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Max Level Newbie 53

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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While waiting for the Cross-dimensional teleportation technique’s cooling time to pass, Vulcan have thought about many things.
There were all sorts of trivial, random and useless thoughts swimming around inside his head, but there was one thought that he was most serious about.

‘What should I do to adapt well to Act 2?’

Vulcan thought about what was the hardest part in adapting to Act 1.
There were so many that he couldn’t count them all with his fingers.
Thinking back about the beginning, the one thing that he felt lacking the most at the beginning was…

‘There was hardly any information.’

It was just like this when he first fell to Rubel Continent. When he first arrived at Asgard, he was clueless.
Back when he was at level 99, there was a time when Vulcan roamed around the city aimlessly without any information or preparation.
Thinking back now, Vulcan realized just how dangerous it was at that time.
He was fortunate. He received help from people like Filder, Beruneru and Jake, and thanks to that, he was able to spend his early days in safety. If they were not there…

‘I don’t even want to think about it.’

It was very possible that Vulcan would be still roaming around the hunting ground relying on SYSTEM only. It was also possible that Vulcan would have been dead by now.
Because of the experience, Vulcan felt that it was absolutely necessary to make a solid preparation before going to Act 2.
It was to conquer Act 2 more quickly while being safer and more efficient.

‘I’m going to gather up as much information as possible… and make a guide book.’

It was like playing an RPG game. Playing one without any information resulted in many errors and mistakes throughout the game. It could lead to increased game play time, and it also could cause the player to die in the game several times.
However, with a great guide book, even a first timer could enjoy it like a veteran.
Vulcan decided to think of Act 2 as a game.
He was about to go play a virtual reality game called Act 2.
For that, he needed a guide book that was made specifically for a Player like himself.

‘I’m going to collect all information, even trivial things, and make a useful guide book.’

Escaping from his trivial thoughts, Vulcan begged Heywood.

“Didn’t you say you were the last one to arrive in Asgard?”
“You rascal! Even so, it has been 700 years. How could I remember it all!”
“Even so… You know less than Mr. Filder who came 2000 years ago. Don’t you think that’s too much?”
“To begin with, I’m the type that doesn’t care much about what’s happening around me! I was busy training, so why would I have been strolling around to gather information?”

Looking at Heywood complaining, Vulcan shook his head.

‘I’ll have to just trust Filder and Beruneru.’

Filder was the type that trained alone, but he remembered lots of things.
As for Beruneru, while he was in Act 2, he had achieved new heights by networking with various mages there, so he had a lot of information about Act 2.
So, Vulcan organized valuable information based on the stories the two have told him.
Things like approximate map of Act 2 world, locations of hunting grounds and their difficulties, location of the city, type of beings common in Act 2, dangerous beings, etc.…
On top of these, Vulcan also asked them to tell him about areas that they felt were strange or suspicious.

“Hey rascal. Why are you bothering with trying to enter a place like that? Instead of trying to gain experiences there, go to this place. It is a lot easier and safer.”
“You never know. It could be different if a Player went there.”

Even if it was a dungeon that was useless to normal people, it could be a different story for a Player.

‘You never know? It could be a hidden quest’s location, and it might have yet another Legendary reward.’

It was a good idea to mark all places with potential rewards.
Like that, Vulcan pestered The Six for about a week and gathered information.
At first, everyone was glad that Vulcan was working hard preparing himself for Act 2. However, when Vulcan kept on asking if they knew anything else, when they have told him everything, they were not sure about what to do to with Vulcan. Eventually, Heywood, a hot-tempered man, yelled at Vulcan. He had been pestering The Six that much.

“Hey! I’m telling you! I told you everything! It was as if I used a spoon and scraped everything out of my head and presented them to you in a silver platter, so enough! Actually, there isn’t any city out there with managers like us that would gather so much information for people!”

Only by this time, Vulcan finally stopped pestering The Six. Since then, Vulcan had been organizing the information.
The information were recollection of memories from 700 to 2000 years ago. There were a lot of useless information that were better off left in a garbage can. However, having collected them all, there were quite a lot of useful information.
In particular, Vulcan wanted to avoid unnecessary quarrels. With the information gathered, Vulcan got to know in detail about dangerous beings and races that he should avoid. This was a great achievement.

