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Max Level Newbie 85

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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Escape (1)

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- What? What’s that supposed to mean. Explain better.

Hellmout asked again as if he didn’t understand what Baeron said.

However, Baeron had no choice but to repeat the same words like a parrot.

“That is… Ten of ordinary mages from Bae Su Jin cannot handle Vulcan. We need at least one boss… or the Commander should come. I think that would be the best way to ensure Vulcan’s capture and also minimize casualties.”

Having said this far, Baeron felt that he did not explain enough. Baeron added more detail.

“When Vulcan came out to the Lava Field, Vampire Demon and Ying-Yang Elemental Enchantress ambushed him, and Vulcan fought them with great, incredible ease. It didn’t even take one minute… They were both killed before even being able to put up a good resistance. I think the information from the Oracle must be wrong.”

- …

Silence flowed through the area for a moment.

It took time for Hellmout to accept what Baeron just explained. Baeron anxiously waited while being concerned that what he just said might agitate Hellmout.

However, as the silence continued for a while, Baeron couldn’t just wait anymore. It appeared that Vulcan was about to start another fight.

Baeron tried talking to Hellmout again.

“Excuse me, Sir?”

- Oracle’s information couldn’t be wrong. Are you sure you assessed him correctly?

Annoyed voice flew out of Hellmout’s mouth.

When assessing someone more powerful than oneself, a certain amount of exaggeration got mixed in.

Hellmout was doubting Baeron’s observation. He wondered if Baeron was overestimating Vulcan.

However, Hellmout could not exclude the possibility that Vulcan really did become incredibly powerful.

‘Baeron is one of the very few in Bae Su Jin who are level-headed, so… he is probably not making this up. Still, it’s only been 25 years. Just what changed and by how much? Even if he got stronger, it couldn’t…’

Regardless, at the moment, nothing was known with certainty. Hellmout could only hope that Baeron would deliver accurate assessment.

With frustrated look on his face, Hellmout waited for Baeron’s next words.

However, this time, it was Baeron who was extending the silence. Because Hellmout was higher ranked in Bae Su Jin than Baeron, he nagged at Baeron to speak.

- Hey, Baeron? Are you listening?

“Huk! Yes, I am listening.”

- I asked if you are certain that you assessed him correctly. Just what are you doing? Why are you so distracted in middle of the call!

“T… That is…”

Around the time they were having this conversation, through the surveillance magic, Baeron was watching the battle between Vulcan and five mages at the Lava Field.

Also, Baeron was shocked even more so from this than how he felt after seeing Vulcan fight the Blood Demon and the Enchantress.

‘This is… What ridiculousness…!’

The start of the battle, where Vulcan instantly ambush-attacked and killed one of the mages before the five mages’ magic could focus, was incredibly surprising by itself. However, what transpired afterwards was even more overwhelming.

An unbelievably powerful blade of golden light extended out to several tens of meters.

Caught by the blade, the mages were cut through like straws. Watching the mages, Baeron couldn’t get a hold of himself.

‘This isn’t the power of someone who just took off the newbie badge… No, this isn’t the power of a human being.’

Of all humans, the one who was known to be the most powerful was Rex Bruo, the Commander of Bae Su Jin.

Even the ever prideful Dragonians and all but invisible Demi-gods acknowledged him for his power, and him only. 

However, it seemed Vulcan was even stronger.Read Max Level Newbie first on (If you're reading this elsewhere, it has been stolen!)

Baeron was just a normal mage in Bae Su Jin. Through his eyes, Baeron could not confirm it, but how Vulcan was slaughtering the mages inside the monitor seemed like Vulcan lacked nothing to be given the title of the strongest of all humans.

Still in shock, Baeron momentarily forgot that he was in middle of communication. He instantly came to senses when Hellmout shouted.

However, Baeron still had awestruck feeling inside. Because of this, he couldn’t find his usual logical tone.

“At minimum… he is as powerful or stronger than bosses in Bae Su Jin. I know I am lacking in strength, but… No… Anyway, you need to get here quickly! The bastard is going somewhere!”

Baeron saw that Vulcan was taking the two defeated mages and going somewhere. Baeron explained to Hellmout in hurry.

