, so while it is still too early for her to go into a Dungeon, she was able to be taken on this adventure. This was her first time traveling away.

She looks pudgy, but she possesses the superhuman strength needed to lightly swing a steel mace larger than a man’s head with a single hand. It is expected that if she continues to grow at this rate, her height and physical strength will become greater than Borkus’s.

She gets along well with Yamata, who was brought to Talosheim by Vandalieu before, so she has more Undead friends now.




  • Name: Pauvina
  • Race: Half-Noble Orc
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Title: None
  • Job: Warrior
  • Level: 98
  • Job history: Apprentice Warrior
  • Passive skills:
    • Night Vision
    • Superhuman Strength: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Enhanced Vigor: Level 1
    • Physical Resistance: Level 1 (NEW!)
  • Active skills:
    • Club Technique: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Throwing: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Armor Technique: Level 1 (NEW!)
    • Shield Technique: Level 1 (NEW!)




Levia – Blood Blaze Ghost, ? years old, female


Her Rank increased while she was drinking Blood Potion, and it increased again during the battle against Gubamon.

When in battle mode, she takes on a fearsome form that scatters crimson flames around her, but as always, she normally takes on the form of a Titan princess floating somewhere near Vandalieu.

Seeing the chaotic state that the Sauron Duchy is in, she has understood that politics is difficult, and she is not suited for it.

She gets along with her new Ghost companions, Orbia and Kimberley, but Kimberley’s vulgarity must be moderated.

She is a little bewildered by the Sauron rice that is similar to Japonica rice and different from the Indica-like rice that has been cultivated in Talosheim, but she has quickly taken a liking to it, saying that it is delicious in its own way.

For the first time in about two hundred years, she has been reunited with her younger sister Zandia and the former chief priestess of the Church of Vida, Jeena. They are currently in rehabilitation (adjustment), and like the other Undead heroes, it is uncertain as to how close they can be made to their states while they were alive, but Levia isn’t pessimistic.

She has hope because although Zandia and Jeena were only able to groan and screech, there is the precedent of Rapiéçage, who is gradually becoming able to speak.




  • Name: Levia
  • Rank: 7
  • Race: Blood Blaze Ghost
  • Level: 0
  • Passive skills:
    • Spirit Form: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Mental Corruption: Level 5
    • Heat Manipulation: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Flame Nullification
    • Materialization: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Augmented Mana: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Self-Enhancement: Subordinate: Level 4 (NEW!)
  • Active skills:
    • Housework: Level 5
    • Projectile Fire: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Possession: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Silent Steps: Level 2 (NEW!)




Bellmond – Abyssal Vampire Marquess, forest-monkey-type Beast-person, approximately 10,000 years old, female


After leaving Ternecia’s command, Vandalieu transferred the Live-Dead Ternecia’s parts to Bellmond to remove the scars all over her body, and restored her tail. Though discolored patches remain, she now has smooth skin and a voluptuous figure.

Also, perhaps because she drank Blood Potion repeatedly during the surgery, she has become an Abyssal Vampire.

The only tangible changes are that her Attribute Values have increased and that her Bloodsucking skill has transformed into the Bloodwork skill, and there are no visible changes. She is still undergoing observation.

As a housework master, she is so capable in this field that she can clean things unconsciously, but it has now become clear that her interpersonal skills are very outdated; she is a competent but thick-headed steward.

Since her body has grown various curves, it has become more difficult to move, but her fingers haven’t been touched, so she can use her threads as before. Also, her tail’s attack is so powerful that a suit of poorly-made Adamantite armor would be destroyed by a single blow.

The tail is too sensitive; she has a new weakness of having her tail brushed, which causes her to squirm.

Despite that, she has acquired the Tailed Beast Warrior Job that is specialized in using the tail because she thought that it would become a powerful weapon.

For some reason Privel views her as a rival, but Bellmond isn’t very aware of this. In any case, even if her tail is included, she has no hope of winning in terms of number of legs.

During the battle against Gubamon, her Rank increased from countess to marquess.




  • Name: Bellmond
  • Age: Approximately 10,000 years old (18 at time of Vampire transformation)
  • Title: Ternecia’s Foolish Dog
  • Rank: 11
  • Race: Noble-born Vampire Marquess (Forest-Monkey-type Beast-person)
  • Level: 0
  • Job: Tailed Beast Warrior
  • Job level: 97
  • Job history: Apprentice Hunter, Apprentice Thief, Thief, Assassin, Servant, Thread-user, String Master
  • Passive skills:
    • Dark Vision
    • Superhuman Strength: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Rapid Regeneration: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Status Effect Resistance: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Self-Enhancement: Subordination: Level 10
    • Super Mana Recovery: Damage: Level 1 (Awakened from Mana Recovery!)
    • Sense Presence: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Intuition: level 3
    • Mental Corruption: Level 7
    • Enhanced Body Part (Tail): Level 3 (NEW!)
  • Active skills:
    • Bloodwork: Level 2 (Awakened from Bloodsucking!)
    • Archery: Level 1
    • Throwing: Level 1
    • Short Sword Technique: Level 9
    • Wind-Attribute Magic: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
    • No-Attribute Magic: Level 1
    • Mana Control: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
    • High-speed Flight: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Silent Steps: Level 8
    • Trap: Level 5
    • Dismantling: Level 3
    • Transcend Limits: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Housework: Level 10
    • Thread-reeling: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Unarmed Fighting Technique: Level 4 (NEW!)
  • Unique skills:
    • Offering
    • Petrifying Demon Eye: Level 3 (NEW!)




