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Max Level Newbie 97

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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Unstoppable Force (3)

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The battle was already over.

Actually, Madorugi wondered if what he just witnessed could be called a battle.

It was a one-sided slaughter from one side. After the battle, Vulcan and the mysterious being headed somewhere else. Madorugi was at a loss for words.

For a moment, he couldn’t even move. He just stared at the screen. He then suddenly got a grip and muttered,


“This is unbelievable.”


That’s all he could say.

The power demonstrated was way beyond what he expected.

It was so powerful that Madorugi was doubting the being that Vulcan summoned. Madorugi could not help but to panic.


‘I’m this surprised and I’m not even at the scene. I wonder what the Seven Demons thought as they died. They were probably beyond shocked. They probably thought this was impossible.’


Madorugi broke in to hollow laughter.

He could not understand it no matter how hard he thought about it.

The one who appeared to have been summoned by Vulcan…

The man was semi-transparent. It seemed that he was an Enlightened God from the Enlightened World who was summoned here. It appeared that the man was strong enough to be compared to the most powerful beings of Act 2.


‘How did Vulcan summon someone so powerful? Actually, it should be impossible for a Player to summon an Enlightened God in the first place. Did he acquire some fantastic artifact from the hidden dungeon?’


Modorugi had no way of knowing.

He knew a lot about Act 2. However, even he had no way of knowing where Vulcan’s power came from.

Madorugi peeked a smile.

It was not a hollow laughter like the earlier. He was smiling because he was genuinely entertained.

He thought,


‘I think this will be more fun than I thought.’


A Player who had been in Act 2 for only 150 years asked about the location of Bae Su Jin and ran straight to the place after getting the information. Madorugi thought this man must be insane.

No matter how rapid his growth was, there had to be a limit. Madorugi considered the upper limit of this scenario, and even with that, he concluded that it would be too much for an individual to fight and win against an organization called Bae Su Jin.

Therefore, Madorugi was only interested in seeing how far Vulcan would put up a good fight. He never wondered who would be the final victor at the end.

From the start, he thought the outcome was obvious.


‘However… If he can continue to use a power like this, no, if he could use it during the battle against Bae Su Jin at least…’


Madorugi thought the scenes far more entertaining than what he initially expected would be produced.

Having thought this far, he chugged on the beer he had on his hand and sent an additional information to Bae Su Jin.

The message read that Vulcan was in possession of incredible power and he was headed to where Bae Su Jin was, so they should be prepared.

Initially, Madorugi thought Vulcan was definitely an underdog, so he was not planning on giving Bae Su Jin more information unless they requested it. However…


‘If Vulcan’s surprise attack succeeds like this, I think it will end too one-sidedly.’


Madorugi didn’t want it to end like that.

Madorugi instinctively knew that this battle will be a spectacularly entertaining one.

He wondered if he would be watching the recorded video of this over and over for the next one hundred years.

He looked like he could not hold still from anticipation and excitement.


“Ah, right. Bae Su Jin will need time. What could be done to buy them some time…”


Madorugi looked up the ceiling and thought about ways to buy Bae Su Jin some time.

It seemed he thought of a solution. He nodded twice and quickly used telecommunication magic to send Vulcan’s current location to many others.

They were all interested in Vulcan since a long time ago.

However, over the course of 100 years, they had been losing interest.


‘Since Vulcan killed the Seven Demons with ease… These ones won’t be able to do much other than being minor hurdles, but that should still be enough.’


Having thought this far, he got another bottle of bear and directed his gaze back to the screen.

There was nothing else he could do.

Now, he was just an audience of a broadcast. All he had left to do was witnessing amazing spectacles that were about to happen.


“Who would win… I don’t care who wins. I just hope it doesn’t end too quickly.”


Madorugi’s quiet mutter filled the office.


* * *


“I finally found you! You had been hiding around for over 100 years…”




“Kuuurrrrrrk! How… Such power in just 100 years… This is impossible…!”

“I grow pretty fast. Farewell.”






First, a group of ten mages called Masters of Korun Scholars showed up.

Their existences in this world were swept away by the Lightning Arts of Yur Dong-bin the Greatest Battle God of level 999.


“You bastard. Although we don’t have any grudge against you, become the nourishment for the sake of our growth.”



