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Baby Princess Volume 1 Prologue

by Kimino Sakurako | Natsuki Mibu and Yuki Kiriga (Illustrations)

Translated by SoulSlayerAbad

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Prologue – Boy meets–

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Here she comes!
The moment this thought ran through my head, it was too late to do anything. I received a huge shock to the face, and then pain spread across it. My body was lifted up, and it felt as though I had been blown away. My left eye felt strangely hot. Stars were flying around inside my head. The moment the glove connected with my face, my vision went pure white...And then, it immediately began darkening. My consciousness was blacking out and a silence was engulfing me. I just going to die like this? Something feels surprisingly good, so I guess its fine...
But, the soft sensation that felt as though I was drifting on a cloud was just a momentary feeling, and did not last that long. According to the story I heard later, the moment I was hit by Hikaru’s punch, I went flying in a funny way that looked like I had grown wings out my back....Yeah, as if! Whatever the real story is, at that time, I had no say in the matter.
On that day, I was dragged by a beautiful girl whom I had met for the first time onto the practice ring of a boxing gym. Said girl herself delivered such a hard punch to my face that the surrounding spectators were amazed. And I, without even trying to guard it, received it fully. It was my first time even wearing a boxing glove, let alone participating in a sparring match! I faintly remember that there was a sudden uproar and the surrounding people ran to help me. What happened after that, I have no idea. When I came to, I had a wet, cold towel draped over my face, and I was lying on a black, hard sofa in the Gym office.
And Hikaru...
Was staring intently at me.
With a terribly serious look.
She had been waiting for me to wake up.
Waiting for me to recover from the most brutal damage I had received in my whole life.
And then, she listened to my story, and led me to a new world.
A world different from my old one.
A world that I could not have even dreamed of before...
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