Shashuja – Lizardman High Geronimo, ? years old, male


A descendent of the Lizardman tribe that was once the largest tribe in the marshlands of the southern region, which formed a non-aggression pact with Talosheim over two hundred years ago.

Fortunately, by encountering Vandalieu, he has risen to the position of acting as a mediator for all Lizardmen.

His special skill is being able to moisten his eyes and make a puppy face despite having the face of a reptile. Until he met Vandalieu, it was a skill with no use that couldn’t even be called a special skill. Nobody, not even Shashuja himself, would have thought that this skill would change the fate of countless Lizardmen.

He was a Rank 5 Lizardman Geronimo to begin with, but with the acquisition of Fidirg’s divine protection, he has become a Rank 6 Lizardman High Geronimo.

Currently, all of the children hatched that have hatched from their eggs have become monsters with crocodile heads called Armans, and at this rate, the Lizardmen in the marshlands will go extinct. However, as monsters, the fact that their children have become stronger is something to be happy about, so neither he nor any of the Lizardmen feel any sense of crisis.




Fidirg, the Dragon God of Five Sins


An evil god who once belonged to the Demon King’s army but accepted Zakkart’s proposal and changed sides. He has the appearance of a scale-covered hand that has had its fingers replaced by the heads of dragons, and has quite a low position as a god.

Four of his five heads were destroyed during the battle between Vida and Alda that occurred a hundred thousand years ago, and he was forced into a long slumber.

After that, he suffered further when the faith of the Lizardmen that he had laboriously gathered was stolen by Luvesfol, the Raging Evil Dragon God.

He accidentally almost got himself killed by Vandalieu, but because he had been in the lower portion of the Demon King’s army (the monsters serving the evil gods were not even considered a part of the lower portion, but merely pawns), he discarded his pride immediately and surrendered, and was spared as a result.

Incidentally, he is a god, but has nothing resembling a doctrine. This is because the majority of his believers are Lizardmen, and he thought it best if he didn’t force any complicated requirements on them… he is quite a simple god who is happy with being prayed to normally.

His attribute is water, and he is able to create a D-class Dungeon that produces Lizardmen close to water. However, currently, he must make a desperate effort to do so; it is not a simple task for him now.

At present, he now has three healthy heads, and according to him, it will take another ten thousand years for a full recovery.

In addition, he has had a discussion with Merrebeveil regarding the Scylla who have moved in, and they have come to an agreement that they should strive to achieve a favorable relationship between them.




Luvesfol, the Raging Evil Dragon God


A traitor who was originally one of the subordinates of Marduke, the Dragon Emperor God, but changed sides and joined Guduranis’s army after Marduke was destroyed by the Demon King.

He continued to be a part of the remnants of the Demon King’s army even after the Demon King was defeated, and consistently performed cowardly acts such as surprise attacks on members on both sides of the war between Vida and Alda, aiming to profit from the conflict.

His base is in the Dark Continent, but he robbed Fidirg of the Lizardmen’s faith in order to increase his strength further, and instead of appointing a priest, he gave his divine protection to an Earth Dragon whose Rank had increased and gave it the Title of ‘Scaled King.’

Also, he is capable of creating B-class Dungeons that produce large numbers of Dragons.

After these events, the Scaled King and Luvesfol’s own spirit clone was killed, and while he tried to flee the Bahn Gaia continent, he was unfortunate enough to be noticed by Schneider and his group. Each of the five members were capable of killing an Elder Dragon; they beat Luvesfol into a pulp.

Instead of being sealed, he has been forced to materialize himself as a Dragon that is much smaller than his original form and is now a servant for the group.




Shimada Izumi – Human, 31 years old at time of death, female


One of the reincarnated individuals killed by an explosion caused by Murakami, who betrayed the Bravers in Origin. On Earth, she was the committee chairman of the class that Vandalieu, Amamiya Hiroto, was enrolled in.

Regarding Amamiya Hiroto, she remembers his name, but she doesn’t remember anything else about him other than that he was a male student who didn’t stand out or cause any problems.

She possesses the cheat-like ability ‘Inspection,’ which sees through all kinds of untruths, and she used this ability to serve as the Bravers’ analyst. She has been given the qualities and ability for using magic, and she has received training, so she possessed slightly better fighting ability than the average military personnel. However, it is not enough to fight like a superhuman on the frontlines as Kanata did.

On Earth, she had the typical committee-chairman-like personality, but after gaining experience in Origin, she understands that it is difficult to continue living while keeping her hands clean.

After her death, Rodcorte told her the truth regarding Amamiya Hiroto, and she wants to avoid a conflict between Hiroto and her companions of the Bravers.

For this reason, she has ascended to become Rodcorte’s Familiar Spirit.

She sympathizes with Amamiya Hiroto, but she does prioritize the safety of her companions of the Bravers.




Machida Aran – Human, 31 years old at time of death, male


A reincarnated individual who died in an explosion in Origin with Shimada Izumi. He was in a different class from Amamiya Hiroto on Earth, and doesn’t remember him at all.

He possesses the cheat-like ability ‘Calculation’ that allows him to perform calculations as well as or better than a supercomputer, but like Shimada, he worked behind the scenes for the Bravers.