Tracking Vulcan was not going to be difficult as long as he stayed within the Lava Field. However, if he moved further away, even the interference magic against the return scroll that they casted at the area was going to become useless.

They had to stop Vulcan from returning to the Espo City.

Hellmout knew this well, so he answered quickly.

- The Commander is in middle of an experiment that he cannot stop. He cannot come right away. He said he will head out as soon as the experiment is over.


- I’ll go there for now.

Hellmout said in stern voice.

- Make sure to determine where he is going. I’ll bring 15 of the members and even my packed lunches.

* * *

Vulcan used magic and floated two mages on to the air who now had no limbs left.

He then moved to a remote place within the Lava Field where he used to come often. It was because Vulcan thought it would not be a good idea to have other people see him.

Actually, Vulcan wanted to go back to the cave he came out of. However, the entrance had already disappeared into the ground.

‘Actually, the dungeon has one-person limit anyway, so I guess I could not have entered there with these people?’

Vulcan had a strange thought out of the blue for the moment. He then looked at the two mages near his feet.

Vulcan had expressionless eyes.

His eyes didn’t even have a grain of mercy. Sinit looked at Vulcan’s cold brown eyes and realized he stood no chance of survival. Sinit tightly closed his eyes.

‘It’s no use… I thought this was the greatest luck that came to me in my 2000 years of life, but… to think I’ll end my life in such pathetic state…’

Sinit hoped he could turn back time just one hour.

His thought process naturally flowed toward Bae Su Jin.

Of course, his thoughts were not positive. Hatred and fury toward Bae Su Jin was boiling up like smelting furnace and making his body hot.

‘Those bastards… chopping them into pieces and tossing them as pig feeds won’t be enough… You call this a newbie who had been in Act 2 for only 40 years! You said he was at ordinary level at the Lava Field! This guy is powerful enough to fold up most of Demi-gods!’

Under God’s supervision, tournaments were held occasionally at the Espo City with prizes.

The winner received armors and weapons made by Parkers, the god of blacksmith, and tremendous honor. Because of this, Demi-gods, Dragonians and countless powerful practitioners entered to show off their skills.

Sinit was not skilled enough to enter the tournament. However, he had watched the tournaments several times, so he was well aware of how powerful the Demi-gods were.

Vulcan was not lacking even in comparison to them. He was at such ridiculous height.

Against such absolute power, five of little puppies picked fights. It was obvious why things turned out the way it did.

Regret, hatred, self-criticism… Sinit’s head was in chaos with such thoughts. Vulcan’s voice could be heard.

“You should carefully answer to the questions I am about to ask.”

Vulcan gathered huge amount of mana into his left hand.

Perhaps Baiel, the one who used to be next to Sinit, was isolated somewhere else. Sinit could not see him.

Feeling Vulcan’s violent intensity, Sinit gulped.

“If you want to lie, that’s fine. However, after I compare your answers with the other guy’s answers, if there are even slightest differences…” Read Max Level Newbie first on (If you're reading this elsewhere, it has been stolen!)


The mana focused on Vulcan’s left hand exploded instantly.

It was a tacky and obvious act. However, from Sinit’s perspective, who lost all of his limbs, it was enough to strike fear in him.

“Even if I answered… I won’t be able to live, would I?”

“You will be able to die comfortably instead of being sold to the Chimera maker.”

Vulcan just made stuff up and tossed out the words.

However, Sinit was aware of Chimera maker’s existence. The threat had a huge effect.

The idea of being cut to pieces and becoming parts for Chimera was striking even more fear than the death itself.

Sinit decided to speak before the real torture begun.

‘I am absolutely pissed at the Bae Su Jin bastards too.’

It was them who played him using garbage information.

Sinit didn’t feel guilty at all about spilling information about Bae Su Jin.

“You are being attacked because…”

From his mouth, words about Bae Su Jin came out in verbose detail.

Bae Su Jin operated in shadows, but they were not always staying in hiding like how Chimera maker operated.

When they needed more man power as they worked on their dirty businesses, Bae Su Jin occasionally asked low lives of Act 2 to work for them. Sinit and the other four mages had worked for Bae Su Jin under request before.

