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Max Level Newbie 15

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by M

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A Fraudulent Character

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Two years were a great length of time for them.
Their appearance did not change much, but internally, they achieved substantial growth. Also, they were effortlessly exuding confidence and majesty, which made them look bigger.
The strong faith in their own abilities made the two feel more confident.
Of course, their confidence wasn’t the only thing that changed.

[Third-Rate Magic Swordsman Vulcan]

[Passive Skill List]
*Combat Mastery B -> S
*Weapon Mastery B -> A
*Defense Mastery C -> B
*Evasion Mastery B -> S


Fire Mastery B -> S
Lightning Mastery B -> S
Cold Mastery D -> C
Necromancy Mastery E -> C

[Ultimate Swordsman Dokgo Hoo]

Vulcan and Dokgo Hoo now possessed stats incomparable to what they were two years ago.

In Vulcan’s case, although his level wasn’t vastly different from before due to not having had the chance to do much monster hunting, his masteries have sky-rocked beyond words. He now possessed four of S level mastery that even those with level 400 and above had a hard time acquiring one.
Effectively, Vulcan became a ‘bug’ character that possessed max level abilities despite his actual humble level.

Dokgo Hoo’s growth was also astonishing.
In the beginning, he looked like a clumsy fool, but he displayed exceptional talent throughout the training, and it made an impression to Folken, the captain of patrol squad. Thanks to Folken’s focused teaching, Dokgo Hoo showed growth not unlike Vulcan.
The two were both top talents among everyone that the six masters ever trained.
Next to Dokgo Hoo were Vulcan and Filder, and then Folken the captain of patrol squad standing along the side.
Filder and Folken could be considered as the ones responsible for over 90 percent of what Dokgo Hoo had become.
Dokgo Hoo was standing tall like a giant mountain, but he started to gradually bend his back.
Toward Filder and Folken, he got down on his knees and made a proper bow, lowering himself all the way to the ground. Standing back up, Dokgo Hoo said to his teachers,

“I know it will take more than a lifetime to repay you for your generosities. I will devote and commit myself to make sure to not bring shame to your good names!”

Filder looked at Dokgo Hoo with his peaceful smile as always.
On the other hand, Folken crossed his arms as if he was saying this was too embarrassing to hear. Folken said while cringing.

“You have been training with us by getting beat up everyday. Perhaps that did a number on your head? Would you like to spar one last time?”
“If that’s what my master wishes, then of course I should heed to it. I will get ready right away.”
“Oh my, you won’t even let me tell a joke.”

Watching Dokgo Hoo’s sincere attitude, which was unlike his usual self, made Folken unable to help himself but to laugh. Dokgo Hoo too laughed together.

“I won’t make a scene. Thank you both for all of your hard work.”

Dokgo Hoo paid his respect for Filder and Folken one more time, and then he looked at Vulcan.
His seriousness before hand was gone at an instance, and now his face was full of playful smile.

“Hey, apprentice brother!”
“Ha, just how long are you going to keep on calling me that?”
“Hahaha, we studied under same masters for how long now? If we are not apprentice brothers, then what are we? Are you going to call me big bro instead?”
“That’s not.….. It’s fine. Let me call you big bro instead.”
“Uuhahaha, of course! You should consider it an honor! When I was in the country of Cho, there were several dozen that wanted to have me, Sir Dokgo Hoo, as their big brother!”
“Alright, alright, I got it.”

They rarely trained together, but they became pretty close through occasionally overlapping classes held by Filder and break times. Now the two were each the closest person that they knew in the Beloong city, so they became close enough that now they could exchange banters like these.

‘It is no wonder since there’s not that many people I know here.’

Still, Vulcan had no reason to keep his distance from Dokgo Hoo. Also, instead of fighting every time they meet, treating him well as the senior and maintaining a comfortable relationship was better after all.

“Well then, I will be taking my leave. I guess you will have to go to the newbie’s hunting ground to level up? I will establish a hunting ground and wait for you so hurry up and come! Hahaha, let’s have a drink together in the pub once in a while!”

