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The Lazy Swordmaster 148

by Green Tea

Translated by M

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Metamorphosis (1)

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Nainiae proposed that she would also like to shoulder the burden that Riley was carrying. The woman in black, who was becoming fainter by the minute like a mirage, asked back as if she didn’t quite hear it.

<… What do you mean?>

Although the woman heard Nainiae, the woman was asking as if she didn’t hear it. Nainiae asked once again clearly,

“The things that are making everything difficult for Young Master… The things Young Master is suffering from… I’ll share the burden with him. I want to do that.”

Despite lacking a few fingers, with strength, Nainiae pointed at the woman with her right hand. She then added that she will not cooperate with the woman’s world or this world if the goddess didn’t accept her terms.

<Nainiae, do you know what you are saying?>

The woman saw that Nainiae was looking at her with steady eyes, without saying anything back. The woman hesitated for a moment and asked,

<Mr. Riley’s memories I have shown you are… literally just a tip of the iceberg. The path to walk from now could be even more difficult… Nainiae, this is not something you should make rash decisions so easily…>

The woman was asking again to confirm Nainiae’s intention. However, her sentence stopped.

It was Nainiae’s eyes.

Although the scars on Nainiae’s face made her exude very different atmosphere from the woman, the girl’s face was very much like the woman’s face as if they were copies of each other. The girl was looking at the woman with steady look on her eyes. Read and support the translations of The Lazy Swordmaster first on (If you're reading this elsewhere, it has been stolen from us!)


The woman called the girl’s name. The girl closed the hand that she had raised to point at the woman and said,

“In the past… I’ve heard from Young Master that sadness becomes half when shared. I didn’t understand it back then. Now, I think I can understand it a little.”


“I want to do that for him.”

Nainiae’s voice sounded sincere. It seemed she had made up her mind. The woman was gradually becoming fainter like a mirage. Aware of her body shaking with glitch, the woman warned for the last time,

<… You will need to prepare your heart for it.>

Nainiae responded right away.

“I was always prepared.”

This year, during the late summer… Just like how Riley extended his hand toward Nainiae and said ‘I need you,’ Nainiae extended her hand out and had shy smile on her face.

“I had been prepared since the last summer when Young Master held his hand out for me.”

<… Huhu.>

Having heard the girl’s response, the woman smiled as if she was declaring defeat. The woman sent all of the firefly lights around to Nainiae and started to explain,

<These firefly lights are the memories from Mr. Riley’s past life that he had been keeping. If you wish to share the sadness with him… It would be best for you to seriously prepare your heart.>

The firefly lights came to Nainiae. Surrounding Nainiae, the lights steadily exuded light. Nainiae looked around the lights and then looked at the woman in front of her.

<Now, I really don’t have time.>

The fading image of the woman was shaking more than earlier. Concerned, Nainiae asked,

“Will you be all right?”

<I don’t have the time to explain my situation. Nainiae, please listen carefully. When you open your eyes, you must not forget what I am about to tell you. You must not.>


It seemed the woman was hurting somewhere. She suddenly bent over and started to cry in pain. However, having confirmed again that the woman didn’t have much time left, Nainiae saved the questions. Instead, she waited for the woman to speak so she could heed her words.

<When you wake up from the dream, please find Mr. Riley’s Holy Sword.>

‘Holy Sword?’

<Of the purple people in your world, one of them probably has it. Please find the purple human who… will help Mr. Riley and Nainiae.>

Her voice was getting choppy. The black butterfly that was resting on the woman’s shoulder flapped its wings and flew toward Nainiae.

<Basilisk will be a key for you…>

The woman glitched as if the time was up. Without being able to finish her words, she disappeared without a trace.


Afterwards, the scenery from Riley’s past life that was visible below Nainiae’s feet started to turn pitch black like before.

‘What about Young Master?’

Nainiae looked around the darkness that fell around her again. It was around this time where Nainiae was worried about Riley. The firefly lights that came next to Nainiae started to move slowly.


The firefly lights started to exude light. The black butterfly that came flying toward Nainiae flew to Nainiae’s right eye and…


Nainiae opened her eyes.

‘This place is?’

Awakened, Nainiae vacantly opened her mouth.

The ceiling looked familiar.

The room was the infirmary at Duke Philisneon’s Manor where she used the Dream Link magic.

<Get lost! Now!>

<Why couldn’t you save them!>Read and support the translations of The Lazy Swordmaster first on (If you're reading this elsewhere, it has been stolen from us!)


Nainiae woke up with someone’s memories. She looked like someone who had been lost in terrible nightmare for a long time. She woke up as she shed tears in silence.




She opened her eyes with the memories and knowledges from Riley’s past life intact. Her head felt unusually heavy. She moved hear head and got up from the bed.

“… Young Master?”

Instead of wiping off her tears, she felt that checking Riley who was on the bed was more important. She got up, called for Riley and turned to look.


A question mark floated up on Nainiae’s face.

It was because there was just her instead on the bed where Riley was supposed to have been lying.

“Ms. Sera?”

Wondering what happened, Nainiae called Sera, the one who she asked to look after them in her absence.


There was just the sound of the wind. Nainiae didn’t get a response. She looked toward the window and got out of the bed.

“Ms. Heliona?”

Nainiae muttered the name of the summon spirit. Looking at where the wind sound was coming from, Nainiae noticed that the room’s window was shattered. The place was a mess.

‘What happened…’

Because of the wind, only the curtain was flowing in the air and made noise. However, there was no response from anyone.

