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by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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A Brave Hero from Another World (Part 2)

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Without any strength left in him, Naramhart collapsed to the ground.
He wanted to get up, but it was not possible. His legs were gone without a trace.
That wasn’t all. The blade attacks that followed right after have sliced off his arms.
In disbelief, Naramhart stared at Vulcan.

‘This is… Just what the…!”

Naramhart was so shocked by Vulcan’s incredible abilities that it was to the point of making Naramhart forget about the pain. Naramhart was not able to hide how shocked he was.

‘He is fighting me, a captain of 999, yet he is taking it so easy…’

Of course, even Naramhart knew that he wasn’t invincible against all humans. Usually, in comparison to a continent’s strongest human, Naramhart had a few shortcomings.
However, in other words, it also meant Naramhart was not someone who would lose so easily in a fight against even the strongest in a continent.
Now, Naramhart was facing Vulcan, a man who could toy with him effortlessly as if he was just a bug. Looking at Vulcan’s emotionless face, Naramhart felt the chill flowing down on his back despite his entire body feeling hot from the pain.

‘This could be almost… equal or greater than the supreme commander… No, this definitely is!”

Naramhart’s face was starting to get saturated with despair.
Vulcan took slow steps toward Naramhart and came right up to his face.
Vulcan’s eyes were calm and cold.
It was giving Naramhart the creeps. However, he tried not to let it be shown.
Vulcan said to him,

“Tell me. What are you? Why are you here? How did you get here? Finally, who is your leader?”

With his mouth firmly shut, Naramhart ignored Vulcan.
Naramhart had a strong resolve becoming of a captain of 999.
However, Vulcan didn’t care.
Vulcan collected mana with his left hand and said in a dry tone,

“I see you that are not talking.”
“The opportunity to use it came like this. Let’s go ahead and see who will win.”

Having finished talking, Vulcan placed his palm on the top of Naramhart’s head.

“Kuaaaac! Kuk! Kuhuwuk!”

Naramhart struggled in pain.
He couldn’t move much because he was missing arms and legs. However, his scream alone was enough to make one realize how painful it must be.
Looking at Naramhart, who was shaking, Vulcan thought,

‘To think I would be using this torture technique I learned from Lee Jung-yup.’

It was a technique that Vulcan learned for fun while he was in the Underground Graveyard.
Vulcan actually used the technique with mana instead of internal energy typically used by Murim’s warriors, but the effect was still quite splendid.
Only a moment ago, Naramhart was keeping his silence out of royalty for his leader, and he managed to do so despite having all of his arms and legs chopped off.
However, as soon as he regained his senses from the torture, he started to blabbermouth about all sorts of facts, even ones that Vulcan didn’t ask about. Watching it made Vulcan feel satisfied.
Having heard all information that he wanted to hear, Vulcan used Hellfire and cleansed Naramhart from existence.
Afterwards, Vulcan went to awake Belake, who had been unconscious since before the start of the battle. Vulcan asked Belake the same questions and compared his answers to what Naramhart gave. Of course, it was not even necessary to torture Belake.
A wide variety of information poured out of his mouth.

“Korean peninsula has been already destroyed. I heard there are resistances left in a few places in other continents… As for the survivors in Korean peninsula… They are gathered in an underground prison located in south side. We are in the process of deciding what to do with them…”
“Yes. Yes. It’s probably a place that is called Busan by the people that live here.”
“And you don’t know what happened to the people who had been living near Seoul?”
“That’s right! I was not among the first wave of invasion force. I was sent here as an additional deployment after this place was conquered to some extent, so…”
“I got it.”


[Experience points went up by an extremely small amount.]

Belake’s head was cracked open like a water melon.
Vulcan didn’t even glance at Belake’s dead body collapsing to the ground. Vulcan stood up immediately and invoked the Thunder God’s might.
Having transformed in to the Lightning’s spirit, Vulcan charged forward in full speed.
The destination was the place that two demons mentioned.
It was Busan.



Vulcan charged straight toward Busan. Nothing could get in his way.
Quite literally, nothing could.
Regardless of what came in front of his path, Vulcan didn’t care.
Even if it was a high-rise building that was blocking his path, Vulcan just bulldozed his way through the building.
It wasn’t like Vulcan was going to get hurt from doing so, and it wasn’t like there was going to be any collateral damage to anyone around the area.
If Vulcan went around the buildings and structures, he would have lost speed in the process. Vulcan didn’t like the idea.
So, instead, Vulcan charged forward in maximum speed that way, and eventually, he arrived at Busan.

“… Is that the place?”

There was an entrance that looked like it was purposely made for an underground space, and there were countless demons lurking around the area.
The place definitely was the place that Belake and Naramhart spoke of.
Vulcan was about to rush in, but he stopped for a moment. It was because a thought just crossed his mind.

