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Max Level Newbie 121

by Yi Deung Byeol 이등별

Translated by Jane

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Go Devilman (3)

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He decided to write a genre novel, jumping on the growing web novel market in Korea.

In fact, he had been worried about it during his last military vacation.

At the start, it seems easy to write, but I knew it was not easy to start writing.

Moreover, considering the unstable earnings and the many competitors, the market that might someday fall, it was a job that became more burdensome.


‘Of course, I still have a lot of money, so it does not matter how much I earn,’


The earnings were not a problem.

What Vulcan pondered was whether he could enjoy it.

He focused solely on what he could enjoy doing, the more he thought about it the more positive the thought of writing became.

It seemed to be a different kind of fun than when I wielded a sword and cast magic, and it seemed to be rewarding as well.

It was also a good thing that he did not have to worry about being stressed out by the public.

And most importantly, he had an almost infinitive range of materials.

Act 1’s 6 zone, Jake, stories that he heard from Dokgo hoo and every rumor that he overheard in Act 2, all was like a exciting fantasy story.

However, even the story that he had experienced was exciting enough.


‘I just can't keep these stories to myself,’


He opened a file with a smile on his face.

As a document titled ‘99 Level Newbie’ opened, there was a fair amount of writing that he had done in one day.

Without having to worry about squeezing a story, he wrote very fast.

Vulcan worked on it as if he was writing an essay, with the minimum amount of dramatization, and after the number of pages accumulated, he started to serialize it on a web novel site.

It was an incredibly static activity for him who had lived dynamically.

Vulcan, who liked it quite a bit.


“Oh, come on… Go outside!”


There was nothing that interfered with writing unless his sister yelled at him.

His parents, who he thought were the biggest problem, also supported his decision, and Vulcan was grateful.

He was hundreds of times happier than in the days of Asgard.

So, the new life of Vulcan began.




Ten years passed.

In the meantime, Vulcan established himself in the genre novel industry.

His writing skills were not bad, but most of all, it was possible because of the constant material.


There were no works that were completely hits.

However, Vulcan, constantly coming up with a lot of materials, gradually gained recognition and was able to earn enough money by writing.

Every time he wrote, the malicious comments were annoying, but that did not matter.

As they were actually slitting his throat he could bear them.

And in the meantime, there was really something important in the life of Vulcan.

At last, he was married.

He had not had any contact with women for more than 290 years.

Love was so hard for him that had always lived in the crowd of men, or alone, and spent most of his time alone until marriage.

Of course, not that he had never been in love.

He knew little about dating, but he could transform himself into a dating expert in a moment  using the scanning ability of the enhanced system.

However, he felt doubts about developing relationships by relying solely on the system. After a few dates, Vulcan did not utilize his scanning skills, and spent his life writing novels.

It was his sister, Kim Ha-young who saved him.

She was able to give him all kinds of tips along with her blind dates.

In the end, thanks to his sister's efforts, Vulcan was able to meet an engaging woman, and after two years, he got married.


‘Married in 300 years…’


When Vulcan entered the wedding ceremony, he got choked up and cried. He made a spectacle of himself in front of a lot of people, especially Kim Ha-yong, but didn’t care at all.

So, Vulcan lived a day by day, just like ordinary people.

But he was not always ordinary.

When the Devil’s army invaded, he became the devilman and exerted his skill, killing them.

The attack of the Devil’s army continued intermittently after the second attack of Beljerom Duke.

The demons with duke rate invaded once every 10-15 years.

And a superhero, Devilman, who get rid of those demons.

Now the earth people came to know his purpose.


“Ahahahaha! Humans! Prepare to die!”


Of course, the Demon Duke, Mohoke became a handful of ashes as soon as Vulcan appeared, but in those short times, it resulted in hundreds of victims.

The media showed a greater interest in the demons and the devilman who warded off them than the dead people.


‘Exclusive! Devilman's journey turns out to be for humankind’

‘Unidentified Demons, and Devilman’

‘Where are they from?’

‘Devilman is Korean’


The craze of the Devilman who took over the earth globe in an instant.

People feared for the unidentified beings that were aiming for their lives, but they showed enthusiasm for the unidentified hero who warded off the beings.

Various contents related to Devilman flooded.

Movies, novels, animations, and games suddenly popped up, and various items such as toys and figures were sold out.

It was a sure thing the reaction to the real-life hero called ‘Devilman’ was explosive in a situation where even the heroes who do not exist in reality receive infinite love.

Both men and women loved Devilman.

It could be said that ‘the age of Devilman’ came.

However, Vulcan didn’t think much about it.

He lived as an ordinary novelist, a husband, and a father.

So again, time passed, and Vulcan was 75 years old.




