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The Lazy Swordmaster 32

by Green Tea

Translated by MOYOYO | Edited by Kikiji

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Swordsmanship Tournament (Part 1)

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There was a loud cheer within the Arena of Solia Castle.
The swordsmanship tournament began that day.

"Sera. Did you bring any food or drinks?"

Riley asked Sera.

"It's taken care of, Young Master."

Sera showed him all the treats and drinks in response.
Now, all that was left was to eat delicious food and drinks to his heart’s content while watching entertainment.
It was the perfect vacation.

"Anyway, I can never get tired of this. It’s simply astonishing no matter how many times I see it."

Most of the arena was white.
At the centre was a square stage surrounded by grass for the contestants who may fall off it. Beyond that was the area of the seats for the spectators, in which Riley's group was currently seated.

"Is that where they fight?"
"Yes, do you remember the list of match-ups they showed before you entered?"
"No, I hadn’t really looked at it."

Ian immediately released a sigh.
He still believed that Riley should have joined the tournament, rather than only spectate.

"If it goes as planned, then there should be three matches held today."
"Three, huh..."
"I believe they will end before dinner as long as both contestants are neither appalling in skill, or too skilled."

Riley nodded to show he understood, then turned around to look at the rest of the audience.
Something was strange.
Right Solia and the central plaza were very crowded.
Yet this place was more spacious than he had thought.

"You were expecting more people right?"
"Why is it so spacious?"

Iris questioned in Riley's place. She must have had the same thoughts as he did.

"It is difficult for the commoners to enter Solia Castle. Even if they can enter the castle, only those who are high-ranking members of famous guilds or those who have invitations may enter the arena. It’s because this is a place where sons of nobility gather to compete."
"I see."

Iris asked a different question after nodding to Sera's explanation.

"Then can the commoners not watch the tournament at all?"
"No, that is not so."

Sera shook her head, then pointed at a floating rock with her finger.
Iris clapped her hands in realization after seeing the rock which clearly seemed to be made by the Wizard's Tower in Right Solia.

"Ah, is that...?"
"Yes, as long as that is there, even the commoners who are not in the arena can watch the tournament."

Riley snickered at Sera's explanation.

"Then there must be cases where a noble would be publically embarrassed because of stupid blunder right?"
"No, there isn't. There is a delay before the broadcast."

Sera responded to Riley's words.

"Hm, you could say we get to watch it a day earlier."

‘Is it like the difference between a live broadcast and a replay?’
Riley nodded with some comprehension.

"Ah, I think I get it."
"Yes, so events which could embarrass the contestants or the viewers cannot be seen beyond Solia Castle. The recordings are managed by the Wizard's Tower. When requested, such scenes can be removed before being broadcasted in the plaza."
"Hm, it's so interesting, that Wizard's Tower."

He scratched his head as he thought to himself.
He wanted to see what was on the second floor of the Wizard's Tower.
How can fire come out of someone's hand after an incantation?
Curiosity arose as it was different from what he was used to in his previous life.

"Ah, it seems like it's starting."

Iris tapped on Riley's shoulder as she pointed to the square.
It seemed the crowd also noticed, as the cheers grew louder.
It was quite amazing considering that only nobles were gathered here.

"Hey! Don’t shout with mana here! Do you not have any manners?"
"Ah, why don't you shut up! Where are you from anyway?!"
"Both of you shut up! My son’s coming out!"

Riley gave an hollow laugh when he heard the voices around him.
If Riley were to compete as well...

'All of you shut up! Young Master's coming!'

...Ian would have shouted like that.

Riley was relieved that he wasn't a contestant and looked at the centre of the square.

"The person walking down to the stage is from the Voiran family, and the one walking up is from the Drije family. Both families are renowned for their swordsmanship. Although not as much as the Iphelleta family..."

Ian explained with his arms crossed.
The judge who was standing on the square before anyone else made the contestants greet each other, then began to countdown.

"Finally, finally!"

Ian narrowed his eyes.
Sera tightly clenched her hands.
Iris beamed with anticipation.
And Riley...


"...Well, it was quite entertaining."

‘Entertaining’ was his choice of word.
That was his opinion after watching two matches.

"It was alright."

Even after saying so, Riley's face did not match the words he spoke.

"Haah... Is that really the case?"
"It was interesting for me. What about you, Lady Iris?"
"Me too. It was pretty fun to watch even without any knowledge of swordsmanship. And it was quite exciting too, maybe because the contestants were around Riley's age."