‘Dragonians are arrogant, but I’ll be fine as long as I don’t pick a fight with them… As for demi-gods, they are good natured by default, but they tend to care too much about others. Human race is the most untrustworthy beings. Vanhell City is full of battle maniacs… so I better stay clear of that place.’

After that, Vulcan selected areas that he would be most active in.
Act 2 was significantly wider and complex, so there was an elevated risk of wondering around aimlessly and growing inefficiently if one fell to Act 2 without any information.
According to Filder, there actually was one who have wasted time away from staying in a place that didn’t match.

‘I cannot let that happen.’

Vulcan made plans. He started to erase areas that he had no business with, and he checked the areas that would be most effective for his growth. After that, as a last touch, he eliminated areas that were either too far or too dangerous. Like that, a guide map for most efficient level up was complete.
Vulcan looked at the map he created.
It was a complicated and large map of Act 2. However, from the perspective of ignoring all the parts that were not checked, the map looked about as simple as Act 1’s fields.

‘There is no need for me to waste time in some hunting ground that does not fit my type.’

Vulcan felt his confidence filling up inside as he prepared more.
Of course, these were old information. Vulcan speculated that there would be many differences with how things were from the distant past.
However, that didn’t make the information useless.
Vulcan just needed to correct wrong or useless information as he moved forward in Act 2.

“Ah, it is done!”

Vulcan got up from the pub’s table and stretched big.
On his right hand, there was a small book titled ‘Act 2 Complete Conquest! (Player Only).’
Watching Vulcan, Beruneru mumbled.

“You are being a dumbass.”

Even Meruham, who was sitting next in silence, shook his head quietly.
Vulcan felt awkward, so he opened the pub door and went outside.
As usual, a great weather greeted Vulcan.

“Ah, that’s right. I was going to make the trade today.”

Vulcan, without hesitation, went straight to a place of gathering for Players.

“Wow, this place has gotten better than before.”

Perhaps it was because the Order of Virtue was sliced in half. Perhaps it was because Players, Uruo and others, went to receive teaching from Filder and Beruneru.
The main base for the Players Alliance grew in size significantly.
It was not as big as the Denomination’s temple or the Order’s residence, but the base was not lacking in any way to be called as a place of gathering for an organization.
On top of this, it appeared its membership grew as well.
According to the words on the street, it was due to Uruo, who was a stubborn man, having a change in his personality.
Vulcan tilted his head dumbfoundedly.

‘Can a man change in just five years?’

Well, it was not that important to Vulcan.
A Player escorted Vulcan to Uruo’s office.
Uruo greeted Vulcan with an expressionless face.
Uruo brought out countless number of red orbs and said,

“I have gathered them all as you said, so take them. Now, it is your turn.”
“… You trade very fast.”
“I don’t want to talk to you for long, so hurry up. The item.”

Vulcan looked at Uruo with a disapproving gaze. Vulcan opened his inventory and collected all of the orbs. After that, Vulcan’s inventory poured out a pile of items.


Uruo was surprised by the amount. It was more than what he expected.
He collected the items and said,

“100 to 300 level… They are all Grand-scale or higher. It was a good trade.”
“All right then. Live well.”
“Wait. By the way… What do you plan to do with the red orbs? Why are you collecting them?”

Uruo tossed a question to Vulcan who turned around.
They were orbs of vitality. They have a pretty high probability of dropping when slaying a monster.
However, it could not be consumed. It appeared to be seemingly useless, so Players had been just setting them aside and let them pile up.
Vulcan made a trade proposition to Uruo. Vulcan said that he will give useful items to the Alliance if Uruo gave Vulcan all of vitality orbs. It was a trade deal that Uruo could not possibly lose anything from, therefore, he accepted.
However, looking at Vulcan giving so many items in return for the orbs, Uruo became curious.
However, Vulcan didn’t give a proper answer.

“They are useless in Act 1, so mind your own business.”

