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The Death Mage that doesn't want a fourth time 187

by Densuke

Yoshi (Translator), Sebas Tian (Editor)

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An expanding nation and the Demon King that refuses to strike

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The Demon King’s fragments that Vandalieu had absorbed into his body suddenly declaring the resurrection of the Demon King and the Demon King Fusion Skill awakening into the Demon King Skill greatly surprised Zantark, Farmaun and the rest of the gods. However, Sam, Bone Man and Vandalieu’s other companions showed no signs of surprise or shock.

“Bocchan, you have acquired another superior Skill. Congratulations,” said Sam.

“Sam, it’s Demon King. Even if it’s a Skill, isn’t it a bad thing?” said Vandalieu.

“My lord, has there been any problems with your body since you awakened that Skill?” asked Bone Man.

“Not in particular,” Vandalieu replied.

He had been testing things out by covering his forearms with the Demon King’s exoskeleton, turning his tongue into the Demon King’s tongue and bringing out his often-used Demon King’s blood and horns, but he didn’t feel like anything was out of the ordinary.

“Bocchan, are you hearing any mysterious voices in your head?” asked Saria.

“Or maybe a dangerous urge to destroy everything in sight?” suggested Rita, trying to think of any likely scenarios.

Vandalieu didn’t reply immediately; he closed his eyes and began analyzing himself.

I don’t hear any voices.

Vandalieu didn’t hear a voice that wasn’t his own, like the time when he first activated the Demon King’s blood… it was possible that there were voices that were simply remaining silent to stay hidden, so he examined himself carefully. However, he couldn’t find anything.

Next, he tried using Out-of-body Experience to examine himself and see whether there had been any changes to his body, but that didn’t seem to be the case either.

Finally, he tried activating the Demon King’s auxiliary brain, but he could not feel the Demon King Guduranis’s will. It seemed that Vandalieu’s prediction had been right and the auxiliary brain was just a sub-brain responsible for controlling the body.

Depending on how it was used, it was possible that activating the Demon King’s auxiliary brain would allow Vandalieu to continue functioning even if his own brain was in a state where it could not be used.

Also, it was possible that he could create a familiar with some ability to make its own decisions by attaching the Demon King’s eyeballs to it.

“Leaving the uses of the auxiliary brain aside… I don’t think there are any signs of anything like that. I don’t hear any strange voices or feel any desires or urges,” Vandalieu reported.

“Then there aren’t any problems!” said Rita.

“But… it has become easier to activate the fragments than before,” said Vandalieu. “I can use them as if they really were extensions of my limbs or parts of my body.”

Vandalieu had been able to use the Demon King’s fragments without having to say ‘activate’ out loud, but he had been using them with the same sensation as casting spells or using martial skills.

However, he felt like he could now use them with the same sensation as simply reaching out with his hand. The amount of Mana the fragments took to activate had decreased… though the Mana cost was still ridiculously vast for an ordinary person.

Perhaps Vandalieu would become able to activate the Demon King’s fragments subconsciously in the future.

“Isn’t that amazing! Congratulations!” said Saria.

It seemed that there weren’t any problems.

Shouldn’t I be feeling a sense of danger, though? Vandalieu wondered, giving a sigh of relief as he looked up at Zantark and the Kijin ancestor, who had been holding the last fragment that he had absorbed.

Zantark let out a roar.

“Zantark says, ‘Your companions seem to be unconcerned, so you’re probably fine.’ I think the same,” said Farmaun. “In fact, the properties of your Mana when you activated the fragments felt different from Guduranis’s to me.”

The words of Zantark, the war-god of fire and destruction who had once faced the Demon King, and Farmaun, one of the champions who had defeated the Demon King, seemed to be very reassuring. The tension was released from the shoulders of the Majin ancestor and Lafaz, the bird beast-king.

But the Majin ancestor didn’t seem to be completely relieved. “Farmaun, since you’re one of the three who defeated the Demon King, what are these differences in the quality of the Mana?” he asked. “All I know of the Demon King is from the fragments, so I can’t tell.”

