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The Tutorial Is Too Hard 3

by gandara

Translated by Jaiki

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Tutorial Floor 60 (Part 2)

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In 2014, a strange event swept across the globe.
Monsters appeared from all over the world, and began to attack towns and cities.
Most of the monsters were neutralized by the military, but there were a select few that were able to survive as they were immune to bullets.

Many cities across the world were destroyed, and the number of casualties were innumerable.
It was then when the psychics known as the Awakened appeared.

Once every month, people were randomly kidnapped into the Tutorial world. If they were able to clear the Tutorial, they would receive powers and were returned to the real world.

[Round 81 will begin.]

It had been 30 days since Round 80 had started and now was time for Round 81 to begin.
As usual, 100 new players were kidnapped.

[Difficulty Normal, Forum (71/106)]

[Welcome newcomers.]
[Must-know tips before you beginning the Tutorial.]
[Basic introductions for Tutorial classes.]
[Basic rules for the community waiting room. Newbies please read.]
[System interface configuration.]
[Punishment for breaking the rules.]

Such topics could be found and more are posted on the forums.
Most of the posts were uploaded by the NPCs in the residential districts.

Residential NPCs were Players who had given up on progressing through the Tutorial. They had chosen to settle themselves in the residential districts located on Floors 30, 60 and 90.

They give advice to first time Newbies and maintain public order in the residential areas.
I might become one of these NPCs too.
Afterall, I can’t get past Floor 60.


[Difficulty Hell, Forum (1/2)]

It’s here! A Newbie!

How long have I waited for the number ‘2’ to appear.
I’m about to cry.

Please, come on the Community. Please…
Please… Someone normal… Please…

[Difficulty Hell, Forum (2/2)]

They’re here!
I had to make a post quickly, so the Newbie could see it.

At that moment, a new post was made on the Hell forum.


[Lee Yeon Hee, Floor 1 : Uh… am I in Hell difficulty sdalkhfiuoqrg. I think I pressed the wrong button. Please help me. HELP MEDSKLFJGLKG]

I can feel her sanity crumble with each passing word.
It may have been the greatest misfortune in her life, but for me it was my only ray of hope! Hoorray!

Meanwhile, the Newbie’s post received enormous attention.

[Lee Joon Suk, Floor 90 : Uh… Hm, I. Uh… Cheer up.]

[Lee Gi Suk, Floor 22 : Ah… mistakes were made. You misclicked and now you’re in hell. FeelsBadMan.]

[Goo Dae Ho, Floor 53 : Uwaa lolololol. Press the wrong button and into Hell you go lololol.]

[Lee Won Ill, Floor 17 : Cheer up. The survival rate isn’t 0%, it’s just 0.01% kek.]

[Jung Gi Joon, Floor 51 : Don’t make fun of her you assholes. How sad would she be right now.]

I quickly added a comment before the Newbie Lee Yeon Hee’s sanity could shatter into a million pieces.

[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 60 : Don’t be so scared. If you listen to me, you can survive. Calm down.]

[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 60 : I’m sorry, but can you introduce yourself quick?]

I have to know her age at least.
There is no age limit for those who are sent here.
Which means that even a 100 year old grandma or a 5 year old kid could be sent here.

[Lee Yeon Hee, Floor 1 : Hello, my name is Lee Yeon Hee. I’m 20 years old. My school…]

[Lee Ho Jae, Floor 60 : You can forgo details like your school. What weapon did you start with?]

[Lee Yeon Hee, Floor 1 : Bow.]

She’s screwed.

[Lee Gi Suk, Floor 22 : Archer, LOL. Pretty sure even Robin Hood couldn’t beat Hell difficulty.]

[Lee Won Ill, Floor 17 : What gave you the idea to pick the bow in Hell..T_T]

I thought the Newbie would of had a major breakdown completely if she read the comments so I sent her a 1:1 chat invitation.

[Lee Yeon Hee has entered.]

[Lee Yeon Hee : Is the bow really that bad? I heard it’s good in the early stages?]

A question as soon as she enters.
Well, her life depends on it. I should understand.

