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Max Level Newbie 60

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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The forest was so wide that its boundaries could not be seen even from high up in the sky. Trees substantially thicker than ones found in lower dimensions were packed in the forest.
Also, among those trees, there were existences exuding their uniqueness.


There was a large tree with circumference of ten men’s arm spans.
The tree moved like a wild beast and used its vines to attack Vulcan.

[Ancient War Tree]

However, not a vine managed to touch Vulcan.
To begin with, 600 level monsters had difficult time to catch up to Vulcan’s speed.
Also, war trees were not the type of monster that excelled in speed.
War trees were among the slower ones in 600 level monsters. It couldn’t even manage to catch Vulcan’s shadow.
It wasn’t like the war tree’s best abilities were being utilized either. It had incredible physical endurance and defense. Pure martial warriors who can’t use magic considered the war trees to be on the top of the list of monsters to avoid. However, to Vulcan’s flame magic, it was just a large firewood.
Inside overlapped Firefields, the war tree roared in pain and disappeared after becoming experience points for Vulcan.

[Experience points went up.]
[Level up!]

“As I thought, this place is very efficient. I get to have a monopoly in this place because nobody is around too.”

Vulcan looked very happy. He mumbled as he picked up the item.
Monsters in the forest area were weak against Vulcan in many ways. They were weak against flame magic, and they were also weak against lightning because it generated high heat. The monsters were cooked so easily.
Moreover, there wasn’t anyone around to compete for monsters.
For martial warriors, they didn’t visit the place after rumors spread that the monsters here won’t die easily despite being slow, that it was like ‘punching on sandbags.’
Flame based mages came to visit the place once in a while for herbs, but they ended up burning everything in the process, including herbs, and leaving empty handed. So, even they started to stop coming.

‘However, none of those matter to me.’

Vulcan’s goal wasn’t training. He was here to gain experience points.
The war trees were like firewood that died quietly. Vulcan welcomed such monsters.
Things like herbs were also not problems to Vulcan.
It was because items dropped no matter how Vulcan killed the trees, whether by fire or gently.
With a satisfied face, Vulcan looked at the items that the war tree dropped and then directed his gaze toward another prey.
There were four war trees there, but Vulcan didn’t feel uneasy about it at all.

‘I’m currently at level 474… I think I’ll stay here until I get to mid level 500. Let’s suck the honey out of this place!’

Vulcan laughed big time.
Vulcan poured out magic toward war trees. His face was full of ambition and greed.

* * *

[Your experience points went up.]
[Your experience points went up.]

[Zenith Mage Swordsman Vulcan]
[499(+ 30)Lv]

“Phew, I’m at 99% with the experience points. Just a little more and I’ll be at 500!”

Vulcan shouted in excitement.
Under normal circumstances, Vulcan would have said it quietly to avoid provoking other monsters nearby. However, he had no reason to do so now.
Vulcan turned his head left and right and looked around the scenery.
It was all black.
As far as he could see, all around him was turned into ashes.
It was as if the place was bombarded by lightning and flame from the sky. It was desolate.
Obviously, there was no sign of any monsters around.
In order to hunt quickly, Vulcan had been shooting magic indiscriminately. He had been replenishing depleted mana by excessive use of mana potions. Two months and a half had gone by like that.
Vulcan leveled up at a pace almost on par with how it was in the Abandoned Dungeon.

“Phew… Should I take a break?”

Vulcan plummeted to the ground to lie down. He looked up at the blue sky.
He thought about drinking a mana potion, but he decided not to.
It seemed its effectiveness was diminishing due to excessive consumption in such a short duration of time.

‘It’s comfortable.’

Vulcan spent a leisurely time.
His mana, which was showing its bottom at the moment, was rising frustratingly slow. However, it didn’t matter.
He was mentally exhausted anyway. He needed some rest.

‘Ah, right. Perhaps I should try summoning?’

It was something he hadn’t thought about lately.
Vulcan was provoked to level up after seeing demi-gods and other kinds. He was so focused on leveling up that he had forgotten about it. Now that he had time to spare, it occurred to him naturally.
Vulcan brought out Kina Kina the beast bird.
Upon injecting it with mana, the wooden doll Kina Kina became a living crown parrot. It started to circle the area.

