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Kuro no Maou 335

by Hishi Kage Dairi

Yoshi (Translator), Tamamo (Editor)

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First Kiss

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Note from the author:

Tentacle and B.L. warning. Those who are not comfortable with this may read only the last 15 lines or simply skip to the next chapter, and the story will continue smoothly.



Note from translator:

This chapter was really, really unpleasant for me to translate. Enjoy the chapter, if you’re into tentacles (you sick fucks). To the sponsors, if you’re not into BL and tentacles, I sincerely apologize.





The inside of the narrow, solid tower is filled with a sickeningly sweet smell.

「Ah... Ugh, ah...」

Rough breathing and high-pitched moans that sounds like a girl in agony can be heard. And as if to drown those out, the wet noises of squirming tentacles echo around.

Simon is completely trapped by the Morjura right now.

His trusty weapon, the rifle with a dagger attached as a bayonet, has long since fallen from his hands and sunk into the oily mucus pouring out of the tentacles; it is as if the Morjura even wants to defile his very will to resist.


Dozens of tentacles are wrapping themselves around Simon’s small body, as if teasing him. Morjuras normally act in groups, but this one is alone. It can slowly take its time to plant only its own seed.

Morjura tentacles are not particularly tough, nor do they have sharp claws or hard thorns. It has no instinct to tear through the shells and skins of the creatures it captures; it simply creeps around the body and searches for holes.

Simon is wearing his black academy uniform and the blue coat that he was wearing at the battle of Alzas. His clothes are not damaged, and not even a single button is undone.

Tentacles enter his clothes through the sleeves of both his arms and the trouser cuffs of both of his legs. Like a caterpillar crawling its way across a tree’s branches, it slowly crawls up his arms and legs. The Morjura seems to be enjoying the white, soft skin that could not possibly be thought to belong to a male.

He feels a squirming, writhing sensation beneath his clothes. At first glance, the tentacles look like flexible vines, but they feel similar to a person’s tongue; it possesses the elasticity of flesh. The tentacles are slick with the aphrodisiac-laden mucus that they are constantly secreting. As they crawl around his body, rather than feeling like they are simply twisting around him, it is as if he is being licked by an enormous tongue.

Unable to bear this disgusting sensation, Simon lets out a scream that somehow sounds sweet and enchanting.

His skin is painted with the natural aphrodisiac and its heartburn-inducing stench fills his lungs, causing its effects to reach every inch of his body. Though his partner is a mass of repulsive tentacles, his brain is forced to generate pleasure signals. No matter how much he hates it, no matter how much he cries or screams, he cannot escape from the pleasure. Simon lets out yet another moan.

「Haah, haah... Fuwah...」

The tentacles even wrap around his thin neck. They do not strengthen their grip. The Morjura’s goal is not to kill, but to reproduce; it would be pointless if its partner were to perish. The tentacles gently stroke Simon’s nape.

At the same time, they slip into his clothes even from his neck. From the collar of his shirt to the spaces in between the buttons, anywhere there is an opening, it mercilessly thrusts itself inside.

The tentacles caress his thin chest, crawl across his spine, lick at his belly button, and travel down even further below that –

「No, ah...!」

And so, the tentacles that are now completely dominating Simon’s body all simultaneously begin their attempt to enter the hole that they have finally found. The foreplay has come to an end.


An echoing scream. Feelings of disgust and rejection can still be heard in it. It is his last act of resistance.

However, though the Morjura is the most horrible, most disgusting rapist, it possesses the ability to drive a person mad with pleasure. When captured by a Morjura, such resistance is very short-lived.

Once actual penetration begins, it won’t even take five minutes to conquer Simon, who is merely an Elf with no exceptional mental fortitude or poison resistance.

As if to disallow him from even screaming, the tentacle wrapped around Simon’s neck attempts to enter his mouth. Thick, gooey fluids are leaking from the tip of the tentacle that is as thick as a child’s arm, as if it is eager to release its seed right this moment.

