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The Tutorial Is Too Hard 22

by gandara

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Tutorial 2nd Floor (Part 3)

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[2nd attempt, Day 2. 2:22]

[You have gained Poison Resistance Lv.2]

[You have gained Paralysis Resistance Lv.3]

In conclusion, I failed to achieve my goal of reaching level 3 in both poison and paralysis resistances.
I was able to get level 2 in poison resistance relatively quickly, however it was only up to that.
I felt a little uneasy because the skill didn’t level up to level 3 as easily as it did reaching level 2, so I pushed myself a little too much and lost consciousness, wasting more time.
At least paralysis resistance levelled up quite fast, unexpectedly. That gave me a little comfort in this situation.

I was investigating if the poison on the poison dart was a type of neurotoxin or a paralyzing poison.
If it wasn’t, how else would the paralysis resistance level up faster than poison resistance after stabbing myself with a poison dart?
It would’ve been useful to have some knowledge about poisons.

Anyway, my poison resistance didn’t end up reaching level 3 within time.
Now I had to go ahead beyond the 1st trap.
It would be better to progress through to the end as fast as I could and calmly increase my resistance skills then, rather than being chased by the time limit near the end of the attempt.
The traps past the 1st one will surely be traps related to poisons, so my plan was to increase my resistance in a day's time.
Well, at least I got the minimum level, that itself was ok.

The first trap didn’t pose much of a challenge; I was used to it now.
As I walked further for maybe another 5 minutes, the 2nd trap appeared.


The awaited sound of the arrow being fired.
I easily blocked the incoming arrow with my shield.

The arrow was shining quite a bit though.
Was there poison on the arrows now?
If that was the case, that means that more arrows will now fly towards me.

Ping- Ping-

[Battle Concentration]

As soon as I thought that the trap would become tedious, I activated my Battle Concentration skill and observed my surroundings.
Soon I knew that activating this skill early was the right choice.

There were 6 arrows in total flying towards me from the left, right and straight ahead.
Was there some flying towards me from the back?
While I thought about it, I heard exactly 2 sounds of arrows being fired.
I could hear the softest sounds as my senses were greatly improved over time.
However, this time I could only hear 2 sounds.
The rest were near perfect silence.
I couldn’t hear any firing sounds.

This was a trap that exploited my confidence in my hearing. It made me rely on my hearing too much as it allowed me to stay a little relaxed.
If I were to say this in a g-rated way, this was a cheeky wee trap.
If I were to say this in my honest opinion, this was a fucking dogshit trap.

There was nothing more to think about in this type of situation.
I had to quickly make a decision and swung my body to the left.

The arrows flying towards me from the left were blocked by my shield with two blunt sounds.
The other arrows from every direction continued flying where I was before.
So there were arrows coming from behind me…

Without any breathing space, I had to dodge all the arrows that were constantly being fired.
As I had Battle Concentration activated, this wasn’t too difficult.

The problem was, in addition to the arrows being fired, there were also poison darts.
On top of that, they were flying in the same trajectory as the arrows so it was hard to detect the ones flying right behind the arrows.
If it weren’t for the persistent effect of the activated Battle Concentration, if it weren’t for the Eye Lights ability to let me see in this dark place, I may had been hit by another poison dart in this place.

Tick- tick-

While dodging the arrows, I dodged the poison darts flying behind them with ease.
A few of the poison darts were blocked by my shield and scattered all over the floor now.

Like this, with the same pattern, more arrows and poison darts were fired together.

That was the end of the 2nd trap.
It used my sense of hearing against me with its cheeky tricks, firing poison darts hidden behind the arrows. Maybe it was because two new patterns were introduced in this trap, it was quite short.

No, it could also be that there was something special about the poison slathered on the poison darts and arrowheads.
For example, the poison may have been stronger.
For all I know, it might not even be poison.

Hmm, should I test this?
I have thought about this before, but I think I have some sort of obsession now.
Whenever I find something new, I want to test every single one of them on my body and see how many times I have to repeat it to earn a new skill.

Let’s not, for now.
There was a high chance that this could be just like the 1st trap and it could just be poison.
The grinding of my resistance skills could wait until I find the 2nd floor healing well.
Of course, I needed to have some resistance skills so I don’t die before I find the healing too.

After stashing all arrows and poison darts into my inventory I carried on forward.

The next few traps to come were all also just traps combining arrows and poison darts.
There were various patterns and the speed of the arrows increased as I went on, getting more dangerous. However maybe it was because of how much I grinded in the past, I was able to clear it without big issues.

The problem was not the arrow traps.
I don’t know since when, but slowly the air was getting warmer.
If it weren’t for my Heightened Senses skill, it would be the slightest increase in temperature that no normal person would be able to detect, but I was sure that inside of this tutorial the temperature was rising.

At first it was such just a slight change that it was quite hard to finalise if it was rising, however, as time went and the air got significantly warmer, I finally came to my senses.
Suddenly I was at a stage where my body was hot and there were specks of sweat on my forehead.
On top of the increasing heat, as we add the heavy, humid air in the equation, just staying in this environment made me tired.

With these conditions, the traps kept appearing.

Ping- ping-

Ahh, fucking hell.
I kept moving to dodge the arrows in this disgusting heat while having Battle Concentration active.


[2nd attempt, day 2. 7:21]

Wow, this was really, really shit.

I was able to clear yet ANOTHER arrow trap.
Of course poison was slathered on these arrows.

However, it wasn’t the poison that was the important part here...
It’s so hot…
The situation was critical.
Even a sauna wouldn’t be as hot as this.
It was so hot I couldn’t even breathe properly.

I drank cold water from my inventory and sprayed the leftover water in the bottle over my head.
The cold water turned into an uncomfortably warm temperature as it flowed down my face.

Fuck, now I understood why the 2nd floor arrow traps felt a little easy.
It was aimed to just train the challenger in intense heat.
No wonder I had to plan my way of dodging in such extended movements.
On top of that, they ever so slowly raised the temperature to hide the intensity of the heat.

There is a saying that if you put a frog in boiling water it will jump out in reflex, but if you put a frog in cold water and slowly boil it, the frog won’t be able to detect the change and just die.
Quite a metaphor to describe myself as a frog in boiling water.
However, unlike a metaphor, I was actually about to die like that frog in boiling water.

…This is really dangerous.
First I thought this was just a device to blur my mental strength.
I thought that I would easily be able to clear this if I withstood the temperature and held onto my senses.
One miscalculation here was that this wasn’t just a trap about perseverance.
My body simply could not withstand this heat.
From some time ago, my leg muscles were in a slight tremor.
The effects of dehydration, like dizziness and the feeling of throwing up, had struck me from a long time ago also.

It was too dangerous to go on like this.
Another arrow trap will surely appear and with my body like this, I was unsure if I could dodge all of them.
On top of that, I’d be a goner if I were to be poisoned by the arrow I got hit by.
I could even get in shock from the pain only.

[You have gained Heat Resistance Lv.1]

Luckily, I earned a resistance skill.
At a time like this, where I could barely breathe because of the hot air, for an instant it felt like a gust of crisp, cold air was blown all over me.
It felt just like the air you feel when you leave the sauna.
But this was, like I said, just for an instant.
Soon after I could barely breathe again.

A fucking hell, really.

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