“Feed me! Feed me!”

Vulcan poked at the parrot’s cool looking golden crown and thought hard about what to do next.

‘How many should I feed him?’

This was just a test, so Vulcan thought there was no need to give many.
Vulcan brought out a small thumb sized vitality marble and put it in Kina Kina’s mouth.

“More, more!”
“Stand still. Summon Enlightened Being!”

Having heard Vulcan’s words, Kina Kina suddenly stopped moving.
It started to shake and exude white mist from its mouth. After a moment passed, the mist clumped together to form letters.
Much like Beloong City’s Wikicrystal, it formed a user interface menu. Vulcan was impressed.

“This is intriguing. It’s convenient to use.”

Vulcan mumbled and looked at the Enlightened Being list.

[List of Enlightened Beings that could be summoned]
1.    Lowest ranked battle god (Duration: 1s)

*There isn’t enough vitality marbles. In order to increase the duration or summon a higher ranked Enlightened Being, you need more vitality marbles.

Having noticed there was just the lowest ranked battle god in the list, Vulcan cringed.
However, he considered the amount that he fed Kina Kina and quickly accepted the outcome.

‘Actually, it was wrong of me to expect a big reward for feeding it just one marble.’

Vulcan didn’t feed Kina Kina any more marbles and just summoned.
It was going to be just one second, so he wasn’t going to have a chance to talk to the summoned being, but it was going to be enough to examine the level.
Vulcan was curious how powerful the lowest ranked battle god was.


A semi-transparent object came out of beast bird Kina Kina.
Vulcan checked the Enlightened Being’s level first before the face.

[Lowest Ranked Battle God Dokgo Hoo]

“… Huh?”

Vulcan vacantly looked at the level, but he said,


Vulcan quickly turned his gaze.
He could barely see a middle-aged man’s face in middle of the mist. However, he disappeared quickly.

[the time limit is up. The summoning had been canceled.]


The Enlightened Being was sucked back into Kina Kina’s mouth.
Vulcan panicked and stood there for a moment. He opened the inventory and brought out vitality marbles.
Kina Kina now consumed many vitality marbles.
Vulcan shouted, ‘Summon Enlightened Being’ quickly before Kina Kina could yap away.
Kina Kina spat out semi-transparent letters again, and Vulcan selected the lowest ranked battle god again.
There was no need to worry about the summoned being disappearing right away since Vulcan fed the bird many marbles this time.
Vulcan was surprised, but he was also glad to see the summoned being.
The lowest ranked battle god Dokgo Hoo was also looking at Vulcan.

-    What’s this? I thought a god beast summoned me, but it is you, Little Brother. How did you do it?
“Haha, it’s great to see you, Big Brother.”

Vulcan thought it would be very hard to see him again.
It was by a coincidence on top of coincidence that led to this. Vulcan was overjoyed. Vulcan and Dokgo Hoo chatted for a while.
The two had many things to talk about.
Vulcan explained how his world was destroyed and the things about Act 2 in a row. Dokgo Hoo also poured out stories and complaints about a unique dimension called Enlightened World.
Foul language started to pour out from Dokgo Hoo.

-    That bastard Yur Dong-bin! He definitely hates me! He is good to other runts because they are kissing his butt. He is making me organize Go board instead! So what if he is a god of blades? So what if he is the highest ranked Enlightened Being!
“Still, you are the youngest and the newest there, so maybe it is just where you start?”

-    What! Even if I’m a rookie, nobody can treat me that way! I’m at a whole another height from other Enlightened Beings of same rank!

Vulcan glanced at Dokgo Hoo’s level again.
It was definitely higher than before. However, it seemed that was not enough to give him a special treatment.

‘Could it be… that Enlightened Beings are significantly more powerful than humans even if they are at the same level?’

Vulcan was suddenly curious. With his finger, he pointed to a distance.
There was an ancient war tree that was regenerated just now.

“In that case, can you show me your power? It’s has been a while. I think that tree will be enough to demonstrate your strength.”

-    Hm! Are you patronizing me? It looks like one of those max level trees from Act 1. It’s just a small fry. I’ll turn it into firewood this instant.
Dokgo Hoo approached the war tree at an incredible speed.
Vulcan shook his head left and right and followed after him.