Ever since he lived on Earth, he has been a smooth talker with a light-hearted personality. But after being reincarnated in Origin, he and the other Bravers have formed strong bonds as companions who can talk to each other about their memories on Earth.

This is also one of the reasons that he became Rodcorte’s Familiar Spirit after his death.

Incidentally, there are no feelings of love between him and Shimada Izumi; they are coworkers and good friends.

He has recently become accustomed to being a Familiar Spirit, but he is agitated by the fact that he cannot do anything but watch events unfold in Origin.




Murakami Junpei – Human, 31 years old, male


On Earth, he was the former homeroom teacher of the class of Amamiya Hiroto, Shimada Izumi and Naruse Narumi. However, he was neither enthusiastic nor exceptional as a teacher.

Using the cheat-like abilities and qualities suited for magic that he had been given after being reincarnated in Origin, he became an athlete in a sport similar to tennis, fulfilling the dream that he had been unable to fulfil on Earth.

However, because of Amemiya Hiroto, who thought that it would be dangerous for the reincarnated individuals as a whole to continue using their cheat-like abilities while keeping them hidden, the existence of the cheat-like abilities was revealed and Murakami reluctantly joined the Bravers.

But with the revelation of Kaidou Kanata’s evil deeds, he invited his former student who had hoped to become an idol, Tsuchiya Kanako, and left the Bravers. They joined the international terrorist group, the Eighth Guidance.

Considering that he used a bomb to kill Izumi and Aran, his former companions, his personality is considerably different from how it was on Earth.




Pluto – Human (?), ? years old, female


An Asian girl with black hair and white skin in her mid-teenage years. However, according to the records of the secret laboratory that had housed her, she has had the same appearance for over ten years; her exact age is unknown.

She was one of the subjects of the ‘Second Undead Project,’ which was conducted in the secret laboratory to produce a second death-attribute mage. This project aimed to remove the acquired affinities for magic in the subjects in order to artificially create a death-attribute mage like the Undead (who later become Vandalieu).

However, although her affinity for magic was successfully removed, she did not possess any death-attribute Mana. The researchers continued the project, but with an accident where the Undead died, became a true Undead and went on a rampage, researchers died and the research data was greatly damaged.

During this, the Undead freed Pluto and the other experimental subjects, but the Bravers who exterminated the Undead handed them over to an international organization where they were once more turned into experimental subjects with serial numbers.

However, after that, they gained abilities due to the Undead’s Mana being transferred to them, and they used these abilities to escape. Pluto and her companions founded the Eighth Guidance.

Their objective is revenge against those who made use of them and against the Bravers who killed the Undead. And their final goal is for themselves to die.

Their criminal acts are thoroughly well-targeted; they have not caused the death of a single innocent person.

Even so, society calls them an international terrorist group because every nation wishes to capture them, dead or alive, and use them for research into death-attribute magic.

She has the kind of personality that takes things at her own pace and keeps her companions in mind, but has a peculiar view on life and death. She likes the sunrise and sunset, and hates people who kill others and say that they are merely tools.

As her appearance suggests, she has no stamina and her body is weak.

In exchange for being unable to use any kind of magic, she is able to use an ability that takes the life-force of a person in direct contact with her as a cost to remove the death from another.

Even cerebral palsy, terminal cancer and severe physical trauma can be cured once using her ability. Even if a person is completely dead, she is able to revive them if she only needs to restore heart and lung function (though if they have external injuries, their survival will depend on the treatment of these afterwards). Whether a full recovery will be made depends on the condition of the brain and body.

For those dying of old age, she can prevent them from dying for a while, but she cannot reverse their aging. Their lives may be extended several days, months or even a few years, but in the end, they die.

She has companions such as Jack, Shade, Enma, Baba Yaga, Izanami, Valkyrie, Isis and Ereshkigal, and as of recently, the reincarnated individual Gazer can be thought to be among her companions as well.




Knochen – Bone Fort


Due to Vandalieu’s Guidance: Demon Path, Knochen’s Rank has increased and it has become a Bone Fort. It is an assembly of bones that is continuing down the path of being a disaster-designated monster.

It has not only able to simply become a fortress-shaped structure; it can also use some of its bones to produce furniture such as chairs, tables and beds.

It intends to play a great role by serving as Vandalieu’s moving stronghold, even after he becomes an adventurer.




Sam – Nightmare Carriage


With the effect of Vandalieu’s Guidance: Demon Path, he has finally achieved his goal of being able to run through the sky.

His daughters’ Ranks have increased and they have become maids; life is going smoothly for him.

He intends to follow Vandalieu when he becomes an adventurer, pretending to be a mere flying carriage.




Rita and Saria – Living Maid Armors


A high-leg armor older sister and bikini armor younger sister who have now had the experience of being worn as suits of armor for the first time.

Due to the Dark Copper decorations in the shapes of frills and laces, as well as the effects of Guidance: Demon Path, their Ranks have finally increased and they have become Living Maid Armors.

Now, nobody can deny that they are maids.

The battle against Mardock’s resistance extermination force was their first battle against humans in a while. During this battle, they learned that they can capture enemies alive by severing their limbs with a fifty percent rate of success, stepping more firmly onto the path of being murderous maids.




Zadiris, Tarea, Basdia, Vigaro


The group of Ghouls whose Ranks increased during the fifth volume. Notably, Tarea has become a High Artisan, a race title that hasn’t been seen by anyone before.

