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Max Level Newbie 5

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by THL | Edited by WongTao

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Mister Filder the Kind (Part 2)

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 “Haha, I’m sorry my lack of explanation hurt your feelings Mr. Dokgo Hoo. Please calm down and hear me out.”

A slim man who seemed to be the owner tried  with all his effort to calm the angered Dokgo Hoo.
But Dokgo Hoo showed no signs of being pacified.

“Explanation, my ass! You spoke such bullshit because you disdain me! I admit that you are a little bit stronger than me, but crushing your weak skull is nothing if I train for three years!”

“Haha, well, I don’t know….”

Looking up at the angry Dokgo Hoo, the owner lifted a cup of tea on the table. He gently shook his head and sipped the tea.
It was as if he was in a trouble because of a childish kid talking full of nonsense.
Just when Dokgo Hoo was about to show signs of another outburst the owner looked straight into his eyes and spoke. The tone was strict, not like before.

“Dokgo Hoo, sir, you are wrong.”

He raised his finger and pointed his sleeve.

“Even if you train alone, for someone like you, you will never ever be able to cut my sleeve.”
“What?! Are you mocking me, Dokgo Hoo, the finest swordsman of Nokrim?!”

A murderous intent enough to scare away fierce beasts burst out of Dokgo Hoo’s body. He gave a look sharp enough to pierce the owner’s face,
but in contrast, the owner was calm as a sea. A very soothing voice came out of his mouth.

“I am NOT mocking you.”

He didn’t avoid Dokgo Hoo’s murderous look.

“I am just telling the truth.”


A lion’s roar exploded out from Dokgo Hoo’s mouth.
His self-taught breathing technique, Tiger King’s Arts, cycled the twelve veins and the eight extra meridians and brought out a fierce aura.
From Dokgo Hoo’s body, an enormous aura of a tiger that even beasts in  the gigantic Snow Mountains feared filled the inside of the pub.
The aura gradually spread out and turned into a tornado as if it was going to destroy everything inside the pub.
As a matter of fact, Dokgo Hoo did try to destroy the entire place.
It was a demonstration of force to prove the size of his fury and the fact that he was the mighty one and the only man who owned all 108 mountains of  the Cho empire.
Even for Vulcan who just entered the pub, the pressure was intense. Vulcan grinned and looked around the at the pub’s condition. He got worried that perhaps it might damage the place,
but nothing happened.


Everything in the pub kept its place without a single move and of course the owner was holding his cup as if nothing happened.

“Fuck….. This is not it…..”

Dokgo Hoo looked at the owner with awkwardness. He was still emitting the aura but there was no momentum from just  a few seconds ago.
Realizing that something was wrong, he gradually suppressed the aura. He was sweating.
The pub owner spoke with a respectful? tone but somewhat heavy.

“The finest swordsman, yes it is great.”
“Of course I believe the facts that you ruled all 108 mountains and you were undefeatable in the previous world. Let me remind you again, I didn’t disdain you.”

Dokgo Hoo kept his mouth shut. He was already exhausted and what the pub owner was saying wasn’t so bad to hear.
But what came out of the pub owner’s mouth wasn’t what Dokgo Hoo expected.

“However, there are people with strengths such as yours all over this world.”
“How dare y…”
“Go out to the street. There are hundreds of people wandering around who are stronger than you. Not only the finest swordsman of Nokrim, there are fancy names such as Sword Master, Greatest Demon of all time, Lord of Heaven Beyond Heavens. But there are so many of them out there. That is the truth.”

His dissuasion continued.
“All those great people went through the training. Why? Because they realized their lack of strength and wasn’t ashamed to put the effort in.”

Dokgo Hoo was last for  words. From his shaking, it looked like he lost his confidence but the owner didn’t stop and continued talking,  only now with a soft tone.

“Mr. DokGo, let me say this again. I’ll do my best to make sure you adapt much quicker than now. You DO have talents. You can reach the summit with much a faster and safer method than regular….”
“Arggh….. Quiet!”


Slamming the table again, Dokgo Hoo screamed.

“Just shut up already! I, Dokgo Hoo, the head of the confederation of the 108 Bandit Tribes, has never bowed my head to anyone for sixty years of my life! Three years, no, five years! In five years, my weapon demon blade of the black blood! Will take your head! Until then, keep your neck clean!”

Dokgo Hoo spoke with agitation, turned around. He tried to push the exit door with his right foot.
Sadly, the door didn’t open.
With only a small gap barely enough for a skinny person to go through, the door closed shut again.
Pub owner’s voice was heard from the back.