‘He became an Enlightened Being, yet he still has that short-temper. I thought it would get better.’

Vulcan even thought that Dokgo Hoo could become more powerful than himself if Dokgo Hoo learned flame and lightning magic.

-    You runt! You are just a tree, but you dare to attack humans? Taste the power of Blade God Dokgo Hoo!


The ancient war tree got angry for being attacked all of sudden.
Sharp vines came out of its body and charged toward Dokgo Hoo from all directions.

-    Huap!


The war tree’s level was higher than Dokgo Hoo by 60 levels. However, Dokgo Hoo was able to cut through the vines effortlessly. Vulcan was impressed.

‘He is stronger than I thought? It is not a huge difference, but as I thought, it feels like he is stronger than humans.’

Vulcan, in a relaxed pose, watched the battle between Dokgo Hoo and the war tree.
Even if Dokgo Hoo received a serious damage and the summoning got canceled from it, his actual body was not going to receive any damage.
Their battle didn’t come to an end easily. Neither side had a way to deal sufficient damage to each other.
The war tree’s vines, which was its only offensive measure, were being chopped off by Dokgo Hoo’s flashy swordplay.
Meanwhile, Dokgo Hoo was lacking in strength to cut through the war tree’s body.
Vulcan could see that Dokgo Hoo was trying very hard with all of his might, but it seemed it was going to be difficult for him to deal a decisive damage to the tree.
Vulcan watched the battle for a moment longer. Having felt that the summoning duration was almost up, Vulcan called Dokgo Hoo.

“Big Brother, I’m sorry, but it is almost time for you to go back.”

-    What? Rascal? No! Increase the duration! I’m going to finish this one before I go!

Vulcan promptly shook his head.

“No. I would not have used so many marbles to begin with if it wasn’t for you. Ah, there are only 5 seconds left.”

-    No! Hey! You rascal!

“Well then, I’ll see you again next time, Big Brother.”

[The time limit is up. The summoning had been canceled.]


Dokgo Hoo disappeared to Kina Kina. Looking at it, Vulcan peeked a smile.

“I guess I won’t be bored from now on. I think I’ll summon him whenever I think of him.”

Dokgo Hoo was currently the lowest ranked battle god, so summoning him didn’t require a large amount of marbles.
Vulcan thought he should use the vitality marbles occasionally from now on. As he thought that, he used several Firefields.


Having lost the opponent it was fighting, the war tree aimed its vines at Vulcan. However, Vulcan avoided the attacks easily with his lightning dragon step techniques, and the war tree slowly died from being burned to crisp.
The war tree’s vines were burned off like curled fries and died.

[Your experience points went up.]
[Level up!]

“All right! I’m at level 500 finally!”

Shouting in excitement, Vulcan examined his status screen.

[Ultra-Zenith Mage Swordsman Vulcan]
[500(+ 30)Lv]

“Ku…. I’m a Ultra-Zenith now. I like it.”

Although just a word was added to the title, Vulcan felt great.
It felt like he reached a new height.
The level was still substantially lower than his true abilities, but it was still a good news to feel great about.

‘Even Bellon and Ho-gyeong had titles of Ultra-Zenith. It wouldn’t make much sense for me to not have it. Of course.’

Vulcan calmed himself and closed his eyes. He started to examine his internal states.
It was time for Vulcan to thoroughly examine his body’s development and plan his future development’s direction.
It was a moment that Vulcan thought of as the most important time. Because of this, he was so focused on it that ordinarily noise from the surrounding didn’t bother him.
However, there was a sound that even he could not ignore.


It was a sudden notification alarm from the SYSTEM.
Vulcan’s eyes opened wide.

[You have achieved level 500!]
[Congratulations! You have obtained a chance to choose a profession!]
[Speak the one you wish, and it will become your profession.]
[If you would like to know more about a particular profession, please hold your gaze steady at the one you want.]

1.    Super-human (Unlocked)
2.    Enlightened Being (Locked. Currently forfeited)
3.    Brave Warrior (Unlocked)
4.    Demi-God (Unlocked)


‘A profession? What… is this?’

Vulcan was at a loss for words.
It was completely unexpected.
It was making his head complicated with thoughts

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