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Max Level Newbie 84

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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Fireflies (3)

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The five mages landed with light movements.
They were all wearing blue robes and wielded long staffs. It seemed they completely excluded the body’s physical strength abilities and instead delved deeply only in magic.
To be prepared against Vulcan’s surprise attack, the five mages had a few magic spells already floating in the air. Their faces were bulging with greed that could not be hidden.
They looked like hunters with incredibly rare, precious prey right in front of their eyes. Looking at the mages, Vulcan quickly used the SYSTEM.
[Malrop, Human Mage]
[Sinit, Human Mage]
[Baiel, Human Mage]
‘Phew…. This is fortunate. With those levels, I don’t think they will be much of a threat to me.’
They couldn’t even be compared to the Ying-Yang Elemental Enchantress that Vulcan ran into earlier. In fact, they were inferior to even the Chimeras.
At the moment, Vulcan was confident about fighting against ten Chimeras charging at him at once. Because of this, Vulcan was not feeling any anxiety what so ever about the mages with such levels.
Thinking he was not in the worst-case scenario, Vulcan unconsciously sighed in relief.
The mages saw Vulcan doing this. One of them broke into belittling laughter.
It was a skinny man with the name ‘Sinit’ on the SYSTEM window.
“Kuku.  Have you gone insane? You are sighing in relief in this situation? Or could it be that you are not comprehending the situation you are in?
“Tsk. Why aren’t you answering? It’s no fun at all when there is no response…”
“That’s enough, Sinit. We don’t have time. Don’t you get that? Are you going to take the responsibility when other bastards butt in after hearing about the news?”
“That is… You are right. I am sorry. Let’s finish this quickly and get the reward.”
Vulcan watched them treating him like a prey that was already caught. Vulcan was dumbfounded.
It was not like these mages were some thugs at a small town. Vulcan was sure that they were mages with plenty of experiences from having lived for several hundred years at least.
However, they were exuding boundless confidence against an opponent who they didn’t even properly assessed the strength. Vulcan could not understand them.
‘Just where is their baseless confidence coming from?’Read Max Level Newbie first on (If you're reading this elsewhere, it has been stolen!)
At that moment, a thought zapped through Vulcan’s head.
‘Could it be that information about me had been spread to many?’
This situation could not be explained unless that was the case.
The mages were surrounding Vulcan, and their attitude was that of someone who had complete knowledge of the opponent’s strength.
It was as if they were absolutely certain that there was no way Vulcan could possibly neutralize them.
However, it was not like Vulcan still had the protective blessing stuck on his forehead. Also, it was not like he was demonstrating his strength for everyone to see.
Even so, Vulcan didn’t think the mages possessed a perfect scan ability like his SYSTEM.
The mages were showing such attitudes despite all those. Vulcan figured that it could only mean one thing. The mages have picked up words about Vulcan from somewhere.
‘It seems the information they have are seriously off though.’
Having thought this far, Vulcan tilted up both tips of his mouth and looked at one of the mages.
The mage was the one named Sinit who provoked Vulcan earlier.
“… What’s this? That bastard is looking at me and smiling…”
“Is there a reason to be curious about it? As Malrop said, we don’t know how the situation could change. Also, that guy could have gotten stronger through 25 years, so don’t let your guards down.”
“Kuk. He is a resident of Act 2. How much stronger could he have gotten from training only for 25 years?”
Most of the residents of Act 2 were stuck behind walls for very long time.
It was normal for them to not achieve any progress from training for about 25 years worth of time. Because of this, even the other mages, who brought up the possibility of Vulcan having become stronger, were not worried.
It could be said that they just said it to mean that they should not let their guard down during the battle which was about to commence soon.
‘That bastard’s strength is… Based on the standard from the 25 years ago, he is only slightly stronger than me. With five of us attacking him as a team, we can catch him alive without any casualties!’
Malrop, the leader of five mages, quickly raised his staff.
The staff had two large fist sized magic stones. The stones exuded blinding light.
Other four mages, who were watching Malrop, quickly raised their staffs and cast magic.
Magic energies were being radiated from five high level mages. The ground shook violently from the energies.
‘I’ve heard that he is very fast, so let’s cast multiple gravity magic spells to keep his movement speed at check, and…’
Malrop quickly cast multiple spells as he thought about what would happen from now on through the battle.
However, he could no longer continue his train of thoughts.
Instantly, Vulcan disappeared from their sight.
