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Max Level Newbie 57

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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A Newbie That's Not Like a Newbie (Part 4)

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“I’ll presume that you are leaving this wave to me.”
“… If I sense any danger, I’ll help.”

Phantaero said as he disengaged his combat stance.
Vulcan lightly nodded and started to generate more magic attacks endlessly.

With electrifying sound, lightning spears were generated continuously. However, the power felt from the spears were at a whole another dimension and size from ordinary lightning spears.
Each and every one of the spears were like lightning made by god of thunder.
Lightning spears like that were filling the airship in hundreds. Together, they were exuding blinding light that was to the point of making others difficult to have their eyes open.
Phantaero was absolutely impressed.

‘It is incredible. I’m at a loss for words. Does this man really have the newbie tag on him?’

Naturally, Phantaero thought about the time when he first arrived at Act 2.
Of course, Vulcan could not be compared to how Phantaero was back then.
Phantaero even forgot about that he was supposed to be ready just in case of an emergency. He strained his eyes to watch Vulcan.
He wanted to witness with certainty just how strong this newbie was.


The lightning spears looked like they could shout out somewhere at any minute.
An ordinary mage would be breaking cold sweat to maintain all these. However, Vulcan was handling them all with ease.
They were generated through the SYSTEM, so Vulcan just needed to provide mana.
Noticing their numbers growing, even Elcane was not able to hide his surprise.

‘I’ll be shooting them through all directions anyway. There is no need for careful control.’

Fine control through traditional magic operation was useful only in fighting against small number of extremely powerful opponents. In a situation like this, it was a waste.
Vulcan replenished the depleted mana with potion and continued to increase the number of magic.
800… 900…
Number of lightning spears grew to astonishing four digit number.
The way they were floating on top of the airship and swarming looked violent like a swarm of bees just before the attack.


A brief moment passed, and monsters came close enough to the airship that each of them could be seen just with eyes.
However, instead of showing their violent nature, the monsters just looked at the top of the airship, instinctively realizing something was not right.
There were a thousand of lightning spears exuding blinding light.
A few quick thinking monsters were about to leave the scene. At that moment, the lightning spears scattered in all direction along with a frightening sound.


There was no exception.
Not a single monster managed to dodge Vulcan’s magic.
The magic attacks were prepared by a lightning mage who was at a far greater height than them, and the magic attacks were prepared carefully with time.
There was no way for them to dodge or block the attacks.
They merely left items and experience points as they disappeared slowly.

[You gained experience points.]
[You gained experience points.]

[You gained experience points.]
[Level Up!]

‘Level went up. Actually, it is about time.’

Vulcan retrieved all items using magic and plummeted down at where he stood.
The battle didn’t strain his mental strength. However, he used a large amount of mana to the point that he needed to get help from using a potion. He could not stop himself from feeling exhausted.
However, he didn’t feel frustrated from being tired.
Instead, the thrill from unleashing his full power was surrounding his entire body.

‘I think this is the first time I used the full strength since I obtained SS rank in lightning mastery…’

In Act 1 and the lower dimension, ones that could be considered worthy opponents were just three, Ho-gyeong, Bellon, and the supreme commander Nukuham.
However, even they were far below Vulcan’s strength.
Obviously, there was no need for Vulcan to use full power against them, and it seemed that lead to Vulcan feeling not satisfied.

‘Um. That’s not it. Perhaps my personality changed a little too…’

His basic personality didn’t change much.
However, certainly, he did become more proactive in comparison to how he was before he achieved enlightenment on lightning.
Vulcan no longer planned or calculated all sorts of things for battle. It could be said that Vulcan became a warrior who stepped into the battle without any hesitation when it came.
Vulcan was liking that change in himself.

‘I have no reason to be all calculating and rational in middle of the battle.’

His main magic attacks were lightning and flame.
They were both violent and ferocious type of magic that were more useful for offensive measures than defense. 
Even if it was for the sake of further growth, Vulcan had a need to fight with even more intensity.

