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Max Level Newbie 21

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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Players Alliance (Part 4)

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The gazes from Vulcan and Uruo violently collided in midair. While not losing sight of Uruo, Vulcan started casting skills.

“Infinite Flame Orb, Infinite……”

*Translation Note: The “TAN” sound is similar to the word “bullet” in Korean.

Uruo didn’t leave Vulcan to his method. Even before Vulcan could finish casting the second Infinite Flame Orb, Uruo’s energy orb flew toward Vulcan at an incredible speed. Vulcan lowered his upper body all the way to dodge the energy orb.
That wasn’t the end of Uruo’s attacks. Countless energy orbs were being produced from Uruo as he repeatedly made fists with his hands and released them, and they were harassing Vulcan to no end.
Each energy orb flew toward Vulcan at bullet-like speed when Uruo shouted ‘TAN,’ and its piercing and destructive powers were incredible. Vulcan noted a hole was created on the ground with a collapsing sound. From Vulcan’s perspective, it looked like the result from a sniper bullet.
However, Vulcan was managing to dodge them all as well. Vulcan’s dodge ability too was incredible. Unlike a gun, Uruo’s energy orb attacks were difficult to determine where they were being aimed at.
Despite this, Vulcan dodged all energy orbs, and he did so with efficient and clean-cut movements, not the flashy circus-like acrobatics.
Vulcan evaded all of Uruo’s attacks using merely a few steps; Vulcan was demonstrating a God-like ability.
Vulcan counter attacked in midst of being bombarded by Uruo’s attacks.
Five Infinite Flame Orbs that he made earlier were launched toward Uruo. As a basic-of-the-basics measure, Infinite Flame Orbs were made to come at Uruo from directions that would be difficult to dodge.
Infinite Flame Orbs approached Uruo from front and back. Uruo peeked a smile and grabbed an energy orb on his right hand.




With just two swings, Uruo exploded all Infinite Flame Orbs using an energy orb on his right hand.
It was like watching someone break eggs thrown at him using a stone on his hand.
The battle came to a brief moment of pause. Two men looked at each other in silence.
An uncomfortable silence continued for a while, and then Uruo opened his mount first.

“Your dodge ability is amazing. Looks like you cared a lot about its mastery.”
“I’m a bit of a hard worker, so I never skipped a day of training.”
“I see… It would be nice if my minions could be like you, even if it is only about a half way there.”
“Is that a compliment?”
“It is a compliment.”
“If that’s the case, I will give you a compliment as well. What you are using…… TAN? Just how are you generating the orbs without uttering skill commands? Also, when you attack, you shout ‘TAN’ and an orb is launched. Is that when the magic is considered used?”

Vulcan was really curious.
He was surprised by Uruo’s use of magic without uttering skill commands. However, he was intrigued even more about the fact that Uruo appeared to be doing it not by the way of a traditional magic, but using SYSTEM. Vulcan’s curiosity was to the point where he had to stop the battle for a moment just to ask the opponent.

“This is a pretty expensive information.”
“If you do not want to tell me, then it is fine.”
“All right.”
“…… Usually, when a man says something like what I said, isn’t this the part where you say, ‘Ha, since you are about to die, it wouldn’t matter if I told you,’ and explain everything?”

Uruo created an energy orb that was larger than the ones from before and said,

“Since you are about to die, it’s a bother to even explain.”
“You really are an unlikable bastard. Infinite Flame Orb.”

The round two started.
The flow of battle was similar to a moment before.
Uruo usually attacked, and Vulcan dodged the attacks.
Whenever Vulcan had a moment to spare, he cast and launched Infinite Flame Orbs and Lightning toward Uruo, but Uruo’s defense was also on the sturdy side, so it was not enough to cause any effective damage. Uruo’s attacks were also no match for Vulcan’s dodge ability, hence a tight battle without any damage continued for a long time.


Berkman watched the two men’s offensive and defensive techniques, and his mouth was open wide in awe. He could not close his mouth.
Berkmn lost his strength for the moment because he gave his mana to Uruo. So he watched the battle from a far distance to avoid being swept into the battle. Berkman was not able to hide his shock from the unexpected flow of the battle.
Berkman never imagined movements of a mere Third-Rate like Vulcan could be so amazing.