“If you don’t mind an answer of just what I feel… I remember the Demon King Guduranis’s mana being aggressive. It felt like it would pierce anything that opposed its flow and eat into anything it touched,” Farmaun explained. “Of course, it might be only natural that I felt that way since we were enemies.”

“Those who were not his enemies… even his subordinates, would have felt the same aggressiveness in the Demon King Guduranis’s Mana and presence. That Demon King ruled over those beneath him with sheer power and fear,” said Gufadgarn, a former subordinate of the Demon King, supporting Farmaun’s words.

“I see… In comparison, Vandalieu’s Mana has a strange feeling to it,” said Farmaun.

“Strange?” Vandalieu repeated.

“Yeah,” said Farmaun, nodding. “It feels like it’s coiling around me, but it’s not particularly unpleasant, if you know what I mean.”

It seemed that Vandalieu’s Mana had sticky properties.

Incidentally, there were two meanings to the ‘properties’ of an individual’s Mana. One was the talents possessed by the owner of the Mana, such as their affinity to the attributes and their suitability for alchemy and spiritual magic.

The other definition was the properties that distinguished the owner, similar to fingerprints or DNA. Magic Items that could only be used by their owners distinguished their owners from other people through these identifying properties.

Thus, it was a great relief to be told this by Farmaun, a heroic god.

However, it seemed that Luvesfol, the raging evil dragon god that Pauvina and Oniwaka had been trying to keep calm, had lost consciousness from terror.

“Van, Luves has fainted,” said Pauvina.

“W-what do we do?!” said Oniwaka.

“… I’m sure he’s tired. Let’s allow him to rest for a while,” said Vandalieu.

“Yeah, you’re right,” said Pauvina, lifting Luvesfol up and carrying him over to store him in Sam’s carriage, his tail dragging against the ground along the way.

Luvesfol had lost consciousness, but this was the moment that it was decided that Vandalieu and his companions would take him with them.

Zantark and the other gods didn’t say anything, so it seemed that they didn’t mind.

“He deserves to be punished like the other Elder Dragons that Schneider defeated. I am sorry for causing you the trouble,” Tiamat said afterwards, however.

An enormous worm covered in fluffy fur emerged from within Vandalieu, seemingly feeling sympathy towards Luvesfol. It was Pain, who had gone from being a Sheep Worm to a Rank 6 Grand Huge Sheep Worm.

Pain gently wrapped and coiled himself around Luvesfol.

“Van-kun, didn’t you say before that the Demon King Job appeared in your lists of Jobs you could change into?” said Orbia.

“With that being the case, it isn’t a big deal that you acquired the Skill,” said Princess Levia.

“… Now that you mention it, you’re right. For now, I’ll inspect the exact effects of the Skill little by little,” said Vandalieu.

And so, time passed peacefully around the apparently resurrected (second) Demon King.




Meanwhile, the Divine Realm of Alda, the god of law and fate, was being shaken.

“My lord, the Demon King’s fragments that are being preserved by the Churches have all become more active!”

“We are receiving similar reports from other gods!”

The human Eileek possessed a talent for receiving Divine Messages, and Alda had loosened his control over the light attribute to cause a total solar eclipse in order to secure Eileek’s position as pope.

Alda had explained the effects that this would have to the other gods beforehand. During the eclipse, some of the Demon King’s fragments and evil gods that had been sealed would be stimulated, and there was a risk that some of them might be released.

That was why he had conducted a near-perfect investigation into the evil gods and fragments that would be released, then formed a plan against them. He had ensured that any incidents in the Amid Empire and Orbaume Kingdom could be dealt with.

Alda’s forces could not see the Dark Continent or inside the Boundary Mountain Range; if anything happened there, Zantark and the other gods of Vida’s faction would deal with them, and it would not bother Alda and his allies if they suffered great losses doing so. In fact, it would be convenient if they did.

