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Max Level Newbie 64

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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Vulcan thought about the items in the inventory.
Most of them were ordinary to quality rate, but there were a few grand rate items.

‘I also have the legendary rate bow…’

The situations with the items in Act 2 were better than Act 1. The blacksmith shop in Espo City was managed by the god of blacksmith himself.
Compared to how Haywood ran the blacksmith shop using haphazardly acquired skills, it was a difference between the ground and the sky.
However, there was still more demand than supplies. This fact remained the same.

‘They said useful equipment are still in short supplies. Moreover, the blacksmith is lazy, so he doesn’t open the shop very often either…’

In conclusion, Vulcan was confident that the grand rate or above equipment that he had were going to get him enough money.
However, Kiba thought differently.
Still not convinced, Kiba was looking at Vulcan. He said,

“Perhaps you used to be a blacksmith, but you mustn’t compare Act 2 to Act 1. There are many people here who are craftier than you.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes. Also, besides the craftsmanship… The difference in materials is huge. Compared to the materials you gathered…”

Kiba blurred the end of the sentence.
However, Vulcan knew what he was going to say.

‘That’s true. As a newbie, how good of materials could I possibly get?’

Vulcan could understand Kiba’s concern.

“Still, we wouldn’t know until I tried selling them.”
“Hm… If you say so.”

Kiba took a sip of water and said,

“Oracle, the information organization, is near the market. On its door, there are crystals shining in all sorts of colors, so it will be easy to find it. Enter there, pay the price and get the information you want.”
“Thank you.”
“Well, as for selling items, get settled in any empty spot and sell it. Just make sure to check out what others are selling and at what price before selling yours. You should at least know the current prices.”
“Ah, that makes sense.”

Vulcan answered like a fool.
It was something Vulcan didn’t even think about because he never had sold anything until now.

‘In Act 1, thanks to Mr. Jake, I never needed money except when I went to the pub… I wish I got someone like Mr. Jake here.’

Vulcan suddenly missed Jake.

“I don’t know what kind of information you are looking for, but information is quite expensive, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get enough money.”

Kiba added one more thing.
Vulcan felt that Kiba was quite a caring person.

‘I heard that there are lot of violent ones among the beastman, but it looks like not all of them are.’

“Yes, thank you. It was very helpful to talk to you.”

Vulcan thanked him sincerely and left the building. He quickly walked toward the market.
On the first day in Act 2, Vulcan checked out the city while waiting for the airship to arrive, so he was already aware of where the market was.
Before long, Vulcan arrived at the market.
It looked similar to Act 1, but it was a lot bigger.
There were more merchants and customers, so it looked almost like a big city in Rubel continent.
Vulcan entered the market to check out the goods.
There were many signs and items in arrays.
Vulcan approached a vendor who was wearing a red colored martial warrior’s getup. He checked out the item there.

[Quality rate weapon – Fire Dragon Blade]
[Level limit: 630Lv]

Attack power + 578
Endurance 174/200
Attack speed +10%
Attack power increases by 5% when using singularity type martial technique.

*A martial warrior who is also a skilled at blacksmithing created this blade by pouring in his internal energy to it.

“How much is this?”

The warrior lifted his head and looked at Vulcan. He cringed a little and responded as if he was complaining.

“3200 Aus.”

Having heard the response, Vulcan nodded and walked away. The warrior said,

“You are just a newbie. Why is he here? He probably don’t have any money anyway.”

‘Ah, they are assuming this.’

Since then, Vulcan didn’t ask about the prices.
Instead, he checked out the goods that already had the prices written. It was enough for him to understand the current prices for things. After looking around the market for about an hour, he felt confident enough to start selling.

Vulcan found an empty vendor spot and brought out the items.
He brought out one legendary rate item, four grand rate items, and ten quality rate items. 15 items filled the table. Behind the table, Vulcan, with a smile on his face, started selling.

‘Unlike what I thought, items’ levels are not too high.’

Of course, things were still higher than how they were in Act 1. However, things were better than what he expected.
Most of the items he saw in the markets were quality rate, and grand rate items were rare. Moreover, he could not find any legendary rate items.

‘Although the level limits are high… It is still strange. I heard that there are people from Dwarf world once in a while too, yet…’

Still, this was a good thing for Vulcan.
This meant that the items that Vulcan was selling were competitive.
However, nobody was coming to Vulcan’s spot.
Even those who were approaching his spot turned away after seeing Vulcan.

‘What’s this? Do the items I’m selling look bad?’

However, Vulcan didn’t think their appearances looked shabby.
Vulcan had no way of knowing what the problem was, so he decided to wait a little longer. Like that, one hour passed.
He finally figured it out.
It was the dot in his forehead that was exuding light.

‘Ugh. I thought the protective blessing was a really good thing, but it’s seriously getting in the way now.’

It was obvious now. People were not interested in items being sold by some newbie.
Without the ability to scan the items, even Vulcan would not have been interested in bothering to check the items.
The look on Vulcan’s face crumpled like a piece of paper.
Sigh came out on its own.

‘Ugh… These are actually really great items. There isn’t any way I could show them.’

He couldn’t just shout out and say it is a grand rate spear with level limit of 700.
With his head lowered big time, Vulcan thought hard about how to get past this problem.

‘What if I put a bandanna on my forehead? Maybe it won’t work?’

“Hm… Hm…”

Perhaps Vulcan’s desperation worked in the end.
After one and a half hour later, the first customer came.
The man was wearing a dark martial warrior’s getup, much like how Lee Jung-yup was in Act 1. Toward the middle-aged man, without realizing it, Vulcan said in a very polite manner,

“Welcome! I sell various weapons and armors. What kind of items are you looking for?”