Though she is unaware of this, if her existence were to become known, large sums of money would change hands in order to acquire her, as she is a hard-to-find skilled craftsman who can be legally enslaved.

The other three have also acquired race titles that are rare or undiscovered, so their existence would likely draw the attention of the Mages’ Guild or the Tamers’ Guild.




Chezare Legston


The most exceptional civil official in Talosheim. He is essentially a prime minister, but he holds the official position of general.

During the fifth volume, he experienced general-like work for the first time since he died, for the first time in a long time. After learning that his younger brother was stationed in the fort neighboring the Scylla territory, he suggested that Vandalieu recruit him.

He is currently working busily with his younger brother serving as his aide, but he is slightly bewildered at the fact that his brother behaves a little more distantly than when Chezare was alive.




Kurt Legston – Human, 28 years old, male


The third son of the Legston family of earls in the Mirg shield-nation. Due to the failure of the expedition into the Boundary Mountain Range, he was demoted to being the commanding officer of a small, unimportant fort.

He doesn’t have exceptional bravery like the first son, nor is he exceptional as a military official like Chezare, but steady work is his characteristic feature.

He displayed his abilities on the lines of defense. As he was still young, he wasn’t left in charge of large units or forts, but it was expected that he could be entrusted with the defense of important locations once he had gained more experience.

In fact, Earl Thomas Palpapek thought highly of him as well, and intended to return him to a major post once things had settled down.

He was treated poorly due to the expedition’s failure. Talks of his marriage had stopped; he was demoted and made fun of by those in lower social positions. But realizing that this was what it meant to be defeated in battle, he continued working day after day without becoming a degenerate. Perhaps because of this, he didn’t feel very strong resentment towards Vandalieu.

However, after learning that Pure-breed Vampires existed behind the scenes and that Earl Thomas Palpapek was deeply involved with them, Kurt and his subordinates distanced themselves from him and joined Vandalieu’s side.

Though he is bewildered by Talosheim, which is inhabited not only by members of foreign races but monsters and Undead as well, he is currently working as Chezare’s aide. However, the thing that he is most bewildered by is his older brother’s behavior, who assertively tries to involve himself with Kurt more than he did while he was alive. It is as if his personality has changed.




Orbia – Broad Ghost, 65 years old at time of death, female


A Scylla woman tricked and murdered by Rick. She lost her memories of the events surrounding her death, and while she was searching for the deadly weapon retrieved by Rick, the ring with a poisoned needle attached, she met Vandalieu and Pauvina.

She was supposed to be the shrine maiden in a festival for Merrebeveil conducted by the Scylla race, but she died on the day she had decided to discuss this with Rick.

Her personality is bright and a little light-hearted, and she was popular. Incidentally, she has never been married, and she believed that Rick would become her first husband.

While she was alive, she was more hot-blooded than her appearance might have suggested; instead of working hard to improve her average talent for magic, she decided that it would be better to work hard to hunt and only trained her body. She was a hunting, meat-eating onee-san.

Currently, she is a Rank 5 Broad (swamp) Ghost. She was originally a monster with a strong Jibakurei-like nature, but she has become able to move about by haunting Vandalieu.

One might think that she would not get along with Princess Levia, who is of the fire attribute, but Levia actually has a good relationship with Orbia as a Ghost senpai and as a friend.




  • Name: Orbia
  • Rank: 5
  • Race: Broad Ghost
  • Level: 17
  • Passive skills:
    • Spirit Form: Level 6 LEVEL UP!)
    • Mental Corruption: Level 6
    • Water Attribute Nullification
    • Liquid Manipulation: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Materialization: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Augmented Mana: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Earth-Attribute Resistance: Level 1 (NEW!)
  • Active skills:
    • Unarmed Fighting Technique: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Fishing: Level 3
    • Housework: Level 2
    • Dancing: Level 4
    • Projectile Fire: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
  • Unique skills:
    • Merrebeveil’s Divine Protection




Privel – Scylla, 16 years old, female


The youngest daughter of the chief of one of the five Scylla tribes. She is a bokukko.

After Orbia was killed, it was hurriedly decided that Privel would be the shrine maiden, and while she was secretly practicing the Scylla race’s traditional marriage proposal ceremony in the river near the village, she encountered Vandalieu. She is the first girl in the world who has been formally proposed to by Vandalieu.

She has a bright personality, and though Vandalieu proposed to her entirely by accident, she has taken a liking to him. At first, she thought she could wait a little for him to grow older, but because Vandalieu is a Dark Elf Dhampir, she was surprised at the fact that she would have to wait longer than she’d expected.

But she has calmed down and realized that Scylla have lifespans of four hundred years and waiting a few decades would be easy.

After the Scylla migrated to the southern region of the continent, she has become one of the priestesses maintaining the statue of Merrebeveil that has been erected in the Church of Vida in Talosheim.

Incidentally, her fighting ability is that of an average Scylla, plus a little extra. As she was originally a shrine maiden, she isn’t the type to fight on the frontlines. However, she is still able to hunt a medium-sized crocodile with her bare hands (or bare legs).

But she is a bokkuko who is more skilled at rice cultivation. Her special move is the high-speed rice-planting technique that involves the use of all eight of her legs, passed on to her by her mother.

She received a divine message from Merrebeveil and was granted her divine protection at the same time, so she has blessed future prospects.

