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The Tutorial Is Too Hard 30

by gandara

Translated by MOYOYO & Jaiki

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Tutorial 3rd Floor

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[Becareful. You'll die if you fall off]


[You'll die if you fall]


[Welcome to Tutorial Floor 3 Waiting Room]

[Round 2, Day 23, 23:22]

[Blink Emblem ((Lv.Max)]
Description: God of Slowness, one who loves the enduring and the patient, has gifted some of her powers to her possible apostle. If the one gifted with her powers were to turn away from her, she may become displeased greatly.
As the God of Slowness hates to move with haste, she moves objects within space and time controlled by her in a blink of an eye.
You can jump distances upto 5 times.
Once all jumps are used, it will go into 5 minute cooldown.
As this skill uses the divine powers of the God of Slowness, it does not require any mana, spirit or holy power from the user.

It's a movement skill.
I mean, how can a power from the God of Slowness be a movement skill.
There seems to be some contrast compared to her name.

I think the usefulness of the skill depends on the distance and the speed of the 'jump'.
I will have to test the function of the jump, but having a movement skill itself was quite a merit.
Movement skills are associated with survivability, and in combat aswell.
One of the great advantage here was that it does not require any power from myself to be used.
Plus, I can use it upto 5 times.
It's containing all the specs it needs to be op.

Now, let's test this skill.


Um... how do I say it?

Imba? OP?
It's not in the realm of just an OP skill.
this skill can ruin the balance of the difficulty, even if I consider the difficulty Hell presents here.
If a game had a skill like this, I'm sure all the players would of raged and demanded a nerf.

Ofcourse, I'm not mad because it's so good.
It's good! I'm happy!
I mean, for such good luck to happen on someone so misfortunate like me.
It feels like I'm being properly rewarded for the struggles until now.


With one use, I moved 3 to 4 metres forward.
I could control the distance somewhat aswell.
It's not just a dash, but more of a teleport.
I am literally, moved in a blink of an eye.
It's quite similar to a certain skill of a certain character of a certain watch game. (OW)

I'm starting to wonder if I'm reaching the speed of light at this point.
Plus, I don't have to worry about the momentum from the blink.
All momentum disappears once I arrive at the location, and I can land softly.
There are infinite ways to use this.
If I use this while running, or falling,
I will lose all momentum my body holds, and arrive at location.
I won't have to worry about falls anymore.

What happens if there's an object between me and the target location?

As soon as I thought that question, I moved the bed in the corner of the room to the centre.
And used blink beyond the bed.

Bang! Badadadump!

I've hit my leg onto the bed, and rolled beyond for a few metres.
Seems like I've hit my head on the floor, as I felt lightheaded.
And the leg...
Well, I can see crushed bone popping out.

It healed quickly as I was inside the Waiting Room, but it was a shocking sight nonetheless.
I should not use it so freely when there are obstructs in the way.
The calves were aching from the pain that remained behind.

Maybe, I could use the speed to attack enemies,
but let's seal that idea for now.
It's not in my realm of control yet.

I've went through alot of things in Tutorial, but this is the first time facing such a fictional, unscientific skill.
I think I'll need some practice to use it comfortably.

Let's put familiarising use of blink as top priority of Floor 3.

I also looked at another skill Kirikiri promised for explanation, the Wind Spirit's Blessings.

[Wind Spirit's Blessings Lv.1]
Description: A newly born windspirit's blessings are with you.
Dexterity + 10
Stage 1: Once reaching a certain speed, you gain the blessings of the forest.
Stage 2: Once reaching a certain speed, you gain the effect of acceleration.
Stage 3: ???

It's so easy to understand, when it's listed like this.
Blessing of the forest is what makes my body light and swift, while acceleration means literally acceleration.
I've also found out that there's stage 3 too.

It was a great idea to ask Kirikiri to explain it for me.

[Round 2, Day 24, 00:10]

it's time to sleep now.
I should take rest for now, and get used to using the Blink skill while progressing through Floor 3 tomorrow.


[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 3: I'm serious. Are you guys taking responsibility if everyone dies because they didn't listen to me like last time?]

