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Max Level Newbie 96

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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Unstoppable Force (2)

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“I knew that the information about me had been spreading, but…”


Vulcan mumbled with dumbfounded face.

He was currently moving in exhilarating speed using Thunder God’s Might and Spirit Form, and he could feel the presence of seven people behind him.

They were following him with speed that was on par with his own. Vulcan lightly turned his head to see them and thought,


‘You guys aren’t even trying to be discreet about this, are you?’


Vulcan was in extremely foul mood.

He was aware that information about him was being leaked by Oracle. However, he never thought that the information about his current location would be leaked in such a blatantly obvious way to allow annoying flies to come pester him as soon as he left the Espo City.


‘It is almost… like the Oracle is giving the clients the service even before they show up to the office to request the information. Those sons of bitches.’


Vulcan felt that Oracle didn’t give a damn about his well-being.

Vulcan figured that Oracle thought this way because they were safe as long as they operated inside the Espo City.

Vulcan disengaged the Sprit Form and slowly reduced his speed. He found a suitable open space and stopped there.

He then injected mana into Kina Kina the beast bird and feed it plenty of Vitality Marbles so he could quickly summon an Enlightened God any time.


“Hurrrrrr….uk. I think my stomach is going to explode… Kkuuuuk.”

“The extra marbles are advanced payment. I’ll be summoning a lot today.”


Kina Kina was acting like it was having a tough time. Vulcan scolded it lightly for feigning difficulties and fixed his gaze toward the direction where the pursuers were approaching from.

Vulcan was feeling extreme resentment toward Oracle, but there was nothing he could do at the moment.

Instead of wasting his mental focus on something that could not be solved at the moment, Vulcan judged that he should solve the situation he was facing right now.


‘Also… Now that I can see them, those bastards were on the list.’


The pursuers were the other bastards that Vulcan was going to eliminate after destroying Bae Su Jin.

Since they came to find Vulcan, that actually saved Vulcan some troubles, so he had no reason to complain about this.

Vulcan looked at the seven beast-men and scanned their abilities.

As he thought, as the Oracle’s information described, they were incredibly tough bastards.


[Tigerian Mu Horang]



[Tigerian Karirum]




[Tigerian Buton]



They had extremely high levels.

Vulcan whistled as if he was surprised.

In Act 2, it was rare to see anyone with level 850 or above. It meant these opponents were very powerful beings who were rarely seen even in Act 2.

They would have had the title of Ultra-zenith or above in Act 1.

It was very unusual to see such powerful warriors roaming around in a group, seven of them at once on top of that. However, it was not unheard of.


The Seven Demons…


Of all beast-men in Act 2, this group was the most infamous one.

Most beast-men focused on strengthening of their body’s physical abilities. Unlike them, these bastards were unique ones who showed talent in both magic and physical abilities.

One of the bastards opened his mouth.

His level was 875. It seemed he was their leader. He possessed the highest level of the bunch.


“We meet at las…”


“What? You dare to inturru…”




However, his words were interrupted by Vulcan before he even had a chance to finish one whole sentence.

Mu Horang, the Big Brother of the Seven Demons, stared at Vulcan’s face.

The tip of his lips was tilted up slightly.

It was obvious this facial expression was intentional.

Even among the beastmen, Mu Horang was famous for being short-tempered.

Obviously, he could not stand being patronized like this. With infuriated look, Mu Horang was taking a deep breath so he could roar.

However, Vulcan spoke before he did.

Having lost the timing, in awkward stance, Mu Horang ended up being the one who listened instead.


“Before we fight, let me ask you one thing. You guys ran over here after getting the information from the Oracle, right?”



The seven beastmen fell to silence.

Vulcan looked around them and continued.


“If you don’t want to tell me, then don’t. Even if you keep quiet, I can tell. Seriously, I want to finish Act 2 super fast. I’m so sick of this place.”


Vulcan dropped his head and complained about his fate.

The members of the Seven Demons looked dumbfounded.

Each member of the Seven Demons was considered a top-notch warrior no matter where they went in Act 2. They were absolute powerhouses.

Even Demi-gods could not be careless in front of them.

Because of this, they kept their lives despite having done things as they please for the past 1500 years without a care for anyone else.


‘Yet… he is showing such an attitude in front of us.’


The Seven Demons could not understand why Vulcan was acting this way.

Vulcan’s leisurely attitude should not have been allowed.