However, something was happening to the Demon King’s fragments once more, a month after the solar eclipse.

“My lord, could this be another effect of the solar eclipse?” one of the gods asked.

“No, it has already been a month. It is difficult to imagine that this is an effect of the eclipse,” said Alda.

“Then, o Alda, is there a possibility that the fragments are working together and plotting something?” asked another god.

“That is impossible.”

The fragments were the result of the champions chopping the Demon King Guduranis into countless pieces; those pieces had transformed into various different body parts and each of them individually sought the Demon King’s resurrection.

It was true that they had once been Guduranis, a singular being, but now that they were separated and separately sealed away, it should have been impossible for them to share a will.

“Therefore, something must have happened to the being that is above the fragments… the new Demon King, Vandalieu,” said Alda, without any doubt in his words.

He was right.

The seals on the Demon King’s fragments held by his believers weakening was because of Vandalieu’s Demon King Skill awakening on the Dark Continent.

“We must pour more power into the holy grounds of the Churches, suppressing the fragments until they become quiet once more,” said Alda. “We must also confirm whether there has been any effect on the fragments that have been directly sealed by the gods, and the fragments that have become pieces of Demon King equipment.”

Familiar spirits flew off to deliver Alda’s commands to the other gods, and they soon returned with information.

“The sealed fragments on holy grounds have been successfully suppressed! The fragments have been confirmed to be quiet.”

“The fragment seals maintained directly by the gods have shown no changes. It seems that they are unaffected.”

“Likewise, Demon King equipment is unaffected. However, we have not confirmed every piece of Demon King equipment.”

Alda felt bitter about the last report. Demon King equipment was equipment created by modifying the seals on fragments of the Demon King, allowing them to be wielded as terrible weapons.

These had been created either through the experiments of a mad alchemist or a conspiracy of the remnants of the Demon King’s army.

Alda and the other gods had not acknowledged Demon King equipment, but… it was impossible to change their seals back to their original forms, and they were as effective against other rampaging Demon King fragments as Orichalcum equipment. Thus, they had accepted the use of Demon King equipment as ‘fighting fire with fire’ while ensuring that the method of creating such equipment was lost, and that it could not be modified any further.

However, it could not be said that Demon King equipment was particularly effective against Vandalieu; they knew this from the battle between Vandalieu and the ‘Five-headed Snake’ Ervine, one of the Fifteen Evil-breaking Swords.

With that in mind, they had wanted to seal the Demon King equipment away as soon as possible, but this could not be easily achieved, as Demon King equipment was in the hands of a number of different nations and organizations.

But it was good that they had been unaffected for now.

“Each of you, observe the seals’ behavior. We cannot directly interfere with seals that are not on holy grounds… those that are in the hands of organizations that merely call themselves churches and those that have been abandoned in ruins. We shall dispatch humans as necessary,” said Alda.

The familiar spirits dispersed once more to deliver these orders.

With this, things should be dealt with for the moment.

“… Curatos, what do you think of this incident?” asked Alda, addressing one of his closest aides among the subordinate gods that served him, the god of records Curatos.

“My apologies, o great Alda,” said Curatos, shaking his head. “I can offer only guesses as to why we find ourselves in this unprecedented situation.”

“I shall hear them,” said Alda.

“Very well… I believe that this situation is the result of many fragments gathered in a single host, more than has ever been seen before.”

“I see. That is the ‘main body’ that the fragments desire. I had thought that it would be the Demon King’s soul, the majority of which we made Rodcorte seal away, but…”

Having decided that it would be dangerous to seal the Demon King’s soul here in this world where fragments of the Demon King’s body were, Alda had left the sealing of the relatively unimportant parts of the Demon King’s soul, such as the Demon King’s memories, to Rodcorte.

Rodcorte was a specialist when it came to handling souls, and even in the worst-case scenario of the Demon King’s soul rampaging out of control, it would be unable to manifest its power in the absence of the fragments of the body.