[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 3: No, fuck. How can I, prove it to anyone you retards. There's just me in Hell Difficulty]

There are still several people who don't believe in my words, and treat me like a liar.
It's not that I don't understand them, but if I don't sort this out, the people from next round won't believe my information aswell.

[Kim Sang Shik, Floor 4: Tbh he's the only one to survive among the 10 who entered, so it's somewhat believable]

[Lee Gee Jun, Floor 3: Well, if he bullshits, then everyone ends up dying cus of it]

[Kim Sang Shik, Floor 4: Well that's why noone can prove if he's saying the truth aswell.

[Lee Myung Sun, Floor 2: Doesn't Hell Difficulty sound scary? Why is Hell after Hard. Wouldn't it normally be Extreme or something?]

[Lee Jin Suk, Floor 1: I think it's ok to believe him. Everyone, except him, died at the start of Floor 1 in Hell. I know because I have the Community on all the time except sleeping. I'm sure they all died on the first trap]

And once again, a debate is happening on the Community.
Well, atleast there are more people on my side compared to the first time.
Since nobody survived Hell difficulty other than me, it seemed to be convincing the others that what I informed about the traps are true.

Meanwhile, someone sent a 1:1 message to me.

[Invitation to the Representative Confederation]
Hello, Lee Ho Jae. We are astonished by your accomplishments within the Hell Difficulty, and sending this message.
If you wish, I would like to explain to you the reason and goal of the Confederation.
I sincerely wish that you will join us on our endeaver.
We will wait for your reply.

Lee Chang Suk.

What is this.
Representative Confederation.

There has been significant activities in the Community recently, and I've started to feel something like society or factions are developing within.
But I didn't they were THIS active.
Is it a gathering for the Top challengers?

Lee Chang Suk, huh.
I don't remember that name from the Top Challengers.
It could just be a Top Challenger who doesn't reveal himself in the Community.

Well I'll leave it for now.
If that confederation gains support from people, I may be able to improve my position in the Community, but I have no idea  where or what that Confederation is for.
Never head of it too.
And, since I'm left all alone in Hell Difficulty, I really have no chance to meet anyone.
Let's just leave it.

I take out a cup from inventory, dip it in the Healing Fountain, and have a sip.
Now, what to do...

[Round 2, Day 25. 14:35]

After 2 days of progressing through the Floor 3, I managed to get to the Healing Fountain without any injuries.

Yesterday, when I got the the Healing Fountain for the first time, I was so posessed by the greatness of the Blink skill, that I praised the Lord that is the God of Slowness.

[The God of Adventures feel disheartened]

I don't care about certain someone feeling depressed, I'm happy.
Anyway, I have decided that I won't grow anymore if I continue like this, so I decided to progress through the Floor without using Blink.

And, I succeeded at getting to the Fountain, unscathed, once again.
Ofcourse, I didn't get any level ups during the progress.

The theme of Floor 3's traps were tricks.
Hiding a trick within a pattern, to put the Challenger in danger.

Tricking through sound, or sight.
Showing a certain pattern, then striking when they are offguard, expecting the pattern to continue.

For example, the trap I've just passed was like this.
There are black and white stones arranged like a chess board.
And  the trap springs when stepping on the black stone, with poison arrows literally covering the entire room.
It's fine if you step on the white stone.
But, on the last row, the trap springs whether you step on the black or white stone.
In the end, the Challenger must break through the arrow trap.

I too, paniced when the arrows came out despite stepping on the white stone.
And managed to break through, using Battle Focus and Blink to dodge the arrows.
On the second try, I didn't use blink, but since I remembered the order and the angles of the arrows, I could dodge them.

Even if you fall for the trick, if you can get out of the trap that follows it, there is no significant danger, and that is Floor 3.

There was a reason why Kirikiri said there's no real helpful advices for Floor 3.

But even so, it's feeling alittle too easy.
Was it a throwaway stage?

I was hoping I could get some utility skills like Identify or Detect Trap, Remove Trap.
Adventure or dungeon skills given to Thieves or Adventurers in an RPG game.
But, despite my varying efforts to get that mystery skill, it failed.
I have not gained any skills.
It's just a waste of time at this point.

There was only one thing left.
The third floor's Boss Room.

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