He was acting as if the Seven Demons were far below himself. Having noticed this, Mu Horang carefully observed Vulcan.

It was because he wondered if he missed something about Vulcan.

However, from visual inspection of the man, Mu Horang was certain that Vulcan did not possess skills to warrant such confidence.

Mu Horang crumpled his face big time to form a crack between the eyebrows.


‘He definitely is strong. I would not be certain of victory if I fought him alone in a duel. However… I don’t feel anything overwhelming from him…’


Mu Horang thought about his past.

The Seven Demons were still infamous for being fearless and arrogant, but there was a time in the past where they were excessively so.

It was to the point where their attitude lead to a big trouble for them.

It was about 500 years ago.

Back then, there were eight of them instead of seven. They once met an existence who was like a huge mountain that they could never overcome.

Blue Wind the Blue Dragon…

He was a famous god beast who was known to be the absolute power in the western island. They had a quarrel with the Blue Wind.

In fact, before they fought Blue Wind, they were confident about their victory.

It was one versus eight. They had the upper hand in numbers.

Also, back then, they had Mu Ranka, their Big Brother at the time.

They believed that they stood a good chance against even a god beast, so instead of swallowing their pride, they chose to fight.

The end result was a one-sided defeat.

The Blue Wind leisurely pushed them off as if he was handling a bunch of little puppies.

The Blue Wind was powerful like a lightning when he attacked, and he was as smooth as clouds when defending.

Against the Blue Wind, who was showing his heavens-above-heavens level of combat prowess, they were utterly powerless, and they had no choice but to just watch the Blue Wind beheading their Big Brother.


‘You dare to show such arrogant attitude in front of me… I’ll end it here this time. However, be careful from now on and stay out of my sight.’


Since that day, the Eight Demons became the Seven Demons, and Mu Horang learned a critical lesson.

The most powerful beings in Act 2…

Fighting one of them was like fighting a God.


‘… That’s no different from suicide.’


However, this applied only to a handful of great existences in Act 2.

There was no way that this applied to Vulcan, the man who was shaking his head so arrogantly right in front of them.

The fighting spirit felt from Vulcan was substantially different from these great beings as well.

When facing one of these great beings of Act 2, a unique, overwhelming fighting spirit could be felt.

Mu Horang had excruciating experience in the matter in his past, so he could feel that Vulcan’s power was significantly lacking in comparison to such beings.

Mu Horang shouted at Vulcan.


“You runt! Enough with this bluffing!”


“That’s right. I recognize that you are strong. However, it is impossible for you to win against all seven of us. You would be better of resigning to your fate and be subdued quietly.”

“What are you talking about? If I do, what would be the difference at the moment I am subdued? Are you going to drag me somewhere, get money and release me afterwards?”


Vulcan asked back.

As always, the man didn’t even have an ounce of nervousness in him. Irritated, Mu Horang bared his fangs, and Vulcan clicked his tongue and continued.


“It’s fine. I won’t gain anything from talking to you guys any longer. I don’t have time either.”


Vulcan looked at the Seven Demons as if he was sick of them.

He was actually intending to ask them why they were targeting him. However, Vulcan changed his mind.

After all, most of the bastards who were targeting Vulcan were mages. Vulcan was sure that they all had similar goals.

Vulcan also thought it would be a bother to ask each and everyone about their motives when he handle them.

Vulcan thought about Blue Wind the Blue Dragon who must be scratching his full stomach and lying down at the moment. Vulcan smiled lightly.

Vulcan thought maybe Blue Wind will be earning more Vitality Marbles this week than the total sum he earned in the past several hundred years.


‘I think Mr. Blue Wind is going to love it today.’


Vulcan even wondered if Blue Wind will be clearing the Act 2 thanks to all the Vitality Marbles he delivered to Blue Wind. While thinking about it, Vulcan shouted,


“Enlightened God Summon!”


* * *


There were six dead bodies.

They each had a large wound on the chest. They all had puzzled looks on their faces.

The blood gushing out from their bodies was flowing in all directions through uneven ground.

In middle of this horrific sight, there was someone who was coughing out blood constantly.

It was Mu Horang, the Seven Demons’ Big Brother.

In disbelief, Mu Horang was looking at an existence who stood before him.


“Kulok…. Kuhuup…. How…. Uppp!”




Blood gushed out of his mouth like a waterfall.

Due to his tenacious vitality, Mu Horang didn’t lose his life immediately. However, he was in a critical condition. It looked like he was going to depart to the afterlife soon.