‘How…… How could a190 level Player display movements of such a high mastery?’

Of course, the one leading the battle was Uruo. Uruo, who had a substantially lower restriction on skill casting, was effectively suppressing Vulcan’s use of skills, dominating the flow of the battle.
Moreover, Uruo was not using his full power yet. If he used the energy orb that was continuously gaining in its size, Uruo could seriously pressure Vulcan, and the outcome of the battle would be decided then.
However, considering the difference in two men’s levels, it could also be said that Vulcan is the winner based on technicality.
Level 327 vs. level 190……
The difference was over 130, yet Vulcan managed to close this huge gap in level using his abilities. It was a respectable feat.

‘There was a reason why the big bro wanted him to join the alliance.’

Vulcan possessed frightening masteries and combat sense.
His abilities were enough to consider him as the second savior who could change the bleak realities of the Players.

‘That’s probably why the boss is not able to just end this……’

Berkman felt that this was such a waste.
Even Berkman was feeling that way, so Berkman could imagine just how much more so Uruo must be feeling, from perspective of a man who worked hard since several decades ago.
However, it could not be helped now. Both Vulcan and Uruo already piled ill intents toward each other. The terms between the two already have crossed the river that they could not come back from.
To Vulcan, it was better to eliminate Uruo before he became a bigger hindrance later.
Vulcan’s gaze toward Uruo became cold.


While Berkman was lost in thoughts, the battle continued restlessly. The surrounding areas became littered with holes a long time ago, and there were places stained by Vulcan’s magic here and there.

‘He is truly impressive.’

Uruo found Vulcan’s abilities to be admirable. He figured Vulcan must be superior to other Players, but he never thought it would be to this extent. Other than the fact that Vulcan was lacking in power due to differences in level and stats, he was comparable to Uruo himself.

‘However…… All of your running and jumping around end here.’

Uruo felt the energy orb that he placed behind him was approaching its limit.
If was time for Uruo to create an opportunity where he could strike Vulcan with certainty.
Uruo spoke,


Three energy orbs were launched, going after Vulcan from the right side.
Vulcan made a clean evasive maneuver as always and retreated toward the left. As Vulcan moved, he could see Uruo jumping high.
Uruo got on top of the energy orb that he created, and his thighs swelled up significantly in volume.
He shouted the skill command,


*Translation Note: “POK” sound is similar to the word “explode” in Korean.

With a BOOM! Sound, Uruo’s body was launched toward Vulcan at a high speed like a rocket.
Vulcan gasped for air in light of an unthinkable use of skill by Uruo.

‘Charging forward using the reaction from the explosion…… I should have dodged to the back.’

No matter how quickly Vulcan regretted his decision, regardless, it was still too late. Vulcan quickly raised his sword and blocked Uruo’s fist.


The level 150 blade could not withstand Uruo’s attack and broke.
Still, thanks to it, Vulcan was able to get past the danger without taking a serious damage. Vulcan used the opposite reaction from throwing his sword and widened the distance between Uruo and himself.
However, Uruo’s scheme was hiding where Vulcan was headed.
Vulcan took a peek at his back after feeling something sturdy behind him.


There was a boulder that managed to not break apart despite the intense battle. It was blocking Vulcan’s path of retreat.
Uruo and Vulcan’s eyes met. Uruo was smiling toward Vulcan.
The giant energy orb was shaking uncontrollably due to excessive energy input, and Uruo was just about to launch it toward Vulcan. At that moment, Uruo also realized that Vulcan too was smiling just like himself.
‘For what reason…… KURRRHUUK!’


Breaking through the ground that Uruo was standing, an explosive stream of flame rose up.
The flame was rising high and beyond, piercing the night sky as if a God of earth threw a spear to the sky.
A moment had passed. Uruo, who was thrown high up to the sky, crashed to the ground along with a thudding sound upon the impact.

“H…… how……!”

With eyes enlarged due to pain, Uruo looked all around himself.
He could see Vulcan approaching him, wielding the broken blade.
Uruo tried hardest to not lose consciousness. In order to salvage a little bit of mana, he made efforts to disengaging energy orbs that were already scattering from having lost the control from the caster.
After making desperate efforts, Uruo managed to regain just enough energy to prevent himself from passing out. Still in his lying-down position, he lifted his head. It was to ask a question to Vulcan.

