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The Tutorial Is Too Hard 172

by gandara

Translated by Boko | Edited by Pyrenose and Krazey

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Tutorial 30th Floor (2)

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[Lee Ho Jae (Human)]

Lv. 101


What is this?

Is it like when you level up after spending a night at an inn in an RPG?

No. That's not possible.

It wasn't as if I hadn't rested at all this entire time.

Like Kiri Kiri and the holy sword had said, my body hadn’t been able to keep up with my achievements; by resting, my body had become able to get used to them.

I heard I needed rest, but I didn't know that it'd have this kind of effect.

I expected my focus to improve with enough sleep, but I hadn't expected my level to shoot up by about 50 levels.

On that note.

"I’m completely abandoning my schedule."

[I'm sorry? Shouldn’t you rest a bit more? You only rested for about a week.]

"I'm going to rest more."


"I'm just going to rest for the entire week. No more magic or swordsmanship training in the middle. I'm just going to eat, sleep, and play for the entire day."

[Isn’t… that too excessive?]

The holy sword tried to dissuade me, but my mind was made up.

Since I had figured out that rest was this effective, I decided that I’d rest for the entire week without doing anything.

If I drastically increase my level this way, maybe I'll be able to receive level up rewards again.

I may not level up from resting anymore, but there’s also a possibility that it could increase further.

I'll rest lazily for one or two days, and then I'll be able to confirm whether it's true or not. I wanted to see if my level would increase more if I rested properly for a week.

If it didn't, I can just start training again after a week passes.

[I’m concerned that you’ll become dull if all you do is rest for a week, Warrior.]

"Not a chance."

Seregia said something about me becoming useless or whatever. I quickly denied it and dove into my bed.

Starting now, I'm not going to move a step from my bed!

Until I really need to use the restroom.

[Pain Resistance Lv. 6 has been acquired.]

[Mental Pollution Immunity Lv. 5 has been acquired.]


* * * * * *


In terms of results, resting for a week was a complete failure.

My level didn’t change a bit.

Instead, my Pain Resistance and Mental Pollution Immunity skills leveled up.

I hadn't self-injured myself while resting either.

I had only rested all day. The boredom and the restlessness really took a toll on my willpower; the psychological agony was practically torture as my body writhed atop the bed, so my skills leveled up.

I knew myself well; even as I rested for a week, I felt like I was being lazy, or that there was nothing to do. That’s just how sincere I was about resting.

After resting for a week, I felt as though I had been buried by that tranquility.

It sounded like the second hand of a nonexistent clock rang out, and it felt like the ceiling would collapse on top of me at any moment; I felt an uneasiness that had no basis.

The entire time I spent on top of my bed felt like torture.

It seemed as though Seregia and the holy sword realized that both my body and mind were exhausted, so they tried to convince me to start training again; but I thought of this as training too, and endured.

And today, the week-long rest ended.  

As soon as morning came, I happily got down from my bed and went straight to making a new schedule.

[Mind power* is ultimately no different from magic. Don't they say that extremes meet? Normally, when a young superman reaches a certain level, he'll be able to easily master both magic and swordsmanship. It was the same for me as well.]


[TL Note: I had absolutely no idea what the author had written in Korean, but I looked it up. I believe it’s a word used in Tai Chi and means “yinian”. It’s likely a word often used in wuxia novels rather than Korean novels. It can roughly be translated as intent/will and mind power as well. It’s what lets you use your chi/inner energy. The author mentioned that Ho Jae felt like his "life force" (chi) may have been drained from using the Light Sword before, so...]


"Then, you're saying that I should focus on swordsmanship first?"

[Yes. You don't really need to learn magic right now. Swordsmanship is the best. More importantly, isn't it cool? Why do you want to learn something that those tottering magicians mutter in their small rooms?]

[You can say that again. Swordsmanship really is the best. Please hone your swordsmanship first, Warrior.]

Seregia ended up being persuaded by the holy sword.

"It's not like I'm going to neglect my swordsmanship. But I’m finally able to study magic. I was barely able to find a magic book that specifies runes."

As soon as I had cleared the 29th floor, I got Kiri Kiri’s help and bought magic books.

In large quantities.

[That's not it. I'm not saying you shouldn't learn magic. But you should focus on your swordsmanship right now.]

"I should focus on my swordsmanship? Why?"

The holy sword wasn't saying that I should prioritize my swordsmanship; he was saying that I had to train my swordsmanship at this time.

I asked for a detailed reason.

[You are still unskilled in using your mind power, Warrior. It also hasn't been very long since you've genuinely used it. In order to become skilled at using it, you need more practice and effort. Plus, you've recently shown an extraordinary growth rate, Warrior. This kind of opportunity is hard to come by even once in your life. Whether you were blessed by the God of War, or the energy of the universe is focused on you, this unusual acceleration is uncommon. Just as there's a period of growth with your body, there's also a time where you'll experience explosive growth in your swordsmanship. And this period of growth differs between individuals. I'm saying that you never know when it'll end. You don't know when this condition will end, so don't waste time on magic. Please focus on swordsmanship.]

What are you talking about?