Dokgo Hoo laughed out with a great satisfaction and then headed straight to north like an arrow released from the bow. Dust rose up along the path that he passed through.
Now that a loud, mid-aged man disappeared, the place was filled with emptiness. Vulcan kept quite for a while, and then he said to Filder.

“Well then, I will be taking my leave as well. Please let Berenere and Logweed know where I’m headed as well.”
“Mr. Vulcan, to which direction are you planning on going?”
“For now, I was thinking about going to the east gate.”

The east gate direction was where monsters with relatively easy difficulty roamed.

“I think you can go straight to the Orc Colonies.”
“That would not be a problem, but it’s too crowded in that direction. I want to check the status of my body as well, so I want to go to an easier place for now.”
“Well, it wouldn’t matter where you go. I’m sure you will get to level 500 in no time.”

Vulcan smiled big to the point his teeth were showing.

“Of course. It’s needless to say.”


Asgard had monsters of various difficulties for powerful beings to fight and grow from.
The fields were divided into east, west, south, and north, corresponding to level 100, 200, 300 and 400 monsters gathered together in each field. This way, people could go pick a training ground suitable for their levels.
The most popular field of them all was the west gate field where level 200 monsters roamed.
It was crowded because most of people from Powel and Murim went there to gain experiences.
Also, whenever people fell to Asgard, they lose their ways from the shock of seeing such high level practitioners or just lose confidence, but in the end, with their individual talents and the basic training from the six, they eventually achieve level 200 rapidly.
Even in cases where they refuse Filder’s help, they still get help from other places, such as teachings from those from the Eastland or enlightenment from watching a duel between high-level practitioners. So in the end, they too reached level 200 without trouble.
Because of these reasons, the west gate field, where the 200 level monsters live, was always over-crowded with those seeking battle experiences, and there were quarrels over hunting grounds.
In extreme cases, there were fights between people even before running into any monsters.
Those were the reasons why Vulcan decided to go to the east gate instead.

‘If I go there hoping for a faster level-up, I may end up wasting time instead. It is a better choice to go to the newbie’s hunting ground.’

Because Vulcan is a player, his situation was different from those that came from other dimensions. His goal was not about getting battle experiences from fighting monsters.
He just wanted to kill monsters fast and level up.
There was no need for Vulcan to fight over who gets to slay the high-level monster. He didn’t want to bother with it.

‘I heard there’s hardly anyone on the east gate, so I should be able to hunt indefinitely.’

Vulcan’s walk toward east gate hastened.



Anderson yawned with his mouth open wide and looked around. There he saw six other men just lying on the ground without a care, just like himself.
Other than them, there was nothing else around, not even an ant.
Anderson cleaned up eye-boogers and picked his nose, and then he laid back down on the ground.  

“Hey you un-tidy rascal, stop that.”
“Mind your own business.”
“Do not touch me with that hand later. Or you'll be dead meat for real.”
“Do as you wish. Oh man, is anybody going to show up.”

Anderson complained while lying down.
They were waiting in front of the Goblin dungeon for two hours without doing anything. They were waiting for people. It was because they were gathering party members to enter the dungeon.
The Goblin dungeon had monsters with average level of 120, but occasionally the place also had elite monsters with level 150 or above roaming about. Also, the boss was Puhuturu, a level 200 devil goblin.
On the other hand, the seven gathered in front of the dungeon had the average level of 130. Although the number on paper made it sound like they should be able to enter the dungeon without a need for any worries, they were still not confident.

‘Asgard monsters are way too strong for the indicated levels……’

The seven players shared the same thoughts.
In their own worlds, the victory was a certainty if they fought a monster with the same level as themselves, and occasionally, they could even fight and win against foes with higher levels. However, in Asgard, it was a different story.
They had to have 5 level or more on top of the monsters’ levels to fight them. The monsters in Asgard were that strong.
These monsters weren’t just running around relying on their raw strength alone. Fighting them felt like facing well-trained soldiers.
Moreover, the Goblin dungeon’s monsters always moved about in groups of five or more, so it was no wonder why going in there with just seven players made them feel afraid.

