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The Tutorial Is Too Hard 33

by gandara

Translated by Jaiki & MOYOYO

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Tutorial 4th Floor, Waiting Room

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I've decided to ignore the Representative Confederation for now.

I'm sure I can ask Kirikiri about the Waiting Room where the Representatives resided at, just like how I could ask what happened to the people in Hell 1st Floor.
But, it would most likely cost all the Chances I've gained from clearing the 3rd Floor.
And most importantly was the fact that I couldn't intervene with what they were doing, even if I knew what the situation was.

It may sound like a cheap excuse, actually it was an excuse, but I'll just focus on myself for now.


I could see a surprised look on Kirikiri's face.
On her hand was chocolate topping from the the cake.

"You can eat it."


I started talking about the main issue after watching Kirikiri finish the chocolate topping.

"Can you give a detailed description for Talaria's Wings?"

"Yep! You'll see it when you get back to the Waiting Room."

"Um... and, Kirikiri. I still have multiple Chances to ask questions left over right?"


"Then, can I leave it for now, and use it later?"

"Yep. That's fine."

That's a relief.
I planned on asking about either the Gods, or how one would go about clearing the Tutorial in general the next time I see her.

With that decision made, I asked for assistance in buying necessary items for the next stage.
Kirikiri didn't ask for any payment just like back in the 1st Floor.

Using the saved up points, I bought a better leather armour and more potions.
As well as a few miscallaneous items and equipments as recommended by Kirikiri.

Hm... Kirikiri's recommendations have been somewhat unexpected.
I could somewhat guess the theme of the 4th Floor was.
But, I couldn't figure out what the main purpose of these items were.

I guess the rope, hook and binoculars were obvious but,

A mirror?
What on earth would I use this for?

I keep that question in my head, afraid of using my Chances by asking that question.

I looked into the mirror.
But instead of seeing my refleciton, it showed a strange mark on my face.
On my forehead to be accurate!

What is this.

"What the hell is this!"

"It's the symbol of the Blink Emblem. I'll answer that for free this time. Heh."

There was a blue, circular magic seal seared on my forehead...
I wouldn't want this, even if I went back to being a teenager (chyuuninbyou).
And it was even glowing slightly!

Had it been on my forehead the whole time since I got the skill?

For the first time, I was somewhat happy of the fact that I didn't have to worry about meeting anyone in Hell difficulty.
It's too embarrassing to see anyone with a doodle on their face.

I sighed and stepped into the portal.

"I'll see you later. I'm off."

Kirikiri did her usual reply to my farewell, by hopping about around me.
I was expecting Kirikiri to ask for another cake when I returned, but what came out from her was different.

"I'll tell this as bonus for buying me a cake. There's going to be a grand conference opening soon."

Grand conference?

I was swallowed by the portal's light before I could ask what it meant, and was teleported to the 4th Floor Waiting Room.

[Welcome to Floor 4 Waiting Room]

A grand conference.
I checked the Community to see if anyone else had information, but none could be found.

If this grand conference could gather all the people in the Tutorial onto the same environment,
I just might be able to contact the Representatives directly.
Maybe not.
Well, I should be prepared for it just in case.

How should I act in that situation.

After clearing my thoughts for a brief moment, I invited some of the people I've been following in the Community to a chat room.


[Round 2, Day 25. 20:30]

[Talaria's Wings (Lv.Max)]
Description: The God of Adventures has recently made this power to gift a Challenger of great interest. As it was hastily made, it lacks in certain areas.
The God of Adventures could not stand the anxiousness anyfurther, and created this skill using his powers.
When cast, it summons Talaria's Wings behind the caster.
Talaria's Wings allowed the caster to glide in the air.
Both wings have incredibly high magic defence.
When cast, the Wings use the powers of the creator, God of Adventures, and it does not require divine powers, concentration or mana from the caster.

It's a good skill as expected.
It's rather disappointing that the skill doesn't allow me to fly, and instead allow gliding.
But, if I use Blink to travel up, the gliding should come in handy.
The Tutorial's stages are mostly confined, narrow corridors, but according to the Community, the stages' size and height increase with each floor.

It's easy to realise how effective this skill was, just by imagining if I had this back in 3rd Floor.
The Boss Room would have posed no threat, as I would of used the gliding skill to pass through the trial harmlessly.
It's limited to gliding, but having the sky as possible areas of movement was definitely a good news.

And the magic defense.
If you asked what is the greatest weakness of a warrior, it's magic attack.
Just having the magic defence from it will be of use.

I decided to try it out at this point.

"Talaria's Wings."

Oh wow.

A pair of large, very large wings appeared behind my back.
About 3m each.
It's about 6m wide if I spread them out fully.

It's starting to make my heart pound.
It feels like its tugging at my primal instinct as a male.

A point to note was that they aren't connected to my back.
I was slightly worried how they could possibly fuse with my muscles or bone, or rip through my clothes.
The wings were floating in the air, about half a foot away.

That's interesting.

And it seemed like it's made of blue crystal, not feather.
Actually, it could be a type of gem, not just a crystal.
When I look at it, it feels like it's drawing me into the wings.

