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Dungeon Maker 23

by Chwiryong

Translated by jennchan | Edited by Sebas Tian

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Armed (3)

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<Armed #3>
“Got it? Stay here and if you feel that the monster is going to wake up, hit its head again and make them pass out.”
Yong-Ho spoke while looking at the salamander that fainted. Skull nodded while holding the hammer above its head.

‘I am a bit worried though.’

He was more worried about the salamander than Skull. He was worried that something might happen because they were getting hit too many times.
‘I don’t think they’ll wake up anytime soon, so it might end before anything happens.'

And causing more trouble to obtain the salamander would put him at a disadvantage. Yong-Ho was the type to make sure this didn’t happen.

“Great, next...Kobold, you stay with Skull.”

Kobold flinched as they gulped while looking towards the armory.
The Kobold were low-ranked spirits, just like the Goblins, and were known to be true to their nature. If there was an item in front of them, it’s highly likely that they’ll steal it.

The Kobold had sort of a disappointed expression because of his command, but when Catalina glared at them, they whimpered and lowered their head.

A few minutes after beating the salamander.
After organizing everything, Yong-Ho headed towards the armory along with Catalina and Jon.

Beyond the half-dented steel door, it was really dark. Before entering the armory, he called the Spirit of the Dungeon.

“Dungeon Facility: I’ll make sure you’re in control of the armory. In order to activate it, it will use up almost all of the mana you have left.”
“There’s a high chance that you may feel a bit dizzy. Is that okay?”
He knew they were worried, but he couldn’t back down now. The goal was right in front of him.
“Of course.”
After Yong-Ho approved, the Spirit of the Dungeon didn’t hesitate. It gathered every bit of Yong-Ho’s mana and activated the armory.
The Spirit of the Dungeon wasn’t lying. Yong-Ho’s legs became weak and he stumbled for a second, but regained his balance.

“It’s fine. I’m just really tired.”

Catalina looked at him worriedly and Yong-Ho tried his best to concentrate. He observed the darkness within the armory.
The Spirit of the Dungeon spoke.
“The armory is now under our control. I’ll cast away the darkness.”
As soon as they finished talking, marbles of light appeared on the ceiling just like the other activated rooms.
“So the salamander has been living here for over 10 years?”
As the darkness was disappearing, Yong-Ho quietly mumbled and Catalina answered immediately.
“As I’ve explained during the battle, they’re not a complete spirit, but an evil spirit that’s close to being one. They live by consuming’s highly possible that they’ve been asleep, just like a bear that hibernates during the winter.”
Yong-Ho nodded at the reasonable explanation. And seconds later. The darkness within the armory disappeared.
The armory was bigger than what he expected. Both sides of the walls were filled with shelves and those shelves were filled with weapons and gear. It looked like there were over 20 items.
A natural smile appeared on Yong-Ho’s face.
They were weapons that the previous owner collected. They were for the spirits that lived during that time.
Among them, there were definitely good and bad weapons. Despite the fact that Yong-Ho used up his mana, Greed filled his soul and it started using its senses.
“There aren’t any traps within the armory. However, there may be items that are cursed. Please be careful when wearing them.”
Yong-Ho nodded his head and started walking. As always, Greed was leading Yong-Ho.
‘A shield before a weapon.’
Yong-Ho did his best to let Greed take over his mind.
Whatever it’s longing for the most. The item that he needs the most.
The weapons weren’t strong enough to be compared to Aamon.
Right now, Yong-Ho needed a shield more than a weapon.
His senses were all over the place and then focused on one area. Greed didn’t go against Yong-Ho’s will. It acknowledged his will and led the way.
Yong-Ho walked again. The salamander must’ve curled up while sleeping because he walked past a smoky mark on the ground. Instead of looking at the lance or the swords that were on the shelves, he decided to walk forward.
He felt a small amount of mana flowing. The magical weapons within the armory were probably releasing the mana. However, Greed had no interest in them. It only focused on the item that was going to fill Yong-Ho’s desire.

Yong-Ho’s eyes landed on a well-made chain armor. It was an item that was made by weaving small chains and despite the fact that it spent over 10 years in this armory, it looked as if it were made yesterday.

However, this wasn’t it. Yong-Ho passed the armor. And he ended up stopping in front of the shelf that was located in the innermost part of the armory.
The gear he was expecting wasn’t there. A small, elegant wooden box was sitting on the shelf.

A wolf consuming the moon was carved into it.
The symbol of the owner from three generations ago was carved into it. Yong-ho carefully opened the box.

‘A ring?’
A red fabric was glued onto the inside of the box and a silver ring was all that was inside. On the area where a gem would be sitting, a small, round plate was on it. The plate also had the head of a wolf consuming the moon.
A spell was on the ring. Even though he didn’t wear it yet, he could feel its mana.
But why?
It felt familiar. It wasn’t strange.

Like the Spirit of the Dungeon mentioned, wearing a magical item that he was seeing for the first time was extremely dangerous. However, Yong-Ho raised the ring. It wasn’t because he lost his mind because he was dazed by Greed’s desire.
This ring won’t harm him.
He knew it. He could feel it.
The ring was small and looked like it would fit on a woman’s finger, but when the ring got closer to his finger, the hole widened.
Yong-Ho breathed in deeply and placed the ring on his finger. He accepted the mana that the ring had.
Grey hair.
It was a different color from Catalina’s, which was close to white.
The face of a woman with beautiful, white hair and a fierce face appeared in his head. But it disappeared like smoke.
It was strange, but a familiar mana.
Yong-Ho understood. This was the mana that belonged to the owner from three generations ago. His, no, a part of her power was contained within this ring.

The Queen of Distortion, Kaiwan.
Yong-Ho had no direct connections with her, but she was a descendant of the King of Greed, Mammon. He was able to feel that from the remaining mana.

Yong-Ho implanted the remaining mana. He revealed Kaiwan’s power.
The ring was on his left hand and above it, light refracted. It was in the shape of a small tray. The Power of Distortion created the Shield of Distortion.
The shield disappeared not too long after. Yong-Ho didn’t have enough mana to maintain the power.
‘It uses a lot of mana.’
But he couldn’t ignore its effects. He didn’t test it out yet, but Yong-Ho knew. The Power of Distortion distorted space. Because of that, the shield that was created with it was probably amazing.

‘It’s small, but still. I can see why Greed chose this instead of the gear.’
In some ways, it was the shield that Yong-Ho wanted. It wasn’t heavy and it was something he could activate as long as he used his mana. He could use it while fighting with Aamon.
‘The owner from three generations ago.’
He didn’t expect it to be a woman.
Yong-Ho had a bitter smile on his face as he closed the box and turned around. Jon and Catalina were walking around the armory while looking at the different gear.
Catalina was looking at the chain armor and Yong-Ho asked after noticing.
“Catalina, are you able to analyze this item? Or check to see what kind of magic was casted on it.”
The owner from three generations ago - Yong-Ho was able to check Kaiwan’s ring, but it was impossible to check the other items. The House of Mammon’s mana probably wasn’t the only mana that was contained in the magical items.
Catalina answered right away as if she had thought about it before.
“Eligor is the one that will able to analyze the magical items. It may not be a perfect analysis, but he’ll be able to easily tell whether it’s cursed or not.”
That was enough. Yong-Ho happily nodded.
“Great, let’s gather the items that have magic casted on them. We can come back later, but let’s take as much as we can.”
“Yes, sir.”
Catalina answered right away. Jon, who was standing near, nodded as well.

<Armed #3> End.

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