Up until now, Alda had thought that the ‘main body’ that the fragments referred to and desired was the Demon King’s soul.

“I believe that my theory is correct. And if it is, then the ‘main body’ is unmistakably Vandalieu,” said Curatos.

To Alda and his allies, Vandalieu was a being that disturbed the order of the current world, an enemy that needed to be defeated. Now, this enemy had become even more powerful.

“How are Heinz and his companions doing in the trial I gave them?” Alda asked.

“It seems that they have set foot on the thirtieth floor,” said Curatos. “I reproduced the monsters of the same races as Vandalieu’s subordinates and the monsters of the Demon King’s army, using my records. Heinz’s party has defeated these monsters, but…”

Curatos, the god of records, recorded the vast amount of information possessed by Alda’s forces. In his Divine Realm, he was able to create reproductions of these records.

Using this ability, he had recreated monsters and members of Vida’s races as obstacles in the ‘Trial Dungeon’ to train Heinz and his companions. These reproductions could not be told apart from the real thing, but when they were defeated, they vanished like illusions. This was why they did not leave any materials or Magic Stones behind.

And this was also why Heinz and his companions remained unharmed no matter how many times they were defeated. Every time they left the ‘town,’ Curatos would place their consciousnesses inside replicas of their bodies created from his records.

No matter how severely they were wounded in battle and how much their equipment was damaged, they were merely replicas created from Curatos’s records. Their real bodies and equipment remained undamaged.

“Battling against descended heroic spirits with only their consciousnesses in recreated bodies… It will take them much time to reach the 108th floor at this rate,” Alda murmured.

“O great Alda, shall we make the trial a little easier?” Curatos asked.

“No, continue the trial as it is, Curatos,” said Alda. “It would be meaningless if we loosen the pressure on them now and it causes them to fall during the crucial battle. We need Heinz and his companions… Heinz, to become at least as powerful as Bellwood.”

“As you wish. I will recreate the monsters of the Demon King’s army on the thirty-first floor as planned.




Vandalieu and his companions proceeded to the city near the volcanic area that had become Zantark’s Divine Realm. It was a city inhabited by Kiryujin that possessed the traits of Drakonids and Kijin, Maryujin that possessed the traits of Drakonids and Majin, and a small number of individuals belonging to Vida’s other races.

The population of the city was about fifty thousand. Like the city-states insides the Boundary Mountain Range, the inhabitants conducted farming and fishing inside Dungeons, while the trained warriors hunted monsters. This was how these people lived.

The Kiryujin and Maryujin population was large compared to the population of the Majin nation inside the Boundary Mountain Range, but that was likely because there was no place for them to slumber like the Majin inside Vida’s Resting Grounds; all of them remained conscious and active.

After Vandalieu and his companions were shown a warm welcome, there were discussions regarding things like teleportation to and from the Dungeons managed by this city, having Borkus and the others come from Talosheim to help exterminate monsters, and Oniwaka studying abroad here.

Unlike the Dungeons within the Boundary Mountain Range, which the evil god of labyrinths Gufadgarn had created intentionally, the Dungeons of the Dark Continent had all formed naturally or been created by the remnants of the Demon King’s army, with the exception of the Dungeons of the city. Thus, the continent’s Dungeons were located in a disorganized manner, and they were not being managed properly. Thus, there were also discussions to improve this situation.

Dispatching forces to help with these tasks would be useful for stabilizing the Dark Continent and providing training for Borkus and the others.

As for Oniwaka studying here… This was an idea suggested by the Kijin king Tenma after he heard that the Kijin ancestor was present on the Dark Continent.

“You have aided us so much, so we must do something in return. We will offer our support, as Oniwaka-dono studying here will be an opportunity for us to have a cultural exchange with our brethren whom we were separated from so long ago,” said the leader of this city, a Kiryujin elder.

The Kiryujin and Maryujin had been created when the Kijin and Majin ancestors mated with Tiamat, but they were apparently variants of Kijin and Majin, not a separate race altogether.