While she has admitted defeat to Bellmond, Basdia and Eleanora due to her somewhat modest bust size, she is aiming for beautiful legs (tentacles) to compete with her lower body.




  • Name: Privel
  • Age: 16 years old
  • Title: None
  • Rank: 3
  • Race: Scylla
  • Level: 79
  • Job: Shrine Maiden
  • Job level: 89
  • Job history: Apprentice Shrine Maiden
  • Passive skills:
    • Superhuman Strength: Level 1
    • Water Adaptation
    • Night Vision
    • Enhanced Body Part (Lower body half): Level 1
    • Ink Secretion: Level 1
  • Active skills:
    • Farming: Level 4
    • Unarmed Fighting Technique: Level 1
    • Dancing: Level 3
    • Singing: Level 2
    • Dismantling: Level 1
    • No-Attribute Magic: Level 1
    • Water-Attribute Magic: Level 1
    • Earth-Attribute Magic: Level 1
    • Mana Control: Level 1
  • Unique skills:
    • Merrebeveil’s Divine Protection




Periveil – Scylla High Shaman, 315 years old, female


She has a helpful personality, but she is actually an emotional chief of a tribe. Just as she was at her wit’s end with having to deal with the incident of Orbia’s death, negotiating with the empire’s army and conducting discussions with chiefs of the other villages, her youngest daughter brought Vandalieu to the village.

As she is getting old, she seriously started considering training someone to succeed her when troubles befell her one after another; she actually faced many hardships.

She was one of the most capable of all the Scylla in the entire territory, and has long been able to receive Merrebeveil’s Divine Messages. In fact, she has a high position as a clergyman.

Now that the murder incident has been resolved and the migration is complete, she has no worries, thinking that the tribe will be secure once Vandalieu and Privel get married.

She has possessed Merrebeveil’s divine protection for a long time; she is very capable. However, she was appointed as village chief because of her skill in hunting and the speed and accuracy of her planting and harvesting of rice plants, as well as the fact that she was popular.




  • Name: Periveil
  • Age: 315 years old
  • Title: Hunting Champion, Shrine Maiden of the Heroic Goddess (Merrebeveil)
  • Rank: 5
  • Race: Scylla High Shaman
  • Level: 100
  • Job: Shrine Maiden Leader
  • Job level: 100
  • Job history: Apprentice Shrine Maiden, Farmer, Hunter, Warrior, Shrine Maiden, Advanced Shrine Maiden
  • Passive skills:
    • Water Adaptation
    • Night Vision
    • Superhuman Strength: Level 3
    • Water and Earth-Attribute Resistance: Level 5
    • Enhanced Body Part (Lower body half): Level 4
    • Ink Secretion: Level 3
  • Active skills:
    • Farming: Level 5
    • Unarmed Fighting Technique: Level 3
    • Spear Technique: Level 3
    • Archery: Level 3
    • No-Attribute Magic: Level 2
    • Water-Attribute Magic: Level 6
    • Earth-Attribute Magic: Level 6
    • Life-Attribute Magic: Level 2
    • Mana Control: Level 3
    • Dancing: Level 4
    • Singing: Level 4
    • Familiar Spirit Descent: Level 1
  • Unique skills:
    • Merrebeveil’s Divine Protection: Two-fold




Iris Bearheart – Human, 17 years old, female


The eldest daughter of the Bearheart family, a former house of knights, now working in a resistance organization in the Sauron Duchy that has been occupied by the Amid Empire.

She is the leader of the Sauron Liberation Front, and is known by her Title of ‘Liberating Princess Knight.’

She was originally one of Alda’s believers, who are a minority group in the Sauron Duchy, but as she is now a part of the resistance that is on the side that breaks order, she has stopped believing of her own will… though she still remains a believer in her heart, even if the fact that she no longer wears Alda’s holy symbol seems to indicate that she no longer believes.

Her personality is noble, just, serious and she is kind to the weak; she is a female role model for chivalry. She is exceptionally capable, but believes that she is only a leader because of the popularity of her father, who was also exceptional. She has a slight father complex.

Her Title is well-known, so she was targeted by Gubamon as a hero, but although her fighting ability is quite excellent for her age, she would be C-class if she were an adventurer. This is because she is a hero as a symbol for the resistance movement. The truth is that she narrowly falls outside the ten strongest individuals of the Sauron Liberation Front.

The Sauron Liberation Front led by her is comprised of those left behind when the empire’s occupation began, young nobles who failed to escape, as well as sons and daughters adopted into noble families, so in terms of family court rank, hers is the lowest. However, more recently, soldiers with commoner backgrounds have joined, so her family’s rank is no longer the lowest.

Of course, even if they are young nobles, the majority of them are in the misfortunate positions of being reserves for the first or second sons or reserves for the reserves, so nobody cares about anyone’s origins.

After she was saved by Vandalieu, she formed an alliance with him, and under his influence, she has stepped foot onto the demon path.

Incidentally, she is essentially not a believer of Alda at present.




Haj – Human, 21 years old, male


Originally a city hoodlum. He mostly made money through day labor, petty crime and running errands for people of the underworld who seemed stronger than him.

After his homeland was occupied by the Amid Empire, around the time he heard of the glorious tales of the resistance organizations like the Reborn Sauron Duchy Army and the Sauron Liberation Front, he gathered his companions who were also struggling to feed themselves and began conducting fraud, pretending to be members of the resistance.