Ian sighed.
Sera muttered.
And Iris respond with a positive review.
Riley stretched his arms then spoke.

"Hm, it was nice to see different styles that I've never seen before."

Excluding the story from his previous life, it was nice to see swordsmanship styles he'd never seen before.
That is what Riley answered.

"Otherwise... I thought I was going to get cancer."

Then, he added those words.

"It may sound weird, but that's the kind of fun I had. Fun while feeling frustrated? It was that kind of feeling."

Ian moped.


It was not strange for Riley to say those words.
Even in the dark forest he had managed to cut through the goblins without batting an eye, with even more skill than Sera.

"Ah, ahahahah..."

Sera awkwardly laughed.
Truly, there were very few swordsmen at Riley's age who could do what he had done without any hesitation.

"Then why didn't you compete yourself?"

Ian grinned at Riley as he asked.
It seemed that he hadn't given up even when the mana calibration had shown him to be average in mana capacity.
It was because of his movements during the goblin battle.

"That's just annoying."

Riley responded blankly.

"I mean, how can you-..."

Ian shut his mouth before he could answer.
He saw the face Riley was making.

"I just want to live peacefully. Really."

He seemed tired.
A boy who had just turned nineteen.
The eyes of a boy who was living a life of leisure.
It was showing the same look as someone who had lived by the sword for decades.

'Please keep it a secret. That's...what Riley wants.'

Ian could hear Iris's words resound in his head.
While Ian stared at the Young Master, Iris laughed as she spoke.

"Well if Riley wants to live so peacefully..."

The warm voice melted away the heavy atmosphere that was around them.
Not just Ian, but Riley and Sera looked at Iris.

" might be a good idea to find your wife here too."
"Oomph, pfft!"

Riley ducked down as he spat out the black beer he was about to swallow.

"M-my lady. Are those your intentions?"

Ian stood blankly with his jaws open, as if he was caught off guard.
And Riley asked with a blushing face.


There were only nobles in the arena.
There were definitely female spectators as well.
So, finding a potential wife...was not impossible.
Using the Iphelleta name would surely gather some initial prospects without any issue.
Riley began to break out in a cold sweat since it didn't seem like a joke.

"... I'm just teasing."

Iris declared after a pause.
Riley just stood with his mouth shut as those words came out with a smile.

"Uh, I'll head off to the toilet for a second."

Riley decided that staying there was no good, and escaped from his seat.


"She must have been joking. I mean, a wife? Surely it's a joke..."

After finishing his business, Riley was just about to return with Ian who was waiting for him at the toilet's entrance.


Riley turned at the voice which called out to him.

"Yeah, you."

The owner of the voice was another boy around his age wearing a tailcoat.
The boy was glaring at Riley with his arms crossed.

"You spoke some arrogant words before, you know?"

The boy seemed like he heard those words before at the stands, as he had waited for this opportunity to ask Riley about his conceited words.

"Arrogant? What was?"

Riley asked Ian who was next to him as he made a clueless face.

"I believe, it was that conversation from before."

Ian shook his head as he wrapped his face in his hand.
As the third match was about to begin, Riley, Ian, tailcoat boy and his follower stood in the corridor.
The four stood and stared at each other.

"Frustrating, getting cancer, do you have any idea how much time and effort they've put in for this day? It seems like you have no idea about swordsmanship at all... If you take back your words from before then I will specially forgive-..."
"Ah, sorry. I was too careless. I apologise."

Riley waved his hand as he apologised.

"Let's go Ian. It probably started now."

What now?
Riley turned around as he made such an expression.

"That had no sincerity at all."
"Your apology wasn't sincere at all. Is that truly an apology?"

Riley's face twisted at the nonsense.

'Ian, what do I do?'

Riley and Ian looked at each other at that peculiar moment.

'Even if you ask me...'

Only nobles may solve problems between nobles.
So there was no place for him to help.

"I, Aploc, am the first son of the Erenjium family! I shall punish your disrespectful behaviour in place of those who are competing in the tournament."

How cheesy.
Those were some cheesy words from an insane man.
So cheesy that it could make you throw up.


Riley's eyes twitched as his face held an expression that seemed to say that he ate something disgusting.
It seemed like he was holding in his temper.

"You must be from a noble family if you are here as well. Tell me your family name."
'Ah, my mistake...'

‘I should have just stayed quiet.’
Riley truly thought as such.
This loud mouth had always been a problem since his previous life.
It was always the case when he sees others who train with their swords.

'What will you do, Young Master?'

Ian asked with his eyes.
Riley grinded his teeth.

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