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by 로유진

Translated by LNB | Partial

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A temporary goodbye (Part 3)

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The sky visible through the window, was blanketed by dark storm clouds. A faint fog was lingering and rain continued to drizzle. By staring at the rain droplets tap against the window, Kim Han-Byul could feel herself calming down.
Still far from being cozy, but she was at ease. Maybe she was sentimental unlike the current situation; however, if she had to compare it with being chased in the woods by those strange things, it was without a doubt better.
‘Come to think of it i used to love rainy days when I was little….’
Kim Han-Byul use to love rainy days. Walking in the rain with an umbrella in her hand as she listened to music gave her joy, an escape from her boring everyday life. A sudden desire for coffee began to arise. She thought a delicious fragrant coffee would warm her up from the inside and let her forget all that surrounded her.
Kim Han-Byul looked out the window with a doleful face. Judging from the overcasting shadow it seemed as though it was night time. The eventful day had taken a toll not only on her body but her mind as well. She turned her head as she rubbed her tired eyes. A large room about 66m^2 with all the necessities she needed: food, water, a bed, a toilet and even a shower facility.
When she entered the city while madly escaping, she felt a sense of disharmony. The city was too silent as if it was deserted. She was almost convinced it was a ghost town. Amongst the city a medium sized building stood out. The only building with a black roof top had caught the eyes of the gang. Be it luck or fate, after the gang entered the building they found that the building full of essential equipment.
Kim Han-Byul’s body and mind desired sleep, however, she felt it was too subtle to sleep yet. An-Sol was still in a daze, An-Hyun was busy looking after her. As for  Lee Yoo-jung…..
Kim Han-Byul managed to find Lee Yoo-Jung without much difficulty. She was holding on to the sword that Kim Han-Byul had placed delicately next to the entrance. Kim Han-Byul had a good idea why Lee Yoo-Jung showed such behaviour; she let out a gentle sigh before speaking.
“Put the sword down”
Lee Yoo-Jung unlocked the entrance taking in words from one ear to the other. Startled by the large clank at the entrance,  An-Hyun bursted the room door open; he then frowned at the sight of Lee Yoo-Jung wielding the sword.
“It’s futile, just put the sword down and wait patiently”
Hearing Kim Han-Byul’s words Lee Yoo-Jung glared at her with an enraged face.
“What makes you say that?”
“I’m going to bring Kim Su-Hyun back here so you guys just wait here.”
‘Su-Hyun. Kim Su-Hyun.’
Kim Han-Byul gently whispered the name in her head. Her head was flooded with thought of him. From the moment they met Kim Han-Byul knew that Kim Su-Hyun was very similar to her. She could sense the difference in him ever since she saw him at the vacant lot. His face and voice were always collected and his calm eyes, maybe they were the reason why his decisions were so compelling. Kim Han-Byul paused and looked at Lee Yoo-Jung before continuing to speak.
“You aren’t the only one who is worried about Kim Su-Hyun. It’s not like there is anything we can change when we go there. Waiting patiently is the best decision at the moment”
“He may still be waiting for us there. Again none of you need to come. I’ll go get him if none of you are willing.”
“Lee Yoo-Jung! Kim Han-Byul is right. For now just put the sword down”
An-Hyun’s strict voice turned Lee Yoo-Jung’s head to him. After briefly scanning An-Hyun and Kim Han-Byul she snickered and continued to talk in a cynical tone.
“Shame on you. Right now Kim Su-Hyun may be searching for us here and there. Am I wrong?”
Lee Yoo-Jung’s words contained many emotions. All members of the gang felt a pain in their heart. An-Hyun held his silence; however, Kim Han-Byul was different. She glimpsed at the still unconscious An-Sol before opening her mouth.
“There was no choice. Those things were rushing towards us we were in danger as well. If it wasn’t for her everyone here maybe as good as dead.”
“You think no-one realises that? That’s why we took refuse and brought An-Sol here. AND THAT’S IT?! We are safe so that’s it? Kim Su-Hyun will somehow find a way?”
Kim Han-Byul could feel distress at Lee Yoo-Jung’s rhetorical questions. From the start she didn’t like the way Lee Yoo-Jung would shout on the top of her lungs, or the way in which spoke rudely. Without consideration Kim Han-Byul sneered as if mocking Lee Yoo-Jung and replied cold heartedly.
