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Max Level Newbie 100

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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Over a Mountain and Yet Another Mountain (2)

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As if he was trying to protect Vulcan, Yur Dong-bin was standing in front of him with a blade in his hand.

Watching the man, Rex Ruburo was not liking the situation.


‘Damn it. With him standing in the way like that, it will be hard to target that bastard.’


Rex wanted to target only Vulcan while ignoring Yur Dong-bin.

However, it seemed that was not going to be possible.

Rex gritted his teeth hard enough to crack them and focused mana in both of his hands.

It was because Rex thought being in a stand-off like this without doing anything was going to just put himself at a disadvantage.


‘Longer this drags on, I’ll be the one who is going to be put at a disadvantage… I have no other options. I need to fight that Enlightened God and cut off Vulcan’s head when I get the chance!’


Rex adjusted his plan. He shouted loudly and raised his right hand, which had a huge amount of mana focused on it, toward Yur Dong-bin.

It was at that moment.




“What is this!”


There was a sudden sound of explosion, and that made Rex’s gaze to shake.

Not letting this opportunity go to waste, Yur Dong-bin charged toward Rex in lightning-like speed.

His blade of blue light was thrusted toward Rex like a long spear. Rex panicked and shot mana cannon.




The ray of light was shot toward Yur Dong-bin at a speed that couldn’t even be recognized.

The cannon’s power was beyond Rex’s wildest imagination. However, it was still not enough to deal damage to Yur Dong-bin.

His blade was swung in just as fast as the ray of light. Rex’s mana cannon was blocked by Yur Dong-bin’s blade.

Yur Dong-bin snorted and charged in right away. Rex broke cold sweat and cast various magic to prepare to parry Yur Dong-bin’s attack.


‘What was that noise just now. That was… Is Vulcan up to something?’


Before the battle started, there was a large sound of explosion.

In the area, other than Rex himself, there were just the Enlightened God and Vulcan.

Since he had his gaze fixated on the Enlightened God, he concluded that the explosion must have been caused by Vulcan.


‘What is he up to?’


Anxiousness started to pile up inside Rex’s mind.

He was fighting an opponent that was difficult to handle, yet he couldn’t stand his curiosity about what Vulcan was doing.

In the end, he was not able to keep his curiosity in check. He glanced at Vulcan’s direction.

Rex was certain that this deadly Enlightened God bastard was going to not let this opportunity slip by and close in the distance, but he just had to look.

So, Rex took a look, and he saw another being.

He was wearing thick metal armor around his entire body. He was holding a gigantic tower shield. The man was a 2.20 meter tall giant.

The semi-transparent being made Rex think of a tough castle wall. Rex cursed out loud,




Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…

Rex couldn’t help but to swear.

He was so frustrated and infuriated that he could not stand it.

He was already fighting an Enlightened God who could neutralize all of his magic attacks with just a sword. Rex already was not confident about beating him.

The plan was to hold on, find a gap and then escape.

Rex was thinking just one opportunity was going to be enough, just one opportunity to end Vulcan, the one who summoned these beings.

That was the only hope Rex had. He was withstanding this monstrous bastard’s attacks because of this one reason.


‘Another Enlightened God… On top of that… That bastard is also not below me…’


Rex Ruburo lost all hope.

Even at a glance, the newly summoned being looked like he was a master of defense. He had powerful and tough body and heavy armor.

Also, the man seemed like he was not going to let his guard down even for a single moment. With cold eyes, the man was glaring at Rex in full alertness.

There was no way that Rex’s ambush attack was going to work.

Feeling desperate and hopeless, Rex lost all will to fight.

Naturally, his focus in battle also became dull. His tightly packed web of magic attacks started to loosen. Yur Dong-bin was able to fight Rex with greater ease.

For a moment, Yur Dong-bin stopped advancing toward Rex. Instead, he focused his mind.

Deadly energy started to focus at where Rex was standing.

Rex got a grip and quickly used magic to fly up to the sky.




A blue blade appeared at where Rex’s heart was just a moment ago.

The blade appeared with powerful light with intense heat before disappearing. After watching the blade, Rex felt the chill going down his spine.