‘If my family is in there…’

Actually, Vulcan was about half given up on his hope about his family being alive.
It was because he heard that Seoul was the place that the demon force came to conquer first.
His family lived in Gwang-myoung City, just south of Seoul. Because of this, assuming their survival was an excessively optimistic idea.
However, although that was true, he could not ignore the possibility of his family being alive.

‘If I cause a havoc here… It could endanger the people inside.’

Vulcan finished agonizing over it and moved quickly.
Although Vulcan didn’t know how to move in stealth, he knew how to move extremely fast.
It was at a speed that demons could not notice that he just passed by.
Vulcan, who infiltrated the underground prison in an instant, stopped in front of a gate inside the underground.
He could feel breathing of countless people just beyond the gate.


[Gatekeeper Pokuru]


[Experience points went up by an extremely small amount.]

Leaving behind the gatekeeper that died before being able to finish his sentence, Vulcan stepped inside.

‘There are a lot of people here.’

There were people trapped in groups of 100 to 200 people.
Judging from the long stretch of corridor, it appeared that there were several hundred rooms.
When Vulcan slowly walked through, a demon in the corridor screamed after seeing Vulcan.
Until a moment ago, the demon was laughing in joy as he tore apart a human being’s corpse.

“What! An intru…”



[Experience points went up by an extremely small amount.]

In a blink of an eye, Vulcan cast Infinite Flame Orbs and eliminated all guards.
When Vulcan lightly swung his blade, a prison room’s metal bars were cut as if they were straws.

“Is it a rescue?”
“We are saved! Oh, Jesus!”

People in the room, who were in horrible shapes, cheered loudly.
Vulcan looked at the people who were full of excitements.
He was looking for someone he could ask to get more accurate information, but he could feel numerous footsteps approaching this way.

“Hey look! There is an intruder here!”
“What the? But it’s just one human!”
“Idiot! Do you think we would have missed it if there were many? He managed to get this far because he is alone!”
“Is that so? Even so, it is odd that he is alone.”

Small demons rambled on.
A seven-foot tall demon swung his fist at the head of one of small demons.


Watching the skull and brain fluid being sprayed apart, the small demons fell to silence.

“Didn’t you see the dead bodies of guards and the gatekeeper? He is an incredibly powerful one!”
“B… But… I heard that there isn’t any powerful beings on Earth. I heard we only need to watch out for their weapons…”


The larger demon also exploded the other small demon and said,

“One of you go ask the commander to come.”
“Y… Yes!”

After a salute, a small demon rushed to go find the commander.
The larger demon, who was looking at the direction of the small demon running, turned his gaze and looked at Vulcan.
After a smile, he said,

“I know you are a pretty powerful bastard. However, now that you are in here, you are just a rat in a poisooooooooo!”

A flame was ignited in the area where the demons stood.
Inside a flame made of five Firefields overlapped, Koros, the demon force captain of 99 and several tens of small demons became ashes and disappeared.

‘If I stand guard at this entrance, I think I’ll be able to slay them all without causing any casualties to people.’

Toward Vulcan, who just finished this thought, there were forces of demon swarming toward Vulcan like a wave.
Vulcan shouted toward them in exhilarating voice,

“Kill him! Kill that human!”

Demons came at Vulcan like endless swarm of cockroaches.
Although they were all fearlessly charging toward Vulcan as if they were all hypnotized, it was not a bad situation for Vulcan.
It was because, for Vulcan, they were not even worth as a snack after a meal.
Vulcan had been fighting against monsters with level 400 or above for a long time.
On the other hand, their average level was 20, and there were demons with level 50 to 70 occasionally. Vulcan could more than handle a million of these demons.

‘If I keep up this seemingly endless slaughter, a big one that could end the situation… did show up.’

The aura alone was different from other demons.
It was a ten-feet tall giant, and its head was a red tinted skull.
It somehow felt like this one could have a trick or two up its sleeves, so Vulcan gulped and checked its abilities.

[Demon force adjunct Hokera]

“You dared and made me come here… Struggle in hopelessness… andooooooooooough!”
“What’s this? It’s still just a small fry.”

By the Hellfire that was lightly tossed out by Vulcan, who had his face completely crumpled, Hokera was extinguished from existence.
In other lower dimensions, even the ones that were called the strongest knights or mages broke cold sweats against Hokera. Against Hokera, even those warriors were busy with securing means of escapes. However, against Vulcan, even Hokera was no match.
It wasn’t that Hokera was weak.
It was just that Vulcan’s level was 470, and his true power was far beyond what his level indicated. Vulcan was a cheat-like existence.
Vulcan mumbled as he crumpled his face,

“I think this place won’t be safe unless I smashed up the one in charge of demon force in Korea.”

Watching the demon forces still coming at him in endless waves, Vulcan’s eyes beamed with light.