He was the leader of his companions, and he is relatively smart and capable. He can read simple kanji (such as 山 and 川*), and possesses the Unarmed Fighting Technique and Short Sword Technique skills at level 1.

TLN*: These are very basic kanji meaning “mountain” and “river” respectively.


While his group was conducting the fake resistance fraud, they had swords visible at their waists to help them pretend, but the scabbards were often empty.

They were noticed by the resistance extermination squad led by Mardock, but happened to encounter Yamata and Rapiéçage and were saved. Currently, they are being forced to undergo a hellish training in Talosheim in order to become real resistance members.

But the standard of eating in Talosheim is exceptional and they can feel themselves growing stronger day by day, so they are apparently living unexpectedly fulfilling daily lives.

At present, all of them, including Haj, have acquired the Berserker Job… Just what is a legitimate resistance?




Raymond Paris – Human, 25 years old, male


The illegitimate child born when Duke Sauron laid his hands on the fourth daughter of the Paris family of knights, who was working as a maid. Raymond was not formally recognized and gave up his right to succession when he came of age, so on paper, he was not a nobleman.

However, he was an individual with abundant talent; he was knighted with the support of the duke’s family that he gained in exchange for giving up his right to succession, and he distinguished himself in his Knights’ Order. If things had continued without incident, he would have been successful as the leader of a Knights’ Order.

After the Sauron Duchy was occupied, he led the surviving members of his Knights’ Order and founded the Reborn Sauron Duchy Army. He did feel anger towards the empire and a desire to free his homeland, but he was also driven by an ambition to become duke.

On the surface, he had a well-featured face and a favorable personality, but on the inside, he had a strong sense that he was a ‘chosen one.’

He was targeted by Gubamon to be used as materials for an Undead hero, but Raymond himself didn’t possess great fighting ability; he was exceptional at strategy and managing an organization. He was a hero as the leader of his organization.

He was in a difficult situation since the beginning of the fifth volume, having been noticed by Gubamon and having instructed his younger brother to conduct a conspiracy against the Scylla.

As a result of trying to bring Vandalieu to his side, his body’s freedom was robbed with ease, and in the end, he was remodeled and turned into a Live-Dead by Luciliano.

However, the public story is that he fought a fierce battle against a resistance extermination force and died an honorable death alongside his younger brother.

Incidentally, even if he successfully made use of the Scylla race, he intended to maintain the same situation as before the Sauron Duchy’s occupation, not giving the Scylla any reward other than the right to rule themselves. The most he would have offered them was inviting them to ceremonies or increasing the number of companies they could do business with.

In his mind, formally acknowledging the Scylla race as people of the Sauron Duchy would have been a sufficient reward.

Also, although he was a believer of Vida, there was no profound reason for this; it was simply because Vida’s religion was prospering in the Sauron Duchy.




Rick Paris – Human, 22 years old, male


Raymond’s younger half-brother. His good looks were characterized by his long bangs. Like Raymond, he was knighted and belonged to a Knights’ Order.

He was an extreme bro-con, and blindly believed that his older brother was someone who should be standing at the top of society.

This tendency grew stronger as he devoted himself entirely to the resistance, and developed into a trustworthy retainer who would loyally carry out the dirtiest work for the sake of his older brother.

Raymond’s own talent was one reason he was able to grow his organization to a large size, but the loyal service of Rick, his younger brother, was another major reason.

He felt contempt towards the Scylla, who refused to fight for the duchy despite having been given the freedom to rule themselves by the Sauron Duchy, but he ‘knew’ the path that Scylla history had taken.

However, as a human, he believed that these were simply ‘things that occurred hundreds of years ago’ and ‘events of my grandmother and great-grandmother’s generation,’ not realizing that the Scylla’s views on this was very different.




Miles Rouge – Noble-born Vampire Viscount, several hundred years old, male


A Noble-born Vampire, formerly Gubamon’s subordinate. He was originally a human, and possesses a wild beauty. However, at some point, he began wearing make-up, always having lipstick on hand and speaking in a feminine tone, so he was very unique even among Gubamon’s other subordinates.

He grew up an orphan, but he possessed the unique skill ‘Warning’ ever since he was a human, and as a result of living with survival as his highest priority, various things happened and he became a Vampire.

After that, he managed to live steadily in a reasonable social position within the society of the Vampires who worship an evil god that is full of harsh power struggles. However, with Gubamon going insane as the turning point, he betrayed Gubamon and surrendered to Vandalieu.

His Rank increased and he went from being a baron to a viscount during the battle against Gubamon.

He feels respect and affection towards Vandalieu who protected him and his subordinates, and has sworn loyalty to him.

Incidentally, he simply wants to dress up to be beautiful and likes beautiful things; he does not want to become a woman. He likes ‘beautiful people, regardless of their sex.’