“Ah, only if someone from Murim or Powel showed up.”
“Retard, why would those guys come here? They would be done with getting to level 200 and go running around in the Orc Colony instead.”
“No, there could be someone with level 150 who has not yet adapted to this place yet.”
“I haven’t seen any rascal like that in 8 years. Did you know that?”
“Hey, someone’s coming.”

The seven’s heads all turned toward the person that showed up. Everyone scanned the abilities like a habit, and their faces filled with disappointments.

“God damn it, a super newbie again.”
“It’s a new face. It looks like it hasn’t been long since he got to Asgard.”
“He looks young. What if he acts up after we let him join the party?”
“Ah, if that happens then that’s really going to fuck up everything.”

They were shaking in fear of anxious thoughts.
Players that just arrived to Asgard, and especially the young ones, had tendencies for narcissism.
This was because in their previous dimensions, they had all the attention and popularity from the people in addition to riches and honors, so they all had twisted personalities.
They think they are always right, and they think they can level up fast and bring everyone to below his feet if they have enough time. They were the kind that suffered from these two symptoms.
Actually, the seven players gathered here suffered from similar problems before, but they were rectified by senior players’ harsh treatments.

“Ah, now what? Maybe we should at least include him too?”
“Ah, I don’t feel comfortable with that.”
“Still, at least he is not level 99. Looks like he hunted vagrant goblins and gained experiences.”
“Yeah, and it is too much to wait around any longer for more people.”
“I’ll go talk to him.”

Anderson got up slowly and approached Vulcan with a smile.

“Excuse me, but you are a player, aren’t you?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Haha, I knew it. I am a player as well.”
“Ah, I see.”
“It looks like you are new here. Would you like to go hunt with us as a party? We are all veterans with years of experience in hunting. We will be able to help you.”

Vulcan turned to see the other players behind Anderson.

[Third-Rate Warrior Anderson]

[Third-Rate Mage Jale]


[Third-Rate Archer Ruko]

Vulcan saw that they all had similar low levels and cringed.

“Aren’t monsters here level 120 on average? You have so many people gathered here already, so why aren’t you going in?”
“Haha, perhaps you didn’t know about this. Occasionally, there are level 150 monsters. Besides, these monsters are level 120 only on paper. In reality, they are much……”
“Please hold on a minute.”

Vulcan’s interruption spoiled Anderson’s mood. It even showed on his face a little.
Vulcan realized this, but he didn’t mind and continued.

“Does that mean that if I don’t enter your party, you won’t be interested in going in?”
“What? Are you not going to join us?”
“I will decide after hearing your answer first.”
“It is a little dangerous to go in with just seven people…… so we were thinking we should wait another 30 minutes once you join us.”
“Oh I see…… I am sorry, but I will go hunt by myself.”

Vulcan walked past Anderson who was giving him a blank stare. Vulcan appeared to be in hurry, but he said to the others,

“When we get a chance next time, let’s go in together.”

‘I have to do everything before those people come in!’

Actually, Vulcan was in a big hurry.
He was full of anticipations because it had been three years since he did a proper hunting. Now this was a golden opportunity for him to have a monopoly on the hunting ground. To Vulcan, he felt like even using proper etiquette was a waste of time.
Vulcan quickly disappeared into the cave.

“Oh, my.”

Anderson said to express his concerns as he watched Vulcan disappearing into the cave.

“Looks like we will be cleaning up yet another corpse today.”
“There aren’t many players out there as it is, and ones that come to Asgard dies right away like a clock work…… man.”
“Hey, still it is better for that guy to just die fast. He still thinks he is a legendary warrior.”
“Ah, so how long do we have to wait again then……”

The players’ complaints continued endlessly.
Anderson sat back down, looking disappointed.

‘If he comes out wounded, we should fix him up at least.’

These players could never even dream of successfully hunting alone.

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