Vulcan was being extremely polite, Vulcan probably was never this polite to anyone since he came to Act 2.
The customer nodded as he checked out the items.

“I’m interested in this blade… Did you make it?”
“No. I’m just the seller. It was made by a skilled blacksmith.”

To give the customer confidence in the item, Vulcan lied to him.
Vulcan felt like the man would just leave if Vulcan told him that the items were obtained by himself.
Fortunately, it seemed like the customer was believing Vulcan.

“Um. It appears to be the case. The quality is definitely good. It’s too good to say that a newbie made it. How much is it?”

‘Although I didn’t make it, that’s unpleasant to hear somehow.’

Keeping his facial expression in check, Vulcan said,

“It is 3300 Aus.”

The blade had a little better specs than the Fire Dragon Blade he saw earlier. Vulcan figured that was a reasonable price, and the warrior must have thought the same. The man paid the price for the blade.

“I hope you sell a lot more.”
“Yes, thank you.”

‘It sold!’

Vulcan bowed toward the martial warrior who was leaving with the blade he just purchased.
Vulcan, for the first time, managed to sell an item.
It took a while to start, but in the end, he successfully sold one and made money.
Vulcan was proud of it.
It was a lot more fun than slaughtering a bunch of giant monsters.

‘Now that I think about it, I have never experienced this kind of life.’

Since 20 years-old, right around when Vulcan was going to enter the society as an adult, Vulcan fell to the Rubel continent. Since then, he lived the life of battle.
The trivial things that ordinary people would have experienced and enjoyed became strange and fun experiences for Vulcan.
Fighting monsters that would make ordinary people piss their pants became Vulcan’s daily life. Ordinary things like selling items at a vendor became a once in a while thing.
Vulcan realized his life had changed so much. Having realized it, he felt that he was calming down a little.

‘Now that I think about it, I’m doing this to get information about the monster that was targeting my life.’

Vulcan was down a little. He hardened the look on his face.
Only a moment ago, he was excited from making his first sale. However, now, his body felt heavy.
However, the customers didn’t care about the condition of Vulcan’s mood.
As if the lack of customers for the first hour and a half was a lie, customers started to swarm the place.
It was as if someone spread rumors about him.

‘Is it because of that martial warrior?’

It seemed that he liked the blade a lot.
Although he was not in a good mood, Vulcan was busy serving the customers and selling the items.
His items were definitely competitive in the market. Once there were many customers to view the items, many of the quality rate items were sold.
One customer even purchased several blades.
In just two hours, Vulcan refilled the items on the display twice.
He was able to make a pretty good profit.
However, the grand rate items and the legendary item were still there.
It was because the customers were thinking that the price difference was too much.

“Why is that spear so expensive?”
“This is… the blacksmith said it was made with a lot more effort and care, so it should be sold at that price at least, so…”
“Hm… It definitely seems to be a better item, but I don’t think it is worth that much… I’ll buy this one instead.”
“Yes. Thank you.”

‘Ugh. That one is quality rate item, and that one is a grand rate item! I explained the stats in detail, yet they don’t believe me… It cannot be helped. It’s not like there is a certificate of authenticity. It will not be easy for them to know about the special attributes unless they tried it out on fighting a real monster, so…’

In Act 1, there were many Players who could confirm the stats for people, so this was not an issue. However, in Act 2, Vulcan was the only Player.
There wasn’t anyone who could objectively judge the items’ stats.

‘Ugh. Since I sold the other items, maybe this is enough? I think I made enough money… Maybe not? Kiba said information is expensive here. Also, I still have items that are useless for me. I think it would be better to sell more while I have the chance.’

While lightly scratching the head with his finger, Vulcan thought hard about this.

‘Should I sell more? Should I stop here and go to the Oracle?’

At that moment, someone, who was also selling things on the vendor spot next to Vulcan, asked,

“Excuse me.”

Vulcan turned to look. There was an adorable looking baby tiger looking at Vulcan.
There was a glowing dot on the forehead. It seemed he was also a newbie.

‘Looks like he transformed into this form. He looks adorable.’

Vulcan scanned the baby tiger’s abilities.

[God-beast Gao, the Great King Tiger]

“It seems you are doing errands for your master too.”
“Yes, it’s like that.”

Vulcan responded properly. With innocent looks on his eyes, Gao said,

“I have been watching from a while ago. It seems those five items must be quite exquisite. Items like that don’t sell very well in a street vendor spot like here.”
“Ah, is that so? I didn’t hear about any other place where I could sell things, so…”
“Hur hur… Your master must be quite heartless. He didn’t even tell you about something so simple.”
“Haha. Yes, he is.”

‘It’s not that they are heartless. The information is 700 years old, so it is lacking in many ways.’

Vulcan waited for Gao to continue. Licking his tongue around, Gao started to explain.

“On the back side of the vendor market, if you go to that large building over there, you can enter exquisite items for auction. Of course, you can purchase items too. If you pay a fee, they even examine the item for you. If you want the items to get proper certifications, I think it would be good for you to go there.”
“Oh, so there was a place like that… About the examiner, is he someone that can be trusted?”
“Of course. He just came to Act 2 as a Manager. He obtained godhood.”

Gao brushed his neck and continued.

“Anyway, if you are interested, I recommend that you check out the place. Well then, I’m finished with my work here, so I’ll be going now.”

With his tail shaking gently, Gao walked away to the distance.
With a blank look on his face, Vulcan watched Gao like that for a while. Vulcan then turned his head toward the auction building.

“Well, I might be able to get a better price then here, won’t I?”

Vulcan cleaned up the street vendor kiosk and started to walk toward the auction building.

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