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Max Level Newbie 99

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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Over a Mountain and Yet Another Mountain

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“Well… How did you do it?”
- Weren’t you watching? It was telekinetic blade technique.
“It was different from the telekinetic blade technique I have seen before…”
Vulcan thought about the duel against Ho-gwang at Act 1, which was a long time ago.
The telekinetic blade technique that the bastard used back then would have been impressive enough for people of the lower dimension to be shocked from witnessing. However, the destructive power that Yur Dong-bin just demonstrated made Vulcan think it shouldn’t even belong in the same class of technique.
Yur Dong-bin said,
- I can’t always bring about such power at any time. It was possible only because I had a long time to focus my power. There is no way to use this during a real battle.
Yur Dong-bin talked about it as if it was no big deal.
Vulcan looked at the calm look on the man and slowly directed gaze to the back.
Bae Su Jin used to have a turtle shell like structure.
The powerful, dorm shaped structure sunk to the ground as if it was hit by a bomb.
That was not all.
A huge crater, five kilometers in size, was formed around the fortress.
Baffled by the power of the technique, Vulcan shook his head left and right.
Asgard’s land was incredibly sturdy because of the protection by the gods, so it was difficult to damage it.
However, Yur Dong-bin’s move completely reshaped the scenery in the area. Vulcan felt like a nobody while standing next to Yur Dong-bin.
‘On top of that, he did it from such a great distance… I wonder what kind of mastery level in internal energy would it take to perform something like this…’
Still shocked, Vulcan kept looking at the fortress and Bae Su Jin.
Looking at Vulcan, Yur Dong-bin said,
- It is not over. Let’s go wrap it up quickly.
“… Pardon?”
Vulcan floated question marks on his eyes. Yur Dong-bin added,
- I was going to end it in one move, but their defense was very strong. I broke their barrier and dealt direct damage to the structure, but that was the end of it. Well… It appears they exhausted all of their power to neutralize my telekinetic blade technique, so they are probably completely spent. You should be able to handle them all by yourself.
“I see.”
Vulcan looked at the Bae Su Jin’s fortress again.
Only the ground below their fortress was spared from the destruction. The surroundings formed a deep crater, but the center, where the fortress was, had a tall pillar like land mass still left just below the fortress.
Vulcan focused his eyesight and observed the fortress. He could see a few mages crawling out of the rubbles and struggling to attempt escapes.
Vulcan’s eyes caught on flames.
‘I cannot let a single one of them survive!’
These bastards were the ones who were most responsible for the hardship that Vulcan had to endure for the past 100 years.
He could not forgive them. 
Vulcan raised up the Thunder God’s Might, drew his blade and charged in toward the rubbles.
Before long, he even engaged the lightning spirit form.
He was moving so fast that his body appeared to be stretching out.
Watching this, Yur Dong-bin mumbled,
- Looks like he had a lot built up inside.
It was obvious. Bae Su Jin was going to kidnap Vulcan and perform human experiments on him.
Yur Dong-bin grabbed his treasured sword that just returned. He casually tossed it to the air.
Afterwards, he lightly jumped and got on the sword.
In leisurely speed, Yur Dong-bin flew toward the fortress.
With the stern face as usual, he watched Vulcan terminating the mages of Bae Su Jin.
Yur Dong-bin thought there was no need for him to rush over to the site.
Even from the distance, he could feel the mages’ evil aura. He was certain that these mages were treacherous.
So, there was no need for him to stop Vulcan. Also, it didn’t look like Vulcan needed his help either.
Mages were all completely exhausted. They were faltering around.
There was no need for Yur Dong-bin to lift a finger.
Like that, Yur Dong-bin leisurely continued his flight while standing on the blade. However, the look on his face suddenly hardened.
- This is…
He turned to look around the building in disarray with rubbles all over the place.
Something was agitating his senses.
Yur Dong-bin showed sharp eyes to determine where it was coming from.
‘Just what is this…’
It was beyond simple villainy. Yur Dong-bin felt something of absolute pure evil that was about to happen to defy the heavens. He put up a serious look on his face.
He thought he was not able to stop this because he took his time getting here.
However, there was no way to turn back what had already happened.
Instead of regrets, he focused his mind and realized abhorrent stench coming from numerous mages.
He got to Bae Su Jin’s fortress as quickly as he could.
Yur Dong-bin’s hand was moving at a fearsome speed. It was as if the space itself was erased by his move. Blue light surrounded his hand and brought out a blade that shined with blindingly powerful blue light.
