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Kuro no Maou 297

by Hishi Kage Dairi

Yoshi (Translator), Archer (Editor)

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The 19th of the Month of Platinum (Hakkin) – Cat’s Tail

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As the morning sun flows into the room through the curtains, the simple wooden bed creaks.


Letting out a small, cute moan, a girl kicks her thin blanket away and sits up.

Her pale water-colored hair is standing up in a mess, and her eyes clearly show that she is still half-asleep.

Her golden eyes waver as they look down to see the person sleeping next to her.

「It’s morning, Lily-san...」

「Mmm... Mu...」

The girl who is half-awake, Fiona, nudges the small shoulder of the one she had shared the bed with, Lily.

But Lily’s round, jewel-like pupils are still hidden beneath her eyelids, and she lets out a childish moan that sounds like she has no intention of waking up.

Such adorable behavior would melt the heart of any other person, but it is not enough to persuade Fiona to let her continue sleeping in peace.

So, she thinks of an idea that would wake Lily up immediately.

「Good morning, Kurono-san.」


Lily’s eyes, which have been obstinately closed until now, open in an instant.

At the same time, she springs to her feet, as if preparing to take flight.

「... Ah.」

As she wakes up and grasps the situation, Lily frowns and her expression becomes sad.

But even though she has such a sad expression, Kurono is not here to pat her head and comfort her.

Only one part of his body is here.

Fiona’s greeting was directed not to Kurono himself, but to a small bottle in front of her, in which an eyeball with a black pupil is floating in a Potion.

「Mu~ Kuronooo~!」

Lily snatches the『Kurono』in Fiona’s hands, hugs it against her chest and rolls around on the bed as if she is throwing a tantrum.

Giving her a look of both understanding and exasperation, Fiona crawls out of the bed.

Though Lily’s skin actually shines with light, Fiona’s white, bare body looks just as beautiful as she steps off the bed.

She only wears a single piece of clothing when she sleeps, her black underwear. Her large breasts, which are normally covered by either her Witch’s robe or her uniform’s blouse, are completely exposed.

Of course, there are no eyes but Lily’s here, so she has no reason to feel any shame.

Strictly speaking, there is also Kurono’s left eye, but right now, Fiona prefers it that way.

「Mmm, my bra is getting a bit tight these days...」

While mumbling about a problem that has no application to Lily whatsoever, Fiona quickly finishes getting dressed.

Her skirt and blouse closely resembles the Academy’s uniform; their design is plain and simple. On top of this, she wears the apprentice Witch’s robe that Kurono complimented before.

Of course, Fiona has adjusted it to fit her. More specifically, she has enchanted her clothes with『Fit』magic to make them match her size.

This robe is a high-grade item that is so well made that it could even be sold in a high-class item shop, and she created it with her own hands, so such an enchantment is easy in comparison.

And then there is the thing she must not forget; the silver ring with memories of Kurono.

As usual, its silver sparkle can be seen on the ring finger of Fiona’s left hand.

「Now, what is for breakfast today?」

Fixing her bed hair with a single stroke of the high-grade magical comb made in the Sinclair Republic, Fiona goes to leave, but –

「Fiona, don’t forgee~et!」

With this cute warning, Lily grabs the hem of Fiona’s pleated black skirt to stop her.

「Sorry, I almost forgot.」

Having remembered the thing she forgot, Fiona takes out two magical items from the spatial magic dimension within her pouch.

One of them is a white headband.

The moment she puts that headband on her head, her hair, which is normally the color of a clear blue sky, turns pitch-black as if night has fallen on that sky.

The other item she takes out is the ordinary-looking pair of black-rimmed glasses.

When she puts them on, the color of her sparkling golden eyes change to a clear blue.

「Tie up my hair too~」

Sitting up on the small bed, Fiona starts tying Lily’s platinum-blonde hair into two bundles.


「Make me look cute, okay?」

「Yes, yes~」

Fiona willingly complies with Lily’s request. Lily’s hair flows over her small back like golden threads, and Fiona’s hands work their way around it.

The movement of her hands was a little clumsy, but she ties Lily’s hair into adorable twin-tails.

The magic hidden in the two white ribbons she used to tie Lily’s hair changes its shining platinum-blonde color into that of a deep darkness that seems to absorb all light.

「Okay, I’m done.」


Lily springs off the bed and in her hand is the item that would put the finishing touch – a pair of contact lenses.

Closing one eye while she does the other, she carefully puts the lenses in, changing the emerald-green color of her eyes into crystal-blue.

「We’ve finished preparing, haven’t we?」


The four items that changed both of their appearances to have black hair and blue eyes are magical items used for disguise, which they borrowed privately from Chairperson Sofia.

All of them utilize light magic, which feigns the appearance of black hair and blue eyes, rather than directly changing the colors themselves.

「Now, let’s go eat breakfast for real this time.」

「I hope there’s something good~」

The two of them are wearing the same simple blouses and skirts, with matching navy-blue socks and loafers.

On top of those clothes, Fiona is wearing an apprentice Witch’s robe and Lily is wearing a fake apprentice Priest’s robe to hide her fairy wings.

With one look at these two, with that hair and eye color, wearing these clothes and having a casual conversation, one can only assume that they are close sisters.

However, the reason these two left Spada and came to Avalon is to perform inhumane human experiments and sacrificial ceremonies.

Of course, neither of them feel even the tiniest amount of guilt over what they are doing; they have no hesitation in using the bandits of Fauren. On the way they had found many groups of people who had been attacked by the bandits and left only barely alive.

The only thing that the two of them are thinking about now is whether the breakfast service offered by the main store of『Cat’s Tail』is better than that of the branch in Spada.

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