“But they say that they do not need any gold or treasures that we offer, and even though he has multiple brides, the women are of such status that he turned down Tiamat-sama’s offer. The women will likely refuse our proposals,” said a male Maryujin who was also one of the city’s leaders.

It seemed that on the Dark Continent, being propositioned by Tiamat was considered to be a great honor.

To the point that one would assume that anyone who turned Tiamat down would not give a second look at anyone who wasn’t a true beauty.

“They’re misunderstanding, but it’s probably best to leave them to think that way for a while,” Pauvina whispered to Oniwaka.

“Yeah, we’re not really of very high status,” Oniwaka whispered back.

“Don’t worry about it. I think we’ll be asking you for help when the time calls for it,” Vandalieu said to the leaders, ignoring Pauvina and Oniwaka’s whispers.

“Us, helping you when the time comes… well, that is only natural. I have heard that a Queen of our race is in Talosheim, a being that has not existed in many years. I would be glad to participate in an exchange,” said another leader, a Ghoul Amazoness who had the appearance of a young girl but possessed a dignified aura.

The few Ghouls who had escaped with Zantark a hundred thousand years ago had received Tiamat’s protection, gaining power but in exchange becoming a tribe of only women. It seemed that they were still a unisexual tribe, even today.

“The young girls of our tribe are full of interest in the Ghoul men that have become extinct on this continent. When will Queen Basdia-sama and this Vigaro-dono that I have heard of be coming here?” the Ghoul Amazoness asked.

“Well, that might take some time,” Vandalieu said vaguely, worried that Basdia would gain even more siblings born from different mothers if he left Vigaro to his own devices here.

I’ll try talking to the other Ghoul men first.

“Leaving the exchange aside… Is it decided?” asked one of the leaders, changing the subject.

“Indeed. We have already received permission.”

“Then there is no other choice.”

The ten leaders all nodded, stood and bowed simultaneously towards Vandalieu.

“We shall join the empire, with Vandalieu Zakkart-dono as our emperor.”

“From this moment forth, this city is under His Majesty’s rule, and we are His Majesty’s people. His Majesty is our emperor.”

“Please take good care of us.”

“… No, wait a second,” said Vandalieu, hastily stopping the leaders. “Are you sure you want to make that decision so hastily? Shouldn’t you hear the opinions of the city’s people, have some discussions and at least come to see Talosheim first?”

“No, there will be none who would be dissatisfied with this decision,” one of the leaders replied.

This city was the Dark Continent’s sole community of people. There had not been a single “other nation” in existence here for the past hundred thousand years.

There were multiple races living in the city, such as the Maryujin, Kiryujin and Ghouls, but the Maryujin and Kiryujin were siblings bound by their common parent Tiamat, and the Ghouls had kept their lineages going through mixed marriages, as they had become a tribe of only women.

Though the races did have their disagreements, they were mild.

On top of that, up until a hundred years ago… until fairly recently to members of Vida’s races, they had been threatened by a powerful external enemy in the form of Ravovifard, the god of release, and his army of high-Rank monsters. Thus, they had survived by forming bonds and fighting together.

“And we have never understood politics and government,” one of the leaders continued.

“We have not received a single king up until now,” explained another.

The people of the city gathered at this feast were no more than ‘leaders,’ there were no chiefs or mayors or anything of the like because such roles had never existed in the first place.

“We have run this city by obeying the gods’ policies. Of course, we have not asked for instructions on every single thing, but we have done so for anything concerning the entire city.”

This city was a more religious nation than the nations inside the Boundary Mountain Range… They could even be described as having been ruled by gods.

The nations inside the Boundary Mountain Range elected kings and queens, and these rulers had maintained these nations as servants of their guardian deities.

However, Zantark and the other gods that protected this city continued to exist on the world’s surface, even now. That was because the area around Zantark had half-transformed into his Divine Realm. Thus, anyone could visit the gods and exchange words with them directly as long as they were willing to endure the heat.