‘Especially while taking advantage of the protective blessing while I have it.’

Vulcan smiled refreshingly and said to Phantaero,

“We probably don’t have to work anymore until we get to the destination, right?”
“… Probably. Anyway, are you a Player?”

It was an obvious deduction after seeing how Vulcan retrieved items.
Vulcan nodded to say that he was right.

“Huh… I have seen a few Players in Act 1, but they were absolutely pathetic…”

Phantaero looked as surprised as if he had a monster in front of him.
It was a completely different look from before when Phantaero was being considerate toward Vulcan.
With a satisfied look on his face, Vulcan looked toward Elcane.
Vulcan could see Elcane’s hardened face.
Elcane was not revealing emotions in a big way like Phantaero was. However, it seemed Elcane was pretty shocked.
Vulcan, with even more satisfied face, turned his head.
Vulcan drank yet another mana potion and lied down on the floor in a pose similar to the demi-god Tolcas.
It was a very relaxed pose.


Elcane glared at Vulcan as if he was going to punch a hole through him with the gaze.
What he just witnessed was beyond common sense. It could not be understood.

‘What is he? Is he not a human being?’

Obviously, Vulcan was a human.
Elcane used his sharp senses unique to elves to observe Vulcan. However, he didn’t feel that Vulcan was a demi-god or some other ancient being.
Elcane thought about all humans that he had seen until now.
There were those who were strong, and those who were weak. At the very least, human beings were not so pathetic that Elcane could treat them carelessly.
However, it was still true that humans were lacking in comparison to other beings.
This was especially true when it came to humans’ rate of growth.
Demi-gods or Dragonians, who were born with blessed body and abilities, grew in strength at fearsome rate.
It was to the point that other beings watching from the side fell into despair and hopelessness.
Unlike those beings, humans required blood, sweat and huge amount of time before they could stand in Act 2 as a strong warrior.
Also, that was just about extreme few with best talents among all humans. Other humans with ordinary talents were living their daily lives stuck at where they were.
There was a reason why Elcane was patronizing Vulcan.
It was only causing a problem to have a newbie human with protective blessing to ride on the airship.

‘But how… How could a human, when his protective blessing hasn’t worn off yet, have achieved such a height?’

Even Dragonians could not get strong this fast.
It was a maybe for a demi-god who had very thick blood of god flowing through.
Even among those people, only few that could be counted with fingers would have been able to achieve such.

‘Did he just say he is a Player… I have never seen one, but I have heard of them. However, I heard that they were weaker than ordinary humans…’

Elcane felt headache from convoluted thoughts. He leaned against the ledge on the airship in order to rest. However, Elcane could not rest easy.
Yet another wave of monsters was coming.
On top of that, it was in even greater numbers.

“What? This is crazy… Just what are they doing that’s making monsters swarm at us constantly?”

Because of his mind in chaos, Elcane’s words were crass.
Elcane picked up his bow, and Phantaero, who could not stop expressing his surprise about Vulcan, also assumed combat stance again.

“Vulcan, you were incredible. However, it is my turn this time.”
“I understand.”

Vulcan didn’t get greedy.
The mana was gradually replenishing, but it was not perfect yet.
Vulcan decided to leave this turn to Phantaero. He was thinking he should handle the next wave if there was going to be another one.
At that moment, Tolcas, who was sleeping until now, woke up.

“Ku~Haaam. Why has it gotten so noisy since a while back?”

Demi-god Tolcas stretched big as he raised his upper body.
He looked around the area and noticed that Vulcan had a protective blessing on his forehead. Surprised, he said,

“Uh! Hey! It’s still too dangerous for you to be on an airship!”
“Um. Thank you for your consideration. However, I have a reason. I must go.”
“Huh… In that case, it cannot be helped, still… Um? Why is there so many monsters coming this way?”

Tolcas directed his gaze toward the direction where Elcane was continuously shooting arrows toward.
Tolcas stretched out his neck far to the direction and stared. He turned his head to look at Vulcan and said,

“I see. Looks like I could have put a newbie in danger while sleeping away. I’ll handle everything from now on.”

