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Max Level Newbie 6

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by JL | Edited by ET

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Mister Filder the Kind (Part 3)

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“Player…… What does it exactly mean?”

“You should know better than I, Mr. Vulcan. A person who can gather various useful information using the system* ability, the one that gets stronger not through training or enlightenment but through experiences from battling monsters, is that not?”

TLN*: We originally called it the system transceiver or transceiver, we will now translate it as system. (Game system)

“…… That’s right. By chance, are there other players in Beloong city?”

“Yes, including you, Mr. Vulcan, there are about 500 players residing in Beloong city.”

“If that’s the case, allow me meet them. Please.”

Vulcan said with an eager expression on face.

For whatever reason he came to this world that was completely different from Earth or how he ended up with a video game character like body, there was no one that could explain it to him.

Vulcan spent all his effort and abilities in hopes of returning to his original world, thinking it may happen if he followed demands of the system that seems only interested in his growth.

However, it was no use.

He did everything he could in Rubel continent, yet he couldn’t find any clues for returning to his home world. The baseless belief in thinking that everything will be resolved once he reaches the max level has now become a busted bubble.

‘There are other players besides me!’

Just before giving up on everything, he stumbled upon newly found hope.
Vulcan did not want to miss out on this opportunity.

“I know well of your feeling of uneasiness, Mr. Vulcan. Probably, unlike Mr. Dokgo Hoo, this is probably your second time to visiting a new world. Ah, as you guessed, this place is completely different from Rubel continent that you were in.”

Filder’s tone of voice suggested the complete awareness of Vulcan’s predicament.
Vulcan waited quietly for Filder to continue.

“I know most of things that you might be curious about, but besides those, I have so much more information that I must tell you. It is not like we are short on time, so please listen to what I have to say first and then ask your questions.”

Vulcan nodded. He was still anxious, but it is not like he couldn’t wait when Filder offered to tell him everything.
Also, the truth is, he was scared of Filder.
Filder may appear to be a skinny dainty, but after all, he is a master with a level that was incalculable.

‘No matter how curious and how desperate, I must not act boastful and stay put.’

Vulcan set aside for a while his pride as Rubel continent’s strongest mage swordsman at level 99.
He sight locked on to Filder like an honor student tuning to a respected teacher.

In the world there are many different dimensions that exists, and in these dimensions, many different civilizations developed, writing unique histories of their own.

Isolated from each other by a tremendous force called the Dimensional Wall. Unaware of each other’s existence, tens of thousands of worlds maintain their individuality.
However, these different dimensions have one thing in common, and that is the existence of the gifted ones who are viewed with envy and jealousy by ordinary people.
It is obvious that individual abilities of people should vary, but the degree of the difference with these beings far exceeded beyond what common sense could explain.

What took someone to achieve in a week could took another person three years, someone that can master sword techniques from a knight that trained ten years just by taking a glance at it.

Someone that is able to master skills by the age of 30 where ordinary people couldn’t reach in one hundred years. Prodigy by youth, a god-like being 30 years later.

These beings, with their god like abilities, probably rose to the top in their dimensions, living like majestic kings without ever having to have to lower themselves in front of anyone even once.
That is, until they enter the land where the strongest of all dimensions gather, Asgard.


“……To speak of the standards for a player, those with level 90 and above have the right to enter Asgard.”

Filder continued after wetting his throat with a tilt of a drink.

“You can’t just come to Asgard by simply going over level 90. Even after rising as the strongest in their own world, it seems those who are satisfied with their lives do not get summoned to this place. Those lacking ambition or who didn’t push themselves to progress further are not able to cross over to Asgard. This is not a confirmed fact but a theory, however it is a conclusion drawn from several thousand people, so it is not completely baseless either.”
“When you say ambition, what kind are you talking about?”
“I’m speaking of the kind that could not be realized in one’s own world.”

Vulcan made a face indicating he wants more explanation.