“I was cert…… KUARK….. certain that you did not shout any skill commands…. You did not……. KUK…… do anything out of ordinary…… to cast skills eith……”
“This is an expensive information.”

Uruo’s gaze turned violent.

“In a situation…… like this, you are cracking jokes…… Just how much have you been…… belittling……”
“I have not been underestimating or belittling you…… To properly express my thoughts, I was actually closer to being amazed.”

Actually, from the battles against these Players, Vulcan really noticed many thought provoking things, and he was truly amazed in some of them.
In particular, compared to Turan and Huran that came before, Uruo’s skill casting method was substantially more astonishing.

“Now that it appears I am an equal to you, I will ask you something first. How are you able to use skills without any utterance? The words you used during the launch or explosion, TAN, and POK, are they the skill commands?”
“Do you think I will tell you……”
“Also, now that I thought about it, it is odd that very short skill commands like TAN and POK exist. Uruo, this is give-and-take. If you give me a proper explanation about this, I will also give you a proper answer to your question.”

Uruo cringed. However, because he had a burning question to Vulcan, Uruo had no other alternatives. He started explaining.

“…… After you become used to the skill and used it often…… even if you do not say the entire skill command…… it becomes possible to activate the skill. My skill’s original name…… it is not TAN either.”
“So that’s how it is. What’s the skill’s original name?”
“…… It is Amplification Glass Marble. Once you used a skill for a long time, get accustomed to it, and gained an understanding of the skill…… then you will be able to do it. Now, it is your turn. How could you use magic…… without speaking the command words? Since you asked me about mine, it must be a different method……”

Vulcan did not answer Uruo’s question. It was because Vulcan was deep in thoughts and did not hear the rest of Uruo’s words.

‘Other than using magic through training in traditional magic, even skills in SYSTEM……, depending on how well the user understands the skill and is accustomed it, can be modified to have a shorter command? That was suppose to be possible?’

Vulcan was agonizing over the fact that he never managed to accomplish this, but he soon found the reason.
It was because Vulcan never even bothered to try.

‘I just assumed that in order to use the skills, I had to shout skill commands……’

Vulcan realized how scary a person’s presumption could be.
However, now that he learned about this, Vulcan was optimistic and figured he too should be able to shorten the skill commands soon.

‘Thinking about this objectively, I am superior when it comes to understanding of skills.’

“Hey…… I answered. So hurry up and tell me…… Is it not polite to answer?”
“Ah, sorry. I was in middle of thinking about something.”

In response to Uruo expressing his complaints, Vulcan apologized completely. The outcome of the battle was out, and a victor has been decided already. In addition, Vulcan got what he wanted as well, so it was only right to give Uruo the answer to his question. Also, Vulcan’s answer was not something that would be causing him a big problem if others knew.

‘To be precise, even if I told him, it is a method that would be difficult to follow.’

Vulcan, looking at Uruo cringing in pain, gave him the answer.

“I did not use the SYSTEM to use the skill.”

Uruo’s face was looking confused. Vulcan added,

“I went through a traditional mage training. So…… using the method identical to that of a mage from Powel, I cast the magic.”

Uruo kept silence for a while. Vulcan’s answer, which was an unthinkable scenario for Uruo, was colliding with the norm inside his head.
Uruo’s head was filled with thoughts in disarray. It took a little bit of time for Uruo to organize all of his thoughts. After he understood everything, Uruo started to laugh loudly.

“Hahahaha, Uhahahahahaha! Such ridiculousness! KULUK! KULUK!”

Due to his laughter, his wounds around the body were opening up, but Uruo could not stop laughing for a while. After about ten seconds later, Uruo lie down on the ground with his legs and arms stretched out like a starfish, exhausted.

“If that’s the case, then why didn’t you…… just use the magic without shouting skill commands from the beginning?”
“I didn’t obviously because……  not doing so works great for fooling you.”

Uruo’s entire body was completely exhausted, and his breath too sounded exhausted. Uruo stared into the sky with a hollow gaze and said,

“You are …… a total son of a bitch.”

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