As the filthy tip of the tentacle rubs against Simon’s soft, cherry-blossom-colored lips and finally begins its movement to violate the inside of his mouth –


He hears a man’s voice call his name from beyond the unopened metal door.

「No way... Onii-san...」

He can only assume that it is an auditory hallucination. His reasoning and self-awareness have long since melted away in the pleasure. Is his brain simply trying to show him some pleasant illusion?

However, as if to deny this possibility, he definitely hears his name being called once more, as well as the sound of the metal door being violently slammed against.

And in the next instant, with a deafening metallic sound, the door is thrown open – no, it is broken down.

It is a solid door made of steel, but with astounding force, it is completely crushed. The door that has now become scrap metal flies forcefully into the tower, hitting the wall with a loud crash before coming to a halt on the floor.


Standing in the now-unobstructed doorway is a large man. He has black hair and black and crimson odd-colored eyes. There is no way that Simon can mistake this person’s identity.

He really came to save Simon – however, that happiness lasts only an instant before being swallowed by a feeling of defeat.

Kurono is the first person who understood him, his best friend. And that is precisely why Simon doesn’t want this horrible rape to be seen –

「Don’t... look at me...」





A sickly-sweet scent that irritates my nose. A mass of tentacles writhing in the dim tower. And a person entangled and trapped inside it.

「Don’t... look at me...」

A voice that sounds as if its owner’s heart will break at any moment reaches my ears, such an incredibly fragile voice.

Before I can comprehend what Simon is feeling to let out such words, my rage exceeds all limits.

Oi, you piece of shit, just what the fuck do you think you’re doing to my Simon?


I even forget to arm myself with my weapons, and simply punch the monster violating my best friend with all my fury.

Of course, black mana flows out and swirls around my fist. I don’t need a precise image or complicated spell formula. The shortest, fastest spell I can cast, I don’t even need to chant its name - the『Pile Bunker』flies straight into the Morjura.

It breaks through the layer of tentacles that have hardened up in a ball-like shape, and the mana around my fist disintegrates the central organ within, which is beating like a heart.

As the tentacles reaching out towards Simon are torn off, the pulverized main body flies away and hits the stone wall. With a splattering sound, its flesh scatters messily like a squashed tomato.

It’s gone and died in one hit, damn it. My anger hasn’t subsided in the slightest, but I don’t have time to worry about that right now.

「Oi, Simon! Are you alright?!」

Released from the tentacles’ grip, Simon collapses like a puppet whose strings have been cut.

「Get a hold of yourself!」

The tentacles are wrapped around his body like countless snakes, and the sight is enough to make me feel physically ill.

Shit, how dare it wrap these filthy things around him...

The first thing I do is lay Simon on his back and pull out the tentacles in his sleeves, trouser cuffs and collars. Even though the main body is destroyed, the tentacles are still squirming around like severed octopus legs. If I don’t remove them quickly, he can’t be treated.

「Ah... Ngh!」

Every time I remove a tentacle, Simon’s body trembles and he lets out a moan.

His breathing is rough and his face is flushed, and his empty yet feverish, moist jade-colored eyes are looking directly at me. For a moment, I actually begin to forget that Simon is a male. That’s how charming his gaze is.

Damn it, calm down. This isn’t it, I need to be more calm and think about the current situation!

It’s alright, Simon’s definitely alive. I don’t see any external wounds. His life shouldn’t be in any danger.

「Simon, can you hear my voice? Are you still conscious?」

「U, uu... Onii-san... Onii-sa~an.」

He recognizes me. He doesn’t seem to be completely crazy, but the Morjura’s aphrodisiac appears to have circulated through his body quite a lot. I suppose that’s to be expected, since his whole body is wet with this mucus.

The problem isn’t just the effects of the aphrodisiac; it’s possible that the Morjura has released its seed into his body. If he’s not treated quickly, it might be too late.

