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Max Level Newbie 61

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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Surpassing (Part 2)

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Until now, the concept of profession didn’t exist.

The title was applied automatically depending on the specialties learned.

Vulcan’s title was swordsman when he only used swords. When he obtained a skill-book and learned magic, his title became mage swordsman.

This was the first time for Vulcan to be asked to choose a profession.

‘Let’s take a look.’

Vulcan was not sure about this whole profession thing yet. He decided to take a close look at each option.

[Super human]

A human that has exceeded beyond the limit of human beings.

In the basis, everything is still the same as being a human. However, the growth rate is very different. After level 500, each level up comes with greater stat increases in comparison to how things were as a normal human.

*Condition for activating: Achieve level 500 (Completed)

[Enlightened Being]

A being from the Enlightened World.

Surpass mankind and become an Enlightened Being. Enter the Enlightened World.

You can use special abilities that you could not have obtained from being a human.

*Condition for activating: Choose the path of an Enlightened Being after clearing Act 1 (Not completed)

[Brave Hero]

A human being with the fate of the lower dimension on the shoulders.

You can borrow strengths from all people in the lower dimension. Greater power can be utilized if there are more people or their will is stronger.

*Condition for activating: Achieve level 500. The lower dimension in danger. (Completed)


A great existence.

It is a step before becoming a god. It is definitely an existence who is above humans. Great power can be used depending on the exploits accomplished.

*Condition for activating: Achieve level 500. Growth rate surpassing humans. (Completed)

‘Instead of calling it a change in profession… It’s almost like changing what kind of being I am.’

To avoid monsters that were being regenerated one by one, Vulcan decided to move to a safe place.

With a serious face, Vulcan looked at the SYSTEM window again.

‘Anyway, this is definitely a good thing.’

No matter which one he chose, there was going to be a big advantage, and there was very little disadvantage.

In fact, if he didn’t include the condition about having have to go to the Enlightened World for the Enlightened Being option, all of these were as good as saying there were no disadvantages.

Vulcan closed his eyes.

He thought about the few that he got to meet ever since he came to Act 2. He also thought about how their superiority, stemming from the difference in their kinds, was making him feel inferior.

‘That difference will disappear in an instant with this profession option.’

This was like having gold drop from the sky.

Vulcan always thought having SYSTEM was like being able to cheat. However, he never felt so strongly about it as now. This was totally cheating, big time.

‘I was a fool to be envious of other beings when I have a cheat like this…’

Vulcan was getting so excited. He tried to calm himself down.

This was certainly like finding a large lump of gold on the street. However, some of the choices were like 14k, and others were like pure gold

Vulcan thought about which one would give him the greatest power. However, it didn’t take him very long to decide.

With a serious face, Vulcan nodded once and said,

“Number four. I choose Demi-god.”

[You have chosen Demi-god]

[The transformation will commence]


Notification could be heard. Golden light exuded from Vulcan.

Soon, the light became intense, enough to surround his entire body. With the light, Vulcan’s body transformed.

It became stronger and more divine.

It was like how martial warriors go through enlightenment. Vulcan’s body was transforming into a vessel that contained the power of a demi-god.

Duduk. Dudududuk.

[Transformation to your profession is complete]

[If you give up your profession, you will lose everything and become human at level 1. Please be careful.]

‘Why would I ever do that? That’s insane. I will if I want to give up and go commit suicide.’

Finally, the profession was set.

Vulcan slowly turned his head and examined his body.

Appearance wise, there was no difference.

However, inside, he could feel the divine power pumping through his body through the heart.

Gods were the existence that all demons feared.

A demi-god was close to that, and Vulcan transformed into one. Satisfied, Vulcan said,

“I don’t quite feel a big difference yet.”

However, he figured that was obvious.

He carefully read the part about ‘exploits’ in the description about Demi-god.


A Demi-god must accomplish these to prove greatness.

The exploits points are accumulated when difficult tasks are accomplished. The exploit rank will rise with the exploits points.

Higher difficulty exploit will result in more exploit points. The difficulty is set depending on the level. Even if it is the same task, if it is accomplished while being at a lower level, it is considered as a bigger exploit.

*With exploit points accumulated, a Demi-god can utilize greater power.

[Current exploit rank: Peasant]

This was the reason why Vulcan choose Demi-god.