I've just been growing normally.

Whether it's the God of War's blessing, or the will of the universe fulfilling my desires, it’s not like I’ve ever heard or seen them before.

[He's correct, Warrior. This is the first time he's said something right, so please listen to what Sir Ahbooboo has to say.]

Seregia assented from my side.

Was she enthusiastically chiming in after understanding what the holy sword had said?

I asked out of curiosity.

[I wasn't paying close attention, so I'm not sure. More importantly, I'll be bored if you decide to train in magic, so please practice swordsmanship.]

It turned out that she was just being faithful to her desires.

Due to the two ego swords' passionate complaints, I decided to change my schedule.

First, I'll polish my swordsmanship a bit, and study magic later.

After I've made some visible progress in the two fields, I'll enter the 31st floor.

That's how my training in the 30th floor residential district began.


* * * * * *


"I thought that it was a technique that added magic, though."

I was talking about the technique that the holy sword used on the 26th floor.

I had just slashed downwards, but the cut had gone beyond the field and through the rampart.

[Hoo. Hoo. Hoo. Hoo. That was a technique that I frequently used when I was still human. At the time, I wasn't familiar with magic. That was when I was at my peak. Ha!]

It seemed like he was going to start boasting again.

"At any rate, explain the basics of it for me. If you don't want to go into the inventory."

[Yes. I'll explain it to you. First, I have to talk about your skills, Warrior. That's because this kind of thing is understood differently based on the individual. When you used your mind power Warrior, how did you do it?]

As the holy sword requested, I drew the soul sword and took a stance.

"Honestly, I never learned this technique in detail. I just imitated it based on the stories that I had been told. I recalled something in my head when I listened to the stories and I just reenacted the same thing."

[Good. Focusing on that image and embodying it is an effective method. However, you were able to successfully figure that out on your own. Plus, you were able to utilize a technique you've never learned before.]

"Next is... It's difficult to explain."

[That's alright. It's naturally difficult to explain.]

"... This is just a speculation. If I were to artificially generate heat and light, I think I would've had to rub the mana together. This way."

I stretched my left palm out and released my mana.

My mana collided with atmospheric mana, and as it shot up, the impact generated heat.

If I released any more mana, the heat would have been accompanied by light.

[You really do all sorts of things. Do you really need to learn magic? You don't use that technique by applying that to your sword, right?]

"I do apply it to my sword."

[... Please try it.]

I shifted the aura that had formed around the sword.

It was definitely a lot more difficult.

Generating heat around the sword was much more difficult than using friction to form fire using the atmospheric mana.

A sword was a solid medium.

It had much more of a dull, stiff-moving, refined aura.

As the aura moved against my will, the heat generated was far greater.

First, I have to be careful that the energy doesn't build up in my body.

At the same time, in order for the unfolding energy that travels along the sword to go straight forward, the direction of my movements also had to line up.

I weaved together the aura that was spreading everywhere spontaneously, and then the aura is focused onto a single point on the sword's tip at the end of that complex process.

It started from my body, and would flow down through the sword until it ended at the sword's tip; it would continue to collide and the flowing aura which created energy would be released from my control at the tip of the blade.  

The energy that was released from the sword's tip wouldn't be in a straight line.

As soon as the energy is released, it will shoot in various directions.

The continuously colliding energy would flow down the sword until it reaches the blade-edge, where it undergoes a diffused reflection. The sword's fixed power would dissipate, spreading out in every direction.

The energy could shoot out to the side, and could even aim at me, behind the sword.

Ultimately, it was vital that I direct it into a straight line in front of me.

This was the Light Sword's first form, Pierce.

A bright light would glisten upon the sword's tip.

That was the end of it.

I stirred the soul sword around, and waited for the heat to be discharged.

I didn't use the Light Sword at its completed stage.

You could see it as an imitation because it wasn't the founder who used it, but a different swordsman who created it. However, it did contain immense heat.

[... Does that make any sense? All those miniscule particles of aura moving forward? Who was it? The person who told you about such a suicidal technique?]

"No one told me about the technique; I just tried it based on the story that I heard."

The holy sword seemed momentarily dumbfounded, and laughed with a 'ho ho.'  

[I don't know what to say. In general, if you attempt that kind of technique without any guidelines or without a conventional method, your body will explode.]

My body did explode, and was followed by a flood of mana.

If it hadn't been in the waiting room, I may have died.

I briefly told the holy sword about my attempts at practicing the Light Sword.

[Even though something like that happened, you ultimately completed the technique. Your tenacity is amazing, so such so that you’re absurd. In any case, it's a relief that you didn't die.]

The holy sword said that I couldn't do something so dangerous in the future, stating that a warrior's most important weapon was their body, and began nagging that I needed to be particularly careful with mine.

After he nagged me for a bit, the holy sword taught me his technique.

[It was a technique that I called the Spatial Rift Mind Slash.]

"Did you say the Spatial Rift Mind Slash?"

When I heard the grandiose name, my anticipation rose.

[Of course, it’s not a technique that allows you to harm your enemy with just your will. However.]


[It doesn't seem that different from the outside. That's the important factor. Hoo. Hoo.]

