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Tsuyokute New Saga v1c2 part1

by Masayuki Abe, Fuse Ryuuta(Artist)

Translated by Ruka

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Chapter 2

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To the east of Rimaze was a small hill. On top of it was a decayed remain of some sort.

Though the remains were decayed, most of the stones were intact, so it was a popular play area for children.

Kyle also used to play hide-and-seek here.

Kyle climbed to the top of the remains and watched the sunset.

From the top, one could get a panoramic view of the entire town, and Kyle came here often to watch the sunset.

It’s the first time since the town was decimated that Kyle was able to watch the sunset in peace.

As the sun was setting, Kyle watched the entire town from the hilltop and said to himself, “I never thought I’d be able to see the sunset like this. I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve almost cried today.”

Kyle almost let a tear drop as he reached into his pocket and took out the Heart of Shinryu.

“I wonder what he was trying to do by going back in time…”

He was thinking about the demon king.


Kyle muttered, as he stared at the red Heart of Shinryu.

“There you are! I was looking for you!”

Startled by the sudden voice coming from behind, Kyle shoved the Heart of Shinryu back into his pocket.

He knew without turning around that it was Lize.

He would even know how she was feeling from the tone of her voice; he thought about what had happened this morning.

(He had suddenly hugged her first thing in the morning, groped her, and shoved his crotch onto her body)

“I’m sorry.”

He said this the moment he turned around and got on his knees and apologized.

You could look at this morning’s incident in any way, and he’d still look like a sex offender who could have been put in jail.

“I see you’re reflecting on what you’ve done.”

“I saw a weird dream and was totally out of it. I regret what I did.”

Kyle repeatedly apologized as his face was kept planted on the ground. Lize let out a big sigh.

Kyle took this to be a sign of Lize forgiving him, and relaxed his body.

“You two should really just stop doing stupid stuff if you’re gonna regret it later on.”

“Us two? …Oh… you mean me and Seran. I’m guessing he went to your place?”

“Yeah, he did. And he apologized just like you. Face on the ground. You two act just like each other.”

Lize sat next to Kyle, obviously appalled.

Kyle also fixed his posture and the two watched the sunset together.

“I hope you’re not insulting me by putting me on the same level as him…But did you make him some food afterwards?”

“I couldn’t help not feeling sorry for the guy…Anyways, did you seriously eat everything? I prepared at least four servings.”

“Yeah…I couldn't help it. It’s been at least one year since I ate food as good as that.”

“I’m quite sure I made the same thing 10 days earlier…And it’s not just Seran who came over but Seraiya also came over asking me to make something…I really felt bad…”

“…I’m sorry my mother caused so much trouble…I really am…”

Kyle sincerely apologized.

“Until Uncle Loeil comes back, I have no choice but to go and make food for you guys. Be thankful.”

“Loe…?...Oh~ my father. Right, he’s away right now. I forgot about that.”

He had completely forgotten about his father.
Loeil was an artisan; he crafted rings and necklaces. He’s highly skilled, but takes forever to craft the items, so very few people know how skilled he truly is.

He’s always quiet and is silent even when he laughs.

He takes over the household chores since Seraiya and Kyle don’t do much. Loeil was the epitome of a stay-at-home husband.

Sometimes he would take a few days to go to the capital to deliver his goods. That’s probably what he’s doing right now.

“Don't tell me you just forgot about him.

“That’s blasphemy. I just couldn’t remember off the top of my head. That’s all. Anyways…”

Ending the conversation about his father with a simple “anyways,” Kyle went back to talking about other things.

“I’m surprised you knew I was here.”

“I know exactly what you’re thinking…Anyways, what was the weird dream you had this morning?”

Lize’s words wiped the smile off of Kyle’s face.

“By any chance, did I die in your dream?”

“Well, I suppose you could put it that way…”

“That explains why you seemed so disturbed…”

She seemed uninterested, but at the same time, she also seemed a bit happy.

Kyle thought about the part where Lize died in his dreams.

One year ago, or three years later in terms of the present circumstances, this town was taken over instantly by demons, since it was very close to the border.

Since it was the first invasion, the demons showed no mercy. Everything was destroyed and burned; the people were all slaughtered.

The town in front of his eyes transformed into a living hell.

He couldn’t forget about what had happened, no matter how hard he tried.

And Lize...

By the time he got there, it was too late; nothing could be done to save her.

In her final moments, she was still smiling, and he could feel her getting colder by the moment.

He called out to her until his throat was sore, but she would never open her eyes again.

Just thinking about it made him angry.

And he made a promise to avenge her death.

“Wha…what’s wrong? You seem a bit pale.”

Hearing Lize’s voice, Kyle snapped back into reality.


“And you’re sweating…”

“I just felt a little sick. That’s all. It’s nothing serious.”

“Oh…okay...that’s fine then…”

Though she says it’s fine, Lize was worried about Kyle’s sudden change of behavior.

To be exact, Lize was afraid.

She had never seen Kyle like this before. It wasn’t exactly anger or sadness or hate. It was a feeling that couldn’t be put to words. She sensed something dark in Kyle’s expression.

She thought she knew everything about Kyle. What she just saw overturned her confidence.

Kyle thought about the miraculous nature of peace.

(Actually, it’s peaceful now…but this peace will end in three years. I’m the only one who knows this, and if I do nothing, the tragedy will repeat itself…I’ll be forced to go through hell all over again)

“…no way I’m letting that happen”

“Wh…what’s up with you?”

Lize called out to Kyle, who suddenly stood up, but Kyle ignored it, and just gazed at the sunset.

If nothing is changed, he would lose his family. His home. The world. And his childhood friend who is sitting right next to him.

Kyle clenched his teeth hard.

“I’m going to change it….”

He was filled with regret.

When it was hopeless, he remembered someone say this: “It’s just fate. It’s useless trying to fight it.”

And just like that, he was persuaded into accepting fate.

“I’ll change fate.”

He can start now, and prevent the tragedy.

He would never let go of this opportunity.

“I’m going to change the fate of the entire world.”

He swore to this, and held out his tightly clenched fist towards the west, where the sun was setting, and also where the demons lived.

“No matter what happens!”

It’s the second time Kyle was so determined. The last time was when he lost Lize a year ago.

Except last time, it was for revenge; this time, it was to protect.

Lize rolled her eyes at Kyle, who out of nowhere, stood up and started yelling at the sun.

(What the hell is he talking about? He’s talking nonsense all of a sudden.)

Kyle just began talking about fate and changing the world. It’s felt like a close childhood friend whom she knew everything about, suddenly went far away.

And not just far away: far away into a forbidden place.

In a different sense, Lize was afraid again, and said to Kyle as if she realized something new: “Maybe I hit you too hard this morning.”

Lize was flustered and turned blue.

“W….w…w……w…..what do I do….in these situations…..m…maybe if I hit him again…it’ll fix him.”

Burning with passion, Kyle didn’t realize that an equally determined Lize was standing right behind him.

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