Of course, Vulcan was impressed by what he saw from the Demi-god that he met in person. That was part of the reasons. However, if it wasn’t for this ‘exploits’ concept, Vulcan would have agonized between Demi-god and Super Human for a long time.

‘There just isn’t enough people left in my world for me to take advantage of the Brave Hero’s characteristics. The Super Human is definitely not bad. However… The difficulties in Demi-god’s exploits rank is based on levels, so Demi-god is the most efficient one!’

Currently, Vulcan’s level was 500. However, his true abilities were far greater than that.

He was lacking only in stats. The monsters he could actually fight were far above level 500.

‘If I take advantage of this… I can accomplish incredible exploits in a short period of time! If I fight a 700 level monster or fight several 600 level monsters at once, I wonder what kind of exploit points could I get?’

Vulcan stopped thinking about it.

Vulcan was running in high speed using the Thunder God’s Might.

In an instant, he moved to a place full of Ancient War Trees. He cast Firefields indiscriminately.



Ten of War Trees became infuriated and attacked Vulcan.

Vulcan used Lightning Dragon Step to the fullest and dodged the vines. He didn’t just dodge them. He swung his blade offensively and chopped them down as well.

However, he was fighting substantially higher number of War Trees than before. He couldn’t dodge all attacks. Even with the Thunder God’s Might and Lightning Dragon Step combined. He was getting injuries here and there.

He was overdoing it.

To achieve Vulcan’s ultimate goal, he had to fight for a very long time, like being on a marathon for several tens of years. Fighting recklessly against so many while sustaining injuries was not a useful method.

However, in this instance, it was a matter of achieving something great from doing so.

To that end, Vulcan was willing to put his body through hardship.

In the end, Vulcan incinerated all ten of War Trees. He breathed hard.

There were blood flowing. His armor was damaged all over.

He looked like a soldier in shamble who escaped a violent war zone.

However, there was a notification from the SYSTEM echoing on his ear. It was like a heavenly voice to Vulcan, enough for him to withstand the trouble.

[All at once, you defeated ten opponents that were far stronger than you!]

[You have achieved a great exploit!]

[Your exploit points went up by a large margin.]

[Your exploit rank went up by two levels.]

[Current exploit rank: Veteran]

Along with the notification, great power of Demi-god filled Vulcan’s body.

It was different from physical strength, endurance, mana or magic strength.

It was a harmonious, fundamental power that encompassed all of them. Also, there was a will of justice within the power, the kind that would not forgive any evil.


Adjusting to a strange power that he had never felt before. Vulcan breathed hard.

He smiled brightly.

His body was in a terrible state, but he didn’t mind it.

‘If I can achieve an incredible growth like this by going through a hardship like what I just went through, I don’t care if I end up in a worse state afterwards.’

Vulcan used potions to replenish his endurance and mana. He waited for them to recover slowly.

Afterwards, in order to compare himself to before obtaining the Demi-god’s power, he went to pick a formidable War Tree.

There happened to be a War Tree that was at a distance from other ones.

[An ancient tree that’s being shunned by others]


“I somehow feel sorry for attacking this one.”

Although that’s what he said, he was relentless in his magic.

Through his Heavenly Lightning Blade, a Lightning Spear was shut toward the tree. The lightning struck its body.


Guuuwrrrrk Giaaaaak.

It seemed to be in pain. The War Tree rubbed its body with the vines.

Instead of fighting Vulcan, it ran off to the distance. Watching him, Vulcan smiled.

‘As I expected. Although it was for a brief moment, it had a stun effect!’

Some of Vulcan’s lightning magic spells did possess stun effect. However, the Lightning Spear didn’t have status effects to it. The magic was for damaging only. It didn’t have status effect that disrupted the opponent’s movements.

However, this time, Vulcan’s Lightning Spear did stop the War Tree for a moment.

It was all thanks to the Demi-god’s power.

‘As I get more exploits, the stun effect for the lightning element magic will have greater effect… This is an insane ability. 

The stun duration was very short. Also, it may not amount to much against foes that are far stronger than me. 

However, if I accumulate even more exploits? Before the gap between my level and my true power becomes narrow, if I accumulate more exploits, ten or hundred times this, and amplify the Demi-god’s power?

When I become the same level as Tolcas… I don’t think I’ll lose!’

Vulcan checked the status of his body.

His mana became full a long time ago. His endurance was at over 90 percent as well.

