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Isc Prologue

by MY


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Large drops were falling down.

The night was dark with heavy rain making it hard to see even an inch ahead. A man was frantically running through the forest. He kept looking back as if something was chasing him, his face wild with terror. The trees were standing in his way and with the constant dropping of his speed he got anxious. He was drenched in sweat and the fear of something jumping him any minute was making his teeth chatter. Slipping on a wet rock, the man staggered, lost balance and tumbled down. He groaned from the pain that came over his whole body and suddenly realizing that he can’t feel the soaking rain anymore, he lifted his head.


 For a moment there was a flash of light. The man carefully opened his instinctively closed eyes and realized he was surrounded. It was as if an invisible field was covering him and the rain couldn’t get through. The blinding brightness had turned into soft light and everything around was clearly revealed.

 The man gave a desperate look to the creatures surrounding him.

 “HA….. HA….. “

 His mind began to contradict the reality before him.


That’s right, this is a dream. If it was real animals wouldn’t be walking around like humans. There’s no way creatures wearing medieval armor would be flying around either. This is not a fantasy movie, fireballs and lightning can’t come out of people’s hands. They can’t be preying on me. It’s a dream…


“What is this? I was nervous since I heard he was a navy seal but he’s not a big deal, is he?”

The man, collapsed and in denial, had never heard this strange language before but the words “navy seal” made their way to his mind and returned him to reality. The man looked at the grumbling youngster. The guy, wearing ordinary clothes and fidgeting with a cigarette in his mouth, knew his military unit.


 That’s right, this is some country’s top secret military weapon testing ground. There’s no other explanation.


The man interpreted the situation as he liked, turned to the young guy who seemed to be the leader of this lot, and shouted desperately.

“Please help me! I am a U.S. Navy! I will surrender!”

The youngster was at a loss. He scratched the back of his hair and said:


Because the person in front of him was speaking English, the man looked visibly reassured.

“Uh...What’s your name?”

“My name is John Smith! U.S. Navy Lieutenant.”

“Uh, so then….”

The youngster was stuttering, probably because he didn’t know English very well, but John was patient. He had to keep the conversation going somehow so he could keep his life too. After stuttering and trying to speak for a while, the youngster gave up and sighed deeply, muttering:

“What is English going to do here… Hey, John!”

 John smiled against his will. The youngster grinned at him too.

“Yankee, go home.”






A crazy terrorist denying even his allies.

A specialist at wreaking havoc.

The guy who’ll make you click your tongue and catch you off guard is coming!

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