“The most common kind of ambition is ‘I want to become stronger’. I don’t know the world you came from, Mr. Vulcan, but most of martial artists or mages likely have strived to reach a higher level by any means necessary.”

He was right.
In fact, the elder lich Frezole was obsessed with mage training that he did so even at the cost of giving up his wealth and title, and when he reached the end of his natural life span, he resorted to becoming a lich to extend his life.

“Even a prodigy in their own world would face certain limits. That could be with regards to ones ability or life span. Asgard can be considered the land of opportunity where one can achieve the ambition that could not be fulfilled due to such limits. This place allows you to maintain your peak strength at your prime and eternal life. God-like beings that are worthy of being your rival, powerful monsters you have never experienced, incredible high quality sword and potions, opportunities to discover unthinkable magic spells and mental re-enforcement techniques are all over the place. Asgard can be called the place that has everything one needs to become stronger.”

Filder continued after taking a sip of tea.

“The aforementioned reasons are the usual kinds, but there are others who come to this land to achieve different goals. Mr. Vulcan, it looks like you fall to that category.”

Vulcan fixed up his body posture. After a long prologue, the main part was about to come.

“I take it that this means you know what I want.”
“Going back to your own world.”

That was exactly right. Vulcan went on to ask.

“What makes you think that?”
“Because you are a player, Mr. Vulcan.”

Filder continued while Vulcan made a jumbled up face.

“There are people that cross over to Asgard even if they don’t have ambitions to reach a higher level; in the case of having goals that could not be achieved from their own world. Finding medicine to cure a family member, seeking a holy sword of legend to prevent the invasion of demons, priests wising God’s blessing on their own worlds, and so on…… The first example is quite common, but for cases like the holy sword, that’s only for specific kind of people.


“These people are known as ‘braver*’, those who are born to protect their worlds. When the ‘power of a braver’ is not enough to protect their world,  they would often challenge Asgard as a last resort method. More often than not, priests also come to Asgard to bring God’s blessing to their own world. There is one other group of people that also focuses on one objective.”

TLN*: Brave warrior

By this time, even Vulcan could tell whom the group of people that Filder spoke of.

“Yes, they are the ones called players: For reason unknown, those that fell to different dimensions, the strong ones amongst them that attained the rights to enter Asgard by reaching the level 99, the ones that still have the resolve to return to their home world. Mr. Vulcan, the moment I realized you are a player, I knew what made you so anxious, and why you wanted to meet other players.”

“That is……”

“It is not necessary to meet other players. I know the way to return to one’s home world. This is a method that is viable to not just players but also bravers, priests, or any other visitors of Asgard with different kind of wishes.”

Vulcan, with fires/flames on his eyes, stared at Filder who stared back at him calmly. Everyone was the same. All players that came to Beloong city stared at Filder with eyes full of passionate resolve that indicated they would do anything to go back to their homeworlds. With full of confidence, they headed for hunting grounds and worked hard to adjust to Asgard.

However, there wasn’t any player that achieved one’s wish. About half were not of this world* and the other half struggled in endless despair until finally resorting to permanently settling in Beloong city.

TLN*: This could either mean they were literally not of this world or as in In Korea, “not of this world” means dead.

‘I wish you could obtain what you want.’

Filder opened his mouth.

“Asgard is divided into three area based on its level of danger. We call them Act 1, Act 2 and Act3. Beloong city that you are in right now is the main sector of Act 1, area with the lowest level of danger.”
“And each Act has a monster that could be considered the main boss. The monster that rules over all monsters in Beloong city is Sarantis, an incredibly strong one that treats kins of devils like snacks. Mr. Vulcan, if you hunt down Sarantis, the main boss of Act 1…… you can clear Act 1 and realize one wish.”
[Quest generated!]
[Main quest – Defeat Act 1 boss monster, Sarantis]
[Difficulty – B (Asgard standard)]
[Reward – One wish]
* Main boss monster that rules over Asgard’s Beloong city field. Defeat Sarantis single-handedly *

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