I test out the wings by moving them around.
Despite floating in mid air away from me, and being made of crstale instead of feather, the wings slowly moved as I had wished.

Since the wings were so much larger than me, I could hide my entire body with the wings.
I think they would make a great defence against magic.
I doubt it's effective against psychological attacks, but my Mental Corruption Immunity skill will take care of that.

The tips were quite sharp, so it seemed possible to use them for close quarter combat.
But, one sad part was no matter how much I tried flapping those wings, I could not fly.
It really can only glide.

I was considering if I had to start working on 4th Floor before the 3rd Round finished, but researching would take its place now.

I need to use the time to get used to Talaria's Wings and Blink, and how to use them in combination.

It's very nice to have something different to work on, since I haven't made any significant growth in the 3rd Floor.
Of course, I can't forget my usual pain, bleed, piercince and burn resistance grinding.

These busy days continue, just as it always had.


"Big Sis. Stop it. They'll find out"

I calm my little sister with my eyes.
Well, I doubt she was calm, but I wished she would atleast stay quiet.

We stick close to the corner of the Waiting Room and take a few jerkies out, little by little.
I can't take too much out.

If those sons of bitches found out, they would take the jerkies right on the spot.
The usual beating for opening the Inventory in secret, without permission would follow as well.

I shoved as many pieces of jerky as I could into my shirt.
There was definitely a limit to how long we can stay in the Waiting Room.
The holograph message was showing the remaining time left, and the conversation from the bastards confirm it as well.

24 hours.
It's unlikely I'll die, but it's too long to withstand without a single drop of water or food.
I might be fine, but my little sister may not make it.

After taking out enough jerkies, I close the inventory, and close the buttons on my shirt.
This still isn't enough.

Surviving was possible.
Those demons may beat the hell out of someone, but they aren't psychopathtic killers.
For food, I could sneak some jerkies from my shirt.

However, the most crucial fault was that I have no means to protect myself, or my sister from them.
That group of mobsters who introduced themselves as the 1st Round seniors had strength beyond logic.

Anyone who fought against them was beaten close to death.
The fight was our 7 against their 3.
We weren't even a match.
All of use raised our weapons and fought, but couldn't even scratch one of them.

The difference is that they are from the 1st Round, while we are 2nd.
They may have been normal people just like us, back in the days.

The, the process of going through the Tutorial may have given them the super human strength.
That may explain why they are surrounding the blue magic circle, and stop everyone from going outside.

I instinctively looked at my stolen weapons.
I shouldn't have lost my spears so easily.

I thought back to the time where I first got that spear.

Starting weapon.
Dimensional teleport.

All these illogical sights.
It's easier to think that I was in a game world rather than a real one.
That would explain this situation better as well.
The floating holograph message was similar to that from games.

Maybe, this really was a game world, and I've become a character in it.
The only problem was, that this game was incredibly unfriendly.
It's not telling me all the crucial information that a normal game would usually provide.

I needed information.
Where we are, and what this world was.
What happens after 24 hours, when we are kicked out from the Waiting Room.
If there was anything to protect ourselves from them.
How do we gain strength like them.

I needed information.


Hm hm. Ptueh!

I forced spit from my throat.
Someone got hit by it, but there were no complaints coming.
In fact, the person was shaking, trying to avoid eye contact as much as possible.

Those gutless weaklings.

I chew at the jerkies in my pocket.
It's been a while since I've had food other than jerky.

What am I, an Old Boy?
It's making me go crazy.

But, despite my complaints of my meals, I am satisfied at this situation.
Very, very satisfied.

"Boss Chang Suk." 

My sharp underling bring out a waterbottle for me.
Of course, both the jerky and the water aren't mine.
All my jerkies and water disappeared when the 1st Round finished.
Of course, I didn't buy new ones either.

I remember the 1st Round.
When after reaching the Healing Fountain, how scared and vulnerable I felt, standing in front of what the Community call the Boss Room.
I paced around the stone doors, and ended the 1st Round that way.

[1st Round has finished]

[You have failed clearing the 1st Floor]

[Bonus rewards are given according to your play]

[You have received 250 points]

I was relieved when I was returned to the Waiting Room.
I wasn't the only one failing the 1st Floor.
There was a delinquent looking high schooler from the same Waiting Room as me,
and some slacker from a different Waiting Room.
3 in total.

And soon, the 2nd Round started.
As the new people entered, I realised how identical they are to how I was in the 1st Round.
Scared, and vulnerable.
A world which cannot be understood logically, and no one would explain the rules for you.

They were normal people.
And weak.

At that moment, I thought up an idea.
This must be how Socrates felt when he shouted "Eureka!".

As I scanned the Waiting Room with a satisfied look, I found out a girl was looking at the Community in a corner.

"Oi, you bitch! How dare you read that without permission! Oi! Bring her over."

There were always idiots who don't know where they belonged.

The girl screamed about, but my minion pulled her by the hair.
She said she's a uni student. Time to show them an example.

For a brief moment, I'm the king of this small world.

King? King... A new idea came to me.
My seat of power would be temporary due to the limit of this system.
And I thought an idea to prolong my seat of power.

First, I needed to expand my group beyond this Waiting Room.

For its name... yeah.

The Representative Confederation.

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