The bow is a very difficult weapon for beginners.
Unless you practice archery….

[Lee Yeon Hee : I am an archer. A national represent.]

Ah, is that so…

Those who start with the bow are often called Archers.
In the Tutorial, the Archer is a class which does not simply fire arrows from afar like other RPG games.

In terms of combat, rather than being a sniper who shoots from afar, they are more like a ranger who sweeps  through the battle like Legolas.
It was dangerous, but everyone’s forced to play Solo during the beginning, so as they progress through the Tutorial with a bow, they naturally developed such skills from difficult close quarters combat that occurred frequently.

As they go past the start, they begin to form parties,
These Archers become core members of the party due to their agility, survival and offer great utility such as excellent eyesight.
To make it brief, they are like the amalgamation of a rogue, adventurer and archer from a normal RPG game.

Everyone is recommended to have to have at least 1 archer in their party due to them being multi-skilled and the ability to survive.

So, Lee Yeon Hee is correct about how good it is in the early phase. It’s dangerous on the first 5 floors where the Start of the Tutorial lies, but it’s not a bad weapon for Floors 20 and below which is considered the early phase.
But, that’s not the same for Hell difficulty.
Because it’s so hard to go past the first 5 floors.

[Lee Ho Jae : Archer is not a bad choice. Don’t worry. In truth, Archers are one of the best surviving classes.

[Lee Yeon Hee : Really?]

[Lee Ho Jae : Yes. So don’t worry, follow my instructions and you’ll survive. Don’t believe anyone else and just follow my advice.]

After calming down Lee Yeon Hee, I explained about the basics of Tutorial. How to use the Shop and Community. How to gain and raise Skills.

[Lee Yeon Hee : Uh, is it really alright? Will I survive?

[Lee Ho Jae : You will survive if you follow my instructions. Not anyone else, but mine. Ah, did you ever hear about me?]

I asked as I repeated what I said before.
It’s embarrassing to say it myself, but I am quite famous. Both inside and outside the Tutorial.
I am the lone survivor in Hell difficulty in Korea.
And also the highest ranking Hell Player in the world.

Apparently I’m a famous urban legend in the real world.

[Lee Yeon Hee : Yes. Uh, the lone survivor of Hell… Right?]

[Lee Ho Jae : Yes. That’s right but I’m not exactly alone. There are plenty of survivors in Hell on other different servers too.]

Apparently there are 11 survivors in the American server. Crazy bastards.
Most of them are stuck in the residential area of Floor 30, but it’s still impressive to have more than 10 Players.
What’s even more surprising is that there are still people challenging the Hell difficulty.
I wasn’t aware that America was so Macho-tastic.

[Lee Yeon Hee : Uh, this may sound rude but, what’s the highest record for Hell difficulty?]

[Lee Ho Jae : Floor 60 which is where I’m at.]

It felt embarrassing yet proud when I complimented myself.

[Lee Yeon Hee : Can you tell me what the records are for Players other than yourself?]

I thought briefly before I could answer. Should I tell her the truth, or hide it.
On the side note, the highest in Korea is Floor 17, while the World record is Floor 32.

[Lee Ho Jae : There are a quite a number of people who got past Floor 30. It’s a lot if you consider the fact that there aren’t many who enter Hell difficulty to begin with.]

[Lee Ho Jae : Most importantly, there’s a residential area on Floor 30. If you get there, you won’t have to worry about dying.]

Of course Lee Yeon Hee cannot remain on Floor 30. She had to come up to Floor 60 and help me clear Floor 61.
Anyway,  I carefully chose words that would help her regain her calm.
However, I’m not sure how effective that was.

[Lee Ho Jae : Well then, I’ll give you a detailed explanation about the start of Tutorial, Floor 1.]

Now I needed to drill her about the pattern and tips on how to get through the start.
The Hell Tutorial had sent countless lives to their doom, but it wasn’t impossible to beat.
The most effect path was to memorize the order and pattern of the Tutorial.

The Tutorial is fair.
It brings equal challenges to all.
In the same order and pattern.

Before I started my explanation, I began to remember the days.
The days when I first fell into this hell.
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