Fortunately, there were several Priests among the students, and once Nell gets some rest, she’ll be able to heal him as well.

And best of all, I have a bottle of antidote for the Morjura’s aphrodisiac.

I prepared it just in case upon accepting that quest to become Rank 3, but I never imagined that I’d be using it at a time like this.

「This is an antidote potion, drink it.」

As I take the potion out from my shadow, I raise Simon’s body, which is now clear of tentacles.

I take out the cork and bring the bottle close to his mouth, which is partially open and covered in saliva and mucus.

「Ngh, guh – *cough!*」

However, unable to swallow it properly, he chokes and spits it out. As the spray hits my face and arms, I get a bad feeling.

There’s only a mouthful of the antidote potion. If you look at it one way, it means that only a small amount is needed to have a sufficient effect, but because Simon couldn’t swallow properly, almost half of it has gone to waste.

Is it alright to just try to make him drink it again? No, if he can’t swallow properly, isn’t it dangerous to try to force him to drink it? But even so, the faster he drinks the antidote, the less likely it is that there will be after-effects –

「What am I hesitating for, I have to do it, right? Simon, I’m going to feed you the potion one more time, so drink it properly!」

I harden my resolve as I shout, and then empty the potion into my own mouth. I don’t swallow it, I simply hold it there.

In other words, I’m going to feed it to him mouth-to-mouth.

With no hesitation, I press my lips against Simon’s half-open mouth.

The sensation of my first kiss - or at least, it still feels like a kiss, even though it isn’t really a kiss - is enough to make me feel like I’m going to lose consciousness.

What is this, it’s really soft, are lips supposed to be this soft? I can smell not only the sickly-sweet scent of the mucus, but a feminine scent similar to Lily and Fiona’s.

Ah, damn it, get a hold of yourself!

I reprimand myself as I desperately concentrate to let the potion flow into Simon’s mouth.

There’s no point in giving it to him all at once. I have to give it to him slowly, little by little, so that he doesn’t spit it out again.

「Ngh – NGH?!」

In the middle of this, I feel『something』with the tip of my tongue and almost separate my mouth from his. However, I suddenly realize that Simon is holding my head tightly with both his arms and I can’t separate our mouths even if I wanted to.

It’s just like a passionate kiss between lovers... No, in this situation, you can actually call this a French kiss. I actually realized right away that the thing entwining around my tongue is Simon’s own small tongue.

I wonder what Simon is thinking or what kind of hallucination he is seeing right now.

If you’re having a wonderful dream where you’re kissing some unrivaled beauty, then please keep having that dream. It would be too cruel for you to know the truth. Including the fact that my heart can’t help but to beat fast in excitement.

Before long, all of the potion that was in my mouth reaches Simon’s wriggling tongue and is swallowed successfully.

Letting out a long breath, as if taking a rest, our mouths separate. A string of our saliva with the Morjura’s mucus mixed in falls between us.

After a moment, I realize that my own breathing has grown wild.

「Haah... Haah... Onii... sa...」

Simon’s eyelids close as he whispers to me. I don’t know whether his stamina has given out or whether it’s an effect of the antidote, but it seems he’s asleep now.

His breathing is normal and he’s just letting out cute sleeping noises. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary, at least.

「... He’s saved.」

As I watch Simon’s calm face while he sleeps, I finally get that feeling.

That’s right, I managed to save my friends this time.

I’m glad, I’m so glad. I’m glad you’re alive. I rushed here as quickly as I could, I dragged Nell into this mess, I exploited Merry, but even so, I’m glad I made it in time...

As I’m basking in my feelings of relief –








An incredibly loud roar echoes out, shaking the tower.


I intuitively guess that a monster has appeared nearby. As I stand up to look outside through the nearby window, I realize just what kind of monster it is.

I’ve never seen this monster before. But right now, the crimson left eye that I received from Mia flashes a bright red. This is unmistakably the light that signals my trial.

「So you’ve come, Greed-Gore.」

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