Having realized that the move ended in failure, Yur Dong-bin clicked his tongue. Feeling his heart beating like hammers, Rex focused all of his attention at Yur Dong-bin once again.

However, Rex was well aware.

Even if he focused until his brain burned to crisp, even if he raised his power to 120% of his potential, Rex was not going to able to survive this danger.

The tide of victory was already in Vulcan’s favor. Rex had no choice but to accept the certain defeat that was going to come.


‘Ugh… What a shitty life.’


As the first human being in the history, Rex Ruburo wanted to clear the Act 2 somehow and obtain the honor of rising to the ranks of godhood.

He wanted to be showered with all human being’s respect and fear. However, it all went wrong.

Just because of one man.

A complete greenhorn who could not even set foot in Act 2 only 150 years ago.




Rex roared loudly, enough to make the surrounding echo with his voice.

About one hundred photon spears appeared around him. Each spear was about the size of a fist. However, each of these photon spears rivaled the most powerful spells of high level mages in Act 2. Powerful mana could be felt from the spears.




Blood came out of Rex’s mouth like a fountain.

He was using mana well beyond his capability, so his body was not able to take it.

However, Rex didn’t care at all about the condition of his body. He continued to inject mana.

He threw away his hope of survival a while ago.

He recognized that the battle will end with his defeat no matter how much he struggled. He figured he might as well go out swinging, so he was using a huge amount of mana that was difficult to handle.

It seemed Yur Dong-bin also felt that this move was different from magic attacks so far. With serious look on his face, Yur Dong-bin prepared for the attacks that were about to pour out from Rex.

Yur Dong-bin was aware that this next move was the final attack that this bastard generated by squeezing out all of his life.


‘Does this mean the battle will be over after I stop the next attack.’


Yur Dong-bin was welcoming this.

Instead of fighting a drawn out battle against an opponent who only focused on defense, it was going to be cleaner to end the duel with a single move.

More powerful energy exuded from Yur Dong-bin’s blade. Like that, a moment passed.

Rex Ruburo’s super move was finally complete.

Although he never allowed a single strike on his body so far, the man was in shambles.

Rex Ruburo, the Commander of Base Su Jin, smiled violently.

His blood soaked teeth were shaking. His hair was waving in the air in disarray. He looked horrifying like a demon. Rex raised his hand toward Yur Dong-bin.




In an instant, the hundred photon spears surrounded Yur Dong-bin.

Afterwards, one hundred mana cannons exploded out with ferocious intensity to melt away everything.

It was so blindingly bright that it was difficult to watch. A storm of light violently engulfed where Yur Dong-bin stood.




The power of mana cannons was incredible.

It was like a laser gun from a science fiction movie. The mana cannons were demonstrating powerful light and melting the land away.

Actually, it was more accurate to say the cannon beams were erasing the land masses.

In comparison to other magic spells, the mana cannons from the photon spears were accompanied by relatively quieter noise. Meanwhile, the beams created deep craters that seemed to be endless in depth. It created a terrifying atmosphere of a bizarre kind.

However, the look on Vulcan’s face didn’t change.

It seemed he was not nervous at all.

The look on him was too emotionless to assume that it was all because he had strong faith in Yur Dong-bin. Looking at Vulcan’s face, Highest Enlightened God Vilhelum Phon said,


  • What a vulgar hobby.


“What do you mean?”


With a casual look on his face, Vulcan responded to his question.

Vulcan looked like he had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. Vilhelum Phon shook his head.


  • That man stood no chance of winning, yet he gathered up all of his power for his final attack so he won’t have any regrets. Enlightened God Yur Dong-bin also agreed to face him in his final attack to decide the battle in a single clash. That man is the worst kind of evil. I hope another one like him won’t appear in this world again. However… To meddle in the final duel like this…


He didn’t finish his sentence.

Still, he clearly delivered his message, which was that he didn’t like Vulcan’s decision.

Vulcan looked a little frustrated. He looked at Vilhelum Phon, the Enlightened God who was protecting his front.


[Highest Enlightened God Vilhelum Phon]



‘He is talking like a knight. Does that mean people who are not related to Murim can become Enlightened Gods? Actually, anyone who beats Act 1 can go to the Enlightened World, so it probably does not matter.’