“Because there are many people like you, I made the door much rigid and heavy.”

Dokgo Hoo put much more power in his both hands, turning his already-red face much redder and left the pub.
Vulcan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry in this situation.
‘Man, my head has gone funky in a single day.’

What Dokgo Hoo said wasn’t wrong.
Looking at his status through the system he truly deserved to have that much pride in himself.
Saying ‘you are still lacking the strength to be by yourself. Be my apprentice, I’ll take care of you,’ to someone like Dokgo Hoo was nothing else but an insult.

[Dokgo Hoo, thief trainee, former Finest swordsmen of Nokrim]

His level was enough to aim for the elite ten and if time allowed, the champion.
Excluding Vulcan himself, he could have been the top three in Rubel Continent.

‘His accent is very cheesy and he’s a bit idiotic but…’

That was just his personality. It had nothing to do with how strong he is..

‘He doesn’t seem strong at all.’

No matter how hard Vulcan tried to be impressed by him, it didn’t work.
Until yesterday, no, until he arrived at Beloong city, Vulcan wasn’t like this.
If he encountered Dokgo Hoo at Rubel continent he would have been filled with tension for meeting a worthy rival. He would have been amicable, trying not to make Dokgo Hoo his enemy and perhaps planning combat tactics in case things didn’t work out between them.
But in Beloong city, he didn’t feel anything.
It was like watching a tantrum from a kid or a drunk man on a rampage.
In a city where monsters with levels of 122, 368 and 371 wander around, level 92 was just too… low.
It actually was just a newbie.

‘I must be out of my mind.’

Maybe being in this nonsensical city has made me go crazy.
Vulcan made a bitter smile.

“We are not open yet…. Perhaps this is your first time in Beloong city?”
Piercing Vulcan’s deep thoughts, the owner’s voice was heard. Vulcan politely greeted the kind and smiling pub owner.
He felt like he should be much politer although he wasn’t that rude in the first place.
Vulcan looked back on the owner’s stats that he just checked.

[Pub owner, Filder]
*Because of the huge level gap, unable to obtain exact stats.

If there is a bastard being arrogant even after looking at such a notification, he or she is just insane.

“Yes, hello. Call me Vulcan, or Jae Hyuk Kim, whichever you want. I came here because I was told anyone who’s new to Beloong city should visit this place.”
Vulcan’s polite introduction, Filder’s eye widened a bit.

‘I’ve never seen a person so polite when first met.’

People with black hair and brown skin are mostly from a world known as ‘Murim’ and they are known for being sturdy.

“Hello, My name is Filder, the owner of the only pub in Beloong city. Please do take a seat.”

Filder introduced Vulcan to the table Dokgo Hoo was sitting until just now.
As he sat down and made a hand gesture, two cups appeared and filled the table.

“A tea with a deep taste and smell.”
“I see, thank you.”

Vulcan had no hobby of tasting a tea but he thanked and sipped the tea. The tea indeed had a good smell but had no taste in it.

“I love the scent.”
“Glad you like it, haha.”

‘Actually, it’s not good.’

Filder also sipped his tea with a gentle smile and spoke.

“I know you have a lot of questions, but let me ask you some first.”

Vulcan nodded and the questions began.

“Are you perhaps from the Murim?”
“Huh? Pardon?”

Filder added an extra explanation because of Vulcan’s reaction.

“I was asking if you are from the place where most people with black hair and brown skin live.”

‘Does this mean…?’

Vulcan realized that this place, Beloong city wasn’t from the world where Rubel continent exists; it was from a whole different world.

‘I have no idea what’s going on, but it seems like I landed in another world.’

Barely holding his sigh, Vulcan spoke.

“No, where I am from, there were mostly people with golden, or brown hair and white skin.”
“Hmm, could you tell me the name of the region you are from?”
“It’s called Rubel continent.”

It was the first time hearing about such place for Filder. Of course, it wasn’t odd. If this person is ‘that type’ of person, obviously he wouldn’t know. There were not many people after all.
Filder probably guessed where Vulcan was from but threw a last question just to make things sure.

“Is there a God named ‘Powell’ in Rubel continent?”
“Nope, never heard of such God.”
“Then you must be the ‘player'. ”

Filder’s calm voice struck Vulcan’s ears hard.
Under the table, Vulcan’s fists were getting tighter.
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