Standing in front of him were Vulcan, who still had leisurely look on his face, and the Greatest Battle God Yur Dong-bin, the one responsible for placing Mu Horang in despair.

Mu Horang’s eyes were losing their light. They were dying.

His eyes were slowly closing, but Mu Horang forced himself to keep the eyes open and thought,


‘Just how…’


Overwhelming pressure…

The sense of existence felt from the man was even more powerful than the sensation from Blue Wind the Blue Dragon.

Mu Horang took action as soon as this incomprehensible being was summoned, so he didn’t lose his life immediately by the strike. However, there was no point in it.

He was currently in a situation where he was already dead.

Mu Horang thought about the blue blade that pierced his body.


‘I never thought something like this would be possible…’


This being could deliver such a powerful attack instantly by crossing the dimension and without any sense of presence.

Mu Horang never thought such a move was possible.


‘This is… not on the Act 2’s height. He is closer to being a God… That bastard Vulcan… Just what kind of power does he possess… How could he summon such an incredible being…’


Mu Horang’s gaze was fixated on Vulcan. His gaze refused to fall off from the man.

However, that didn’t last long.

Soon, Mu Horang lost his life. His head fell toward the ground. Watching this, Yur Dong-bin said to Vulcan,


  • For some reason, whenever I come here because you summoned me, I always face these evildoers.


“Is that so.”


  • That’s right. They were past just being fuel of evil energy. The evil energy was overflowing from these bastards.


“I see.”


‘That’s obvious. These bastards were trying to take another man’s life for their own gains.’


Inside, Vulcan called them sons of bitches or cows and cursed the ones on the list. He then said to Yur Dong-bin with respectful look on his face,


“This is not the end.”


  • Huh? What do you mean?


Yur Dong-bin thought he just finished work.

He was walking toward Kina Kina so he could go back to the Enlightened World. However, Vulcan stopped him and said,


“You will need to demonstrate your strength some more today.”


  • Do you still need my power? With your level of strength, there shouldn’t be that many in Act 2 who could be a threat to you…


“Due to a circumstance, my situation ended up like this. It will take more power to summon you again, so please just stay in this state and move with me.”


Having heard Vulcan’s words, Yur Dong-bin the Blade God said with a stern face,


  • I understand. Although you summoned me through the Blue Wind’s power, since you paid the price for it, I’ll do as you asked. However, my blades won’t be swung unless we are facing extremely wretched bastards. As I said earlier, an Enlightened God’s mission is to save and guide the people of the world.


As if he was trying to say that there was no need to worry about this, Vulcan said with confidence,


“You won’t have to worry about that. They are all incredibly treacherous bastards.”


* * *


It was at the office of Madorugi, the Commander of Oracle.

Usually, the man had a few dozen papers floating in the air and worked diligently. Unlike his usual, he just had a large screen floating in front of him, and he was drinking a beer.

On the hand that was not holding the beer, the situation here was that he even had a chicken drumstick.

It was obvious he was enjoying whatever was happening on the screen.


“Hm… Finally, the Seven Demons arrived. There should be a prelude scene before Vulcan goes to Bae Su Jin.”


Madorugi was watching the screen with intrigued look on his face.

Leisurely look on Vulcan’s face was being transmitted with clear visual.

Watching the man’s face, Madirugi tilted his head to the side.


‘He is too relaxed… Did something happen in the past 100 years?’


During the violent collision between Vulcan and Helmout, Madorugi didn’t have a surveillance magic cast on him at the time, so he learned about the incident afterwards.

So, he didn’t know how Vulcan defeated Helmout. However, Madorugi believed that it could not have been easy.

However, looking at Vulcan’s utter lack of nervousness despite facing the Seven Demons, Madorugi was certain that Vulcan had an incredible move.

Madorugi looked even more intrigued and leaned forward as if he was going to get sucked into the screen.


‘It worked out really well… If he didn’t come to visit the Oracle again, I would have completely forgotten about this bastard.’


Madorugi was more interested in watching others fight than anyone in Act 2.

He would have been really pissed and not be able to sleep for days if he missed out on this fight again because he didn’t use the surveillance magic and learn about it afterwards.

He chugged on the beer and got a big bite out of the chicken drumstick. He focused on the screen to watch the fight that was about to happen.


Five minutes passed.

Madorugi had his jaw dropped. He was petrified like a stone statue.


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