It was an existence with its entire body made of hard stone-like materials.
He was the warden of this prison, and it was the high-demon that was in command of all demons in Korean peninsula.
Although it displayed might that was on a whole another level from the other demons that came before him, even this one was on his knees in front of Vulcan in less than 10 seconds.

[Demon Force Commander, Count Burubelmong]

“It is I… Burubelmong… the warden of this prison… yet you…. So easily… Kuuurrrc!”

By Vulcan’s flame magic, Burubelmong met his end before being able to finish his last words.

[Experience points went up.]

“He said he was the warden. So, I guess that means there won’t be anyone coming to threaten this place for a while.”

Burubelmong melt away inside a terrifying heat. Vulcan enjoyed the sight for a moment and turned his gaze away.
He could see people staring at him with expressions on their faces. They looked like they all lost their minds from watching it all.
Their jaws were dropped for so long that it was to the point that their jaws might actually pop.
Vulcan slowly walked toward them.

“I have something I want to ask.”
“Huk! Ah, yes!”

Vulcan approached a middle-aged man.
The man panicked, but it looked like he had more backbones than others. The man promptly collected his composure and responded.
The middle-aged man looked at Vulcan with a curious look, wondering what it was that Vulcan wanted to ask. Meanwhile, Vulcan took a deep breath to ask the questions.
To ask the question right away, the weight of the question was too heavy.
The one that he wanted to ask the most was also the one he was most afraid of asking.
Pessimistic thoughts constantly came to Vulcan’s mind. Because of it, he kept on hesitating from asking the question.
However, regardless of what the answer was going to be, it was something that already had happened. It was actually a stupid thing to do to hesitate like this here.
Looking straight into the middle-aged man’s eyes, Vulcan asked,

“One year ago… When the demon force started their invasion on Earth, I heard that the first place they arrived was Seoul.”
“Pardon? Yes… That’s right.”
“In that case, the people that used to live in Seoul… Also, other people that lived around the capital… Is there anything you know about what happened to those people?”

The middle-aged man’s face darkened instantly.
Watching the man’s hardened face, Vulcan felt his heart sink.
Having guessed what the man was going to say next, Vulcan prepared his heart for the terrible news.

“Since you are asking about that… You must be from another world just like these monsters have. They… It would be correct to assume that there isn’t any survivors among the people that used to live in Seoul and Gyeong-gi sector.”
“They didn’t have the chance to prepare for it… It was only after the situation in Korea that the humanity started to prepare against the invasion, so…”

Vulcan quietly closed his eyes.
Vulcan wanted to ask if he was telling the truths or lies, but Vulcan didn’t. It was because the man had no reason to lie.
Vulcan lowered his head.
Strangely, there were no tears coming out.
He looked like someone who knew from the beginning that things would turnout like this.

‘What should I do now…’

A few dozen thoughts crossed his mind.

‘What was the point of all that hardship I endured in Rubel Continent? Clearing Act 1 and making a wish to come back to Earth… What was it all for… If an ending like this was waiting for me...’



Vulcan quickly turned his head.

“The Cross-dimensional teleportation technique!”

Vulcan murmured in a loud voice.
His head, which was frozen solid from hopelessness, started to spin again.
This was not the end.

‘If I used the Cross-dimensional teleportation technique, go back to Asgard and cleared Act 2… If I used the wish from Act 2, which can grant the kind of wishes that are impossible for Act 1…!’

Having thought this far, Vulcan woke up from his deep thoughts. There were sounds of steps by a humongous lifeform approaching. The steps were shaking the entire area.
Vulcan turned his head and looked around the people. He could see that they were all in state of panic.

“N… No!”
“That monster is… We are done for!”
“I thought we might be able to live, but in the end…”
“What is it? This sound… Is it about the sound?”

Vulcan asked the middle-aged man.
He had a look of despair, but still, he was calmer than others. The man said,

“There is only that bastard that could make this kind of noise from mere steps. It’s the leader of the demon forces…”
“The leader?”
“Damn it! Which bastard killed so many of my subordinates!”

It was an incredibly loud voice. It was loud enough to hurt the ears of people who already had them plugged with their hands.
To the ears of people shaking in fear, his voice could be heard again,

“Come out, now! If you come out quietly, I will kill you painlessly in an instant. If you don’t, you will die while struggling in pain that’s beyond this world!”

‘If I stayed here, I think everyone in the prison might die too.’

Vulcan, following what he heard, quietly came up to the surface.
The demon was taller than a 30-story tall building.
He had a broad shoulder and carried fearsome looking gigantic sword. He looked quite deadly.
By the looks of him, he looked about as powerful as Folken or Beruneru.

‘Why is he so confident? What level is he?’

Vulcan used the SYSTEM and checked the opponent’s level.

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