It was completely unexpected. Five mages felt their hearts sinking from the shock.
They all reactively cast most powerful defensive spells they could cast. However, they were not enough to stop Vulcan’s attack.
Of the mages, Malrop was the one who proudly held the highest level. Vulcan moved to the back of Malrop. The energy from the Thunder God Blade technique grew through Vulcan’s blade. The energy fell quickly from above and mercilessly tore through several thousand layers of air shields.
With all of his protective spells now eliminated, it was not possible for Malrop to stop the Thunder God Blade with his bare body.
Malrop didn’t even have the chance to feel the pain. He was cut in half and collapsed.
Two pieces of his corpse collapsed with a bit of delay from each other.
The intestines and organs poured out from his body and made a mess on the floor. The blood spread in all directions. It even spread near Vulcan’s feet.
Time passed, and it was not short. However, the mages could not make any move.
Choking in overwhelming fear, they only stared at Vulcan. The mages looked like little children who just witnessed a murder.
Vulcan used fire magic and blew away the blood on his boots.Read Max Level Newbie first on (If you're reading this elsewhere, it has been stolen!)
Shocked by Vulcan’s behavior, the four mages got a grip and quickly gathered in.
Now, they were completely different from how they were trying to surround Vulcan with far distance between them and Vulcan.
Vulcan, as he watched them having panicked look on their faces, slowly said,
“Why are you attacking me?”
“Do you not intend to talk? In that case, I’ll ask a little later.”
It was a monotonic voice coming out of an expressionless face.
However, underneath, it contained fury that was even greater than what could be expressed by an outcry that was full of emotions.
Sinit instinctively felt that. He tried to gulp with dry neck. However, he couldn’t even do that well.
His mouth was already completely dry. It was making him extremely uncomfortable.
Instead of talking back at Vulcan for what he just said, Sinit cast the magic that he was most confident about.
After that, using all of his might, Sinit launched the cast magic toward Vulcan.
What appeared to be a large meteor sized ice fell from the sky and struck where Vulcan was standing.
It contained horrifying cold. Even the lava in the Lava Field lost its heat and cooled nearby.
However, Vulcan, who was at the center of the strike, was still standing tall and strong with the same expressionless face.
Fire ignited from all over his body and swept away the cold energy around him at an instant. The heat made the solidified lava to flow again.
Sinit’s split voice echoed through the empty air.
“What the hell are you all doing you retards! Hurry up and attack!”
The other mages came to their senses and started to launch endless barrage of spells.
Several hundred different varieties of elemental magic spells were cast at an instant and came flying toward Vulcan.
The four mages were fearful. It was enough to make them shake.
They could not understand why they were shaking in fear like they were at the moment.
Each and every one of them were undefeated best grand mages from their lower dimensions. Even in Act 1 where the greatest geniuses gathered, they were the best.
They were mages who achieved such great heights. They may be in danger at the moment, but they could not easily accept the fact that they lost their composure like this.
However, they were unaware of one thing.
They didn’t know that the emotion called fear could balloon up indefinitely depending on who the opponent was.
They didn’t know that all of their past duels, struggles, and dangers combined could not even be compared to the intense battle spirit exuded by Vulcan.
The mages were mentally cornered to the tip of a cliff. They were pouring in all of their strengths without thinking about the limits of their mana.
The Act 2’s ground was made by greatest gods. The sturdy ground was destroyed completely from their magic, and the mages continued to launch more magic attacks.
Whhhhoooong. Whooouuuooong.
However, turning their efforts into wastes, Vulcan used the Thunder God’s Might and Lightning Dragon Steps at peak performance and dodging all of their magic attacks.
Vulcan was zooming around at incredible speed. All sorts of magic attacks fell along in length of the tail to chase Vulcan.
However, not one of them made direct hit on Vulcan.
To suppress Vulcan’s movement, the mages used all sorts of anti-boost magic spells. However, they were all bounced off by highly concentrated barrier. Even the magic attacks that were shot by predicting Vulcan’s trajectories ended up missing the target.
Nothing was working!
Anxieties became even more apparent in the looks of the mages’ faces. The magic spells being poured out now contained even more power. One of the mages, to cast even more powerful magic, stopped launching magic attacks and started to recite a long spell.
At that moment, Vulcan, who was only behaving defensively, went on the offense.
As if he was demonstrating that the moves he showed so far was not his full power, he leisurely charged in from the diagonal angle. The mages gasped for air as they saw Vulcan charging in.