"Stop laughing and explain it to me quickly."

[Yes. Of course. First, it's important to form the aura around both sides of the sword symmetrically. And the aura follows the sword and goes to the end... no, when you use your soul sword, Warrior, rather than the sword tip, a slightly more distant point would be better. And...]

The holy sword started to explain obediently.

He used similar words and expressions to the ones I used when I used the Light Sword and explained it so it was easy to understand.

He started with a simple outline, gave a description to help with imagining it in my head, told me the pattern that my magic circuits should unfold (as well as the shape of the aura), and the method to achieving it.

When I heard the scrupulous and helpful information, I could understand the technique that the holy sword was describing, contrary to when I had clumsily practiced the Light Sword on my own.

If the key factor for the Light Sword was friction, then the Spatial Rift Mind Slash focused on the compression of mana.

You would compress the mana to its limit; this technique was derived from the basic question: 'what would happen if I continuously suppress the compressed mana?'

The aura would follow both sides of the blade and collide at the tip, where it would be continuously stored.

I failed at directing that power in the direction that I desired previously, but after I maintained the power in its entirety, it would be able to exhibit a tremendous force if I were to hit my target.

For example, if it were to impact a magic barrier, there would be a huge explosion.

It was highly likely that the person using such a technique would also die.

It was a technique that you could call disastrous and filled with holes.

However, when the holy sword attempted this technique, I figured out a new method of application.

The holy sword would maintain the compressed power in the tip of the sword, and I was able to confirm that a piece of the aura protruded forward for a brief instance.

It was smaller than a needle, but it was still aura.

No matter how thin it is, it would cut through bone and steel at a mere touch.

It was an unseeable extension at the blade’s tip.

"What do you mean the Spatial Rift Mind Slash? The name has nothing to do with the technique."

[But from the outside, it looks like an invisible sword that passes through space. That's what's important.]

It did look like that.

Since I had just slashed downwards, there hadn't been any sign; yet it had cleanly cut through the distant rampart.

Even I, the wielder, had been astonished; how bad would it have been for other people?

It would look like I had cut the rampart with just my will.

"However, if you consider the amount of willpower or mana that this uses, isn't it too ineffective? Only a small bit of aura is used compared to the amount of aura that’s put in."

[That doesn't matter. Aura is aura. Just the fact that it’s aura means it has enough power. Of course, there's a lot of mana that's wasted, but because of that mana, they won't be able to detect the Spatial Rift Mind Slash. Therefore, you'll be able to cut through your enemies without them being able to respond.]

This was also a valid point.

I, the wielder, had been surprised by the considerable power contained within the sword, but even I hadn't noticed the slender aura that had actually cut through the rampart.

Though its mana consumption was high, it was much less than that of the Light Sword.

In terms of practicality, it was much better than the Light Sword.

I couldn't say anything more.

"It's amazing."

[Of course it is! Who am I? I’m the legendary holy sword that was blessed by the great God of the Sky, Ahoubuch! Hahahaha.]

The holy sword started to boast again.

Rather than listen to that, I decided to use what I had learned and show it to him.

I went in front of the residential district's fountain. Then, I drew and raised the soul sword.

The application of aura wasn't much different from the Light Sword.

On the contrary, it was simpler and easier.

My mana would be refined and shaped into aura according to my will.

I compressed that aura at the edge of the sword.

[From here on, you need to familiarize yourself with the technique, Warrior. You must learn when to project the aura forward.]

Just as the holy sword said, I maintained the aura after compressing it at the tip of the blade.

I didn’t just stay still after the blade was covered in aura.

I continuously drew out aura, and pushed it to a single point.

It escaped my control, and the aura burst out; as the aura's power became progressively stronger, its strength continued to become harder and harder to control.

Because of that, the flow of mana began to shake finely.

But at some point, a tiny fraction of the aura protruded forward.

The protruding aura quickly scattered and vanished as it escaped my control.

I somehow succeeded.

It was a split second. And it was only as long as a finger at that.

I had precisely matched my timing and extended the aura, like when I had swung the holy sword.

To a length that could cut through the distant rampart.

I suddenly realized that the holy sword's level of swordsmanship was far above mine.

[Ho... I didn't think you'd be able to do that on your first attempt. Regardless of how much you explain it, the majority of people can't even attempt it. As expected, you don't have ordinary talent, Warrior. I love you, Warrior.]


While the holy sword suddenly began flattering me again, Seregia spoke to me.

[When do you think you'll be able to complete the technique that you used just now?]

"What's with you all of a sudden?"

[I'm just... feeling greedy. I want you to master the technique as quickly as possible and use it.]

What a peculiar greed.

Is that the desire of a swordsman, or the desire of a sword?

To think she wants me to demonstrate the technique as soon as possible.

[Around half a year should be enough time. Since the Warrior's extremely talented, and he's been practicing a similar technique up until now.]

The holy sword explained to Seregia.

What do you mean by half a year?

I don't have any plans on dragging it out for that long.

"One week."

[I'm sorry?]

"I'm going to master it within a week. That way, I'll be able to study magic as well."

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