“Is there nobody around…”

Nainiae muttered. She was wiping the tear on her cheek, but she suddenly stopped mumbling.

‘What is this?’

It was because the sensation she felt on her hand as she wiped off her face was different.

It was different from sticky and bulging skin that she had from the scar. It felt smooth and soft.

That was not the only thing that was different.

Something different could be felt from the hand she was using to wipe off the tears.

‘… Ah.’

She lowered the hand that she was using to wipe off the tears and checked the hand. Nainiae vacantly opened her mouth.

She realized that the two fingers, the ones that she lost because she bit them off during the experiment at the Magic Tower, were attached on her hand soundly.

* * *

Sera, who was bounced off to the outside of the window, was flinching the area near her eyes. She barely managed to get up.

“Uu…. Uuuuk…”

It could be said that she was fortunate to have fallen on soft snow.

Feeling the snow wind grazing her face, she was barely able to come to her senses. In pain, she cringed and started to groan.

‘Ribs are…’

Holding her side, Sera checked how seriously injured she was. She realized that the situation was quite dire. Sera looked at the window she flew off from.

‘Just now, my body refused to move.’

Earlier, Sera did hear Heliona’s warning. However, Sera was unable to move. She was about to ponder why, but she knew that there was a more pressing matter at hand at the moment. Sera stopped her thoughts and got up.

“… Young Master… Nainiae.”

It was because Sera was concerned for Riley and Nainiae who were left inside the infirmary. She was worried about what Reutrina would do to them.

‘That intensity… It’s dangerous.’

Sera thought about how Reutrina quickly closed the distance and struck her on the stomach. Thinking about Reutrina’s arm, Sera felt the pain in her ribs and cringed once again. Sera faltered.



With the sound of snapping fingers, the sound of flame burning up could be heard. Sera, who was vacantly staring up at the window at the infirmary, looked to the side.Read and support the translations of The Lazy Swordmaster first on (If you're reading this elsewhere, it has been stolen from us!)

<Good. Looks like your head is still okay.>

“Ms. Heliona.”

<Are you all right? Do you think you can move?>

Heliona had serious look on her face. Sera struggled and nodded. Sera blew out frozen mist and said,

“I am all right, so Young Master… and Nainiae…”

Sera asked Heliona to quickly return to the room and stop Reutrina. With serious face, Heliona shook her head and said,

<It’s impossible.>

“Why… Kuuuk!”

<Because I’m a summon spirit.>

It was a dare situation. However, it seemed Heliona was maintain her composure. She slowly explained why it was impossible.

<Summon spirits like me cannot interfere with matter in this world alone. Because this is not the world of the summon spirits, even if I touch something, I’ll just go straight through. It would be a different story for an artificial summon spirit who completed forming a contract, but…>

“In that case!”

<Sera, calm down. About that wretched bitch who swung her fist, I placed a seed of fire on her in secret.>

“A seed of fire?”

<In human’s words, an observer? Tracker? Well, I placed something like that on her. What was unusual was that Reutrina didn’t touch Nainiae at all. She only took Young Master Riley…>

Heliona fiddled with her chin and organized her thoughts. She looked back at Sera and muttered as if the situation could not be helped.

<I really think you and I should form a temporary contract.>

“A temporary contract? What’s that about…”

<We don’t have time. We need to move quickly. It looks like the injury on the side of your chest looks pretty serious, but you need to tough it out and move.>

“Ms. Heliona?”

<We don’t have time to exchange questions. For now, just do as I ask. Nainiae asked you to look after them, didn’t she? Are you going to disappoint her?>

Sera flinched after hearing Heliona’s question. Sera nodded as if she understood. Heliona spread her wings wide and said,

<All right. Fortunately, you appear to be born with some compatibility with summon spirits. This is a temporary contract, but you won’t have to worry about there being any negative side effects.>

With that, Heliona closed her eyes slowly and raised her right hand to the front.

<I, rocking flame Heliona shall form a temporary contract with Sera and bring forth flame in this reality to bless the fire that will remain after spreading ashes above white ground.>

Heliona mumbled incomprehensible words and put forth her hand. Sera put forth her hand forward as well as if she was mesmerized. She touched Heliona’s small palm with her own.

<… It’s complete.>

With their hands touching, their hands both burned in flame.

‘This is?’

Sera was a little surprised by the fire on her hand. However, she realized it was not hot to her hand. Surprised, Sera opened her eyes big and looked at Heliona.

<Sera, you are not a mage but a swordsman, right? In that case, you will have to do this in different ways than my master or Nainiae.>

Heliona sat on Sera’s shoulder and took a brief moment to calm her breathing. Heliona looked at Sera and said,

<Draw your swords, Sera. Young Master Riley… His situation is not very good. We need to go save him.>


<He is being groped… How should I put this? He is being violated? Anyway, it is leading to something repulsive.>

Sera was shocked to hear what Heliona said. With hardened look on her face, Sera drew her swords from the waist.


Soon, just like what was on her hand, the swords that Sera drew also started to burn up in majestic flame that was of same color as Heliona’s wings.

‘This is?’

<They are my flames. This is your first time, so it will be difficult for you to handle them. Still, try your best to control them. They will help you break through.>

“Break through? What…”

With the pain in her ribs, Sera faltered against the snow wind as she asked. However, Heliona did not answer.

“Ah… I see.”

With her own eyes, Sera confirmed what she had to break through.


At the entrance of the mansion that Sera was trying to go back in, there were guards with eyes that lacked focus. It was as if they were mesmerized, under influence of something. The guards were wielding swords and spears and standing against Sera.

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