It was burning with unstoppable intensity to destroy all evil.
The blade pierced toward the being who was standing behind a large rubble.
* * *
“You son of a bit….. Kuhuuk!”
Vulcan arrived at the base in an instant.
He quickly disengaged the spirit form and raised his Heavenly Lightning Blade to chop off the mages who were still stunned.
There was not much resistance.
To start with, the difference in strength between most mages and Vulcan was too great. Also, most mages were completely depleted of their mana. They would have had difficult time to form even a simple Hellfire.
A few mages shot magic at Vulcan’s back in attempt to ambush him. However, Vulcan made examples out of them by killing them in even flashier methods, and such attempts stopped.
Eventually, nobody was crawling out of rubbles, so Vulcan now had to search and destroy them.
“Kurrrhuk… Ku. Khuk!”
“So long.”
One bastard had 822 level. Vulcan figured this one might be one of the bosses. He drew the bastard out of the ground and chopped off his head.
Vulcan was going find another one and feed his blade to him. However, he realized this was inefficient.
‘… Should I just focus my energy like Yur Dong-bin and explode it at once?’
Of course, it was not going to be as powerful as the move by Yur Dong-bin, who was at level 999. Still, instead of searching and killing the mages one at a time, Vulcan thought it might be better to maximize the Thunder God Blade and strike it to the ground from the sky.
“All right.”
Having made up his mind, he used magic and went up to the sky.
Vulcan started to pour in his mana and Demi-god power into the Strengthened Heavenly Lightning Blade.
The Thunder God Blade grew to incredible size.
The sight of it conjured up fear in mages who were in hiding. Some tried to quickly break out of the rubbles and escape, but they became dust after being struck by the Destructive Cores that were formed from Vulcan’s hands.
After seeing it all, the mages couldn’t do anything. They had no choice but to stay in the rubbles and watch the Thunder God Blade’s size grow.
Rex Ruburo was one of such mages.
Through a crack in the rubbles, he took a quick glance at Vulcan who was glowing in golden light and then spewed out curses.
Fortunately, they were able to stop the blow that was almost as powerful as an attack by a god. However, that first attack could not be the end. As he expected, Vulcan the bastard charged in immediately afterwards and started to slaughter his subordinates.
‘Well, I don’t care about them dying, but…’
The problem was that he had no way of escape.
The original plan was to recuperate some of his mana and escape while Vulcan was busy fighting other mages. Now, Vulcan was going to wipe the floor with a big move instead, so that plan was no longer an option.
Rex Ruburo was shaking as if he was suffering from a seizure.
He was too infuriated and frustrated about the situation.
‘Ku… So, that’s the only option left…’
Rex rolled his brain to think if there was a way to escape the current predicament safely.
However, there couldn’t be such a way.
In the end, he reached the conclusion that he had to use an incredibly dangerous method. He scratched his head hard enough to cause bleeding and sent telepathic message to his blood brother.
- Little Brother.
- Yes, Big Brother.
- I am sorry.
- Pardon? What are… Khuuuuuk.
That was the final conversation between Rex Ruburo and Marake.
Marake lost consciousness after feeling sudden pain behind his back. Like that, he rapidly lost his vitality.
As if he was under some ancient curse, he dried up completely like a mummy.
All life was sucked out of him, every last drop of it. Marake was not able to regain his consciousness. He became a corpse.
He was not the only one.
There were about a hundred other mages who were still alive. They all started to bring their hands behind their neck in pain and lost consciousness. In the end, they all lost their lives after having their energies drawn from them.
Energies from one hundred high level mages…
In an instant, they were absorbed by Rex Ruburo’s body, which swelled up into muscular form like a body builder.
Afterwards, powerful lights could be seen in the man’s eyes.
He was beyond comparison to what he was only a moment ago. Rex shook his body.
He screamed in pain. He absorbed huge amount of energy that was beyond his ability. His body was not able to handle it.
Rex Ruburo could be considered the most powerful human, but even he was having a difficult time. The power he absorbed was that huge.
There was going to be unavoidable side effects after this as results of attempting something so beyond his capacity, but there was no other way.
Rex thought about the move that destroyed the fortress’s defense system.
Thinking about it, he thought that he would not stand a chance unless he took a risk as great as this.
There was no time to stand behind safety margins.
This was why Rex chose to absorb the strength from even Marake, his blood brother.
‘It’s good that I marked all of the members when they joined.’