“Oh dear, backache,”


Vulcan said as he stood up from his chair.

Of course, his back was not really aching.

It just became a habit while pretending to be old.

Vulcan, who made an appearance of an old man through magic, walked slowly and sat on the sofa in the living room and turned on the TV.

When he saw Devilman 6, counterattack of Metatron, which he had been watching ad nauseam, he frowned and turned the channel.


“What the…”


When he first saw the movie, he went to the movie theater because he found it amazing, but now all of his interest cooled down.


But regardless of his preference, the world still loved Devilman, and the annual, relevant contents were dominating the market.

And, among the contents, there was the most talked about.

It was a virtual reality game ‘Devil’s War’ that appeared like a comet three years ago and captivated the hearts of people around the world.

Vulcan stared at the host who enthused about Devil's War updates on the gaming channel, and frowned again.

This was also because the game was manly related to Devilman.

He grumbled that he had nothing to see, and he went out the front door, clicking his tongue.


“Where are you going?”

“Picking up Chul-hwan,”




Out of the apartment, Vulcan sat on the bench and felt a cool breeze and conceived a novel story.

The web serial market had shrunk considerably in comparison to the past, but Vulcan, who did not care about revenue, continued to write.

It was not as fun as it used to be, but he still liked to write a novel, and it was also ambiguous for an old man to start doing other things.


‘If the people around me died one by one... I wouldn’t know what would happen then,’


At that time, he may hide himself and live a second life.

But considering his wife and sister and other acquaintances who were still hale, it seemed that 20 years remained until that time.

Of course, he was not hoping for that.

He wanted to keep his peaceful life as long as possible.

Later, the monotonous and static life of the present may become boring and he may seek another life, but not at the present time.

He reminisced about the past 55 years of earth life with sensitive eyes.

Not too bad.


‘Except for just one thing,’


His second son and daughter-in-law died in a car accident.

The heartbreaking accident kept Vulkan’s mind down, but it was inevitable.

He had a powerful force like God, but was never an omnipotent person like God.


‘They would not have had this kind of accident if I had been able to give my children the power as well as other gods,’


Was it because of the power obtained by the SYSTEM?

His children were just ordinary humans who did not inherit his strength, and he did not prevent the death of his son.

At one time, he had been depressed for a long time due to the guilty about not being able to prevent the accident.

But he could not be depressed forever.

He shook off most of his depression.

And he raised his grandson Kim Chul-hwan they left behind, and he did his utmost to fill their absence.

Picking up him was part of his efforts.

He had to try to make Kim Chul-hwan happy, who was only 12 years old.

Due to his efforts, Kim Chul-hwan grow up to be as active and positive as his peers.

Kim Chul-hwan was good with my friends, laughed at home and showed a bright appearance.

Besides, his caring led Vulcan to reflect on his childhood.


“Who did this to you???”


“Do not lie!!!”


It seemed likely that someone hit his grandson’s face.

Vulcan frowned.

Kim Chul-hwan ashamed of his grandfather who was shouting, covered Vulcan’s mouth.


“Please stop shouting,”

“Who the hell did this to your face???”



Chul-hwan hesitated at first, but couldn’t help but say.

The story sounded very typical.

Some other kids made fun of Chul-hwan for having no parents.

Chul-hwan was so angry that he charged at them.

Vulcan, who heard the story, rolled up his sleeves and said in a huff.


“Alright, then. Bring them here…”

“No, no way!”


Suddenly, Chul-hwan raised his voice and stopped Vulcan.

He then looked at Vulcan and said in a low voice,


“Their fathers are… very famous. Chairmen… and politicians…”



Speechless Vulcan.

He got choked up, looking at his grandson who was afraid that his grandfather would get in trouble.

Chul-hwan, who became mature at a very young age.

Vulcan was angry because he did not seem to be a real support himself.

He closed his eyes to fix his feelings.

Chul-hwan, who was staring at Vulcan with a pen-up look.

He talked to Vulcan in a lower voice than earlier.


“Can I transfer to another school?”


At that moment.

Vukan's patience completely collapsed and he could no longer listen to his grandson's gloomy words.

Vulcan, who usually bent his back, stood upright and entered the house, holing Chul-hwan’s hand without speaking a word.

Then, he opened the front door and was about to go out.

Chul-hwan, who grabbed Vulcan with a frightened look on his face.


“Grandpa? Are you really going?...”

“Chul-hwan, what did you say their fathers are?”


Chul-hwan said slowly, shivering slightly.


“C.. hairmen? Politicians…?”

“That would be no problem for me,”


Just before closing the door, Vulcan stroke Chul-hwan’s head and said,


“Your grandpa is much stronger than them,”


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