“Then go. Go and look till your satisfied. Who cares if you die or not”
She immediately regretted her words, but it was too late. An-Hyun looked at Kim Han-Byul with a stunned face. The same for Lee Yoo-Jung, she let out a laugh of disbelief,  “Hah”
“You…. are really, a serious bitch. Kim Su-Hyun sacrificed himself to save this kind of person? What a disappointment. I guess telling him to not go with a worried face moments ago was all an act.”
“I clearly said don’t go. But Kim Su-Hyun insisted on going. How is that my fault?”
“You…. Ha…. nevermind. Talking to trash like you is just a waste of time and effort. Just keep your mouth shut, you ruthless bitch.”
Expecting another tantrum Kim Han-Byul was surprised at how Lee Yoo-Jung coped. Additionally her pride was wounded at how Lee Yoo-Jung called her trash and talked to her in a condescending tone. She may not have realised it herself but Kim Han-Byul was breathing much more furiously than before. As she continued to talk there was a hint of agony in her voice.
“That’s a bit too much. Did I say anything untrue?”
“I don’t care. At the very least I don’t want to live my life charading around.”
“What did you say?”
“How dare you glare at me. What are you going to do? Do you want to yank each other’s hair out? Just stop it, If you don’t want a scar across that milky face of yours keep your cute mouth shut.”
“Everyone give it a rest!”
An-Hyun raised his voice after being unable to handle the increasing level of dispute. The intensity of his voice brought an end to the dispute. An-Hyun reached out to Lee Yoo-Jung who was still glaring at him and Kim Han-Byul with sunken eyes.
“Hand it over”
Looking at the sight of Lee Yoo-Jung tightly hugging the sword An-Hyun let out a sigh and spoke gently.
“I am gonna go search for Kim Su-Hyun. Now that I think about it what you say is true.”
“.....Really? Then let’s go together”
An-Hyun’s sudden change in attitude surprised Lee Yoo-Jung but nonetheless her face showed she was very welcoming of him. An-Hyun weakly shook his head and replied.
“No. It’s more convenient for me to go alone. Those things from earlier might still be out there. You stay here with Kim Han-Byul and take care of An-Sol”
“With her? No. I cannot trust her anymore”
Kim Han-Byul could feel something getting pent-up inside here watching Lee Yoo-Jung continue to denounce her. She finally lost her temper. However, Kim Han-Byul is very level-headed. When she is enraged she does not shout like Lee Yoo-Jung does she instead speaks in a much more harsh and icy-cold fashion. She began to speak in the coldest voice that she had never shown.
“Don’t go. If you do you’ll get done in as well.”
“Aren’t you going to keep your mouth shut?”
“No you keep your mouth shut.”
“What? What did you say? Say that again”
As Lee Yoo-Jung approached Kim Han-Byul with large bulging eyes like she was ready to fight, An-Hyun forcefully snatched the  sword from her grasp. However, Kim Han-Byul continued to speak to release all the built up anger.
“Don’t speak when you don’t understand what’s going on. What do you think would’ve happened to us if she wasn’t there? Didn’t you see that swords and fists didn’t work on those things? It’s obvious that you are walking to your death but why do you insist on going?”
“You fucking bitch….”
“Swearing cause you don’t know what to say? How are you going to bring Kim Su-Hyun back when you don’t even know where he is? Think if you have a brain in that head.”
“What a nice excuse. Showing your true colours now huh? Do you not realise we are here right now because of Kim Su-Hyun? You backstabbing hypocrite. Now I get it. Your even worse than that bastard!”
By being compared with Trouble-Maker, no being described even worse than him Kim Han-Byul frowned her face for the first time. her voice shook with rage.
“You can’t bring back the dead! What’s so bad about wanting to survive?!”
That became the catalyst for Lee Yoo-Jung; she pushed An-Hyun aside and rushed to Kim Han-Byul. Kim Han-Byul also raised her hand grinding her teeth ready to slap her.
[Sound of door opening]
“What’s all this ruckus?”
The door to the unlocked entrance opened and a young man entered. Collected face and voice and calm eyes. Finally a  crossbow on his left shoulder. Everyone in the room froze after seeing him. The conflict in the room had vanished.
“I’m glad everyone is safe”
He smiled gently and put the crossbow down then lifted his hand to greet everyone
It was Kim Su-Hyun.
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