  • Name: Miles Rouge
  • Age: Several hundred years old
  • Title: None
  • Rank: 9
  • Race: Noble-born Vampire Viscount
  • Level: 1
  • Job: Clawed Fanged Warrior
  • Job level: 97
  • Job history: Apprentice Thief, Thief, Mage, Fire-Attribute Mage, Unarmed Fighter, Magic Warrior
  • Passive skills:
    • Dark Vision
    • Superhuman Strength: Level 8
    • Rapid Regeneration: Level 8
    • Status Effect Resistance: Level 5
    • Mental Corruption: Level 1
    • Enhanced Body Part (Claws, Fangs): Level 7
    • Strengthened Attack Power while Unarmed: Medium
  • Active skills:
    • Bloodsucking: Level 7
    • High-speed Flight: Level 8
    • Transcend Limits: Level 1
    • Trap: Level 4
    • Silent Steps: Level 5
    • Short Sword Technique: Level 3
    • Unarmed Fighting Technique: Level 8
    • No-Attribute Magic: Level 1
    • Fire-Attribute Magic: Level 6
    • Mana Control: Level 2
    • Magic Warrior Technique: Level 3
  • Unique skills:
    • Warning




Merrebeveil, the Evil God of Slime and Tentacles


An evil god who was one of the evil gods of tentacles in the Demon King’s army, but changed sides like Fidirg and became one of Vida’s subordinate gods. After that, she mated with Vida and became one of the parents of the Scylla race.

She was originally a mass of tentacles of all sizes, but she forged a false past for herself and became a heroic goddess in order to protect the Scylla race from persecution, and now she resembles a Scylla-shaped mannequin made of countless bundles of tentacles. She was originally of both sexes, but this transformation led her to become more female.

She respects and loves Zakkart and Vida, and she loves the Scylla race, her own children. She is one of the gods whose personalities have changed greatly since they were in the Demon King’s army.

As she has a similar disposition to Vida and is able to maintain seals relatively easily, when the Demon King was defeated, she was entrusted with three of his fragments – the ink sacs, suction cups and tentacles. However, during the war between Vida and Alda that occurred a hundred thousand years ago, she received a surprise attack from someone (not Luvesfol) and one of the Demon King’s fragments, the tentacles, was stolen.

Welcoming a deeper relationship between her Scylla children and Vandalieu, she granted Orbia, Privel and Periveil her divine protection and even sent a Divine Message of, “Everyone, GO!”

But the reason she does not invite Vandalieu into her own Divine Realm very often is simply because she is scared of Vandalieu’s form.

In terms of position as a god, she stands far above Fidirg and Luvesfol, is one of the ten most powerful among all gods who turned to Vida’s side, and is the absolute top if considering only gods of tentacles.

Though she received considerable damage a hundred thousand years ago, she has made a full recovery through receiving the Scylla’s worship. However, because she has been maintaining the seals on the Demon King’s fragments, and because she was scared of provoking Alda and his followers, she has not been able to take proactive actions up until now.

She has a loving personality, but towards the gods and believers on Alda’s side, those who would harm the Scylla, she shows the same mercilessness she possessed while she was a part of the Demon King’s army.

Her attributes are earth and water.






He was originally a human who worshipped Vida, but was turned into a Pure-breed Vampire by the Vampires’ True Ancestor. He is one of the Pure-breed Vampires who changed sides and began worshipping one of the remnants of the Demon King’s army, Hihiryushukaka, the Evil God of Joyful Life, after Vida was defeated in the war between her and Alda a hundred thousand years ago.

He is the one responsible for turning Valen, the main character’s father, into a Subordinate Vampire, and he ordered one of his subordinates, the Noble-born Vampire Sercrent, to dispose of Valen and Darcia. To Vandalieu, Gubamon is the enemy of his parents.

At some point, he began indulging in the hobby of collecting the Undead of those known as heroes and started to show less and less interest in everything else.

He was a master of space-attribute magic, and possessed the Demon Eyes of Destruction, which directly attacked those in his line of sight. In addition, he possessed the Demon King’s carapace, which granted him the greatest defense among the three Pure-breed Vampires when activated.

He was not weak by any means, but all of the actions he chose to take ended up tightening a noose around his own neck, and he was defeated by Vandalieu.

However, he is one of the few individuals who successfully dealt damage to Vandalieu.

He didn’t cause as much damage as Bugogan, who cut through over half of Vandalieu’s torso in the first volume, but it can be said that he put up more of a fight than Kanata, who could not even cause Vandalieu a single scratch.




Zorcodrio (also known as Zod) – Pure-breed Vampire, ? years old, male


One of the one hundred Pure-breed Vampires. He has served Vida since he was a human and is a warrior with a long record of service, having fought the Demon King’s army alongside the champions. A hundred thousand years ago, he stood deeper in the frontlines and endured more attacks than anyone else, and he was so sturdy that Alda’s army gave up on trying to defeat him and decided to seal him away instead.

After Schneider and his companions removed his seal, he felt amazed by the world’s changes and became one of Schneider’s companions, as Schneider is a secret believer of Vida.

Not only is Schneider a believer of Vida despite being born in a nation whose national religion is Alda’s religion, he also secretly protects Vida’s other races, Zorcodrio’s brethren. Zorcodrio acknowledges Schneider as a hero.

He is normally a smart, elderly gentleman who acts as a bartender at the party’s base, but his true form is that of a monster with his entire body covered in powerful muscles, making an Ogre look weak.

Even after becoming a Pure-breed Vampire, his talent for martial skills and magic was hopeless, but he (self-proclaims to) use the science he learned from Zakkart and Solder, Peria’s champion, as a weapon, allowing him to perform all kinds of feats with his muscles.

He has even used only his muscles to defeat enemies with the Complete Physical Damage Nullification skill.

When he was a human, he was a warrior who fought the Demon King’s army with the motto of, “The strongest violence is better than detailed techniques!” But as a result of continuing down that path after becoming a Vampire, he has broken away from it in various ways.

He is the only one in this world who possesses the Muscle Technique skill.

