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Baby Princess Volume 2 Prologue

by Kimino Sakurako | Natsuki Mibu and Yuki Kiriga (Illustrations)

Translated by SoulSlayerAbad

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About Brasseries

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Prologue – About Brasseries–

The objects that came flying into his view were colorful…

Bras. Pink and light blue, white and beige.

Uwaah! So these are the rumored High-school Girls! Youtarou was so overwhelmed by the scene in front of him that he ended up chocking, unable to say anything.

In front of him were a lot of girls in bras. They were calmly and happily chatting amongst themselves. He truly felt like he was seeing something really inappropriate.

For a moment, the family members of the Amatsuka house flashed through his head like a revolving lantern. From the top, in order: Miharu and Mizore, Haruka and Hikaru, Hotaru and Tsurara —counting down to here already made his heart hurt— and Rikka, and Kosame, and Urara…

It’s over.

He felt so guilty just remembering the faces of Miharu and Haruka, not to mention Hikaru and Hotaru, the relatively kind sisters among the total of 19 sisters. When he thought about encountering Tsurara or Urara, with her expression and those eyes that made it extremely clear that she absolutely despised men…

Ahh. What will happen to me if they catch me peeking? A sense of unease welled up inside him. This wasn't my intention!

However, even with the little whisper in his heart, Youtarou was unable to stop himself from gawking at the girls behind the glass window. Of course, he was too scared of focusing his eyes and seeing any details. However, it was just too overwhelming. He just couldn’t tear his eyes away from the heavenly scene. Since he couldn’t even decide where to look, his eyes were flickering all over the place. It was the first time he had ever seen such a sight since his birth. As he remembered the faces of his sisters, he became even more embarrassed while a sense of guilt welled up inside of him, but at the same time he felt that the view in front of him was strangely profound. He still didn’t know where to look, and when staring at the figure of a student wearing a bra became too much for him, he would avert his gaze, only for it to fall on another figure sporting a bra. This cycle led to him panicking again and again, and his gaze like a pinball.

Some of them had unbuttoned the top of their blouses. Their previously hidden bras and silky white abdomen were now peeking out. There were even some who had taken off their blouses completely and were wearing nothing but their skirts and bras. Some of them were prodding each other’s chests, and some were helping others with the hook on their backs.

Heeh! Haven’t they grown a lot? Tsun!
Eh? That’s not true! But I've been eating a lot of chicken and cabbage lately.
That’s not fair~! Only yours are growing. I’ll get back at you with this!!
What are— Kyaaa~!

Youtarou shook his head to calm himself. Calm down! Calm down, Youtarou! This is no different from the gravure swimsuit models shown in magazines, right? No wait, that’s not true. This is real! This is reality, and I'm seeing it with my own two eyes. Its unchanged “Raw Data.” The bare figures of those who I will be with in a class with from now on, my very own classmates. These girls were indeed quite different from the gorgeous H-cup girls printed on the flat color pages of a magazine. They just felt more…raw. An aspect of volume was present in the way their white blouses were fully unbuttoned, and from underneath, their soft, smooth abdomen peeked out. And directly above were their bras, with soft, gently swaying breasts within…

At that moment, he heard a quiet voice from underneath him. “Hey, can you see them? Tell me! How is it, You-chan?”

Youtarou had forgotten. Directly under Youtarou was the figure of his only male classmate who was doing his best to support Youtarou’s legs. As Youtarou hung from the frame of a window near the ceiling peeking into the classroom, Junpei was looking at him with a very hopeful expression.

“Hey, can you see Hikaru-chan? I think I want to see her the most. If you can see her, switch with me!” As he heard that, Youtarou’s eyes inadvertently began searching for Hikaru.

Ah. Even though this wasn’t my intention at all…Youtarou’s judgment and guilty conscience were steadily regaining their control, and started pestering his heart mercilessly. And then, as he picked out Hikaru’s face from among the group of girls, he found that he could not move his gaze below her face. His face, his gaze, they simply would not move.

I want to see! But, I can’t! And most of all, I have to make sure I’m not found—

“Kyaaa! It’s a peeping tom!” As a high pitched voice resounded throughout the classroom, Youtarou fell, in a daze. He felt a shock run through his bottom and back due to the impact.

What are you doing, You-chan…This is bad, we’ve got to run— Youtarou felt as though he heard Junpei’s voice from somewhere far away.

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