Vulcan was dashing in at fearsome speed.
Toward the front, the mages indiscriminately launched several thousand magic attacks.
However, they were already within Vulcan’s attack range.
Vulcan used the Land-fold Technique to jump over as much ground as possible and lengthened the Thunder God Blade.
It was like a farmer swinging his scythe to harvest the crops. With his Thunder God Blade, Vulcan swept through the lower bodies of the mages horizontally in wide swing.
Suurguk guk guk guguk.
At an instant, the four mages lost their legs.
That was not the end.
Vulcan had prepared the Destructive Core earlier. He shot it toward one of the mage to crush him. Vulcan then cast Ifrit’s Fist and blew up another mage.
Vulcan left the remaining two mages alive. However, Vulcan quickly swung his blade and cut off their arms.
Along with the staffs tightly grabbed on by the hands, the staffs fell to the ground.
Vulcan violently tore off the hands from the staffs and put the staffs away in his inventory. Vulcan then casually glanced at the men who were crawling on the ground.
Literally, the two mages were completely disarmed.
Like dragonflies who had their wings torn off, the mages crawled on the ground as they screamed in pain.
“U…. Uuuk!”
“Kuuuaaaak! Kkuhuk. Kulok, Kulok!”
Blood was gushing out of their mouths endlessly.
They were using excess amount of mana, and they also received devastating damages while at it, so they had suffered serious internal damages.
Vulcan brought out two potions and spread the potion on the parts of their bodies where the limbs were cut off to stop the bleeding. He then brought out two more and poured them into their mouths.
After a while, the two mages, Sinit and Baiel, could come out of panic.
With their faces covered in fear, they looked up at Vulcan.
Vulcan’s skills were awestriking. They were completely unexpected.
Vulcan’s power was enough to go up against highly ranked Demi-gods in Act 2.
Thinking about his own pathetic state with both of his arms and legs cut off, Sinit thought about Bae Su Jin.
Vulcan’s current height was different from what Bae Su Jin informed the mages. Vulcan was at an incredible height where only few in Act 2 could match him.
Sinit thought he was scammed. He ground his teeth and cursed Bae Su Jin.
‘Those evil sons of bitches… They even swore to gods as they sold lies… Sons of bitches! Chewing them off won’t be enough to quench my anger! Dirty bastards!’
Actually, Sinit’s anger was misplaced, although he was not aware of this. Still, Sinit and Baiel could only think this way.
While they were thinking such things, Vulcan came near their heads.
Vulcan’s shadow was cast on their heads.
In the mages’ faces, the expressions full of hatred disappeared. Now, boundless despair filled the place.
Vulcan threatened by igniting and extinguishing flames. He then said with heartless voice,
“Now, I’m sure that you would want to talk. I’ll ask again. Why did you attack me?”
* * *
Around the time Vulcan was fighting off the five mages after the Blood Demon and Ying-Yang Elemental Enchantress, there was someone who was watching them all in real time.
Baeron, a mage who was sent here as a scout from the Bae Su Jin.
He had surveillance magic cast over the Lava Field. Through it, he confirmed Vulcan’s presence. Baeron quickly used the communication magic and contacted Bae Su Jin at the main base.
It was obvious, but this caused a huge stir at the Bae Su Jin. Hellmout, one of bosses of the Bae Su Jin, said in agitated voice,
- What! When did you find him!
“About two to three minutes ago…”
- No. That’s not important. We will send our guys right now. We will send about ten, so you keep watch there. If you think he will be leaving to go somewhere, keep him there. You can do at least that much with your skill, right?
Baeron was a high-level mage even among the Bae Su Jin.
Hellmout thought that although it would be impossible for Baeron to beat Vulcan, Baeron should be more than able to at least keep Vulcan from running away and buy them time. 
However, in voice that utterly lacked confidence, Baeron said over the communication magic that he absolutely could not do that. Hellmout shouted in anger,
- I know your power! You are saying you can’t even do that one thing now!
“Please… I’m not trying to disobey. Vulcan’s power is… Sir… Please do not get angry as you hear what I have to tell you now.”
- … What? Hurry up.
Hellmout felt that something was off. Read Max Level Newbie first on (If you're reading this elsewhere, it has been stolen!)
Instead of criticizing Baeron, Hellmout now urged him to hurry up and speak the rest. Along with the sound of Baeron gulping, Hellmout could hear Bearon’s shaky voice.
“Having ten won’t be enough. Sir… You… No. I think the Commander should come."
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