His hobby is drinking. He says that his muscle training isn’t a hobby, but a way of life.




Lissana – Elf, 95 years old, female


An A-class Elf adventurer… in outward appearance. In reality, she is the reincarnated form of Jurizanapipe, the Evil God of Degeneration and Intoxication, who left the Demon King’s army and joined Vida’s side.

Her power decreased greatly when she was reincarnated as an Elf woman, but it has returned, though not to the extent of before her reincarnation. Those around her are so incredible that she is unlikely to stand out considerably even if she were to regain her power as an evil god, however.

After her memories returned, she decided to go to the Adventurers’ Guild to work as an adventurer, increase her level and regain her power, and happened to meet Schneider, with whom she formed a party.

She was Schneider’s third companion that he’d gained after becoming a secret believer of Vida. Incidentally, the first is the Dark Elf, Dalton.

As a god, she rules over alcohol, fermentation and depravity. She herself is a heavy drinker. However, she is not particularly strong when it comes to alcohol. These are qualities she had since she was a part of the Demon King’s army; she sees no meaning in drinking if one does not get drunk, and her way of thinking is, “If you’re going to drink, drink until you’re drunk! Keep drinking even if you’re drunk!”

She knows of events that occurred over a hundred thousand years ago, and has spoken to Ricklent and Zuruwarn on numerous occasions. However, as she was reincarnated during the war between Vida and Alda, she doesn’t know what happened after that, nor about the events that led up to present day.

She knows Ternecia, Gubamon and Birkyne, and actually feels pain in her heart over how much her former comrades have changed.

She spends her days throwing quips at Schneider, who is absorbed in ways of staying healthy and food that is good for his health despite having a perfectly healthy body.




Bust rankings


Consultation required: Princess Levia

Impossible to measure: Yamata (The size of each of her upper body halves varies)

Ranking on hold as the results may vary depending on the outcome of adjustments: Jeena, Zandia




Rankings from the top


Bellmond, Eisen

Tarea, Basdia, Darcia (Spirit)

Saria, Rita, Eleanora, Rapiéçage


Orbia, Kachia, Bilde

Privel, Zadiris




With the appearance of Bellmond and Eisen, the order with Tarea, Basdia and Darcia at the top has collapsed, and the rankings have changed significantly. The new Scylla force has not added any new faces fighting for the top, but depending on how Yamata is judged from now, it is possible that she may encroach on the upper ranks.

Also, according to sources, an initiative led by the Eclipse King will see the introduction of chest size being measured in cups using alphabetical letters, like on earth. If this is implemented, it will be possible for Princess Levia and the Saint of Healing Jeena, who were praised to be the two leaders in Talosheim two hundred years ago, to join the rankings.

The rankings are currently in the midst of a turbulent era.




The development of Talosheim


Population – Approximately 15,200


Ghouls, Undead, Black Goblins, Anubises, Orcuses, Titans, Vampires, Humans, Beast-people, Dwarves, Scylla, Half-Elves, Lizardmen, Armans

Golems and Cursed Weapons are not included in the population.




Facilities in Talosheim


Mercury mirror Golems, Explorers’ Guild (Trading post, distribution center, Job-changing room), Church of Vida (with statues of subordinate gods), public bathhouses, carts of all kinds, publicly managed casino, Immortal Ent forest, Golem factories of all kinds, Monster Plant fields

B-class Dungeon x1, C-class Dungeon x2, D-class Dungeon x3




Marshlands, Lizardman district


Capricorn farm, Capricorn milking factory, Explorers’ Guild branch, small shrine to Fidirg, the Dragon God of Five Sins

B-class Dungeon x1, D-class Dungeon x1




Marshlands, Scylla district


Paddy fields, mud bath hot springs, small shrine to Merrebeveil, the heroic goddess of the Scylla, Explorers’ Guild branch (Preparation for establishment in progress)




Extra: Kimberley – Blitz Ghost, male


He was a scout in the resistance extermination force led by Mardock Zeck, and he was a capable man with a high level of skill and a silent personality. However, while he was pursuing Haj and the other fake members of the resistance, he was disturbed by Yamata’s grotesque form, and he was electrocuted to death by Rapiéçage, who had been keeping watch from the skies.

After his death, he turned from a spirit into a Thunder Ghost, and now, he is in charge of Vandalieu’s wind-attribute (lightning only) Dead Spirit Magic.

His Rank increased during the battle with Gubamon, and he is currently a Rank 5 Blitz Ghost.

However, his personality changed completely after his death, and now he behaves like a hoodlum who is infatuated with women. It is not that a screw has come loose; it seems that he has just become unrestrained and the various things that he had kept bottled up inside while he was alive have been released.

Princess Levia uses physical language to scold him for this, but even that is a reward for him.

He is currently studying to learn magic of his own. As a result, for some reason, he has acquired the Mana Enlargement skill.




  • Name: Kimberley
  • Rank: 5
  • Race: Blitz Ghost
  • Level: 21
  • Passive skills:
    • Spirit Form: Level 4
    • Mental Corruption: Level 3
    • Wind-Attribute Nullification
    • Lightning Manipulation: Level 5
    • Materialization: Level 2
    • Intuition: Level 2
    • Mana Enlargement: Level 1
  • Active skills:
    • Silent Steps: Level 6
    • Trap: Level 5
    • Projectile Fire: Level 4
    • Possession: Level 3
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