Because of this, Sinit knew about Bae Su Jin in more detail than normal people. Vulcan was happy to hear such detailed explanation. However, at the same time, the bleak future was starting to become deeper. Vulcan could not hide his anxiousness.

‘A mage organization with 200 members… Average level is slightly above this bastard… This is insane. That’s like 200 Chimeras.’

Moreover, it seemed the four bosses and the Commander above them were significantly more powerful.

To make rough estimates, bosses were around early to mid 800 and the Commander was around mid to late 800.

Of course, they could be weaker than that. However, it seemed certain now that an organization called Bae Su Jin was gigantic in size.

Vulcan asked the same question to Baiel, the other mage, and then compared the answers.

Baiel had similar hatred toward Bae Su Jin, so he told Vulcan honestly everything he knew.

“Thanks, have a safe trip.”



Vulcan blew up their heads clean with fire magic. Vulcan dropped his own head and then sighed big.

‘I sure get to sigh a lot lately. Huuuu.’

However, he could not help but to sigh.

He even felt that all evil in the world was focusing only at him.

‘Are Players that precious? They are all over the place at the Beloong City.’

Of course, Vulcan heard that there were hardly any Players in other Act 1 cities. However, Vulcan never dreamed people would chase after him like this with bloodshot eyes.

Moreover, Act 2 was full of all sorts of rare and special beings. Despite this, they were targeting only him with incredible persistence. Vulcan couldn’t make sense of this.

‘Are Players so precious that they would resort to this? Or could it be that they thought they won’t have to worry about the aftermath once they kill me because they thought I’m a pushover without any connections?’

Vulcan thought they were both plausible.

Of course, that didn’t mean Vulcan thought their actions could be understandable.

Vulcan was again burning in full force from anger. He was biting hard, enough to break his back teeth.

After the Chimeras, now there was Bae Su Jin.

These two groups were already difficult for Vulcan to handle by himself.

It was to the point where Vulcan wondered if he would be able to hunt or level up at all right now. The future looked dreary.

The bigger problem was that those two group may not be the end of it. This could just be the beginning.

‘Would these bastards be all of the ones that are targeting me?’

‘Even if I somehow manage to wipe them off away, could I be certain that all danger disappeared with them?’

‘No… Could I even handle defeating the bastards from the Bae Su Jin? Against 200 mages?’

With so many thoughts tangled up, they were throwing his head into chaos.

No matter how he thought of it, Vulcan could not come to a proper conclusion. They were frustrating and difficult problems.

Vulcan stopped thinking.


He opened the inventory on the empty air and brought out a return scroll. He tightly grabbed on the scroll and tore it to pieces.

For now, the right answer was avoiding the immediate danger.

He thought he should return to Espo City first and inquire Oracle or ask for advice from Fowaru from the general store.

However, the situation did not flow as he hoped.


[Return scroll failed.]

[Magic energy is unstable. Long distance teleportation is not possible.]

“… Now what is this about?”

Vulcan opened the inventory again and swiftly tore up another return scroll.

However, the same notification appeared.

[Return scroll failed.]

[Magic energy is unstable. Long distance teleportation is not possible.]

“… This…. Fuck.”

Vulcan suddenly became anxious. Read Max Level Newbie first on (If you're reading this elsewhere, it has been stolen!)

Foul language spat out of his mouth.

Despite the bad atmosphere and the situation rolling along in a strange path, Vulcan was leisurely digging information because he trusted the return scroll.

It was because Vulcan could rest easy as long as he returned to the Espo City. Once he got there, it would not have mattered if Chimeras, members of Bae Su Jin, or their daddies or grand daddies showed up.

However, with something unthinkable happening, Vulcan could not hide it. He panicked.

‘This is… Again, somebody… Considering the size, they seem to be Bae Su Jin.’

Out of the frying pan and now into the fire, Vulcan felt numerous energies nearby. Vulcan was certain they were targeting him.

There were over twenty individual signatures.

The scale was at a whole another dimension from what he fought so far. The look on Vulcan’s face petrified.

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