That was why there was no need to appoint rulers as representatives of the city; the gods were the ones who governed this city’s people.

“If the gods do not mind, then it’s fine,” said Vandalieu.

And that was how it was.

“And as you are already trusted by the gods as a champion, Master, I suppose it means that you are already worthy of the people’s trust,” said Luciliano.

“Congratulations, Bocchan. The nation’s land and populace has expanded!” said Sam.

“I’m sure the exchange will go well, Bocchan,” said Saria.

Indeed, Vandalieu had no reason to refuse.

He had intended to provide this city with all kinds of support from the beginning, and although it was far from Talosheim, it was possible to travel back and forth in an instant with his Dungeon Teleportation, Legion and Gufadgarn.

And it wasn’t as if the city was suffering from serious problems or debt. It was another nation with members of Vida’s races, and although the people had been surprised by Bone Man and the other Undead at first, they would soon become accustomed to them.

“Well then, I will welcome this city’s people as citizens of my nation. May our bonds be everlasting,” said Vandalieu.

And so, Talosheim gained more land and citizens.




A little before returning to Talosheim, Vandalieu appeared before Zantark and the other gods once more.

Tiamat and Deeana tried to grant Vandalieu their divine protections, but they were left disappointed.

“It seems that we cannot give you our divine protections after all. Even though, despite this appearance, I am top-class among the remaining Elder Dragons,” said Tiamat.

“If it is impossible even for Tiamat, then it will be impossible for me as well. It is likely impossible for any except the great gods,” said Deeana.

But Zantark roared and waved his arms.




You have acquired Zantark’s Divine Protection!》




Vandalieu heard an announcer’s voice in his head, notifying him that he had received Zantark’s divine protection.

At that moment, he became able to understand Zantark’s words, which had only sounded like roars and groans up until now.

“Were you able to receive my Divine Protection?” said Zantark.

There was still some noise mixed in with his voice, making it difficult to hear what he was saying, but Vandalieu could understand his words’ meaning.

“Ah, Zantark says –” one of the gods began, intending to interpret.

“Ah, it’s alright. I’ve received his divine protection, and I can mostly understand what he’s saying,” said Vandalieu.

“Wow, really?! There have been several people who have received Zantark’s divine protection, but none of them have been able to understand his words.”

“Then it’s about time,” said Farmaun, stepping forth from among the shocked gods. “I think you’ve already heard this from Schneider and his friends, but I’ll ask you again. I want you to wait until after the war against Alda before you strike me.”

It seemed that Farmaun had decided that it was the best time to make this request, now that his interpreting services were no longer required.

“If you’re talking about the thing about striking you a hundred times in exchange for the truce, I refuse,” said Vandalieu.

“I’m begging you! I can’t afford to be destroyed yet!” he said, bowing his head.

As a former champion who was now a heroic god, Farmaun was a god far above the likes of Gyubarzo. He had confidence that he could not be destroyed so easily.

However, not avoiding and relying only on his defenses to withstand a hundred serious blows from Vandalieu would be dangerous. If he went all-out, he would attack a hundred times with Death Cannon or Hollow Cannon. There was plenty of time to recover his Mana and rest his body from the recoil of using these spells. After all, there wasn’t any time limit by which all hundred attacks had to be used up.

Even if Farmaun could somehow withstand that and avoid being destroyed, he would certainly be severely wounded.

That was precisely why Vandalieu shook his head. “No, I mean I don’t intend to strike you at all. Because you’re going to fight for us against Alda’s forces, of course.”

Vandalieu had no intention to attack Farmaun.

“What? Are you sure?” Farmaun asked incredulously. “When I was alive, I didn’t believe you… Zakkart and the others. In the end, I ended up leaving them to die. On top of that, there were great losses suffered because of my actions in the war that took place a hundred thousand years ago. If I hadn’t joined that war, Vida’s faction would be in a far better state than it is now. The Adventurers’ Guild that I founded because I thought it was right, it’s hard to say that it’s been a good organization towards you as an individual. There’s no shortage of reasons to strike me.”