Phu phu phu phuk.



“Kuuloc, huuloc!”

“Just who… is that…”

“He is a great one who is close to me. Now die.”






Second, a group of six mages who named themselves as Dark Wave came.

It only took one swing.

They were swept away by one blade swing from Yur Dong-bin.

This was not the end.

More mages came to hunt Vulcan.

They were all on the list that Vulcan had. Also, they were all extremely evil. Each and every one of them would have felt wronged if someone did not acknowledge them as the most evil one in the Act 2.

They were the broken ones who lost their humanity after being trapped behind walls that they could not overcome for over a thousand years.

They were desperate. It was like trying to grab on to dead grass when someone was on the verge of falling from a cliff. They rushed into capture a rare species named Vulcan and lost their lives after facing a calamity named Yur Dong-bin.

As the battles went on, the amount of Vitality Marbles that Vulcan had decreased naturally.

They were not as powerful as the Seven Demons that Vulcan faced in the beginning. However, each of these groups were powerful. It would have been difficult for Vulcan to handle them by himself. So far, not just one, but three such groups showed up to hunt down Vulcan.

However, it didn’t matter.

Vulcan had substantial amount of Vitality Marbles still sleeping in his inventory.

Also, the marbles he spent so far were not wasted. Vulcan was planning on finding and eradicating all of these groups after eliminating Bae Su Jin.

Vulcan thought that the current situation was actually better.


‘This is actually better. It would have been a bother to wander around to find them all. Instead, they are all coming to find me on their own, so… My work just became a lot easier.’


The list was getting shorter, and that brightened Vulcan’s face.

Having thought this far, Vulcan approached the pile of corpses.

They all lost their lives by Yur Dong-bin’s blade.

Vulcan searched the dead bodies and took all sorts of items. Watching Vulcan do this, Yur Dong-bin was dumbfounded. He said,


 - You rascal. You are stealing the belongings from the dead. You call yourself a human being!


“I’m not a human being. I’m a Demi-god.”


 - If you are a Demi-god, then you have even more reason to not do this! Just what are you thinking!


Yur Dong-bin scolded Vulcan harshly.

However, Vulcan had something to say in response.

Vulcan looked like he was feeling that he was wronged. Vulcan said,


“I have done nothing wrong, yet these bastards want to kill me. Such treacherous bastards are all over the Act 2 like sands. To survive, I need to do everything I can, don’t you think?”


 - You rascal… Still… Uuuuu.


Having heard what Vulcan said, Yur Dong-bin cringed big time. As if he was giving up, he tossed the following words.


 - You are one strange one just like the Blue Wind.


“Nowadays, I sometimes think that my personality has broken down a lot.”


He was telling the truth.

A normal human being would be spending most of his time living a normal life while forming normal relationships with people. Instead, Vulcan had been spending most of his life in blood splattering battles and training in isolation.

It was impossible for Vulcan to form a normal personality.

The environment itself was too horrible.

Vulcan looked up the sky and thought,


‘That’s right. This is not my fault. The world turned me into this.’


Vulcan haphazardly completed self justification and said to Yur Dong-bin,


“Anyhow, let’s hurry. We killed almost all of the ultra strong bastards, so you can just sit back for now until the battle against the ones called Bae Su Jin.”


 - I see, but there’s another one coming this way.


“… I see.”


 - Since you said I could sit this one out, you handle it this time.




“Just what are you guys chatting about? What’s that? He looks like a ghost… Is he an Enlightened God?”

“It’s just one person.”


Vulcan mumbled.

The tone contained the attitude that doubted this one’s ability to handle the two of them.

The man figured this out as if he was a ghost with a supernatural sense. Yum Chyul-sang, a Hell Demon Force, exploded in fury.


“You bastard! You had been playing around at the Lava Field at best, yet you are patronizing me! I am…”


The man went on and on in verbosely detailed speech about himself.

However, neither Yur Dong-bin or Vulcan were interested in what the man had to say.


“Level 831 Yum Chyul-sang… This guy is not on the list… Did he come here after hearing a rumor about me?”


 - That man… Perhaps he is suffering from energy circulation disorder. He is not normal. Evil energy has penetrated all the way down to his bones. He is not an evildoer, but I think it would be better to send him away.