The marks were placed to keep the members in line and use them in a pinch. However, Rex never thought the day would come where he had to resort to this utterly reckless method.
However, having come this far, he had no other way.
Rex Ruburo’s gaze headed toward Vulcan.
It seemed Vulcan also noticed Rex’s amplified power. Vulcan looked very shocked.
Rex breathed roughly and gathered strength at his feet so he could charge at Vulcan.
However, Yur Dong-bin was a step faster.
Rex Ruburo crumpled his face like a demon from hell as he got thrown off to the distance.
He overexerted himself to force his body to come to a stop and locked his gaze upon the man who just struck him.
The man had long grown beard. He was a semi-transparent existence who wielded a blade that exuded blue light.
It seemed seeing the man solved a question that Rex had. He said,
“I see. I do not know how you did it, but you were borrowing the power of an Enlightened God. Not just anyone, but the Greatest Battle God…”
He looked at Vulcan and turned his gaze to Yur Dong-bin.
There was a stark difference in the powers felt from their existences.
Rex figured it must be Yur Dong-bin who destroyed his fortress in a single blow.
The man smiled.
‘It might be hard to beat that Enlightened God bastard, but… If it is Vulcan, I think I can handle that? Once I end Vulcan, doesn’t that mean that deadly bastard will go back to the Enlightened World as well? I think this is doable?’
As if he found a breakthrough the falling sky, Rex smiled big.
He thought he didn’t even stand 20% chance of surviving this, but now, it felt like he stood over 50% chance.
‘I need to hurry… Before the power leaves my body, I need to kill Vulcan and go to recuperate my body. All right… I can do this. Let’s go!’
Rex Ruburo brainwashed himself to inject confidence.
Meanwhile, Yur Dong-bin was looking at the man with displeased eyes. With infuriated look on his face, Yur Dong-bin said to Vulcan,
- His evil knows no bound… Without hesitation, he is defying the heavens directly with his treacherous ways. I must eradicate him right this instant for the betterment of this world!
“As I told you before, these guys are seriously rotten.”
Vulcan responded with a casual look on his face.
However, unlike his appearance, Vulcan was actually quite anxious.
It could not be helped.
Vulcan checked Rex’s level through the SYSTEM.
It was astonishing. It defied common sense.
[Enhanced Human Mage Rex Ruburo]
‘… With those numbers combined, that’s over 1000. Isn’t this dangerous?’
Vulcan always thought that a four-digit level belonged to only the Gods.
The level that Rex currently had was not his true strength, but he still temporarily achieved that height through malevolent ways regardless. Vulcan was screaming inside.
It seemed Yur Dong-bin noticed this.
He said to Vulcan,
- Don’t be frightened.
“… Pardon?”
- I said do not be frightened. At a glance, he may look powerful, but it is all falsehood. If the world’s greatest sword was given to a child, do you think the kid would be able to wield it to its full potential? I shall defeat him myself.
With that, Yur Dong-bin took a step forward and stood in front of Vulcan to protect him.
Looking at Yur Dong-bin’s semi-transparent body from the back, Vulcan could feel a great sense of security.
It felt like he just took a step into a strong castle.
Vulcan had a faint smile on his lips.
‘That’s probably true… The sudden change in level is over 100. Does that mean there will be a difference in the caliber that cannot be covered by simple increase in stats?’
Vulcan was not at Yur Dong-bin’s height, so he was not able to know for certain. However, just from the look on his face, it looked like Yur Dong-bin was capable of winning this battle.
However, Vulcan couldn’t just relax and watch.
It was Yur Dong-bin who was able to fight Rex, not Vulcan.
If that bulging muscle bastard ignored Yur Dong-bin and charged in after Vulcan, then that was going to lead to a very difficult situation.
‘Of course. If Yur Dong-bin defeats that bastard in a single strike, then that won’t happen…’
It seemed that was not the case.
Through Yur Dong-bin’s semi-transparent body, Vulcan looked at Rex Ruburo and agonized over this.
‘Is this going to be all right?
Should I runaway, far away from here? Until the battle is over?’
Vulcan shook his head.
There was a more certain way.
‘I’m not going to like it, but… I still have plenty to spare, so…’
Vulcan opened the inventory and feed a huge amount of Vitality Marbles to Kina Kina the beast bird.
Kina Kina was panicking and screaming as if it was fearing its stomach might burst from eating so much marbles. Vulcan looked at the beast bird with pity in his eyes.
Vulcan said in a quiet voice,
“Enlightened God Summon.”
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