Several of the gods nodded in response to Farmaun’s confession, and Zantark frowned deeply.

“Well, I suppose that’s true,” said Vandalieu, nodding as well. “But I just have a soul made up of the fragments of the souls of Zakkart and the other champions. I don’t have any of their memories of the past, so I can’t feel any direct hatred towards your actions. As for the Adventurers’ Guild, you’re nothing more than the one who founded it in the distant past. I think it would be strange to hold you accountable for what became of it tens of thousands of years after you died.”

Farmaun was the heroic god who had founded the Adventurers’ Guild, but he did not control it. Each branch had a small statue of him and decorations like tapestries bearing his holy symbol, but it wasn’t as if every Guild worker was his follower.

Thus, it wasn’t reasonable for Vandalieu to place the blame for everything that he had experienced on Farmaun.

“But even so, I was thinking of giving you one strike. Back when I was listening to Dalton’s story,” Vandalieu added.

“So, what made you decide not to?” Farmaun asked.

“I mean, after seeing the way you’re treated by those around you now… You know.”

After coming to the Dark Continent and seeing Farmaun’s current situation, he now felt pity and sympathy for him.

Realizing this, the Majin ancestor… the one who had been blaming Farmaun the most, gave a small groan.

“But I’m not going to really defend you. The gods in the southern region of the Boundary Mountain Range – Xerxes, Mububujenge, Zozogante and Vida herself – If they want to strike you, I don’t intend to stop them,” said Vandalieu.

His pity and sympathy for Farmaun had made him lose the will to attack him, but that was all. He didn’t really think that Farmaun wasn’t at fault or that he should be forgiven.

Thus, he would not stop the gods who did feel a direct hatred for Farmaun if they intended to exact vengeance upon him.

“I see… That’s more than enough. Thank you,” said Farmaun. “And… this might just be for my own satisfaction, but… I’m sorry,” he added, bowing his head to Vandalieu once more.

But the ones he was really bowing his head to were his fallen comrades who had now become parts of Vandalieu’s soul.

The Majin and Kijin ancestors watched him with grim expressions, and then suddenly sighed.

“Old Kijin… Now that Alda has made a move, should we not place our ancient grudge aside?” said the Majin ancestor.

“Old Majin, I was thinking the same. Like the champion-dono, I will not go as far as to defend him, however,” said the Kijin ancestor.

The two of them had detested Farmaun ever since he came to the Dark Continent, but as time passed, they had become unable to tell whether they really still hated him or whether they were simply continuing to abuse him for the sake of hating him.

Farmaun had taken far too much from them a hundred thousand years ago; his actions could not simply be forgotten and forgiven. However, his current actions were too admirable to deserve such continuous hatred.

The Majin and Kijin ancestor had been hating Farmaun half-heartedly, but it seemed that they had finally drawn the line.


With their backs turned towards Farmaun, the Majin and Kijin ancestors apologized. Vandalieu couldn’t understand the inner thoughts of the gods that he had only just met, but he had a vague feeling that things were wrapping up in a good way.

And so, Vandalieu and his companions returned to Talosheim for now, leaving Oniwaka behind for her exchange.




Skill explanation:

Demon King

A superior version of the Demon King Fusion Skill. It is awakened by absorbing a certain number of the Demon King’s fragments and being able to activate them repeatedly.

Its main effect is granting the ability to activate the Demon King’s fragments as if they were a part of the owner’s own body. They can be activated as reflexively as blinking in response to a clap right in front of the eyes.

It is thought that there are other effects as well, but they are unclear at this stage.

As a side-effect, the effects of Artifacts designed to be used against the Demon King’s fragments also affect the Skill holder’s body directly.

This Skill cannot be awakened from Demon King Encroachment Degree, even if it reaches the maximum Level.

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