“You bastards! Were you not heeding my words!”


Thinking that he was being ignored, Yum Chyul-sang was infuriated.

Watching the man, Vulcan sighed big and slowly drew his blade.






The man was feeling the power of Vulcan’s golden lightning which was combined with the power of the Duke Demon Set armor.

Feeling the overwhelming intensity, Yum Chul-sang slowly stepped back. However, the situation had already gone past the point of no return.






His scream echoed to the far distance. Vulcan and Yur Dong-bin again hurried toward the main base of Bae Su Jin.


* * *


“Finally, we are here.”


 - So, is this the place?


“Yes. Ugh. Many enemies showed up, so it caused more delay.”


Vulcan thought the Oracle must have spread information about Vulcan’s current location in real time. Most of the ones he was planning on eliminating showed up to block their path.

In the end, they all perished.

Now, on the list, there were just Bae Su Jin, Chimera Maker, and Fowaru.


‘I was going to eliminate Bae Su Jin first, but somehow, I ended up doing that near the end.’


Vulcan felt that the current situation was like a video game.

It was like clearing stages one after the other to progress to the boss stage.


‘It’s probably because I have this being next to me named Yur Dong-bin, who is floating in the air while riding a blade. Despite everything, I am not getting nervous at all.’


Vulcan was not feeling any sense of danger, so it seemed that was the reason why such useless thoughts were coming to his mind.

Vulcan opened the inventory and checked the amount of Vitality Marbles left.

There were still countless number of them. It was to the point where Vulcan could not see the end of the marbles. They were rolling around in abundance inside the inventory.

Vulcan felt confidence surging through his body. He used float magic to get up in the air and checked the Bae Su Jin’s main base.

It was a dome-like structure.

Vulcan heard that there were about 200 members of Bae Su Jin. Considering the number of members, the building was quite large.

The structure looked like a turtle shell. It looked sturdy like a fortress.


‘As I thought… There are too many uncertainties, making it too risky for me to eliminate them all by myself.’


Vulcan didn’t know how many defensive measures were set in place inside of that building.

He also didn’t know what kind of bizarre methods the bastard named Rex Ruburo was going to use to threaten him.

Vulcan could not accurately assess Bae Su Jin’s total combat strength.

Of course, with a card named Yur Dong-bin on his hand, Vulcan was not too concerned by such.


‘It does not matter what kind of cards you guys hold. I’m holding Royal Straight Flush.’


Vulcan looked at Yur Dong-bin and said in confident voice,


“Well then, let’s go.”


 - Hold on. Wait.


It seemed something was bothering Yur Dong-bin. He just stayed at where he was with displeased look on his face.

Watching Yur Dong-bin, Vulcan had puzzled look on his face.


“What is it? Is there a problem…?


 - So, you cannot feel it?


Yur Dong-bin was looking straight at him.

His eyes were saying someone of Vulcan’s height should be able to notice this.

It had been a while since Vulcan felt like a pupil who was being scolded by a teacher. He flinched inside and carefully observed the main base of Bae Su Jin.

Vulcan strained his eyes and opened up all of his senses.

Vulcan focused his mind like that for a while, and he showed shocked response.


“This is… Incredible.”


- That’s right. It looks like you finally felt it too.


Yur Dong-bin nodded. He had a look on his face that said Vulcan should have noticed right away. Vulcan looked at his stern and serious face. As if he was creeped out, Vulcan said,


“Unbelievable amount of mana… Despite that, they hid it well. If I entered their base carelessly… I would have sustained serious damage.”


 -That’s right. This base is perfectly prepared to fight us. Even I would suffer substantial damage if I entered the place without any preparation.


“Does that mean you could enter the place without much resistance if you make preparations?”


Anxious, Vulcan asked.

More resistance along the path to infiltrating deep into Bae Su Jin’s base meant Yur Dong-bin had to exert more of his power, and that was going to result in more expense with Vitality Marbles. From Vulcan’s perspective, this was a loss.

So, Vulcan hoped Yur Dong-bin would say, ‘yes, I could go in there with ease.’

However, Yur Dong-bin said something that was a little different from what Vulcan was thinking.


 - No. There is no need to go in.




Yur Dong-bin the Blade God calmed his neck and added,


-  Let’s just end it from here.

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