As for the damaged armors, he changed to the new ones in the inventory.

He had plenty of items suitable for 500 level.

‘But, if I clear Act 2 after choosing Demi-god as the profession, am I still keeping the promise with Filder?’

Vulcan suddenly thought about that. He thought hard about it for a moment.

He could have chosen to be a Super Human or Demi-god. Regardless, they were human on the basis, so it didn’t matter. That’s what Vulcan thought.

Also, honestly, Vulcan still didn’t think he was a Demi-god.

His shell became a Demi-god, but he thought he was still a human inside.

‘Also, the most important thing is becoming stronger. I made the right choice.’

Vulcan stretched his body and got excited all the way to the tip of his head.

As the last thing, Vulcan confirmed the cooling time for the Superheated Inferno was over. Like a wild predator, Vulcan charged right into an area surrounded by War Trees.

‘Even if I overexert myself, even if I cough blood, I need to accomplish as many exploits as I can!’

He couldn’t wait around and hope for enlightenment that may never come.

Now was the only time that he could obtain a huge amount of exploit points.

Vulcan stood in middle of twenty War Trees.

With a little excited voice, Vulcan said,

“Superheated Inferno.”

Along with the skill command words spoken, flame of hell poured out and swallowed the War Trees.

* * *

Three months had gone by.

Vulcan’s level went up by 40, which was astonishing.

It was a result of Vulcan repeatively taking on many dangerous hunting without hesitation.

It was like running a marathon at a 100 m dash speed. It was intense, and that made Vulcan very exhausted in both his body and mind.

However, despite being exhausted, his hunting speed increased over time.

His exploits rank rose at a fearsome pace.

It was thanks to the power of Demi-god, which came from the exploits.

[Current exploit rank: Hero]

It was three levels higher from the Veteran rank.

Although Vulcan didn’t know about it, his rank was now just one level below Tolcas, who had ‘Legendary’ rank. Hero was a rank that was considered to be on the high side even among Act 2’s Demi-gods.

From Vulcan’s stand point, he merely found runts who were beneath him and fought them at once to level up. However, from the SYSTEM’s stand point, Vulcan had fought several tens of monsters at once when each of them were at level that Vulcan may not survive a one-on-one duel.

Moreover, Vulcan had been repeating the process for three months. He was able to accumulate exploits at a pace that others would accuse him of cheating.

‘As I thought. It was the right choice to go with the Demi-god.’

It might have been okay with choosing the Super Human.

Getting additional stats increase per level up was a great advantage from potential stand point.

However, that would not have enabled Vulcan to achieve rapid growth like this.

Thinking about the wise decision he made, Vulcan smile a little.

“Phew… However, now this won’t work well anymore. Wuuuuurrrrrr.”

Vulcan plummeted to the ground and lied there with his arms and legs fully extended out.

He sighed and thought,

‘This is really the limit.’

Vulcan had been overexerting himself, and he had been doing so especially because he was having too much fun gaining exploits. Now, the strain from it all was slowly catching up to him.

He had been drinking potion like water, so he appeared to be fine outside. However, his mind could not take it anymore.

This was worse than how things were when Vulcan was training under Filder or was hunting in the Underground Graveyard.

‘Also, it is about time I went to a different hunting ground.’

Now, the level difference between Vulcan and War Trees were only 60.

The place was definitely a useful hunting ground still. However, Vulcan knew a better place, so there was no need for him to stay here.

So, Vulcan decided to say goodbye to the forest area after defeating the boss monster.

“All right.”

Vulcan immediately got up and looked to the distance.

There was a gigantic War Tree. It was so humungous that it was making other trees look like little baby trees. Vulcan wondered if the world tree mentioned in fantasy novels would look like this. The sight was overwhelming.

[Commander Tree, Big]


It seemed the tree had been sucking all nutrients from the ground in the area. There wasn’t a single tree growing nearby.

Even the War Trees were keeping their distances.

‘That works well for me. I’m actually grateful.’

“It’s time I escaped this island. I’m sick of this place.”

Mumbling by himself, Vulcan slowly stretched his body.

With quick movements, Vulcan evaded small fry War Trees and he arrived at the front of the Commander Tree.

He checked his body status and equipment for the last time before the battle.



While Vulcan was busy getting ready, there were quiet movements around Vulcan. Like a predator in a jungle, there was an existence in hiding that was glaring at Vulcan.

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