Tolcas was looking at Vulcan with a look on his face. He was saying Vulcan could leave everything to him.
Panicking, Vulcan accepted.

“Ah, yes. Thank you…”

‘He is a bit of a fool. Is he like a greek demi-god?’

Vulcan noticed it when he met Lumitus. It seemed that gods or demi-gods were not always acting perfect despite their status.
Actually, they were lacking here and there, and that was making them more likable.
Although Vulcan exchanged only a few words with Tolcas, Vulcan was already finding him to be likable.
However, the look on Vulcan’s face hardened when he felt incredible energy from Tolcas.
It was overwhelming just like what Vulcan felt when Filder briefly showed his power to stop Vulcan and Dokgo Hoo from fighting. The pressure was comparable to that.
Vulcan stared intensely toward the source of the pressure.


It was a sword of light that originated from Tolcas’ hand.
It was shining blindingly with blue hue. The Blue sword was soaring up toward the sky as if it didn’t know the limit.


[TL: Think of the sound effect like a light saber from the Star Wars.]

The sword was beyond comparison from energy blade techniques by skilled Murim warriors at Act 1.
At best, their energy blades extended up to about a hundred feet. Vulcan almost felt sorry to even compare Tolcas’ sword to what he remembered.
His sword extended over 1000 feet, exuding its magnificent might.


Phantaero, Elcane and Vulcan were all at a loss for words. Meanwhile, several hundreds of monsters approached again.
However, when Tolcas the demi-god lightly swung his sword, the monsters became fine dusts and disappeared as if they never existed.


The sword of light disappeared after cleansing the area of all monsters.
Tolcas sighed big and looked at Vulcan.

“Haha. I over did it a bit because there are others watching. Was it good?”

Vulcan looked at Tolcas in silence.
When it came to Elcane and Phantaero, Vulcan thought they were just a little bit stronger than himself. However, when it came to Tolcas, Vulcan felt that the scene demonstrated Tolcas was above and beyond Vulcan.
Having witnessed the power of a 851 level demi-god, it made Vulcan feel like he just ran into a wall.

‘I don’t think he is below The Six.’

Tolcas was probably weaker than Filder. However, Vulcan could not imagine Tolcas losing easily against the rest of The Six.
Vulcan felt firsthand the might of a demi-god.
Vulcan said,

“Yes. It was beyond good… It was the best.”
“Haha! Thanks! Well, I only did what I should have.”
“I’ll handle all monsters approaching us, so please be safe.”

Tolcas was embarrassed, but he still liked that Vulcan praised him.
The man was without falsehood. He seemed innocent, yet he possessed incredible power. Looking at Tolcas, Vulcan renewed his determination.

‘I am also more than capable of getting stronger. For me… this is the beginning.’

Until now, Vulcan firmly believed that his true power was above anyone who was at the same level as him.
Now, Vulcan came to accept the thought was just out of arrogance.

‘At best, I’m around equal with some of the other beings, but I’m definitely behind Dragonians or demi-gods.’

Vulcan faced the uncomfortable facts.
Vulcan’s face gradually petrified as if he pasted stone powder on his face.
However, this was not enough to make Vulcan fall into despair.
It just meant he had more levels to overcome. Vulcan still had the confidence to grow at a rate that was far superior to others.

‘I figured level 1000 would be enough, but that was just a miscalculation. In that case, I just need to get to 1100. It is definitely not impossible!’

Vulcan was going to continuously review and study the internal changes as he leveled up. This way, he believed that he will be able to grow without limit or running into a wall.
It just meant he needed a little more time.
Vulcan certainly could handle it.
Vulcan tightened his fist and made up his mind.

‘Even if it means making all monsters in Act 2 to go extinct… I’ll clear it.’

With a determined look on his face, following Tolcas, Vulcan looked up the wide sky.
Like that, two more days have passed, and they safely arrived at the west island.

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