To begin with, even the great demon Balgeram became an Enlightened God. If he could, then anyone could.

Vulcan was thinking about something that was completely unrelated to the question that Vilhelum asked. Vulcan turned his gaze toward Rex Ruburo.

Rex was gushing blood from his mouth like a waterfall. Blood veins were bulging on his forehead. He was still operating huge amount of mana.

He looked desperate. He even looked pitiful. However, Vulcan didn’t think so at all.

Thinking about the 100 year grinding inside the Lava Demon Cave made Vulcan feel like the blood in his body was flowing the wrong way.

So, instead, watching Rex making futile efforts made Vulcan feel better the longer he watched.

Vulcan smiled and said,


“If I didn’t cancel the summoning… Enlightened God Yur Dong-bin would have had to withstand that powerful magic. If that happened, then the amount of power spent would have been too great. I am not summoning by myself. I’m borrowing the power from the Blue Dragon in exchange for Vitality Marbles, so… I should conserve the marbles when I can. I will need help from Enlightened Gods later.”


Vulcan was talking like a calculating merchant. Vilhelum Phon looked like he was finding this unacceptable.


‘It seems like this man does not know honor. Well, Blue Dragon is like that too. How could he act like that when he is supposed to be a Great God Beast?’


Vilhelum Phon criticized both Vulcan and the Blue Dragon, thinking the same kind of people made deals with each other.


  • I see. Anyway, it appears to be over.


“Yes. It was extremely powerful. He continued such powerful magic for several dozen seconds…”


Vulcan looked at the land that was swept away by Rex Ruburo’s magic.

It was as if the land was dug by a large drill. The hole was wide and deep. It appeared to be bottomless like an abyss in hell. Shocked by the damage, Vulcan said,


“I think that bastard must be completely out of his mind. He poured out such ridiculous amount of mana without even realizing that Enlightened God Yur Dong-bin disappeared…”


‘Wasn’t that your intent?’


Vilhelum Phon politely criticized Vulcan only in his mind and walked to where Rex was.

It looked like a lump of iron was moving.

Watching Vilhelum Phon, Vulcan also followed him.

Of course, Vulcan didn’t let his guard down.

Rex was on the verge of death. However, against Rex, letting his guard down for even a moment could mean death.

On his knees, with hollow eyes, Rex was looking at Vulcan and Vilhelum Phon.

His white robe had turned red a long time ago because of all the blood from his mouth. Also, the robe was soiled and torn from the battle.

Overall, Rex was in shambles. He looked pathetic.

Rex said,


“Kukkuk… They say over a mountain and yet another mountain… I just defeated a master of blade who I never thought I could win against, yet another impossible challenge arrived before me… This time… I won’t be able to avoid death…”


‘I am sorry, but you didn’t win.’


Vulcan was thinking he should tell Rex the truth. However, Vilhelum Phon glanced at Vulcan. It seemed like he didn’t want Vulcan to tell Rex that, so Vulcan decided not to.

Instead, Vulcan said something else that he had in his mind for a long time.


“You must be sick of me, but I am sick of you too, you Bae Su Jin bastards.”


“Still, it looks like there are roughly 200 corpses here. That’s great. Everyone was gathered here, so that made my job a little easier.”

“… Hurry up and finish this. I’m tired.”

“I see. I was going to anyway.”


Vulcan looked at Vilhelum Phon and nodded.

He also faced Vulcan and gestured to indicate that he understood. Vilhelum Phon raised his gigantic mace to the sky.

It looked so violent that Vulcan wondered if just being grazed by the weapon would result in death.


  • Pay for your sins with your death.


It was like an executioner’s words. The mace fell toward the Rex’s head.

Rex closed his eyes and quietly accepted his death. It looked like everything was going to end.

However, the situation was flowing in a direction that was a little different from Vulcan’s expectations.






Vilhelum Phon suddenly disappeared.

Vulcan was watching him smashing his mace, but he was now suddenly gone. Surprised, Vulcan looked around.

However, he could not find Vilhelum Phon anywhere.


‘What the, why all of the sudden?’

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