Vulcan didn’t want to bother with explaining it all. He cut the conversation short and left the base.
Vulcan had a bit of time to spare before the meeting with Jake. Vulcan headed to the north gate field.
It has been a while since Vulcan faced Hellgoat.
In the past, Hellgoats felt overwhelming when even just three of them came at Vulcan at once. Now, they were easy to deal with.


Meh heh heh heh….

[Experience points went up.]
[Experience points went up.]

Hellgoats dropped like flies from continuously launched lightning magic attacks.
Feeling great about slaughtering Hellgoats, Vulcan smiled big.
Watching Vulcan, two Zenith warriors, who looked like they were sick of him, stepped back.

“That runt. Why is he still here?”
“I don’t know. He is a lunatic. What’s he doing here trolling around in a place for warriors who are beneath him? Tsk.”

‘Let me be for a while. Tomorrow, I’ll be a newbie again.’

Vulcan was thinking there was nothing wrong with enjoying a hunt for the last time before going to Act 2.
Vulcan let their complaints fall off from his ear and continued to hunt.
Although it was not a lot, it relieved his stress a bit.

* * *

As usual, Vulcan met Jake at the pub.
Jake said,

“So, we will be saying goodbyes forever tomorrow.”
“Not at all. I can visit using the Cross-dimensional teleportation technique. I’ll come to visit Act 1 as a vacation once I clear Act 2.”
“Haha! Vacation? There are countless people crawling on the ground because Act 1 is so difficult for them. You have some pride.”
“I probably have a little less than big bro.”

Vulcan received Jake’s words with a smile.
A year before Vulcan’s return, Dokgo Hoo have left for the Enlightened World.
He was not as powerful as Vulcan, but Dokgo Hoo didn’t have anyone else that could top his talent.
Because of this, The Six hoped he would go to Act 2. However, Dokgo Hoo refused like a swift swing of a sword.

‘I’ll become more powerful than Yur Dong-bin the Enlightened Blade. I’ll be Dokgo Hoo the Enlightened Sword! Hahaha’

Dokgo Hoo disappeared after leaving those words. Since then, he became a legend in Beloong City.
As usual, Jake drank from the bottle and said,

“I see. If it is you, you will do well. There is nothing to fault about your talent, and you have SYSTEM, which is like a cheat. You also have heard all those stories from the managers about their experiences in Act 2. From what I heard, managers of other cities hardly ever tell people about their experiences… I think you won’t have to fear even demi-gods.”
“To begin with, I heard demi-gods are benevolent toward human beings. There is no need to fear them.”
“It’s just a figure of speech. It’s even less fun talking to you now.”

Jake clicked his tongue and continued.

“Anyway. If you run into my teacher, please let him know I’m doing well.”
“Hm. If he is as you say, then I must meet him. I’ll definitely tell him about how you are doing.”

Back in the days when Jake had no will to live, Jake had a teacher who taught him the way of merchant.
If he had the personality that Jake described, it was most likely that he would be making his way through merchant business instead of combat.
From the experience with Jake, Vulcan learned the importance of having a good connection with a trustworthy merchant.
Vulcan had no reason to refuse Jake’s favor.

‘If I could establish a good trade relationship with him through knowing Jake, that would be even better.’

“Anyway, this is my last day, so let’s enjoy our drink.”
“Haha. All right! Let’s drink until our noses turn to sides!”
“… I’ll enjoy it a little bit since I have to go to Act 2 tomorrow.”

Like that, the night in the Beloong City went by.

* * *

Vulcan, who have finished all of preparations, went over the list of items.
Vulcan had countless number of special potions and return scrolls from Filder and Beruneru.
He also had the small booklet, ‘Act 2 Complete Conquest! (Players Only).’


He finished saying farewell to everyone he knew.
The Six, Jake, Anderson’s bunch, the three duel maniacs, and even Lee Jung-yup who was sleeping in the residence of the Order’s dead master…
Now, Vulcan didn’t have anything left to do here in Act 1.


Vulcan took another deep breath and tried to tame his nervousness and excitement.
The fate of Earth and his family depended on how Vulcan acted from now on. Thinking about that made his heart heavy…
However, Vulcan was also confident that he could handle it.
Vulcan lightly jumped a few times from where he stood, took a stance, and then charged toward the end of the north gate field like an arrow.

“Let’s do this!”

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